AAR: Helios Alpha Second Recon


June 21, 2005

FR: MAJ Atalanta R. Franklin
TO: RADM Louis G. Jameson, CMDR Gillian K. Faulkner
CC: LTCL Marcus Petra
RE: Recon Mission: Helios Alpha Second Recon


On the morning of 21 June 2005, due to the urgent nature of obtaining reconaissance on the Helios Alpha system, Major Holtz and I secured the use of the stealth corvette '''Cornwall''' to carry us through the system. Video was captured of all major planets and stations in the system, save Picon. Information is broken down by location and included below.



Caprican air space is currently occupied by no less than five basestars orbiting the planet. Two are parked in geosynchronis orbit directly over the capital, Caprica City. The remaining three are spread across the planet's surface. Raider patrols are active and numerous.


Previous reports of Cylon forces over Caprica have underestimated our enemy's commitment to the Colonial capital. Plans for upcoming missions on Caprica must be revisited and the parameters revised as necessary.



Patrols continue over Minos. Four Raiders were encountered shortly after entering Minos' air space. All were destroyed. A single distress beacon, calling for aid from any passing ship — human or Cylon — remains active on Minos. No response was received to our call on the beacon's radio frequency. Attached footage indicates a lone radio operator, currently deceased.


Previous reports indicate a remaining civilian populace on Minos. Though exposed to nuclear radiation from the initial bombs dropped during War Day, it was estimated that some may be able to survive on the moon for up to a year. No evidence of this population was found, though the conditions of the domes appears unchanged in the last several. State and location of the original population must be determined before the moon can be abandoned.



The fighter defense station at Persephone remains active. Repaired damage to the refueling station indicates that the site is currently occupied, though it is unconfirmed whether the occupants are human or Cylon. At least one battle has been fought in Persephone's air space, as evidenced by remaining Raider debris in the area.


Return to Persephone's air space and break radio silence to determine control of the station. Although their targeting system locked on to both Vipers, no shots were fired. This leads me to believe that the station remains in control of Colonial forces, possibly unwilling to fire on unidentified targets due to a shortage of ordnance after the evidenced battle. If, however, the station has been taken control of by the Cylons, it must be destroyed in order to prevent the exploitation of any information aboard. It is my intention to take at least one other Viper, potentially as many as three, back to Persephone to resolve this unanswered question.



A fleet of twenty-one ships was found orbiting one of Zeus's larger moons, Hebe. Included among them were two cruisers, the Clotho and the Durbitz. Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that all twenty-one ships were frozen and lifeless. A radiation leak was detected, likely coming from one of the two cruisers.


A funeral detail should be arranged, followed by a salvage mission. Although I am loathe to disturb the final resting place of so many, I am of the belief that the best way to honor the dead is to see to the needs of the living, and these ships may do precisely that. Due to both their size and the volume of them, they may be put into service ferrying survivors off of Picon after the invasion has been completed or broken down to be used as housing for those on Piraeus.





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