Lieutenant (JG) Hektor "Dropout" Ward
WardProfile.png Ward, Hektor
LTJG Air Wing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Raptor Pilot
Age Sex
32 M
Hair Eyes
Black Blue


Hektor Greyson Ward (he prefers and goes by his middle name) is a native of Virgon, growing up in one of the bleak industrial cities that people tend to forget when they think of 'Imperial Virgon'. Having joined the military later in life and only recently promoted to Lieutenant J.G., he's been with Orion since it left on it's mission two years ago.

Below is information easily obtained by asking around.

Immediate Family

Name Relation Occupation
Hektor Ward, Sr. Father Retired
Elsabeth Ward Mother Homemaker, deceased
Theodotus Ward Brother Foreman, Merceyside Mill
Helen Baker Sister Waitress
Castor Ward Brother Musician, deceased
Lyra Ward Sister Stenographer

Service Jacket

Date Station Location Notes
1990 - 1993 CFA Virgon Virgon Voluntary separation
1993 - 1995 Battlestar Yashuman N/A Aircraft Handler
Honorable Discharge
1998 Camp Oxford Virgon Officer Candidate School
1998 - 2000 CFAB August Virgon Flight School
2000 - 2003 CFAB Dorado Scorpia VAQ-102 "Scorpions"
2003 - Present Battlestar Orion N/A VAQ-121 "Gentlemen Ghosts"


Ceres_icon.png She's interesting. Pulled her out of trouble when her Viper got smashed over Caprica. Wanted to check if she was okay but she was broken up about Talkshow so I just let her be and went on my way. Kept to myself mostly after that and our paths didn't cross again. Had an enlightening conversation with her in the bunks and I gotta say that I like her. I like her a great deal … maybe that's not a great idea during times like this. Still, never been one to be sensible. She's engaged.
Phin_icon.png Seems like he's got some good ideas. To look at the guy I'd have just assumed he was a pretty boy with nothing underneath the surface but you can't really be a Viper pilot and not have something rolling around in your skull. He's got a lot rolling around in there. Seems smart. Don't know him all that well, though.
Sebastian_icon.png Kept his shit at Caprica, which I'll be eternally grateful for because it kept the Cylons from noticing us until it was too late for them to mount a successful attack. Got all the information we needed and left us time to get away and back to the Orion. Not sure where he's from or what his story is, but he seems like a decent sort. I suppose time will have to tell on that one. Still, can't begrudge someone who is at least part of the reason you're still alive.


  • Famous Brother: Ward's brother, Castor, was the lead singer of the Kingsmen - a band that took the Colonial music scene by storm in the early 1980's. The Kingsmen may have been the biggest band in history one day, except for the tragic circumstances of Castor's death. He and bassist Felix Adam were gunned down by a crazed fan outside their hotel on Caprica in 1985.
  • Merceyside: Ward is from an industrial city on Virgon called Merceyside. The city is known for it's working class aesthetic and unique accent (bought into the Colonial eye by the Kingsmen during television and radio appearances). Citizens of Virgon's more cosmopolitan cities tend to view Merceysiders as classless, dull-witted and thuggish. This seems to sit fine with Merceysiders, who see these people as uppity, posh and ridiculous.
  • Pianist: Though it can be tough to find one, Ward put himself through college by playing the piano in restaurants and bars around Celeste and Argentum Bay on Scorpia. He's by no means a virtuoso, but he's able to replicate most popular music and even come up with original compositions from time to time.
  • Yashuman: When Ward dropped out of the Academy he had a service obligation that saw him assigned as an enlisted man aboard the Battlestar Yashuman. Though it is a newer battlestar, it is quite possible that he served aboard the ship at the same time with those who are now aboard the Orion.

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