PWD #18: Heavy Words
Heavy Words
Summary: Jameson summons Wake and Duke. Info is shared, orders are given, things get heavier.
Date: 17/12/2012 (OOC Date)
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Combat Information Center - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
The Combat Information Center is the tactical heart of the Orion. This CIC is designed in a circular formation, the Admiral apparently a fan of the classical set-up. Dead center are a set of large monitors suspended from the ceiling with DRADIS readings as well as other vital shipboard information. Under this is a small map table outlining current plots and positions. The table has a built-in phone as well as smaller displays as to critical damage reports. Both port and starboard other watch stations are set at all times, in two rows of tiers like stadium seating, one above the other. Each station has a purpose — Helm, Weapons, Communications, Electronic Warfare, Damage Control, and further tactical monitoring. More displays and banks of computer monitors line the walls. This area is heavily guarded by Marines at all hours of the day and night.
December 17th, 2004 (PWD #18)

Another day in CIC. There seems to be a bit more activity in here than there usually is and the last week or so there have been posted Marine guards at the entrances. The tone is fairly calm but the Marines in full combat gear can't be missed by anyone. Faulkner is probably off dealing with some other issue, but Jameson is standing over the map table with his arms propping him up at each corner. Say what you want about the man, but he's got a wingspan. He's staring at a large map of the colonies that is one of the smaller resolutions available. Having called for both Wake and Duke, the man is waiting while a yeoman next to him is talking quietly to him about status reports. Is he even listening?

When the call was received, Duke was almost done with his shower. It only took a few moments for the man to finish up, dry himself up and wander towards his locker where his Navy Blue's were currently resting. Oh yes, uniform just ironed and he is completely clean, happy times for the man. But still, he made his way towards the CIC where the CO was expecting him. The Marine guards in full uniform is what calls for his attention at first and he slows down his pace, narrowing his eyes just a little. The man offers a quick salute to the Marines and then steps inside the CIC already doing a full scan of his surroundings to find the old man. Well, east to find really, just look towards the middle of the room. "Rear Admiral Jameson" offers the Viper Pilot, standing in attention and offering a salute to the Senior officer.

Where as the Captain, might seem to have the complete pressed look, Wake's uniform shows signs that he has been wearing it today. As soon as the Viper Pilot has come in, behind him in almost a silent slide, does the Lieutenant come in and Halt. There's a brief pause there as he looks over towards the guards, a nod passed to one of them before he is coming around Duke's back. A down set of his eyes, as his body automatically straightens, and his own hand comes up. "Admiral." comes the gruff tumbledown of the Aerilon's accent. Polished, but still there is a lot about his colony and country that sticks out from the Intelligence Officer.

The Admiral just stares at the map, ignoring Duke and his salute for the moment. The yeoman falters a bit while she glances to Wake's appearance, but continues reading off status reports on ordnance counts from the C-AKE-193 Mallfut, the munitions ship with the fleet. After several seconds Jameson turns his head to look at the woman and he gives her a dry smirk. "Just drop it on my desk, please. Go get yourself a cup of coffee." Subtle hint to GTFO, but not meant with any malice. 'Take your time, kid.' She nods in reply and turns to go after a salute. Jameson swings his head low and then back up to look at the two men holding their hands to temple. "As you were, gents. C'mon 'round the table here and lets have ourselves a stitch n bitch. Got some notices that deal with the both of ya." Arms lift and cross under him as he leans forward on the table slightly.

Duke looks at the Yeomen for a moment as she is leaving but his attention returns towards Jameson. He does lower his hand and adopts a more relaxed stance, taking a deep breath and moving forward, approaching the map table. "What do you have?" He sets both of his hands on the edge of the table and quietly eyes the displayed data. He does look at Wake and offers a quick nod to the other man, already wondering why they were summoned. Looking at the map again, he focuses on places that strike him close to home, very close home. Can it be that there's new info on the topic of the Reese?

"An I forgot m' embroidery.." Wake replies dryly as he easily drops into an at ease slouch, but that doesn't last for long. Not one to wait to look over things, the man takes his time, scootin' round to come up and take Jameson's left, eyes go directly down to the map. A brief flick of eyes go back towards the yeoman in question-and then back down, as his right hand comes up to rub at his jaw. There's no question as to what the information might be, he'll wait for Jameson to tell him, what he needs to know. Poor Duke, for his troubles, gets a glance given the Reese topic, before he is back to readin' topography.

Jameson doesn't say anything at first, eyes just looking between the two men. Eventually he snorts at Wake's remark and smiles down at the map. "Oh, there's enough to go 'round," he breathes. "Alright. Brass tacks." Looking back up, he addresses Duke initially, but he's talking to both of them by the end. Captain, we had our discussion about the Reese. Word came in on the mail Raptor two days ago that they are convening a classified inquiry into what happened. Colonel Yardley," the current CAG, "-and Major Wisdom are being called to testify first. They are to remove themselves from interaction about the topic right away. Unfortunately, there's a complicating /problem/. The Reese business came up in another way and it deals with the Wing in it own way. So the two of them are recusing themselves from the topic despite the Colonel bein' more pissed 'n a blind man at a strip club." Fingers tap the table twice. "So, they're gone for at least two weeks as of the end of the month. In the meantime they are out of commission for dealing with this other problem. Duke, I'm kickin you up to Wing Staff, effective immediately, so that you can help task manage the wing and still deal with this unreal sack of shit I'm about to tumble out in front of you both."

So it /had/ something to do with the Reese. Richard Duke presses his lips together and takes a deep breath as he listens to what Jameson has to say. "Ain't that a bitch" says Duke, shaking his head at the entire situation placed in front of them. When Jameson bumps him to Wing Staff, he looks at the man for one or two seconds before saying anything, and finally, he nods. "Any help you need, Admiral" But this whole set of news make him shift a little, as if already getting himself ready for the task at hand. Dang it, so many things to do, so many people to talk to…but first, the rest. His attention drifts towards Wake for a moment and a bit of a smile is offered at the comment of the embroidery, but, he doesn't say a thing on that.

Wake does manage to quirk a grin, once the Admiral's snort comes through. Still he draws himself quieter than a templemouse, letting the Old Man do the talking. Eyes flick back from the Admiral-towards the Captain as the news comes down. A shiftin' of his jaw, but he pays more or less attention to Duke's features, before a half nod is given, and eyes are back down to the Map. "When you're behind the Cow, sir. It doesn't stop-just pauses..' A round about way to indicate he is indeed ready to start shoveling.

"Indeed, Mister Wake." He glances to Duke, then back between them. "Turns out Major Petra has an admirer somewhere on the ship. A letter was delivered to him from an anonymous source and we believe the letter was penned by an individual aboard this ship." Jameson looks serious in a most-lethal fashion. "When you read this I think you both will appreciate the reasons I am not announcing it to the crew and you need to keep the truth under your hats. Let the rumors talk. Fact ain't fact until its confirmed by someone who knows the truth." The Admiral reaches into a binder by his arm, turns the pages over several times, finds what he is looking for, and covers it with his palm for the moment. "I'm treating this as actionable. I've forwarded a copy to Admiral Loytrall at Seventh Fleet for a few good reasons."

"Admirer?" repeats Duke in almost a whisper, leaning in just a little to keep the secrecy as much as possible. When the Admiral turns the letter, he leans in but leaves space for Wake to do the same and for the moment, he focuses on what he sees there. Needless to say, he tenses just a little bit, or at least is fighting against the more immediate type of reactions that a person can have after reading such a thing. The Viper Pilot clears his throat and finishes reading the last sentences before he looks directly at Jameson "So the Reese…" starts saying Duke but stops himself. A setup maybe? This is big, this is really big. What does he do? He just offers a firm nod and says "Very well"

The Intel officer waits, while Duke has his look at it, before he is taking a glance. Already his brow is narrowed, as eyes slide over the script. Apparently, not playing on the admirer gag, Wake simply nods and passes it back over once more before standing a little straighter. "We have a cryptographer on board?" Likely he is curious by the number picked at the end, but he's not going to press on it further. Instead there's a look back towards Duke. "Was an accident…And calls were made." playing on the official line, which should cement that what he's read is not leaving the CIC. A glance is given back to Jameson. "Sir."

"We've talked this over at the top with Major Petra. We don't know who or what the hell this person is or was apart of, but if they are talking about a war, that's serious. I consider it to be legitimate because this letter is not written to provoke a particular action and the author knows their limits. This person is sane and rational. That's why Seventh Fleet has a copy." The man usually has a fairly relaxed attitude. That's gone. Completely. "If it turns out to be a gag or something they are incorrect about, fine. We'll hunt this person down. In the meantime, Petra is heading up everything dealing with this letter. He's recommended we step up our readiness. Faulkner and I are in agreement. Captain," he locks eyes with Duke. "Get your pilots moving. I want exercises and you can scratch altitude restrictions from them. Get em up and moving on exercises and in a few weeks I'll sign off on some live ordnance drops." He then looks towards Wake. "Get with Petra on this pronto. Man's busy and I suspect he can use the help. And the only crypto we have on board is Commander Faulkner. But its four numbers, not a string. Could be anything. We've got nothin yet."

Duke looks at Wake when he comments on the Reese, but he doesn't say anything to the man. His attention returns to Jameson and then he just nods "I'll start right away, I'll get the Wing ready…" Yes, it seems that there's going to be a low of Air Combat training, both in the simulators and outside. The man goes quiet for a few moments as he starts compiling training exercises. He presses his lips together and looks down at the man, tapping on the glass against the edge of the table. At this moment, he is pretty glad that he worked as an Instructor in Picon, this will serve a good purpose.

"I was going to suggest, it could be something-Maybe a play on letters, but it being too short we'd be rummed to find it." Wake offers before he is nodding. "Sir. If you don't mind, I'd like to go through the serial numbers and other files of personnel, if we've got a profile." And there he flicks his eyes back on towards Duke. "I don't see any harm in lookin' for our mystery writer as long as we don't pick him up until it's necessary." Just opinion of course. Still, Wake manages to stand a bit straighter there. "I'll be sure to speak with the Major on this, and get right into the run of it." With the XO being the sole Crypto-it does make that a little difficult, but-he can run down other avenues.

Jameson keeps his focus on Wake for the moment. "I don't have a problem with that, but you need to run that plan by Petra. He's handling all of this. I've got bigger problems. Work with him to figure this out and work it how he wants." The Admiral then looks back to Duke, then to Wake once more. "Any questions?"

Duke looks at Wake and nods in acceptance to the man's idea, but then his attention is stolen once again by Jameson. "No questions, sir" says the Viper Pilot, nodding his head once again and standing a little more straight now, as if gearing up for duty. Right now, hands are closed into fists and he presses them against the edge of the table, still looking at the old man after saying that.

"Aye Sir." Wake rattles off with grumbled accuracy. A glance is given once more over towards the Duke, before he is offering a quick shake of his head, followed by a rather acute. "No Sir. We're all crystal." A mental note, already jotted down to grab the Major on this. A shift in his stance, and wake's hand fall easily to clasp behind his back.

Jameson nods once more. "Good. Y'all deal with the Major and figure out how best to approach this. I'll let him know you've been read-in on the matter." He reaches into his pocket and sets down a small jewelry box in front of Bumper, looking right at him. "Congratulations, Major Duke. You'll need these for at least the next few weeks. Been a time comin, from what I understand." He rises up and closes the binder. "Make it happen, boys. Both dismissed."

"Yes, Sir" says Duke and then waits to be dismissed. However, when the box is set in front of him, the man looks down at it and extends his hand, taking it. "I…" He looks up at Jameson now and nods his head "Thank you, Sir." Now, he offers a faint smile and nods his head "It's been a while, yes" He was one year short of becoming 'Forever Captain' Now, after the 'dismissed' is given, he takes a step back and offers a salute to the CO "Will do, Sir"

Wake glances to the new pins and a faint smile shows. A nod given over towards Duke. "Congrats, Major." and with that he is looking back, a quick salute offered to Jameson. "Aye, aye, Admiral." And with that he is turning and making for the hatch. He's got work to do, and of course the JTACCO to find, and hound.

As he walks towards the hatch, Duke looks at Wake and nods his head "Thank you, Lieutenant.." He offers a faint smile as well and adds "Looks like we have a lot of work to do" This of course, said in a whisper-ish fashion. And so, on to the next task, to drag all the Pilots and push them through countless drills to get them ready…for…something.

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