ALT #342: Heading Planetside
Heading Planetside
Summary: Leightner and Toby catch each other up on their various efforts towards resetling the Minoans.
Date: 14/Dec/2013
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Main Corridor - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The hallways are the standardized thoroughfares found on nearly every ship in the Colonial Fleet. Tall enough to accommodate heavy equipment, their half-diamond arches rise almost twelve feet off the decking. About a quarter of the overhead bulbs are Vitamin D lamps, smoothing out the harsh edges of standard-issue fluorescent bulbs. Wired phones are posted every hundred yards and in adjoining halls as well. Heavy bulkhead doors section off the ship into different areas, and each hatch is clearly labeled no matter how large or small.
AWD #342

Leightner is moving through the corridors, in Medic gear, with a heavy coat in his arms, and some planetside Piraeus dirt stains on him. Just getting back from planetside.

Toby is, by the looks of him, heading in precisely the opposite direction to Leightner. He's dressed in civies, has managed to loose his tags and infact, the only thing he's wearing that are standard fleet issue are his boots. He's got a coat in his gloved hands, but he's not putting it on yet, saving that for when he hits the cold of outside, but otherwise he looks good to go. Spotting the corpsman he gives a brief nod in greeting before asking, "whats the weather doing down there? Dry still I hope?"

Leightner looks at Toby as he speaks, and alters his course, pointing to one side to get out of the flow of people. As Recruits Navy personnell are taught the folly of stopping in the middle of ship corridors. Painfull lessons. Leightner steps off to one side, "Headed down?I'm up here fer a few minutes then hoppin back. Pickin up a box from Sickbay an back on tha Raptor. We'll be on tha same on. Weathers held, but still some call fer mebbe tonight."

Toby is happy enough to step out of the flow, even going so far as to lean on the bulkhed they end up next to. "Yeah," he confirms with a quick nod, "I've got the lingo and that's a skill in shortage right now." That and he has the time too, but thats another story. "Good to hear," he then replies, "last thing we need right now is mud."

Leightner nods, moving away from Toby, pointing to him, "I'm gonna make tha next Raptor!" He says before moving off, waving a finger at Toby. "We'll be on it togeather, I'll See ye thar!" He says, moving off for sickbay.

Sheridan - Piraeus
Despite the number of civilians, it is impossible to forget that this is a military mission given the surroundings. At all hours there are Marine patrols moving in and out of the area and there are tracked anti-aircraft guns at several locations inside the fenced town, guns pointed high into the sky. With power flowing freely from the reactor, the lights illuminate the gates and main area all night and during the day if the clouds become thick. Pathways and roads lead all over the town and to various locations within. A tall sign has been erected to point in the direction of some of the sites with one arrow pointing vertical that reads, HOME: Classified
AWD #342

However much he's taken the shuttle raptors down tothe surface and back of late, Toby still doesn't look entirely comfortable when flying. Still, it lands safely and it's time to go make himself useful so he sets off towards the living complex alon with those he shared his lift with.

If there's one thing about flying in Raptors Leightners used to, it's making drops. He carries a box from Sickbay and as soon as he reaches a point in the disembarkation that he's free to move about normally, he heads towards the living complex himself, passing the box off to a Doctor, and continuing to move, "Eh," He says looking up, "so far so good."

Toby slows his step slightly to let Leightner catchup, the follows the man's glance upwards. "Yeah. Sod all clouds so it shoul stay dry, it'll be another cold night though I reckon." And thats about him all out for weather talk so he moves to the more standard, "you keeping alright man? Not seen you round for a bit."

Leightner shakes his head, "Ye been workin wit tha healthy, thas why mate." He grins, "I ain't really stopped workin wit tha Minoians, just through Sickbay." He blows out a breath, "Heard ye been spearheadin things."

Toby acknowledges the point with a slight tilt of his head towards the medic, then just shrugs slightly. "Wouldn't really call it spearheading, I'm just providing an extra pair of hands and the occasional translation. I had that geologist, Lieutenant West, pinned as being in charge of it all, but apparently she's been looking into the more long term stuff, so to be honest I'm not sure just who is in charge for now. Heard that the CAG's been taking an interest though, so maybe she counts?"

Leightner nods, "Good, good. I brought it ta tha CMO, housin concerns an tha like, been processin tha population Medicly, it's jus a lot o borin medical work, but needed. Three thousand moving to such a different climate, eyesight problems, an tha goggles." He shrugs, "Finally we bump inta each other.

"Reckon we need to stich up one of the brass so there's someone definitively in charge," Toby offers back, "co-ordinate the building, the medical andall that. Managed a few words with Major Holtz, he said he'd have words with the upper levels, but that was when I though Lieutenant West was basically doing it but needed more support." A shrug, "any ideas for a good target?" Listening to the specifically medical remarks he nods again, "got to be massively different from living under domes. Least it ain't radioactive though."

Leightner points around, "Oh, it's massively better than tha mines." He nods, "But I think tha Topography survey maps an Logistics Department be tha way ta go. Plan out a settlemant along tha river, use tha natural transport an resource." He shrugs, "Use tha work we got now ta get people sheltered, an if thars an emergency, We can still move people ta ships if we haveta."

"Yeah, the mines can't have been fun," Toby acknowledges, although his expression starts to darken into a frown so he quickly moves on. "That's largely what the Lieutenant is doing," he states, tilting his head towards the CIDSR area, "apparently there's a fault in the area though, and she doesn't want to put up anything too perminant incase there's issues with that. Only thing is, with the cold coming in, theres a desparate need to get something up stronger than tents before the winter sets in. Never seen one myself, but i'm told we'd be looking at massive exposure issues. Major Holtz mentioned pre-fabs, but as I said, there doesn't seem to be anyone co-ordinating things."

Leightner tilts his head as he moves, frowning a little, "Already issues. Every kind, but we got a handle on em fer now." He looks at Toby, "I'm busy keepin people vitamin rich an not sick. Thas me job, an wit Minos." He gestures about, "Well, I'm here, workin, but if thars a mission, resource gatherin or whotevar, I know I'm in."

Toby grimaces slightly at that news, then nods slowly. It's to be expected he supposes, but that doesn't mean he likes it. "You need a hand with talk to any of 'em let me know," he offers back, "it's good to be using my native tongue again, better if it's actually of use to keeping them going. I think I've likely stuck my nose in enough places that if anything comes up I'll find out, will let you know if I hear anything though."

Leightner nods, then shakes his head, "Nah nah, doin tha medical evals in tha mines, I know who speaks standard an who doesn't, an everybody from Minos knows me." He looks at Toby, grinning widely, "By a'ccent."

Toby concedes that point too, again with a slight tilt of his head, "fair enough. Offers there if you need it though." Stuffing his hands into his pockets for want of anything better to do with them he peers ahead for a moment or two, then asks, "how're they doing for blankets and the like? I know we've done raids on hospitals on Picon beforenow for medical equipment, but do we need to take a load of raptors for the simple things too? Bedding, things to sleep on, clothing?"

Leightner nods, "Fer now, but Piraeus' orbits workin against us, long seasons, slow to change. So we got a bit, but it's a long winter comin. Thankfully, we got land ta live offa, we could get huntin parties out thar any time, an woods everywhar. Kapali's from a construction background. Check wit her."

"Kapali?" Toby asks, one eyebrow raised slightly in question as he looks to the medic, "don't think I know her. Engineering?" He mulls fora moment or two then shrugs, "put her in touch with Lieutenant West you reckon? Get their heads together over where to start building properly? Or she more of a likely bet for getting some temporary pre-fabs up so there are atleast roofs over winter?"

Leightner looks to Toby, "Marine. She uses her construction powers fer evil. On Toasters. Combat Engineer, Also known as 'Explosives Expert'." He chuckles. "But she were a civvie construction background. I know she been down workin somewhar, voulenteerin wit tha groups." He shrugs, "Look her up, mate."

Toby listens, then nods, "might have already I guess. Will do though, extra hands and brains and all that. And unlike some of those around here, I'm not so much one for dismissing any civilian experience as irrelevant." A pause as a thought hits and then he asks, "what's she look like? Incase I en dup bumping into her?"

Leightner takes in a breath, then, "Corporal Kapali, Brown hair, green eyes, Yea." He holds a hand up to indicate a height, and nods, "Caprican, middle accent." American/Caprican kinda. He tilts his head from side to side. "Hates tha nickname 'Boom Boom.' Do not call her tha or ye'll piss her off ta ye. No matter whot any other Marine tells ye."

"Boom Boom?" Toby repeats, sounding ever so slightly sceptical, "can't imagin why anyone would object to that." Shaking his head slowly he adds a quick, "thanks though, I'll keep my eyes open for her. Corporal you say? Shame, likely not high enough to stitch up to be in charge. Guess she might have some more ideas about who could be though."

Leightner shrugs, "Beauty o tha Military mate, ye got a chain o command, a line from ye ta tha Admiral. Thars ye path. Go up it, ye can mast up whotevar ye write up." He nods to the people, "Ye know tha structure, tha Rouglas." His accent, trying to speak a Tauran word is just.. weird. He shrugs, "Mebbe ye should."

Toby eyes the medic briefly as he butches the Tauran tongue, he does have the good grace not to mock though. Offering instead a sceptical sounding, "yeah, cos anyone'd stand for me doing it. A Crewman who could anyday find himself back a Recruit? I can't order the dirt around, let alone any personnel. That, and don't forget I only have nine months in, and as I've been continually reminded of late, only time in the fleet counts, anything done as a civie ain't worth jack so shut up and do as your told." Not that he sounds faintly bitter about that, oh no, not in the least. "Reckon I might just have to bump into Major Holtz again or something, he's at least offered to get word to the high-ups about frak if needed, saves trying to force it up from the bottom."

Leightner chuckles as he listens to Toby, "Nah, ye jus need ta learn how ta speak an write military." He shrugs, "Or an experianced officer, like Holtz." He nods, having been with the man on Minos. "I tried wit tha CMO, an honestly, she's ready ta throw in if someone has an action plan."

Toby degrumps a little as he hears Leightner laugh, then asks calmly, "what? You mean there's a better way than my cunning plan of punching my way up the ranks until I got someone's attention? Damn, I was looking forward to that." At the mention of Holtz as a possible candidate though he shrugs slightly, "see, that'd work for me, he's high enough, he speaks the lingo, knows the people and isn't a fool. Got the impression he's busy enough trying to keep the viper lot in line though. Don't suppose the Doc would step up would she? Action plan we need is to get moving on those pre-fabs before we're beaten by the weather."

Leightner shakes his head, "Operational planning and procedural authorization would come from one of the forward departments, Air wing, Marines. Holtz is invested, and has experiance in both fields. Unless ye can find somewhar ta get materials like tha."

"Take your word for that mate," Toby replies, "guess I'll be lurking around the fitness centre until I can bump into him again then. Reckon he'll come through one way or another but as I said, I'd have no arguement with him taking it on."

Leightner nods, "Aye. Ye get more contact wit him than me, fixin his ride an all." He considers, "Thas a good plan I guess though." He nods, "What about ye, how ye been?"

"Been spending more of my time down here than anything else lately," Toby replies both to the comment about Holtz and the question about himself. "Still waiting to hear back on how frakked I am mind, would rather have had that dealt with by now but it is what it is I guess."

Leightner nods, "Likely tha waiting is part o how frakked ye are. Punishment in tha waitin room." He nods to Toby, "Ye doin tha right thing helpin down here."

"Maybe," Toby admits with a shrug, "reckon the Chief wants it done with as well though so I figure it's just the brass being busy." He's is just speculating there though, and doesn't attempt to hide it. Glancing head, towards their destination he nods once, "yeah, not like I could really do anything else though really. Besides, nothing quite like a days of manual labour to ensure nights of decent sleep eh?"

Leightner nods, "Oh, I know tha one. Thank gods I don't snore." He pauses, "Least Jena ain't kicked me fer it." He shrugs, "Yet." He chuckles, "Jus remember who ta yell fer if someone gets hurt."

"I know you don't" Toby replies looking faintly amused, "you remember where my bunk is right?" Then, on the subject of bunking arrangements he adds, "oh, and she's got a new neighbour above. One of the Avionics lasses was getting shit from whoever was below her so moved. Seems a nice enough lass, although a bit odd I think. Hardless at least." There's another faint grin at the man's final comment and he nods once, "'medic' if I remember correctly, then we get to see which one of you lot arrives first."

Leightner chuckles, nodding, "Ye got it." He turns, pointing to Toby as he starts off, walking away, "I'lll see ye later, Toby."

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