AWD #251: He -Wants- Deck Coffee?
He -Wants- Deck Coffee?
Summary: Phin brings a mug down to the hanger bay for coffee. Bennett doesn't.
Date: 14/Sep/2013
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Hangar Bay - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.

It would seem, that while there's a slight lull in the level of work that needs doing on the ship's birds, that someone has deicded it must be time for drills. Now would be a good time to iron out any problems in the procedures, as opposed to once everything goes to hell on Picon. By the looks of the mess in one of the smaller compartments, someone found a creative use for one of the Raptor's Kelsey wrote off, namely, setting it on fire and making the response teams put it out. It's well contained, but theres foam all over the wreckage and surrounding deck, as well as the gear of those still milling about in their flame retardent suits.

Still in his, and with the look of grimey exhaustion that only fires, and fire drills, can create, Toby is just finishing off checking back in all the used BA bottles and logging how much air is left in each. Tomorrow, or maybe later today, depending, he'll have the fun job of sitting by one of the compressors and filling them all back up again.

And just to add to the madness of the bustling beehive that is the deck during a fire containment drill, a flight is just touching down on the deck above. Business as usual in the 'bay. A couple of orange jumpsuit-clad technicians hustle into position with fuel lines while another heads in to direct one of the returning raptors — still holding a goodly amount of fuel — well out of the way of the smoking wreckage. The escorting vipers, too, are corraled into parking spots a safe distance away, and for a time the thrum of the birds' engines drown out most conversation nearby.

Phin strides onto the deck from the battlestar corridor. In duty greens rather than flight gear, carrying a clipboard, and looking quite non-grimey. Especially compared to all the post-fire drill deckies mucking about. He takes a look around at the hubbub, then finds an out-of-the-way spot to kind of hang around out of the way of it all.

Those running the drill are apparently taking one last look at the raptor shell before letting the cleanup crew go to work, but most of the other involved deckies are now going back to their normal duties, heading to the head for a long hot shower and scrubdown, or taking a moment to get their breaths back before then going onto one of the previous options. Stowing the used bottles inteh correct lockers, Toby dumps the clipboard and relevent list in their allocated spot and tehn heads for the coffee. He's in group three it seems. It's only once he's found a crate to purch on and is craddling the mug in his hands that he spots Phin hiding and gives the Lieutenant a brief nod.

After a short while, the raptor's hatch is shoved open and the ECO clambers out. He shouts something back to the pilot that ends in "thanks, Butch!" and books it across the 'bay like he's got a hot date waiting on him. Bennett, on the other hand, takes her time in emerging from the bus, and only once the engines have been spun down and post-flight is underway. "Good afternoon, Crewman Shackleton," she greets Toby once she spots him, perched on his crate across the way. The lurking viper jock has not yet been noticed.

"Oh. Hey, Crewman." The nod makes Phin aware he isn't hiding successfully, and he ventures more into the open. Striding toward the deckie. "I don't suppose you know who handles the maintenance reports? I'm supposed to get copies of the stuff on the grounded birds from this week." He offers Bennett a slight grin and inclination of his head, as she emerges from her Raptor. "Hey, Butch."

Toby watches Phin as he moves from hiding, then gets distracted as he's hailed from the newly returned raptor. "Captain," he replies with a short upnod in acknowledgement, but since she doesn't seem to be trying to summon him over he just stays where he is. Then as Phin talks again he spins back, having apparently forgotten that the man was approaching. Listening, he takes long slurp of coffee, not really stopping to let it touch the sides, the considers the question a moment, moving dirt around in small circles on his forehead as he does so. "You just want the vipers? Or you after raptors and preds as well?"

Phin's appearance catches the bus driver somewhat off-guard; her gaze cuts toward him quickly when he addresses her, and it takes her a moment to return his grin. "Hello there, Dolly," she calls back, observing him briefly before going back to her checklist. Boots to the deck with a soft thump, she ducks under the wing to pop open an access panel and makes some notes. Her helmet is left atop the wing, and her gloves are tugged off and shoved into a back pocket of her flight suit before she gets to writing.

"Uh…" There's a beat of hesitation from Phin, as he ponders what it is he wants. "All of it, I guess. I guess the CAG and the LSO like to keep this stuff on file to track what's breaking. And, uh, who's breaking it. I'm supposed to copy, sort, and file it." He doesn't sound like he finds this task particularly thrilling, but he's not really complaining.

Phin's hesitation gives Toby the perfect opportunity to have another drink, so the lad can ake as long as he needs to think it over as far as the tech is concerned. Once the answer comes though he twists slightly so his shoulders are facing the small deck office and peers for a moment then turns back. "You want PO1 Brennan, but I don't see him right now. He might be going through debrief for the drill, so your ebst bet is to wait a bit, or maybe try and catch him tomorrow." More coffee is inhailed and then he turns to watch Bennett's post-flight, "a beer at Charlie's says her CO2 scrubber worked like a dream."

Phin seems to vaguely recognize the name Brennan. He nods. "I can wait for a bit. Looks like you guys just finished something pretty major. Don't suppose I could break into your coffee supply again?" He idly watches the post-flight on Bennett's Raptor, from where he hangs.

"You find a mug you're prepared to use, you help youself," Toby offers, although there's likely to bemany, if any, clean at the moment. Setting his own mug down on the crate he takes a moment to move more dirt around by rubbing his face, the points towards the sub-bay that seems to consist entirely of firefighting foam and burnt out shell. "We'd sripped everything we could, so it was decided we'd use it to get some hot landing and fire supression drills done. Get the feeling it might become a regular feature while we have the space." He's still keeping half an eye on Bennett, half expecting to be called over, or to have the paperwork handed to him once it's complete, but as she seems to still be working away he gives Phin most of his attention.

Bennett reappears from under the raptor's wing after a time, and meanders around to the nose whilst notetaking. She runs her palm along the bird's charred and scraped-up flank; testament to many an atmospheric entry. The clipboard's placed against a relatively flat spot, and she makes more notes while glancing occasionally toward the centreline fixed hardpoint, where the countermeasures pod is installed.

"I brought one," Phin admits, a little sheepishly. He might've planned to coffee filch. He just might've. He goes to pour from the pot. And, though he tries to do it subtly, scope for a place where he can sit and wait. Rather than stand. "You were a fire fighter, right? Before you joined up." Like Toby, he still half-watches Bennett's work with the Raptor.

Toby eyes Phin a moment, looking mildly incredulous that someone brough a mug all the way to deck to get coffee when there's free access to non-tyllium infused blends elsewhere onboard. He declines to say anything though, jut shaking his head slowly as he turns back to check on Bennett's progress. As Phin returns with coffee though he turns back and gives one of those 'yes-and-no' kind of expressions. "Sort of. Well, immediately before I signed up I fixing whatever needed fixing with a bunch of Spree's lot on Picon, but before that, yeah. Ish." It's not the greatest of answers, he knows that, but he needs to down some more coffee before he can go into details. Which he does. "I did stuff very similar to what I do here, only for mine workings. I got into that because I cou…." He stops dead a moment there, cutting off what ever it was he was about to say and struggling to find replacement before having to settle for the highly unsatisfactory, "becuase for various reasons I couldn't get a job anywhere and so spent a long while working on one ofthe volunteer fire fighting crews. Nearest professional one was Antioch, and by the time they got out anywhere, if they even bothered, there was no point anyway."

Bennett is half listening to the conversation between Toby and Phin, but out of politeness, does not interject herself into it. Mention of the coffee on the deck causes her to smirk slightly while ticking off boxes. And then it's around to the far side of her raptor, only her flight suit-clad legs visible from the thigh down as she moves.

"Oh." Phin notices the cut-off. It makes him eye Toby some but, whatever he took from that, he decides not to press the matter. Some coffee is gulped. "One thing about the war. Plenty of jobs. As long as they're vaguely connected to offing toasters. She coming back from Picon?" Of Bennett's Raptor, even if the question's to the tech.

Phin may be eyeing Toby, but the deckie is looking right back, although he then turns his attention back to Bennett once the question that might have been asked isn't. "No idea," he answers in relation to the raptor's start point, "it's been safety briefing and drill since I got on, haven't had time to go looking at anything else. She's a reasonable way through though, so you should be able to ask her yourself in a minute or two."

And speak of the devil, Bennett prowls around from behind the raptor finally, and ticks off the last couple of boxes on her checklist. "Would you mind handing this off to avionics for me, Shackleton?" she asks Toby with her best, most brilliant smile. "Official business?" she asks Phin with a sidelong glance to the viper jock.

Phin nods to Bennett. "Hey, Captain. Yeah. I'm fetching copies of reports. And filing them. The CAG's got me doing some office gopher stuff while I'm on light duty. How was the flight?" A thumb gestured to the Raptor, before he takes another coffee gulp. He sort of leans against the table where the coffee maker's settled. Which seems close enough to a chair for his comfort. If he had any thoughts while eyeing Toby, he continues not to speak on them, and seems content to drop the subject of past vocations.

Toby eyes the clipboard for a moment with a resigned look, then reaches out for it anyway, "sure Captain, I've got to go by that way anyway." It's a lie, but he has to go close enough that's it not really worth nit-picking. Or not with a pilot who isn't on his shitlist at least. Then, remembering his comment form ealier he asks, "how's the scrubber doing? Any more issues?"

Bennett raises her eyebrows slightly when Phin explains what he's been tasked to, her expression amused. "I had my turn at being a desk jockey a few months back. It will be over soon enough." She winks, and then turns back to Toby while unzipping her flight suit a few inches. Anything to get a bit of air circulation. "Not a whit of trouble with it," she replies, a slim hand briefly alighting on the back of his shoulder before she hefts up her helmet and moves away. "I will see you both later. Thanks again, Shackleton."

"Beats staring at the berthing walls, y'know?" Phin says with a shrug. "I'm lucky to even be alive so…won't hear me complain." He downs more coffee and, while sipping it, spots another technician moving along the other side of the deck. "Excuse me." That to Toby and Bennett, before he calls, "Excuse me, Brennan? You got a second?" And off he strides, to get his reports.

Toby spots Brennan about the same time as Phin does and starts to point him out before it rapidly becomes apparent that he does need to. So to BEnnett he replies, "good to hear. Just let meknow if it plays up again, there's a couple of other tricks to try still." Once contact is broken and she starts to move he glances down at the dregs in his mug and decides that that'll do him for now. Pushing himself to his feet he grabs the clipboard and heads first to pass it on as promised, and then to head to the head for along, hot shower.

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