ALT #392: Have You Made Any Progress?
Have You Made Any Progress?
Summary: Toby fills Haddon in on something he's found in the wreckage of the simulator room, then things go down hill somewhat.
Date: 02/Feb/2014
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Toby Haddon 
Flight Simulators - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
The Air Wing has access to flight simulators to train pilots off the ground in combat maneuvers and situations that are hard to replicate with regular dogfight practicing and this is their home. A rectangular room, the hatch opens up beside the bank of computers that control the simulations and what is seen by the individuals when training sessions are in progress. The sims are actual cockpits cut out of old frames and installed here to function exactly as the real thing, right down to oxygen plugs for suits. In front of each cockpit, complete with armored glass, are LCD screens that cover most of the front view to the front and above. There are two Vipers, two Predators, and one full-cabin Raptor available.
AWD #392

The sim room is still in a state that can only really be described as chaos. Oragnised chaos no, but still choas none the less. With various techs and a marine demolitions guy still pulling things apart and poking at them there's been no time yet to even think about starting repairs, not even superficial ones fr the cockpits only hit by shrapnel. One of the techs working this shift is Toby, and his orange coveralls can currently be seen crouching near the remains of the computer system, or 'explosion locus two' as someone offical has catchingly named it (it's cousin, explosion locus one being by the cockpits). Currently he's alternating between peering intently at a diagnostic pad in his hands that plugging into the remains, and rooting around inside the remains themselves. Occasinally he mutters a curse as he roots.

The MP platoon officer who was placed in charge of the investigation, Ensign Haddon steps into the simulators, and his badly scarred face holds a grim expression as he surveys the damage and the amount of people working. He's vetted them all and cleared them so supposedly the site is secure from anyone who might have a vested interest in tampering or removing evidence, but that doesn't stop him from believing that there's far too many people in here to be able to conduct a proper investigation. He checks his mental map and takes his steps carefully, making sure he avoids any places where evidence has been noted, or has yet to be catalogued and makes his way to Toby. He then says, "Crewman Shackleton, I believe you have a report to give me?" He says it mildly, as he pulls out a dogeared notebook that's already half full of notes on this case and poised for more and a pen.

"One moment," Toby replies, upper torso mostly inside a gaping hole in the machinery. There's a couple of fizzes of sparks, quickly followed by a string of curses, both in common and Tauran, before he backs out once again and shakes his left hand a few times as if to shake a bit of life back into it. "Don't reckon we're likely to get anything useful out of that I'm afraid," he offers conversationally as he glances down to check the readouts on the pad, "it's about as frakked as Pallas was." He can joke about that hell hole, he didn't have to go. Getting back to the business at hand though he turns the pad off and pushes himself back up into a standing position, eyeing the marine a moment, "Ensign Haddon I take it?"

Haddon simply stares back at the Tauran, his ice cold blue eyes measuring the man, "I am… have you made any progress?" His pen is poised over a fresh piece of notebook paper. He's old school, so everything is committed on paper or in his memory as he waits. His tone is polite, but definitely not here for small talk, he's a busy man and figures so in the tech in front of him. Toby might not be his number one candidate as a suspect but he's definitely up there, it's why he's making sure that everything Toby does here is monitored while he gets everything well underway and is satisfied that Toby isn't tangentially connected to the explosions.

Toby eyes the marine right back for a few moments, but figures he'll take him at his word. He has the right pips, the other MPs didn't object to his enterance and he knew who to come to and why. On balance of probabilities, it's him. He keeps the stare a moment or two longer though, just to helpfully indicate that he isn't intimidated, then crouches back down to collect an evidence bag that'd been hidden by the diagnostic pad. Straightening once more he offers it across. "Found this inside there," he jerks a thumb to the databanks. "Can't find it on the schematics and I'm not sure what it is," a pause as he glances down through the plastic at what appears to be the burned remains of what was once a small metallic disk, "or was. I reckon I've seen one before though, just can't place where."

Haddon accepts the bag and nods, he writes down notes to mark where and when the items were found and who. He is also listening intently to Toby as he does so. He then says, "Give me your best guess then… Also, I would like to set up a time for a routine interview with you, and before you protest, I am interviewing each and every one of the techs working here as well as anyone who has ever had an incident, reported or otherwise involving the pilots of the air wing." He eyes Toby, "And understand, it's only because I've already looked into your discipline history and the rumors surrounding you and judged them to arise more from your Tauran nature and disdain for elitism that you haven't been removed from this investigation as a potential suspect. I've been told you are the best tech on board the Orion, and I'm going to need every bit of that talent and skill you have, so if there is anything I should know about you that hasn't been reported, rumored or discussed that might be suspicious, now is the time to tell me so that it can be dealt with."

Toby has a quick sketch of where he found it, it's orientation etc, but it takes him a few moments to locate which pocket he'd put it in for safe keeping. Once he puts his hands on it again it's passed over as well. The mention of a routine interview has him starting to raise an eyebrow but he stays silent as he listens to the rest of what the marine has to say, expression darkening slowly right up to the words 'potential suspect'. He's shoulders square a little at that point and he straightens noticably, expression like thunder. "You want to look into every tiny incident with the wing?" he asks, half pissed off, half incredulous, "going how far back? War day? The start of the mission? Their enteries into flight school? Good luck with that, you'll be there for years. Not exactly a department that attracts many shy and retiring types. You know why Lieuteant Rayner's callsign is 'Bigmouth' right? It's because he pissed that many people of. Then lets not forget the fact that they sheltered a skinjob in their ranks, and even went so far as one of them pulling a loaded weapon on unarmed enlisted in a crowded corridor." Lifting his right hand up and point a finger at Haddon he adds, "all you need to know about me" he points the finger back at his own chest, tone now just angry, "is that I watched, with my own two eyes, as those frakkers destroyed my home. Everyone and everything I ever knew, I saw it burn in nuclear holocaust. I signed up to kill every last damn one of them. You find the one your lot are sheltering dead in a corridor then you can come and start talking to me like that, and using words like 'suspect'. Until then though, frak off and let me do my job."

Haddon, far from intimidated says, "In my office, at your earliest convenience Crewman, rest assured that I am looking into everything and every and all incidents large and small and those involved." His eyes narrow, "Understand this Crewman, and I tell you this in confidence, and by Kobol I better not hear it in the mess hall or in the corridors of the ship or there will be hell to pay. This wasn't one man working alone, I have reason to suspect that this was a conspiracy and that this is only the first shot across the bow as it will and that probably very soon, if not in the very near future, we… or should I says I will find a convenient person dead by his own hand, with a note detailing how and why they sabotaged the simulators." He simply looks at Toby and says, "You can make of that what you will.

Toby drops his voice down so it shouldn't carry, but that doesn't deminish the harshness of his tone. "'Course it wasn't one man working alone, couldn't be to pull this shit off, besides, there's two on board that we know of, God knows how many more we don't yet but there's two for starters." He's meaning Knox and Naomi, as is likely obvious, "they've got smart then they were on the Rubaul, this is a far more sophisticated, but then it'd all have been too damn obvious if they'd just copied those attacks here wouldn't it?" It's quite clearly a rhetorical question and that he isn't actually expecting an answer to that one as he then returns to normal volumn and asks, "can I get on now?" Short and to the point, tone still thoroughly pissed off.

Haddon shakes his head and says simply then, "As you were…" Not much else to say, and both of them have jobs to do. He's got some of his answers at least, about Toby for one.

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