ALT #314: Have We Met Before?
Have We Met Before?
Summary: Deckies work, marines and corpsmen pass through, and there's a reunion. Of a sorts.
Date: 16/Nov/2013
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Hangar Bay - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
AWD #314

It's a spot after lunch and the knuckledraggers have all rotated through the mess and eaten. The hanger is busy but not excessively so, but there's always birds to be worked on and right now it mostly seems to be raptors. Being on light duties for now, Toby is waiting to act as banksman for a big lift of armour thats being replaced, but there seems to be delay after delay as first there's an issue with the crane and then the armour itself. All this means that theres been nothing as of yet for the Tauran to do and so he's found himself a crate to sit on while he waits for things to get going again.

Stepping off the Raptor that shuttled him up from Piraeus, Reed Cassidy blinks a moment in the bright lights of the hanger bay after the dark confines of Raptor. He steps down and beings to make his way across the hangar bay, having to pause now and then to allow those that work here go about their business. He's carrying a rather large duffel, clipped on the outside is a battle helmet. As he continues he does have to stop as he shifts the duffel from one hand to the other. It gives him time to look around, spotting the work, or not work as the case may be. Hardly looking at the crewman that sits on the crate, his attention on the armor "Huh, guess it would be union break time or having troubles?"

The workcrew stood around the armour give the marine a quick glance, but then go back to their own conversations, figuring he isn't likely to be able to come up with a quick and easy solution to their problem. Toby however, has nothing better to do, so is a bit more game for conversation. Tilting his head towards the armour he offers boredly, "it's from a mark 7," then gestures towards the waiting raptor, "it's a mark 5. The fittings are different. Bit of panelling and we'd just cut it to fit, but that shits harder to replace if it goes wrong." Harder to cut too, what with it being armour and all."

Reed looks at the ship, the armor and then gives a shrug. "So the obvious question would be, why not make them the same," perhaps it's more of a statement. He gives a shrug as he turns to look at the crewman. There is a pause, a narrowing of his eyes momentarily. "You seem familiar, have we met before?" It looks like Reed is really trying to put the face and a name to some memory.

Toby turns back to Reed as he makes that suggestion, giving the marine a look that suggests he might think that a rather foolish comment. "If you ever find yourself inventing time travel why not go back and ask," he offers, one eyebrow slightly raised, "but I'd guess it has something to do with the mark 7 being a later model and thus different." He's about ready to dismiss the marine from his mind at that point, but the question causes him to study the man carefully for a few moments. The silence does seem to drag before eventually he shakes his head slowly, still watcing the marine and saying slowly, "no, I don't think we have."

Alexandra walks onto the deck, straightening out her rumpled uniform. This doesn't help, as it's never helped her ever. She walks over towads the work crew. "'Day" she offers, and looks at Reed. "They don't make them the same so that the contractor can charge fleet twice for similar equipment" She inserts herself into the conversation, looking over Reed intriguingly. "And what are you doing on the deck today, Corporal? Toby is doing what he's been assigned to do. Any updates, Toby? Or are you ready to do avionics for me yet?"

Reed first smirks "Guess it would be the norm to make everything different," he says sarcastically. The corner of his mouth pinches tight as he studies the fellow before him. A soft "Hmm," comes before he gives just the slightest of a shrug. "I swear that you are familiar," he says before Alexandra approaches "Senior Chief," he says in greeting.

Toby glances over his shoulder as he sees Alexandra approach and gives the her a brief nod in greeting, before nodding agreement to her words as she chips in as well. "Chief," he offers once she's close enough, then jerks his thumb towards the workcrew, "banksmanning, or will be once they've decided what they want to do with it." Another glance to the crew and he then shrugs, "might be a while." Then, back to Reed, he shrugs again and answers quickly, with a faintly dismissive tone, "maybe the mess or something then."

Alexandra chuckles, and nods, setting herself down on one of the more convenient boxes.
Alexandra holds out a hand with a friendly gesture. "Chief Martin, nice to meet you."

Not making any comments on the work that is not being preformed he looks at Toby "Yea, the mess, or something," Reed says with the emphasis on something. His attention is taken off Toby and settles on the Chief. When she holds out a hand he takes it in his, the duffel having been set on the deck beside him, "Cassidy, Corporal, Senior Chief." He turns back to Toby "And you are?"

You might think that basic introductions would be a simple thing, but there's something that holds Toby back a moment a instant. A hestitation. Then he gives a quick upnod though and offers, "Toby," exactly as the Chief has already said, "Crewman." Moving swiftly back to the Alexandra he states, "I'll give this lot another fifteen minutes to come up with a plan, then I'm knocking of for a few to grab a coffee. Didn't sleep great."

Alexandra says, "If you need more time to recove,r don't make yourself a martyr. We need you healthy on deck, if you feel yourself running down, you let someone know. Doc was pretty definate about what we needed to keep an eye out for."
Alexandra turns to Reed. "What brings you onto the Flight line, Corporal?"

"Toby, crewman," Reed nods once. As Alexandra speaks of Toby's health he looks him over once again. "Come down with something, crewman Toby? Or did you get hurt working on a ship?" Oh, the horrors of working on a ship, the Marine muses. "Just returning from Piraeus, Senior Chief. A bit of training and I like the firing range there, real bullets you see."

"They gave me a copy too," Toby explains to Alexandra with a faint nod, tapping a pocket gently to sugest that he has it with him as well. "Heading back after lunch tomorrow but yeah, I'm taking it steady, don't worry." Hence being sat on a crate doing sod all after all. Reed gets another faintly raised eyebrow before he replies drying, "yeah, a little something called going-toe-to-toe-with-a-basestar-itis, don't worry though, don't suspect it's contagious."

Alexandra looks over at Reed. "Real Bullets are overrated, I find Corporal. Cause when folks use real charges, then my flight line gets all shot up. Enough of that with what the Toasters do. So I'm not a big fan of live rounds. But since you were down on Piraeus, I guess I'll let it slide this time" She doesn't look pleasant, but she doesn't seem angry either. "Combat crew?" she asks, curiously.

Something dawns on Reed "Ahh, you were on that last mission, Minos or something like that. One of our guys got beat up there too. A Staff Sargent. Anyway, hope you are feeling all better now." He looks at Alexandra, a brow rises slightly "Let me slide, Senior Chief?" He does nod to her question "That's right. Recently transferred to the Orion from Commander Spree's troops on Picon. Spent some time with the 39th Mountain as well. Was on Picon War Day." All said matter of factly, yet there is a bit of pride in it. Just as there is with most Marines.

"Minos," Toby confirms with a faint nod, although since it was Tauran outpost and he a native Tauran his pronunciation is slightly different to the usual colonial standard one. The comment about feeling better earns Reed another short upnod in acknowledgement but he says nothing when the man's service history is given, not looking particulalrly surprised by any of it.

Alexandra says, "Ok" her affect is flat and uninflected. "So, you're off duty then Corporal?" she asks, wondering about it. She turns aside, and starts a low voiced conversation with the deck crew tha tcame over and handed her a clipboard. She steps aside so they can continue the converstaion quietly. Sounds like something about supplies, and something missing from them.

"Right, Minos." Reed doesn't try to say it the way Toby does, but he does recognize the accent. "A nasty bit of work there. Good to see you still kicking." All the while Reed seems to be trying hard to place the face. Surely he has seen it before, but not here. To Alexandra he gives the slightest shake of his head no "Nope, our boss had us working in the Killhouse, then I stuck around a bit more just to keep shooting. Time to get back here though. Besides," he smirks "Piraeus is not a garden spot for off duty." Nor does Reed do much off duty it would seem.

Toby takes a quick glance as a clipboard arrives in his vacinity, but since it's not for him he leaves the Chief to it, glancing instead back to the conversation byt the armour. Nope, no signs of a plan yet so that leaves the marine. Great. He spots that searching expression and attempts to keep the conversation moving, so the Corporal doesn't have time to concentrate. "Any of you manage to survive this time?" he asks, faining slight disinterest, "last training exercise I heard about from down there some Lance got everyone killed."

With a bit of a smirk "Be more than happy to take you through it someday, Crewman. Might be a bit entertaining." As for the question it just goes unanswered. As the rest of his comments. "Just name the time, I can make it happen." The smirk is well pronounced, but Reed's eyes are all serious. He seems to be waiting for a response too. The Chief that is taking care of business, while not forgotten, is just not where his attention is focused. Then he blinks, yea, something comes to him. "I would take it easy on you. Don't fret none. Oh, run into any 39th Mountain types before?"

Alexandra finishes up the discussion she has, and returns to the pair. "I think Toby has plenty to do other than doing marine combat sims. He's got specific instructions from the Doc, and won't be doing anything unusual in his spare time for a bit, you know? Basestar shock is a problem"

Toby justs eyes the marine back, his expression indicating he's disapointed by the retort. "Sorry Corporal, tad busy doing my own job without doing yours for you as well." There's also the fact that armour anf gun are going to be well over the ten pounds lift limit he's been given, but he's not mentioning that as it would only serve as a delay, rather than a dismissal of the very idea. As for the specific question he just gives it an uninterested shrug, "sorry, don't spend my time going around asking every marine I meet what their unit is. Hate to dispoint you so, but that's just the way it is." The Chief is given a quick, 'welcome back to the conversation' nod, but he declines to comment on the concept of basestar shock.

Reed's smirk remains as he picks up his duffel, the battle helmet is flipped so it is on the side away from his body. "Right," he says, drawing the word out. As to what in reference to what he is saying it to is left up to the two Navy types. "Any time you want, and you are allowed to come out and play, the offer stands." He dips his head to the Chief "Be good meeting you, Senior Chief." To Toby he just looks then nods "Get well soon, eh?"

Shuttle Raptor incoming, routine personnel raptor shuttle from Piraeus. This one disgorges the Medic in the background as he moves to check in his identity, and sidearm. And he's in line for paperwork. Yep. Background.

Alexandra says, "Next time I pick up a sidearm it'll be more dangerous to the Fleet than it will be to the targets. I just don't fire very well. At least for hand weapons. Ships I can pot 2 out of 3. So it's all good, I think I'll decline your generous offer, for now." She turns to the ground shuttle, and looks over as Leighner is coughed up. She looks the newcomer over, professionally. Lots of traffic on the deck today.

Toby relaxes, just a fraction, as Reed announces he's departing. "Don't hold your breath," he offers without inflection before he's turning back to the crew by the raptor. From where he sits waitings to act as banksman for them they seem to be no closer to neding his services and so he turns to Alexandra once more. "I think that's probably been ten minutes so I'm going to go grab that coffee. You want one?" Leightner hismself is not yet spotted.

Reed chuckles "I'm sure some instructions can be squeezed in, Senior Chief. I gave lessons to Doc Nadir not that long back." To the arriving shuttle he spots Leightner who gets a respectful nod "Here's one that doesn't worry about mixing it up with Marines." Then to Toby he grins "Oh, I am sure one day we can talk you into it." His eyes bore into the Crewman. "One day."

Alexandra snorts amusedly. "Not training that's lacking, Corporal. It's skill. You can't train a pig to dance, it wastes your time and irritates the pig. This pig don't dance with handweapons"

Leightner processes through, coming out of the checkpoint into the actual Hangar area, moving on the correct side of the lines, walking closer, nodding to Toby and Reed, both of whom he knows, and they're.. together.. kinda.. and the smell of tension. Ah. He looks to Alex and nods, "Senior Chief." He says with respect, then upnods to the guys.

"Never said I was worried about it," Toby retorts, "just that I had better things to do with my time." His jaw is set as he returns Reed's look, although he's going for a less intense, more bored expression. Rising slowly to his feet, so he can get his coffee obviously, he waits for an answer from the Chief before moving another inch, giving the corpsman a quick nod in return once he's spotted.

Alexandra nods politely to the PO3, and looks at Toby. "If it's not too much, sugar and milk, strong. That's the way I like it."

"Well I should let you get back to," Reed looks about the bay "what ever it is you do. Duty calls and all that stuff." He shifts his duffel bag a little, and starts to make his way out of the Hangar Bay, nice easy measured steps.

Leightner lookd to Toby, then the Senior Chief, "Senior Chief, if ye have any questions as ta the crewmans duty orders, I can answer em. PO Leightner, Corpsman an involved in his case." He offers

Toby has to go in roughly the same directin as Reed, at least intially, so he waits a few moments for the marine to make headway before he nods a brief acknowledgement to the Chief's order, "no worries." THen to Leighter, "one sec," as he moves to go find two useable mugs and pour what passes for coffee down here into them. On his return he passes one across to Alexandra then retakes his previous seat. Look, he's doing as he's told and taking it easy.

Alexandra says, "No, I had the Doctor in to talk to me about this. Corporal Reed was the one who was encouraging him to go beyond. And, I might add, seemed rather brash. But Marines tend to be like that from what I've seen. Nothing I can't handle. I've been trying to get Toby to check circuits for me, but he keeps insisting on doing his own work, but keeping at the right limits." She smiles genuinely, seems she's teasing.

Arriving with a handful of other personnel from planet, Kapali shoulders the backpack she's carrying and ambles out into the hangar bay at large with a slow look around, taking her bearings while listening to the casual conversation bouncing between the other new-ish arrivals recently assigned or newer arrived.

Leightner looks to Toby, then off in the direction Reed went in, then back to the SCPO, listening all the while, "Well, as long as it's clear." He nods, "I won't keep yer business then." He nods, backing off to let the Deck crew get on with running the battlestar, looking about, noticing a corporal, a new one at that, and upnods, "Oi corporal. Just put boots on?" He asks, thick, northern Virgonese accent calling at Kapali.

Toby eyes Alexandra a moment as she states that one of the Doc's has been on her back about him, then offers a faintly apologetic smile. Anyone would think the medical staff didn't trust him or something. As the work crew are now busying themselves with inspecting something on the raptor itself he cradles his mug between his hands and lets the warmth seep though, apparently content enough just to hold it for now. "It's fine, really," he repies to Leightner, "just a marine who decided to try and lay it on a bit. Another time or place I might have punched him for it but I'm working." At the mention of Corporal though he frowns slightly and follow's the corpsman's look. Hadn't they just got rid of one corporal?

Alexandra nods quietly, and grins at Toby. She looks over at Leightner, and raises an eyebrow when another corporal crosses her view. "What brings you to the deck today, Corpsman?" she asks Leightner, even as his attention wanders.

"Affirmative," comes a voice that is quietly accented and clear, Caprican tones and educated enunciation, green eyes still sweeping that assessing look around before settling upon the Virgonese accented petty officer. "Transferred in from the Rambling Kimber," Kapali adds as she moves forward now and aims a nod around at the Crewman, the Senior Chief and back around to the Virgonese Petty Officer, not interrupting but not in a rush enough to just walk by without speaking.

Leightner turns to Alexandra, and smiles, "Actually, through the deck, Senior Chief, Were jus comin back from workin wit refugees on Piraeus, takin sum kip on ship. Thought I'd offer ye chance ta speak on tha Crewmans orders." He looks to Kapali and nods, "Can give ye a hand throwin down spike. I'm yer Corpsman, one o em." He looks back to the Senior Chief, "Business, I'm afraid, If ye'll pardon, We'll take it off yer deck." This seems to be a simple show of respect, to get out of their hair, knowing this is a duty area. He has the same problem in Sickbay.

Toby gives Kapali a brief upnod but leaves his greeting at that. Taking a brief moment to glance over in the direction Reed headed his attention is brought back to the here and now by Leightner. With the pair apparently making to leave he takes a sip of his coffee and offers nothing that might delay them, leaning back instead against the crate behind him and settling in for a potentially long wait before he's called into action by the work crew.

Alexandra nods, and smiles at leightner. "I'll drop by sick bay if I have any questions. Or, maybe, just to get some analgesics. Been working fairly hard, getting a little bit of muscle aches."

Kapali shares a half quirk of a smile, "Much appreciated," she replies, taking the time to save the Corpsman's face to her memory, always key to know which people in combat are supposed to help keep them alive. "In advance, actually. I'll do my level best not to need your services, but just in case, thanks," she gives a subtle roll of her shoulders, settling the weight of the backpack more in place while waiting for the corpsman to be ready to roll out. "Pleasure," is aimed at the Chief and Crewman.

Leightner nods, "Anytime, Senior Chief." He says, smiling and turns to Kapali moving towards the corporal, "Gotcher paperwork, there, corporal….?" He says, in a leading trailing off as he walks off toward the other levels of the ship, leading, leaving the Deckies do sorcery for as much as he knows about Deck. He just patches people when they get hurt.

"Still not over ten pounds," Toby states to Leightner as he lifts his mug a fraction, "even with the added tylium." The pair get another brief upnod as they depart although once they;re out of his line of sight he seems to forget about them entirely and goes back to watching the work infront of him.

Alexandra nods, and another deck crew comes over, and a deadlined viper is towed over, and she nods to toby, and heads over. "Work calls"

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