MD #233: Happy Birthday to PoW
Happy Birthday to PoW
Summary: Turns out the brig isn't the greatest place to spend your birthday. It could be worse though.
Date: 27/11/2017
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Emily Atticus 
Brig - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The battlestar's brig is comprised of a line of four individual cells organized in separate walled-off bays. Each cell is six feet wide by eight feet long and possesses a bed and toilet. Whenever even one cell is occupied, so too is the metal desk and chair at the entrance hatch — and backup for the guard is never far away. Each cell has had their bars specifically reinforced to prevent a Line member from being able to gain access or escape. Brig rules are posted behind the desk on a white panel with blocked black lettering.

The hatch opens with Emily following the MP in with Atticus's breakfast. She has her own tray. She speaks quietly to the MP at the desk and there's a small laugh and some consideration. In the end, there is a candle placed into the centre of a breakfast roll and lit with a lighter. The tray is carried down by the MP with the candle flickering. Emily follows behind, singing the Birthday Song just for him. Obviously, he cannot be handed lit flame so the MP holds the tray up for him to blow out the candle while Emily stands nearby holding her own. "Make a wish, Atticus!" She big smiles for him, clearly keeping tabs over the long term. Kelsey didn't lie, it seems. Emily does sincerely care about him.

Atticus does not look like he is eagerly awaiting a bright new day and all the fresh new opportunities it may bring. Quite the opposite in fact, but he does manage to muster a smile for Emily. There's a hesitation at the candle though, and the singing, but he does haul himself off his bunk and blow out the candle as is expected of him. Once his tray is passed through he collects it, then waits to take his cue from Emily as to if he should sit on the floor by the bars, or further back on his bunk.

Candle blown out, the MP takes it with him and departs back with a smile of his own, leaving the two to speak. Emily sits down on the floor in front of the bars and places the tray in her lap. She's in her combat fatigues and already looks like she's been through part of her day. Far too awake. There's a cup of coffee beside her in a plastic cup, and another. One of them is passed through the bars to him. Trays are piled high with eggs and bacon, extra goodies like bread. "Sit, sit. Let us feast, my dear. It is your birthday and I do wish we could do something about these bars. Tell me how you are doing and what has been happening?" she asks hopefully.

Atticus sits. He starts eating in silence letting Emily do the talking at first, but since she seems insistent on sharing the conversational load he joins takes the coffee offered and shrugs slightly. "I've been scanning books for Marcus. The ship doesn't have electronic copies of some of his, so I've been making them."

Emily eats with vigour. It’s not like a Lady. She has to try and get things down because she needs it. True fuel for training. Atticus might remember what it was like. "Sounds like that might keep you busy for a bit. I hope some of it is worth reading, too." She puts her fork down and dots a napkin to her lips before looking at him. "Atticus, I wanted to make sure I came over here to say something to you." Her eyes and expression are softer, some of the Marine Visage dropping. Its personal. "I'm getting help. I'm talking to someone about some of my issues. I'm.." She takes a long breath. "I'm a royal. It is going to take some time for me to unlearn that way of life. It has made me cruel and selfish in ways I am just now beginning to understand. I'm going to continue to work on that. But for now I want you to know that whatever you decide to do, that you need to do, I will be there for you." She breaks a piece of bacon in half and looks down to it, then back to him. "We come from the same place. Your experience is a different sort of hell I cannot imagine. I'm beginning to understand that my view of this world is only my view, not yours. I've no right or reason to impose that upon you. But I do care about you in deep ways. You've been a guardian for so long that I do worry about you, even if it is in my own strange ways. I need to let go of these ways. I am trying. It will take time. But my duty to you as a friend? And as a Marine? It is not to question you. It is to support you. I give you my deepest apologies for how I have treated you. You deserved better, Atticus. I mean that. I have little I can give you in here, but I have something waiting when you are released. But for now I offer my apologies and.. and I do not ask for your forgiveness, only that my apology be heard." She takes a breath and eats a half of the bacon.

Atticus stops eating partway through Emily’s speech, it seems rude to munch through someone baring their soul. Once she's done he considers for a moment, then says quietly, "you don don't have to give me anything, you don't owe me anything. Never think that you do. I'm glad people are helping you though, I'm glad it seems to be making you happier. Forgiveness is easy to give, you have it, everything is crazy and it's hard to work out just what is real anymore. It's okay to frak it up sometimes."

Emily smiles at the forgiveness and nods. "Aye. It is easy to give and I appreciate that, especially under the circumstances." A big word for her. Something has changed. "But I will also earn that forgiveness. From now on, I am here for you. No objections. My titles are my own sod to sort. Yours? I only wish to be by your side. Despite the bars, you are now a free man, Atticus." She sips the coffee, holding her gaze on him. "And no, I don't owe you anything. It is not about repaying debts or feeling apologetic. I've traded some items of mine to show my love and support, nothing more. You cannot have it in here. But once Gunny Ynyr says you can see it, then I shall present it to you. I believe it is something that will make you smile and be proud of. Something we both should be."

Atticus smiles faintly to Emily, the kind of smile that indicates that he's amused but has other things on his mind, not that he's faining. "Well, Lady Emily," he starts, clearly teasing her, "I don don't care if you declare me free or not, because I do not recognise your authority over me." That said he takes another mouthful of coffee then tilts his head slightly at the talk of her trading. That doesn't seem like her at all. There are more serious topics to get through thought so he leaves it for now. "I could do with speaking to Sargent Ynyr, both Marcus and Sawyer suggest I ask to join the military police when I'm freed, but I should probably check and see f he'd be willing to have me."

Emily downright titters in giggles at his refusal to recognize titles or words. The smile would be impossible to feign. "The realizations I have had to come to recently? They help me see the humour and relief. And the happiness to hear you say such things. I am a free person, as are you." She continues eating and his mention of the MP's has her face light anew. "That would be fantastic! I agree with the fit. You are a man of honour. They are valuable. You should see some of the weapons we have at our disposal, Atticus. I think you would find this life, as a Marine, well suited to your beliefs as your own person."

Atticus says, "I think," Atticus starts seriously, "that were there no war, then it's not something I would do. Give me that chance to bury myself in books all day and I'd jump at it. But librarians don't have a lot to do in times of strife, no historians, or others who get to read books all day." More coffee is drunk, and he picks a bit at his food. "I was worried, at first, that Marcus might be suggesting the marines because of my father, but I think in general it is the right choice."

Emily puts down her cup after hearing his words and she looks to hold his gaze, even tilting her head a bit to get it. "Atticus? Don't think of your father as a shadow. These people? Our people? They mean no such things. Legacy is not so important. They forwarded respect because they wanted to. My grandfather is a great man, even if he is a Line. He's become more of a father than I ever have had. But it gets me no breaks. I must train and meet minimums like all others. If you cannot endure the hardship, then you cannot Marine with the team." The ease of her smile makes it clear she's a believer. "You've already had training. You've a leg up on me. That said, you father can be who you need him to be. But you can be your own man. I think you'd make a pretty frakking great Marine." And now she's cursing? At least it’s with precision.

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