AWD #509: Happy Birthday Squire
Happy Birthday Squire
Summary: Kelsey and Toby celebrate their own milestones.
Date: 13/11/2016
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Kelsey Toby 
Checkpoint Charlie's - Piraeus
The first structure completed on Piraeus was a 'recreation center' that was thinly veiled as such. Checkpoint Charlie's is in every other way a blue collar bar with an unsurprising bent towards the military establishment. Camouflage netting hangs from the ceiling with some kind of dried vine tangled throughout. On the walls are pictures and mementos of times past on the planet they currently reside on. There are a few billiards tables smuggled out to Piraeus specifically for this location, along with card tables and an fully functional line of taps and kegs mounted to, perhaps unsurprisingly, a beat-up but taken-care-of oak bar. The matching stools and wood tables seem to indicate that the construction workers may have disassembled someone else's bar back on the Colonies. The story even goes that the name is taken from a former bar on Aerilon that happened to resemble, very closely, this particular establishment.
AWD #509

Its still fairly early in the day for Charlies, which means late afternoon, and there's only a few people hanging around. Surely Toby is enjoying his newfound freedom and heading there for a drink, numbers of people be damned. But when he gets there, there's already someone there that he knows. Kelsey, but she looks to have dolled up. Someone spent a pretty amount of trade to get their hair cut and done so that it curls just a bit around her shoulders, the red even looking just a bit deeper. Lips, eyes, cheeks, she's subtle about it. But she almost never does this. Toby might find some relief in seeing it, too. Someone who spends money on their own image isn't someone who is doing too badly. But she's wearing a fitten baby-blue top and a flirty pink skirt with its own blue in it - likely borrowed. But she looks healthy and vibrant.. just sitting along and staring at a movie on TV thats been shown so many times most people know it by heart.

Toby is indeed intent on enjoying himself for a few hours. He has things he needs to do down on P, offical and.. less.. official. Today though, today it's time to just chill and enjoy natural air, gravity, and tiny bus. Well, maybe not the bugs. Still, he's wearing his standard boots and trousers, but on top of his PT sweater is his Tauran Bulls top, the one raided from a shopping mall the best part of a year ago. Sliding into Charlies for the first time in months he starts straight for the bar, then pauses as he spots Kelsey. "Hey there," he starts, pretending he doesn’t recognise her, "you come here often? Only I'm sure I'd remember a face like your's. Can a guy buy you a drink?"

Kelsey looks over at seeing someone approach and actually puts on a smile before seeing who it is, which may be the most surprising part. For once, Kelsey really looks healthy - in all the important ways. She may not be brimming with giggles (yet) but, the girl certainly seems warm and welcoming. Especially when she realizes its Toby. "Oh I suppose so! You don't look like a dangerous sort so I think I might be safe with that." Sitting back on the stool, she crosses her legs and tilts her head to the side. "So what brings a guy like you to some spacer bar like this, mm?" she laughs.

Toby holds up a hand to the barman to indicate that he'll have his usual bottle of whatever homebrew is on offer today, and then tilts it slightly towards Kelsey, "and whatever the lady is having." Sliding up onto the seat next to her he gives a nonchalant shrug, "well, when a man is allowed his freedom once more, he aims to enjoy it. You'd never normally find me in a place like this mind, company's usually terrible, but looks like we struck lucky today. How about you? Special occasion?"

"Whiskey sour, please," Kelsey prims, "in about five minutes. Still nursing." She keeps the smile and looks back to Toby. "Freedom? Doing hard time, sailor? Maybe I should check my instincts. Maybe I was wrong about you. Or maybe I'm just horridly attracted to the bad boys." She can't help her happy little laugh and leans a shoulder into his. "For me?" Fingertips brush her chest. "Special occasion. Today I turn old. I'm twenty-two today. Now granted, I'm still young, I'm jut defining old as 'no more major birthdays until I'm fifty' which is fair, I think."

"Punched a marine," Toby answers with a shrug, "hand around a place like this long enough some'll arrive and you'll see why." Reaching for his beer he continues, "he started it," he didn't, "but my boss decided I wasn't allowed nice things until I proved I could play well with others." There is a faint flinch as Kelsey notes how old she is, but he covers it with an overly dramatic laugh. "But yet a babe, but what about forty? Thats when life begins or so they say? You've still got that between you and fifty." Still smiling he takes a swig of his beer then hastily adds, "and so do I. Obviously."

"Punched a Marine. Such behaviour. Well I'm sure he had it coming. I've met some of those brutes. Wouldn't mind socking a few myself." Kelsey seems to just melt into it all, enjoying the back and forth with such a casual ease. "Sounds like maybe you've been in trouble before. Mm. Yeah, pretty sure its just my attraction to bad boys." She sips her own drink, facing him a little more. She catches the flinch but doesn't comment on it except for the laugh, nothing like getting a reaction out of Tobes. "No, I'm pretty sure that only people who are 40 say that. Pretty sure it helps them feel younger. Know a lot of 40 year olds popping out kids, getting married, making risky career moves, getting slammed drunk on a work night to go to a concert and blowing off work the next day?" She pauses. "Don't answer that." She leans forward a bit, grinning at him. "Yeah you don't look a day over eighteen. Are you sure you're even legal to be in here?"

"Maybe once or twice," Toby replies as he rocks his head left and right for a moment, then furrows his brows as if in mock thought, "mostly involving marines actually. Odd that." Her comment about his age is rewarded with a snort of his beer before he puts his glass back down. "Eighteen eh? Must be the benefit of a Tauran upbringing. Plenty of outdoors, and exercise, but fear not, I'm fully legal, have been for," he adds up on his fingers then groans slightly, "eighteen years."

Kelsey laughs again. "I know, right? How strange. Its like your fist and Marines have this magnetic attraction. Prettttty sure its not love. Something tells me, I just can't put my finger on it." She watches his over her glass while she takes another small sip of her own. "The only number I'm hearing that makes any difference to me is 'eighteen' so I'm just gonna go with that an assume the Tauran upbringing made you rough and tumble, looking a few years older than your real age. Not a bad thing. Very much the dashing rogue. I like it. We need to get you a sword. Maybe a billowing white shirt. and a fan."

"Love and hate are just two sides of hte same cubit right?" Toby replies with a wry smile. "And sure, rough and tumble, rugged, all good words for Tauran and Taurans." The idea of a billowing shirt and a sword produce a faintly raised eyebrow and it takes a moment before he figures it's her birthday, so he can humour her. "I reckon I'd need to grow my hair out for that, and then someone would whine at me about regs or something. Not sure if they'd brig a man for his flowing locks…"

"You know, the more I hear that, the more I really disagree. I pretty darn well tootin hate the Cylons. I kinda doubt I'm three steps from taking one to bed. Yanno? I mean.." Kelsey shivers. Ew. But the humouring helps and she seems to enjoy it immensely. When there isn't really anyplace to run out and get gifts from, this is the easiest and the best. "Command, always ruining all the fun. Dicks. Well I guess that whole idea is out. Damn. And here I was waiting for a swordsman to sweep me off someplace private." She winks and sips the glass. "So the Chief let you go, huh? What changed the mind? Did you figure out how to un-punch a Marine?"

"Really?" Toby replies, layering on the mock surprise heavily, "I find fraking cylons to be intensely cathartic. Repeatedly, with .50 cals I find gives the best mileage. Still, if that's not your thing then who am I to judge." Draining a chunk of his bink his mind floods with innuendo relating to a man's swords but none he can quite shoehorn into the immediate reply. "I hate to disappoint a lady, especially such a classy one as you, but you know what officers are like. I think they have their fun gland surgically removed upon commissioning."

Kelsey snorts laughs, picturing that in her head. "The idea of your face with that image just.. gold. Pure gold. Just in and out ,real slow, I can practically taste the romance. Maybe a little Barry White to go with it. Smooth combat jazz. Seduce those canners with the mating call of a can opener." She waggles her brow at him and finally reaches for the fresh drink. Yep, taking her time. "That's okay. I'm not an officer. Officers are wearing officer clothes. Hard to be an officer in civvies or nekkid, yanno? At least that's what I'd imagine. Yu don't strike me as an officer, thankfully. I'm entirely too young for it, myself. You, too, Mister 'I'm 18', which nobody believes." She cuts him a little grin and a wink.

"I'm not an officer," Toby confirms with as sage a nod as he can manage, "they don't let officers punch marines at all so I hear. Something about setting a poor example, unprofessional. Still, since we're neither of us officers, we don't need to worry about that do we? We can punch marines as much as we like," then, leaning in and whispering conspiratorially, "so long as no one tells the Chief."

"I've heard you can punch anyone if you're an officer, you just have to order someone to hide it or not say anything. But maybe that's just wishful thinking. I know a woman whose an officer who wishes that. Might have thrown a punch before. Might have enjoyed it." She looks over and up to his face with a sly wink and then a sip of her drink. "Nope, since neither of is are officers, we have nothing to worry about. …So what are you planning to do with your newfound freedom, Mister Not-An-Officer?"

"I heard officers can get away with anything they like," Toby replies with a sad shake of his head, "but since we're not officers, I think we should forget about them entirely." Draining the rest of his beer he doesn't order a fresh one just yet, but instead considers her question for a few moments. "What am I planning to do? Hmm, well, I had planned to have a few beers to pass he time until it was dark, then go for a hike under the stars, but now I suppose I shall just have to sit here and keep a lady company. Wouldn't do to leave her on her tod on her birthday, wouldn't do at all."

"Heard that too. I think its true. Especially if they wear civvies and tell people they aren't officers. Maybe put on a little disguise. Wear clothes that keep the eyes from looking too closely at the face." Kelsey beams a happy smile. "Yes, lets forget about them." She sips the drink and holds it up lazily, watching him past it with the same smile. "Well whose to say that the lady doesn't like going for long walks under the stars? I brought a jacket but its not gonna cover the legs so you have to keep me warm. Unless of course you'd rather stay inside in this packed room full of people and pretend we don't know any officers." She waggles her brow.

"Well," Toby replies solemnly, "if the lady wants to go for a walk, then who am I to refuse? And you're right, it is getting a bit stuffy in hear isn't it. Why, I can barely hear myself think." Sliding off his stool he tilts his head towards the loos and adds, "give me two minutes to sort myself out, make myself presentable, and we can be off as you desire."

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