AAR: Hamlet Assault

CMF storm an Aerilon hamlet while it is actively being reinforced with more cylon forces.



07/01/2006 (AWD #366)

FR: SGT Randolph Kae Flynn
TO: CMDR Spree, LOL Petra
CC: MJR Alastor Fairfax
RE: Hamlet Assault


The team was briefed en route to Aerilon. The jump in didn't go fully as planned. There was some residual velocity from before the last jump that the pilot tried to correct for at the destination but it was a rough landing. No one was injurred, but the raptor immediately took gunfire. We lef the raptor on schedule.

Enemy forces numbering at least more than one hundred were advancing on the hamlet from a treeline on the left flank while the team approached from the right. Resistence fighters in the area drew most of the Centurions off and we provided minor suppressing fire to advance towards cover.

We had drawn five Centurions. We used frags to soften them, following up with SGT Ynyr gunning on an LMG and the rest of the team on rifles with armor piercing ammo. SPC Mercier took a serious GSW to the chest while trying to treat me for a minor GSW. Two centurions went down, leaving three Centurions left. Four predators provided air support, dropping Mark 84 Snakeyes ordnance up the road. SGT Ynyr took a GSW to the chest while finishing off the remaining ones.

SPC Mercier treated her and SGT Ynyr's wounds, but nearby invading Centurions pinned us down before we were able to move from cover. They hit our forces hard (see the full report for more damage details). CPL Kapali left our position to get a medic since SPC Mercier had fallen unsconscious at this point. With the entire team in bad shape and the whereabouts of CPL Kapali unknown, I radio-ed Flight for an immediate hot medevac. Firefly One-Two responded, jumping in with a doorgunner while SGT Ynyr helped me get SPC Mercier to the raptor. CPL Kapali was able to make our extraction rendezvous




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