Captain Halena Tremaine
halenamain.jpg Tremaine, Halena
Captain Engineering
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Chief Engineer
Age Sex
33 Female
Hair Eyes
Red Hazel


Halena Tremaine is the Chief Engineer for the Orion, recently transferred over from the Light Cruiser Cygnus where she was also their Chief Engineer. Cygnus picked up Halena from the surface of Caprica on War Day, where she was heavily injured and still walks with a slight limp as a result. She also lost her father and her husband that day, though her three brothers are still MIA.

Prior to War Day, Halena was stationed on Caprica with her husband — a move likely induced by her father (a prominent Naval Commander) and her mother (a famous Caprican socialite). While she grew up as a debutante herself, the call to military service that her father and three brothers all followed was too great to be ignored and she too joined the ranks after receiving her MA in mechanical engineering. Engineering work was a surprising change for a woman of finery, but eventually the choice was viewed as an eccentricity by her mother and other members of Caprican society who knew her.

Since War Day, the charming and outgoing Halena has been replaced with a woman more reserved and thoughtful. She works all hours, and while she no longer has the presence to carry a room (or a command) with ease, she relies on her intelligence and doggedness to work her through interpersonal situations.

Service Record & Medals

Date Event Relevant Log
AWD #310 Transfer to BS-114 Orion None
AWD #90 Service on CLC-880 Cygnes None
War Day Rescue and Recovery on CF-11375 Offut None
January 2003 Service at Air Base Nike, Caprica None
May 2000 Service on BS-88 Solaria None
March 1998 Service at Air Base Andross None
September 1997 Officer Training at Caprica Colonial Fleet Academy None

RP Hooks

  • The Caprica Life: If you're from Caprica, you know that Tremaine is the married name of one of the Villiers daughters, a rich and politically prominent family there. Halena was a debutante, a socialite, the works.
  • The Tremaine Name: If you're military, you'll recognize the name Colonel Tremaine. Halena calls him Daddy — or she did, before his death on War Day.
  • The Living Nightmare: Halena suffers from PTSD as a result of her experiences and wounds on Caprica during War Day.

Recent Logs


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