Lieutenant (JG) Gwendolyn "Fatso" Song
Gwen1.jpg Song, Gwendolyn
LTJG Air Wing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position ECO
Age Sex
26 Female
Hair Eyes
Black Brown


Gwen is adopted, an easy call for anyone who's seen the pictures in her bunk. Mom's one of those gorgeous, black haired creatures draped in silk and bangles from the Scorpian sub-continent; dad's a short-but-fit and bespectacled fellow with the amber skin and epicanthic eyes of Piconian blood. Gwen herself looks caucasian as an Aerilonian farm girl. So it is what it is. Her accent is as muddled as her ancestry — she speaks Colonial Standard with the smooth-yet-precise lilt of one of her mother's people educated by the upper crust of Imperial Virgon.


A slip of a wisp of a shadow of a thing, milk-pale Gwen stands a bit short of five feet even, so skinny her clavicles, cheekbones, and the knobs of her ulnae are really her most prominent features. She has a blue-shadowed and anemic look, sharp pixie nose and chin, a pink bow of a mouth that can be surprisingly expressive, along with her eyes. Eyes — huge. Of course. Must be, or the pathetic anime look wouldn't be close to complete, would it? Huge and dark, lashes so thick she looks like she's rimmed her lids with khol. Her fingers are long and deft and elegant — ending in nails bit savagely short. Her close-cropped, dark hair is a mass of cowlicks under the best of circumstances.


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