MD #240: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner - Part 2
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner - Part 2
Summary: Its only polite to give your new friend a lift back home…right?
Date: 04/12/2017 (OOC Date)
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Petra Dropkick 
Off Ship
A desert and temperate planet.
June 21, 2049

After the back and forth with Rozzer to work out communications, he came up with a proposition that keeps everyone safe. He left on a Raptor, sent a signal, then came back on that Raptor. The meeting time was set up on a planet at the edge of the Erfriki space, a place that isn't terribly welcoming to life, so would provide a very nice and private conversation. There's air. It just sucks. That's pretty much all he had to say before leaving.
The Raptor carrying them all jumps in over a planet that is largely a desert and close to the red dwarf star. The whole bottom and top half of the planet are tropics dotted with vast rivers and lakes, oceans dividing the continents. Heading down, they work out a rough location with thanks to Rozzer directing the ECO towards the spot. Its an 'oasis' with a small lake and short, lush trees surrounding it about a mile in every direction. The Raptor touches down at the south end of the forest in an area of tall grass, blowing everything out the sides when the Raptor's skids hit solid ground. Outside, the interior crew can see a deep red tinge to everything around them and the sand is a vague rust color in the distance, spotted with dark blue veins along the rocks. The ECO reports that the air is breathable, however. When the hatch opens the breeze blows in some sand and dust, but its just pressure equalizing.
Once out, Rozzer and the Marines first, they can look up into the sky and see the massive red dwarf dominating the sky above. A single moon in view casts a long shadow somewhere to the east. Rozzer just stretches his legs and reseats the plug on his neck port, stepping through the grass with his rifle and bodyarmor. The guy actually has a thermos of coffee from the Orion that he's drinking directly from.

Petra doesnt bother to mention his little particular curse concerning his butt in Raptors is concerned - that would just make this awkward. He is, however, stoicly quiet for the jump, and intently listening to the flight crew's chatter for any signs of a problem. When there isnt, and the craft is able to land, he seems to relax. A little, and steps out to join Rozzer and the Marines. Liza or Mara probably glared at him to wear armor, but he's still simply sporting the blues and a sidearm, with the razer in a pocket and a datapad tucked under his arm. He's not entirely certain how this is going to go but at least he's keeping a good attitude about it, rumbling softly to Rozzer, "Under any other circumstances, this would be a great vacation spot…"

"Under a lot of circumstances, yeah. Not here. Just about all the fauna here will kill you. Watch for 10-legged insects on the ground. If you see anything flying in the air, run for the Raptor, sir." Rozzer has become more respectful after learning Colonial. All rights and respects afforded. "They're already here." Rozzer drinks from his thermos and upnods towards the treeline. He then calls out something in his native tongue and puts the cap back on his thermos.

Two groups seem to meld out of the lush plantlife. All of them are wearing that camouflage that Rozzer has and it works ridiculously well. There's no way it isn't active camo. The group in the lead moves out as a small spearhead, clearly the security element. Weapons held low, they have similar rifles to Rozzer's. The element within and behind the spearhead is a pair of officers? They carry themselves like officers around enlisted. But the lead guy of the spearhead walks up to Rozzer, speaking to him in their own tongue. he doesn't stop and ends up give the guy a hug and slapping his back and shoulders a few times. Clearly this is a 'I thought you were dead, fucker!' discussion. Once that's all sussed out, Rozzer turns and gestures to Petra and his security element. Then the Raptor. More talking. The officers are listening intently, both female after a second glance. Everyone glances to Petra, then back. It takes a minute or three to explain things. There's a few somber nods because some laughs and exchanged congratulations. After that, most of the previously-wary group seems to regard Petra with much more appreciation. Rozzer makes a gesture for a gun to the other leader's eye and makes a zapping sound to explain. The two officers and the leader nod to Rozzer.

Rozzer looks back to Petra and nods. "Sorry about all that, Commander. Go ahead. They'll take the razer. Hit these three. The rest are just here to work."

Petra listens to the wildlife advisory and murmurs, "Welcome to beautiful planet X. Excruciating death in a multitude of flavors…" He trails off when the new groups materialize out of the grass and links his hands behind his back, waiting and listening. When Rozzer apologizes, he shakes his head and keeps his voice down, "Nothing to apologize for. Im sure the reactions would be the same if the shoe was on the other foot." When he indicates who will take the razer, Petra thumbs the little device out of his pocket and opens it up, stepping forward and demonstrates visually how it's supposed to work, then offers it over to the leader, to either let them man lean over for it, or do himself if he's confident after watching the instructions. "They understand that this is probably knowledge they're going to have to keep quiet about. If the Skath hear people talking Colonial, they're going to figure this out."

Rozzer nods. "I called these specific people here for a reason. They hold suspicions of the Lines. They're all top end, sir. You'll want to get your tablet, though. They're going to want confirmation of the airstrikes. But go right ahead."

The two officers and the operator stand by, waiting.

Petra nods, "That's why I brought it. Both to show them the footage and in case I need the storage space for anything they might be able to hand over." With that said, he offers a lower, "Hold still a moment…" and touches the first one's head to keep him still to turn the eye razer on. There's a moment after that he pauses to look him over and offers, "All good?" Waiting for a confirmation before moving on to the next, attempting tobe efficient going through all three of them.

Assuming all three of them have no sudden OH MY GOD MY EYES moments, he tucks the little device away and unlimbers the datapad, "I brought footage of the strike…he said you'd want to see for yourself. The video is half an hour long, but you'll want to skip to the last 5 minutes if you just want to see the meat of the matter." With that said, he starts the video player and holds the tablet up for all three to watch and hear the radio feed that goes along with it.

All three of them need a moment to recalibrate. Typical with a razer, but all of them seem familiar with the device. When Petra speaks, they look to him with understanding. Rozzer stands off to the side and places his hands on the gloved rifle's buttstock by his chin. The two officers step in closer and watch, but chatter in their own language about what they are seeing. The sheer amount of firepower put into the air seems to get a rather dire reaction from them. But despite the number of SAM and gun hits, the camera shows the five of six targets exploding. There's a look of satisfaction on both their faces and the other male operator reaches over to shake Rozzer's hand.

Then the two offices reach over to shake Petra's hand. "Thank you. That was a weapons development plant. Biological. You saved many lives," the lead woman tells Petra. "Rozzer tells us you are from Kobol." She isn't doing introductions but the woman that seems to be in her mid 40's is in the lead. There's a gesture to the patch on his arm. "That says Colonial Defense Forces. Colonies of Kobol, I may presume? This is impressive. We had originally hoped to meet you all but those hopes have fallen by the wayside while we have dealt with the Kedder. Tell me, what are your aims with your fleet? You were looking for us, from what we understand?"

Petra waits until they seem satisfied with the video before putting the tablet back into idle and tucking it back under his arm. He nods slowly at the question about the patch, "We are, yes. We've been through a lot recently and we've taken losses against the Skath. Rozzer tells me of the trouble you're currently facing, and we're ptetty sure if these replicants find out we are here, they'll report that information back to the Skath and your situation here will get much worse, overnight. So…its rather important we are ghosts in the wind for now. We've had a run in with these Kedder already and are quite happy to blow their shit up. The fact that you needed it done was a bonus…I was hoping we'd find some of your team on the surface…the enemy of my enemy is hopefully a friend."

There, he pauses and takes a deep breath, before continuing, "We can provide you more detailed information about the replicants, so you know what to look for, and at least keep yourself protected from them, though it sounds like there isn't much to be done to prevent the civil war you're probably about to step into. We are hoping we can get from you the local information we do not have. We are a long way from home, and we know very little about this corner of the galaxy. You do. We don't require any information you would consider secret or sensitive, if you aren't willing to give it. But knowing who is in what system, where the Kedder are. Where the Skath are. Where YOU are. All of that will help us navigate and fill in the blanks on our own maps. And if there is additional help we can quietly provide, we can at least see if it is something we can do. Does any of that sound like something you can agree to?"

The lead woman listens to Petra, keeping her eyes on him. The women of the Erfriki in this branch are nearly the size of the men so she looks right at him. When he finishes, she says something in her own language which is met with a 'Huphup!' from the rest of the security team. Their form of acknowledgement. She then glances over her shoulder to the other officer and says a few lines. That officer takes something from her pocket and the group steps back a few paces. A small object in the other officers hand is plugged into her neck and the wire is easily long enough to stay there when she tosses it into the grass between them.

What pops up is a larger interstellar map than Petra has ever seen. Three galaxies at great distance are displayed in hologram in the air above them. The woman begins speaking in Colonial, "After The Rally Point fell, the Arpay withdrew all forces to this first galaxy to fight a delaying action. The Skath committed around, at best guess, ninety-five percent of their fleet. The Arpay were killed off, except for scattered reports of their Diplomatic Corps still holding out and trying to coordinate defensive actions. They wiped out the major fleets in this galaxy and when we left our home world, we'd lost all contact with known forces. The Skath then moved into our home galaxy and began clean sweeping every known military outpost. When we left, fleet command estimated we had roughly sixty years before the Skath destroyed every viable fighting force. Our own communications networks were backtracked faster than we could have foreseen. Our people were sent back here, to the home galaxy where it all started, at a last-ditch home the Arpy had scouted for us to launch out from." She glances to the Raptor, then back to Petra. "We can provide you with what you are asking for and more. We are on the brink of civil war, yes. Rozzer says you have conclusive proof that you did not send the replicants to aid us in the war?"

Petra takes a moment to appreciate the scope of the information she's sharing, and a soft sigh escapes him, a rare telltale sign of him acknolwedging just how screwed they are at the moment. It takes him a moment before he offers, "We do. The replicants…we call them Lines…are from an old enemy we encountered thousands of years ago. Some of them defected and joined our cause, but most of them still work for the Skath. None of the few that defected and joined us have gone anywhere, so if you have any of these replicants in your number, they most assuredly did not come from us, and they should not be trusted. They are here to work against you and destroy any technological hold your society has, so the Skath can walk in and subjugate you. Just like they tried with us." He takes a small memory chip out of his pocket and offers it to her, "This has all of the Lines information we can share…it's been sanitized to take out proper names, so if it falls into the wrong hands, it can't be identified as coming from my ship, and none of the information in there can be used to pinpoint where we are or where we've been. The Skath would very much like to wipe us out. They know we are going to find a way to scrub them off of the galaxy like so much soap scum."

He purses his lips for a moment, watching her, then glancing at the others that understand his words, "So. Any information or help you are able to provide, WILL get used to make them pay for what they've done to us and the Arpay."

The woman listens and her other officer looks a bit ill. It causes the hologram to flicker a bit. The other operator with them starts talking to Rozzer and the two continue in a rather animated conversation while the senior officer speaks up again. "This will cause some trouble. But thank you. We will figure out how to decipher it." Programming languages and all. "As it stands, and what Rozzer does not know, is that I expect that most of our fleet and civilian leadership has been compromised. They are just taking their time to ease the rest of our people into the idea of falling into line. The divisions are approaching a breaking point. It has become bad enough that I do not trust ships captains. Crews will follow orders but we have few ships left. Many ground forces are waiting while the replicants seem to work their way through them."

She gestures to her assistant, speaking ot her again. The hologram changes and brings up a Skath commo station, though with significant changes and a larger build. "Look for one of these near Arpay. We have managed to produce a battleplan to take these fuckers down, but the Keller have hamstringed us." She steps over next to PEtra and points to the station. "These larger station run wormhole communications. The one near Arpay, location unknown, transmits battleplans and updated orders from their homeworld to other galaxies. Take this out and they won't be able to recall forces or receive updated orders on how to proceed. If there's anyone left over there beyond evac, it will disrupt the Skath and screw with them. But expect heavy guard on it." She then motions to the assistant. A hologram of a generic planet comes up. "Look for heavy lithium and uranium mining. Take out the mines. They use these to fuel the commo system. Hit their major comm stations and you'll be able to operate more freely." She takes a long breath. "With the mines, they need slaves. Free the slaves, nuke the mines, it should be enough to cause havoc for them here in this galaxy." She then looks back to Petra. "Then pick a point and force a decisive action for a sector. Without comms, they can't call for help easily. Without confirming information, they can't know where to go with any accuracy. Ten thousand ships in this galaxy? It'll take centuries to coordinate a single response once their commo system and major mines are down. Our goal was to recon planets and find out where the mines were. They're usually close to the commo stations." She looks back to the planet as it moves back to a highly detailed map of this galaxy. "Watch where they lash out and you can backtrack the home world. Kill the homeworld, orders stop flowing. Factories shut down. Find a way to do it right? Maybe they all shut off."

Petra purses his lips and nods at the knowledge about their fleet, "I'm sorry to hear that. I don't envy what you're going to have to deal with, coming up." He trails off again when she goes on to talk about the comms relay station and stays quiet, breathing slowly in and out. If smoke could come out of one of his ears, it probably would be. He studies the diagram intently, as if he could commit it to memory on his own, and lets the silence hang for a few seconds before he offers, "This is much more than we had. We lost about 20 years of time, which the Skath put to good use against us, and have been busy playing a bit of catch up. The replicants that have joined our side might be able to give us an advantage here. If we have someone brave enough, we might try something…reckless. Like having them connect to that." He turns his head to regard her directly, waiting for a moment longer before he offers, "From what you've said, it sounds like we may not speak again, but I hope that ends up not being the case. I have a feeling there is a lot we could talk about, if the fate of the galaxy wasn't hanging over our heads right now.""

"We are going to be dealing with a lot. If this information is accurate, and I trust it is, we are likely already in trouble that we cannot combat. The truth is far more fearful than I can explain." Rozzer and his buddy have stopped talking and are sharing a look. Then more quiet words exchanged. The woman looks to Rozzer and then back to Petra. "The Skath are real shit when it comes to exploiting time. They have lingered at the edge of the galaxies to build forces and conduct lightning strikes at worlds with massive forces. Losses seem to mean nothing to them in the two evac galaxies. But if you feel reckless will serve you, then move forward with that." She regards him more solemnly. "I can read your patch. You are from Orion. The Arpay communicated your legend to us and told us you were descendants of Captain Kobol. They gave us proof. They have articulated the fear the Skath have for you, and also their hubris. They have gambled large on massive forces pressuring smaller to quit. We have heard of your history with the Cylon. We believe the Skath consider the Cylon inferior and incapable of the victory against a race they fear. For some reason the Skath no longer fear us. We do not know how or why. We find it difficult to stray from our own norms, regardless." She glances to the plug in her other officers neck, then back. "I expect we will not see each other again. Do not come back here, either." She gestures to her assistant officer, who takes up the hologram device and unplugs it, offering it to Rozzer. The guy looks at it warily before taking it and the wire. "Rozzer will return with you to translate this to your systems. Leave him here in six turns of this planet and we will retrieve him."

Petra licks his lips lightly as he listens, simply nodding in the affirmative to indicate yes, he does understand, "In that case, I will make you an offer. If we will be returning to drop him off…you may have people you wish to save from the nightmare that is about to come. Families, or others. If you wish to keep them safe, or if you have those that wish to leave….we have a safe place, a new home they can live in, with the people we have rescued from the Skath. There is plenty of space for them there. Our home can be theirs, if they want. So when we return Rozzer, if you have those that wish to go, we can retrieve them at the same time. Fair enough?"

Petra gets a look from the woman. Its appraising and skeptical. "Give me a few minutes." She nods to him, stepping back and calling for a huddle with all of the group there, including security. She seems to relay what has been discussed because a lot of the troopers there look pretty pissed off all of a sudden. A lot of them are sharing glances and there are questions being asked. Everyone seems to get into a debate for a few minutes while Rozzer stands by Petra. Asiding to the XO, he says, "They are discussing the viability and who should go. If anyone. The operators want to save everyone. The lead officer speaking to you? She says that they cannot send families. She.." he waits a moment until she stops speaking and silence is left. "She says 'We are Erfriki and we do not run from a fight. We will plant our flag and fight for what we have taken.'" He glances to Petra, then back. "She said that if they send anyone, it needs to be people who will aid you, not encumber you."

Rozzer stops translating and then begins speaking to all of them, each looking back to him. It goes on for a minute before they nod to him. The lead officer seems to agree and gives a glance to tell Petra what needs be said. "Sir, I told them that our people should send those who can fight and serve. If your people can destroy the Skath, then maybe our world here, and our families, have a chance to survive. Adm- The woman, she agrees. They will gather in six days, sir."

Petra offers a more respectful bow of his head at that information, and straightens up, "Then in six days. We'll bring a couple of Rhinos, just in case." He offers the woman a hand, "Thank you. It was an honor to meet you and your people. I should get back to my ship and get people to work on what you've already given us, and we will be back in six days with Rozzer, as promised."

The lead officer looks back to Petra and approaches him. "I will make sure people are here for him. Thank you. For now, we part as nameless partners. Go forward. We wish you the best of luck." She extends her hand to shake. After being taken, she'll gesture for the rest to head back into the brush. Rozzer is left looking grim. There's a finality to it for him. Its finally happening.

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