MD #239: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner - Part 1
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner - Part 1
Summary: The Marines brought back more than just the Air Wing from Golf…
Date: 02/12/2017 (OOC Date)
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Petra Dropkick 
Sickbay - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Behind each bed a small touchscreen has also been built in to help supplement care and transmit vitals to Medical personnel's tablets. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue. This bay has seen many improvements from the overhaul but can clearly operate effectively without any power.
June 19, 2049

The Rhino returned and there was an immediate call for priority clearance, wounded on board. No party with booze waiting for the Rhino, just a bunch of stretchers. Five ECO's and one pilot dead and most of the surviving pilots are wounded or badly injured in some way. But according to preliminary reports, the mission was largely a success. Five of the six targets were hit and destroyed. The other rumor floating and confirmed now is that the recon team arrived at the Rhino. There were two of them. Now there is one of them. No word about what happened to the other one except that he is dead. The survivor was taken to medical and cleaned up, plenty of tests done, booster shots. He's going to have to wait on the haircut. The guy is sitting on a hospital bed in scrubs with an IV plugged into his arm. There's also a tray of hot food and juice next to him that's he's picking at. The beard on him goes halfway down his chest and does deceive a bit on his age. The guy looks to be in his early thirties. And, as a nurse points out to Petra in a whispered aside, he has some kind of computer port in his neck.

Dead air crew is not the kind of news Petra was really hoping to hear when he checked in, and a LOT of dead air crew is even worse. Oh, and the guy they brought back has cybernetics. Well, this is an interesting day. He doesn't precisely wave off the MP, but just glances their way before nodding at the nurse then steps forward. Linking his hands behind his back, he watches the newcomer for a few moments while he picks at his food, then clears his throat, "I hope medical has been able to address any injuries you might have, and the food is at least edible?"

The guy looks up to notice Petra approaching and he finishes chewing the food, washing it down with the juice. He seems to be wary of his surroundings and a sort of rough character. Special warfare types always have that energetic vibe, like they own the room they are in and they know it. The question is easy enough and he bobs his head slightly. "Yes. The food I can eat. No more chili, tough. Your chilifood is not something my stomach wants to endure again." He speaks very slowly, haltingly. The accent is thick but his slow speech helps. "They say I am under-nourished. I do not know this term, but it seems I need to eat and drink. And get injections." He sips the juice and looks over Petra's scars, then gesturing to them slightly. "You have seen battle and wear a uniform. You are a fighting man. My name is Rozzer." He sticks a hand out to shake. "Communications. I was my team's radio operator."

Petra chuckles softly low under his breath when the man talks about chili, and rumbles an affirmation, "It will get you back in about six hours, trust me. But yes, eat." He comment about him being a fighting man earns a softer grunt, and the offered hand is finally accepted with a firm grip, "A lot of being very lucky. Dont use something as a shield that the enemy is firing rockets at. Petra. Executive Officer, second in command of this ship. I was an Intelligence and Signals Officer a great many years ago, so in the same neighborhood as Comms." He pauses there, finally letting the hand go before asking, "I know you started out with more people. I'm sorry we couldnt get to you before and get more of you off that rock. I understand my air crews were able to hit the target you requested, though?"

"Yes. I am aware of the 'revenge' of the chili. In my language we have a phrase that sort of, ah.." He wags his hand side to side. "..The food does not like to be eaten. The translation is bad." The guy continues eating, holding a chicken sandwich. "I agree, nor do I enjoy being shot at with rockets either." The point about who he is and wherehe came from gets a nod of appreciation. "My team is dead, yes. They died so that I could make the trip. The animals on the planet are not eatable. You would die in five or six hours. They understood what it meant. We were to die there if your people had not come for us." He eats the sandwich and chews idly. "I helped load the bodies of your dead crew. Sorry for your loss. They walk with their ancestors now. But if you can give proof that the targets were hit, you will have earned friends, Executive Officer Petra."

Petra mms softly and nods his head once, "My people also knew this was a…as we call it, high-risk mission. That knowledge did not seem to even make anyone hesitate. They are good people." The comment about proof earns a slow nod of his head, "The trailing plane caught everything on their gun cameras. We have clean video of clear ordinance hits and structure destruction, and we can provide you a copy of everything to bring back to your people if you wish. Which brings me to my next point. I'm going to assume you'd like to go home."

No hesitation? There's an appreciative look on Rozzer's face. "That is brave. I see that Kobol's children have lived up to their legend." He eats another bite of the sandwich and hearing of the destruction, pumps his fist slightly. "That is very very good. Video proof will be okay given limitations." The rest of the bite is washed down with juice. "Yes. I will need to return very soon. We are very, very deep behind Kedder lines. Nobody has been this deep before. The treaty is falling in pieces. I will not take youto my home planet, but I will tell you where to find a fleet.. ah.. base? Fleet base. Floating in stars." Anchorage. He fixes a more appraising look at Petra, gauging a reaction. Arms cross on his chest. "You have replicants. Your Ynyr told me that your people did not send them to our galaxy. Is this true? You did not send replicants with silver tongues?"

Petra listens to the explanation and has enough time to nod once at the idea of taking the man to this anchorage fleet, wherever it is, though he stays quiet while he asks about replicants. There's a moment or two of hesitation before he offers, "We call them Lines. They are not ours…they came from an old enemy we fought, and fought before thousands of years ago. The…replicants…as you call them, that are with us, defected and joined our fight once they learned of what was really going on. There are still many others that are following the original enemy. Those are probably the ones you have encountered." Another pause there, and he offers, "This same enemy has sided with another group that controls much of this galaxy. I'm not sure who the Kedder are, but they aren't the ones in control of this planet, so your enemy and our enemy are not the same group, but just the same, we are hoping this act of assistance will not be forgotten. The Skath are large and powerful and whether or not you know it, you will end up in conflict with them."

Rozzer listens and nothing that Petra says seems to be a surprise. "We are fighting the Skath already. We are Erfriki, just like you. But the people I come from left the galaxy at The Rally Point thousands of years ago. We have flourished and spread. Sergeant Ynyr tells me that this galaxy's Arpay said they did not know what happened to us. This was likely to protect us and the evacuation. The Skath hunt Erfriki because they hate and fear us. Or used to." He drinks more of the juice to wet the whistle. His lips look badly chapped from dehydration. "The Skath have invaded the two galaxies beyond The Rally Point, after capturing it. They have flooded the other two galaxies and are destroying us." Which means that's a whole lot of Skath capital ships NOT in this galaxy. "We came back here two generations ago to execute a plan. The Arpay had marked the location for us long ago if we ever needed to return to this galaxy. Unfortunately the Kedder were close by when we arrived. It has been difficult. The Kedder are the people who own the planet you bombed. Vicious, honorless, slave-trading filth. Unless you are Kedder, you are potential property."

Petra winces a little at the news about the Skath spreading beyond this galaxy, "Well, thats more information than we had already. In the short time we have you as a guest, when you feel up to it, I would appreciate any information you can share about the Kedder so we can expand what we know about them…from the little you've already said, they sound like someone we'd be shooting at as well, and I suspect these Kedder are the ones that tried to ambush us a little while ago. They unfortunately caught us by surprised and inflicted some damage before we fought them off, but in a way they did us a favor by making it very clear there is no negotiation with them. Shoot on sight. Makes my job a little easier." He takes a deep breath and lets it go, "Perhaps we can arrange an information exchange when we return you to this fleet, as well as a way to reach each other in the future, if such things will be agreeable enough…and I understand if that's something you cannot personally agree to without talking to the rest of your people."

"It is easy to tell the good from the bad. Bad people use good people as a shield. Good people will be a shield by volunteer. Kedder are not bad people, they are worse. If they ambushed you, then they wanted to take you alive. Do not be taken alive. Use most destructive weapons possible." Rozzer seems fairly firm on that point. "That prison city? It was not only Erfriki. Prisoners from all over this sector." As for the information exchange? "I would support it. We have a plan to execute against the Skath but cannot execute this plan. It was why we returned. But…" Rozzer slides off the bed and moves to stand a little closer to Petra, looking at him with a whispered voice. "If you want my advice? I say this as someone grateful for your assistance. All of my people will be. But you should stay no longer than you must and then do not return. Do not. We could give you many things and much technology. But there is a civil war coming. It can be tasted in the air. It is a war that I believe free Erfriki will lose. Many of us believe that the people back home have already lost it. Many people are afraid. The Replicants.. these 'Lines.' They lead people by the nose, push lies into their minds, give fear disguised as hope. Free Erfriki have started being violent in their advocacy of following the Replicants' advice. People are advocating destroying technology." Clerics. They've got freaking Clerics. "The military is on edge and has been infiltrated. This ship should not go there. One or two people in a small transport with me. I can introduce them to people who will be able to handle the strike information and speak to your people freely."

Petra gets quiet while he listens, and a furrow creeps across his scarred brows as Rozzer describes what is going on. His demeanor darkens a bit and he thinks for a long moment before he offers, "What if we provided you with evidence, video evidence, that these replicants are enemy agents? Give you detailed Intelligence on their behavior, what they do, how the Skath are using them to turn people's minds around, and present it as coming from us, and how we helped you hit the Kedder? Glorify it up and present us as some sort of relic from the past come to save your people from a current threat. You're a Comms specialist. Think you can take that and broadcast it far and wide, faster than they could squash and silence it? Expose them for what they do? It might not be a death stroke, but it should at least take a serious hit to their progress. The Skath already know we're still alive. They don't know where we are, and this WOULD give them a warning that we've touched this area of space if this goes badly, but it could save your people."

Rozzer considers this. His face does not alight, which may be telling, but he steps back and looks down. Arms still crossed, he paces for a moment and shakes his head. "Nye. I do not think it will work. If the replicant lines are controlled by the Skath? Then the Skath will just come and kill us if we kill their flesh friends." He looks right at Petra. "Dobby was a mate from my team who made it to LZ with me. I know him for many years. Three months before we left for this mission, a replicant became friends with him. He changed in little ways. Odd, but nothing unusual." A very long breath is taken. "At the LZ, Sergeant Ynyr tells us that your people did not send replicants to aid us in fighting. He explained many things. So later I take him to council and explain the plan I tell you — go speak to people we trust. He says no. We go through chain of command and bring your whole big ships and all fleet to an anchorage. I tell him I do not trust the replicants. He gets offended, calls me racist. We have a fight. Words. Yelling. The last words to leave his mouth? 'If you do not take them to the replicants, I will make sure your family meets the replicants.' There was nothing veiled about the threat. I drew my gun and shot him in the head. I was friends with Dobby for ten years. He was at my wedding." Rozzer shakes his head. "If we broadcast such proof, it could kick off the civil war. And if the Skath are involved, it will only draw the Skath. Then we lose for sure. We cannot fight an invasion and Kedder."

Petra winces a bit at that and shakes his head, "They can pervert a person's mind. Brainwash them so thoroughly you may not be able to save them. We are still at a loss for how to defend from such a power short of simply not going near them. I'm sorry." He pauses there and nods slowly, "As you wish. Though it sounds like, if things are as bad as you say, the civil war is unavoidable. You may want to trigger it sooner when they are not prepared, as for later when they believe they can win. I don't envy your position, but if there's something we can provide that you think WILL help, then tell us. In the mean time, any intellgence and technology you can provide, we will put to good use. We aren't declining any help from any one right now." One more time he pauses, then glances back at the MPs before turning back to Rozzen, "Im going to have to let you get some rest before Sam comes in here and glares at me for getting you out of bed, but when you are rested and ready to talk and let me know where you can be 'dropped off' as it were, tell the MPs. They'll get me for you right away. Alright?"

"It is likely unavoidable." Rozzer isn't shy about admiting that, his voice completely flat. "But if you are known to be involved, then Skath will know where you are. If we cannot complete our mission for returning to this galaxy, perhaps you can do it for us." Rozzer isn't shy about speaking from warrior to warrior. "If that is a torch you will carry, then we absolutely cannot spark the war yet. The Skath will find out you are acting and where you may be going. This means that nobody from my people can know that you even exist." He leaves it there for now. "I am sure you need to discuss this as well. I will be prepared to leave when you are. Gather a team and we can leave right away. You will know where to find me, Petra. Thank you."

Petra grunts softly and nods his head once, "We need a day to mourn those we lost. Take it to rest and perhaps we'll have a moment to talk again before we have a Raptor crew ready to take you back. If not, it was an honor to meet you, Rozzer." There, he stops and offers the man a hand again, "Hopefully this won't be the last time."

"If it is, good luck. Kill 'em all. There are 150 billion deaths to avenge in two other galaxies alone. Numbers do not get smaller." Rozzer takes the hand with a firm grip again and nods.

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