AWD #293: Grin and Bear It
Grin and Bear It
Summary: Piraeus fishing trip gone wrong - in so many ways. A comedy of errors.
Date: 26/10/2013 (OOC Date)
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Marine Encampment, Piraeus
The planet-side base for JTF NOMAD is a section of the town of Sheridan that has been separated off cleanly by a road running down the center of the fenced outpost. On the military side, the Marines clearly run the show with a good portion of two battalions on the surface or on the landed ship at any given time. The combination of sandbagged positions, prefabricated offices, tents, and custom buildings is respectable and it might be easy for new arrivals to get lost. The command bunker, though, is easy to find at the central location. Its hard to miss the anti-aircraft gun parked only a dozen or so yards away. A huge number of antennas and satellite dishes are hooked into it the concrete bunker as well.
October 26th, 2005

As proof that this planet has all of the lovely shades of any other habitable planet that humans have settled on, this lovely ball of rock and water (along with everything else contained therein) is experiencing a fall day complete with freezing temperatures and gray, overcast skies. Bundled in a heavy jacket, gloves and a cap tugged down to cover the tips of her ears, and a pair of gloves of course, Sam is making her way through the marine encampment - having just finished the day's clinic and treated as many smelly feet as she is prepared to manage on any given day. Marines.

Autumn up here means it is is getting chilly but even so, the mountains and rolling landscape is coated in fall hues, patches of colors even under the muted, grey sky. Ynyr comes out of the bunkhouses and out into that fresh air, leaning lightly on his cane. He's dressed in his greens with a heavy military jacket. He puts on his cover on top of his head, olive drab like his jacket and cargo pants. Lleu starts walking, intent to see how far he can go around the compound before he has to rest, then go some more, and more until he's got to come back. Gloves and a scarf he also has against the cold. Not nearly as bad as down on Picon, at Santos Ridge. If he can remember it. The Sergeant makes his way in Sam's direction without seeing her right off.

As he makes his way from the firing range, Corporal Reed Cassidy has a heavy Marine coat and fatigues. The fronts of which show bits of dirt where he must have been laying. A cleared rifle is slung over his shoulder, ear protection down around his neck, and eye protection hooked onto one of the front pockets. In his hand he carries a folded target that he is studying intently. For those around him they may not even be there as his attention is so focused on his 'handy' work.

Pausing to allow a group of marines to pass across the 'aisle' between the bunkhouses, nodding a greeting to the senior of the group before tucking her hands even further into her pockets in a somewhat vain attempt to keep her hands warm. A slow visual sweep of the surround, a glance up at the sky - eyes subtly narrowed - before she spots the Sergeant, Ynyr that is. "Sergeant," said with a tilt of her head as she moves to intercept the marine, "out for a walk or just returning from one?" she wonders. Another glance, this one sent in a sweeping look from head to toe over the Marine, takes in his appearance without making remarks on it. At least aloud and spots Cassidy emerging from the firing range and offers another nod in his direction.

Lleufer looks like he is slowly starting to gain back lost weight - and he needs it. He smiles with the good side of his mouth when he sees Samtara and hears her greeting. "Go-ing." He saves his breath until he's closed the remaining distance between, then pauses, "G-ood to ssee you get to en-joy Pi-ra-us." Ynyr has to speak a little slowly and carefully but either he's getting better at using his half paralyzed mouth, or … it may be he's getting a little movement back on the left side. Hard to tell. His gaze slips to see who else Dr Nadir casts her nod to.

Glancing up, just in time to spot the nod from the Doctor and seeing the Sargent, Reed refolds the target and tucks it under an arm. He approaches the two "Sargent," he says to Lleu first before turning to the Doctor "Sir," then a quick glance to the hands before he adjusts the strap of the weapon "A great day, no?"

"Excellent," Sam remarks, nodding at Leu in approval, "fresh air, sunshine, vitamin D to say the least, a walk in this weather will take more of your energy reserves of course, keeping warm that is. So don't take to long of a walk," this said as she curls her hands in the safety of her pockets, both keeping them warm but also limiting her exposure to germs as she nods again to Cassidy. "Great day in that it's not freezing rain at the moment, which I disapprove of, though I'm surei t serves some sort of atmospheric purpose." She rolls one shoulder slightly in a shrug while adding, "I do get to come planet side every now and again, fresh air is a reward, and the clinic here sees plenty of patients."

Ynyr keeps it to himself how much he'd like to be able to hike and go fishing, so.. he's got to push to get there. Even so, Lleu gives her a nod knowing she's right about his energy level yet. "I eat. F-ood dow-n here iz bet-ter than on sship." Even with his gloves on, the Sergeant leans his cane against himself and pulls out an apple like fruit from one pocket, and a bag of jerky and hard cheese from the other. He's even got a water bottle snagged on his belt. Lleufer grins at Samtara before he puts them back into his jacket and looks to Reed, "Cor-por-al."

Reed grins a bit "Even freezing rain is a welcome at times, Sir," he says as he gives Lleu a glance before looking to Samtara. "Heat signatures show up really good in those conditions." He gives the hands, where they are buried in the pockets another glance "How are the hands, Sir? Any idea what caused it yet?" As Lleu pulls out his collection of hiking food Reed's brow rises slightly "Looks like you are going for a hike, one more than just around the camp, Sargent?"

"Fresh food is most welcome, I agree, the fresh vegetables and now that the cattle have acclimated - and I think there's no such thing as a natural or unnatural environment that chicken can't acclimate to - so the eggs and the rest have been producing within expected parameters. Fresh milk," Sam nods at Ynyr, "make sure to have as much of it as you can while you're planet side. By far, in this case, it's better for you than rations. Though, arguably, rations are perfectly tailored to the dietary needs and caloric intake of the average marine." She shifts her attention toward Cassidy, "It's freezing rain that's welcome only if you're some sort of artic species of wildlife, maybe penguins or seals," she suggests with a touch of a smile. Her hands curl again, tucked where they're warm and safe in her pockets, and gives Reed a rather dry recitation of the chemical compounds that were interacting to produce such a shade of blue before summing up with, ".. as of yet, no. I'm inclined to think that the batch was somehow exposed to the wrong chemicals in processing. If the world hadn't ended I'd have called to complain." Her eyes rest on the cleared weapon the Marine is carrying, and the rifle, ear & eye protectors visible; "Heat signatures? You can use that to sight upon?"

Lleufer gives a negative movement of his head to Reed, "Nno, but I wissh." A sigh, not up for that yet. His attention goes to Samtara at the doctor's instructions about milk and all the rest. "Will do, Doc." He speaks as clearly as he can and sometimes it sounds pretty normal now. Lleu listens to their chatting and falls quiet, not cleared to handle firearms yet.

Reed just turns and just looks at the Doctor as she begins on her agricultural report. He tries, really really tries not to laugh. A hand rubs over his mouth, a cough. Yes he really does try to not laugh. "But Sir, a marine can use such weather to hide their heat signature while using it to show the enemy all that better." He gives a shrug "Or I could be part penguin, not really sure, Sir." He nods seriously "I am sure a good placed complaint would have traced down the culprit of the cause." His features are blank as she asks about targeting and he just gives another shrug. Turning to the Sargent "Well when you are ready to go beyond the confines of the base, Sargent, count me in." He looks to Samtara "That would be ok, right, I could escort him, some fishing before it gets to late?" He smiles back to Lleu.

"Well now," and Sam tilts her head back slightly and eyes the sky (again) with a speculative gleam, "we've been fishing before. The Sergeant and a fellow colleague of mine that is, though he brought back a small deer while we retrieved some fish. But," and she looks back to Leu, "you're the best judge of your reserves. A hike out to where we fished before?" is wondered before shifting focus back to Cassidy, eyes subtly narrowed as he coughs, "Part penguin or maybe artic seal," she suggests. "Something that waddles, I'm sure. And while it's up to the Sergeant here, but I'd planned a hike myself, three is safer than solo excursions for the same general purpose. Making a party of it," by 'party' she means more than just a solo hike, "would be safer. There are wolves, after all, and marines appear to be a preferred menu selection."

Lleufer rolls his eyes at Samtara and taps his left arm, "He'z seen mmy arrm." Where the direwolves tore the shit out of him. Ynyr nods, his spirits brightened somewhat, "Mmight can dr-ive out mmos-t of the way 'n hi-ke the las-t bit." The prospect makes him smile, hating to be so confined. The compound is at least letting him get out under a sky and have some space, compared to on ship. Ynyr looks between the two, "When?"

"A fishing trip, that would be great. Be good to get out to the woods again." Reed says to the pair. He does eye the Doctor "Really? You wish to go?" He nods about the arm on the Sargent "We can carry weapons just in case, if the Sargent approves it, I am sure." He turns to Lleu hopefully. "Sir, marines don't waddle. Though we are trained to work in all conditions. I just prefer the chill more than the heat." He notes the picked up spirits of Lleu "I am sure we could get Brina to go as well. Then we would have two of us to keep guard." Then with a smile "I think it would do the Sargent a world of good to get out. Right, Sargent?"

"Wolf bait, the lot of you," Sam remarks in a rather mild tone of voice, "I do wish you'd remove yourselves from the menu, it looks bad on the reports when I have to write up 'claw and tooth marks from indigenous life forms, specifically wolves' in your medical charts." She shakes her head, briefly stomps one foot then the other against the ground to encourage circulation to keep her toes warm, "When would be convenient?" she asks in return before catching the way Cassidy eyes her. "I do know how to fish, Corporal, I don't particularly like it, do you have any idea the sheer number of microorganisms that swim about with the fish? Fish eat insects and other floating debris, as a side note, they're not the healthiest thing to pull out of the water and eat. And the water itself," she pauses, making the effort to do so, "and yes, marines do waddle. When required. I can clear the vehicle, requisitioning one or even just a lift out in the general direction is not typically problematic. I'll message Ynyr's CO as well to clear it, but I don't see any of this being a scheduling issue. I am, after all, his attending physician. Unless this would be more socially comfortable for it to be a marine only venture, either way I'll make sure that it's cleared and a vehicle so ordered."

Both of them certainly have Lleufer's full attention. He looks keenly interested. He likewise shifts his feet, leaning on his cane a little. "Nnot up to me to ap-proove any-thing. I want to go." The cold doens't seem to be bothering him so far. Samtara though cracks him up. Ynyr half grins at her, "Ma-ke us str-on-ger. Tou-ghen up, Doc." Amusement is in his pale eyes, "Pre-tend you arre a Mar-ine."

"It takes a top predator to seek another top predator, Sir," Reed says to the Doctor about being wolf bait. Then he listens to her ramblings, the waddling comment gets a smirk. But then he seizes on something "If fish are not the healthiest thing to pull out of the water, Sir, what is?" He can't help but chuckle at Lleu's comment to the Doc, he nods "We will make a Marine out of you yet, Sir. Get you eating from ration packs with your fingers, crawling through the mud, catching bugs to eat on survival, all that fun stuff." He waits for her reaction before he goes on "I am ready any time, to go that is. The Ensign still hasn't assigned me any duties as of yet."

Kalum arrives from the Sheridan.

Lleufer interjects, "How do you bu-ild str-ong i-mmu-nity if you h-ide from li-fe?" The right side of his mouth grins at poor Samtara as they watch her reaction to something he and Reed said to her.

Arching one eyebrow at Ynyr as she says, "I don't believe I'm qualified to pretend I'm a marine. I'm overly fond of original thought and not obeying orders that don't make logical sense. Not following orders seems to be a big No-No when it comes to a marine mindset," the joys of rank, right? "And I like rations, they typically come with one of those utensils that are the ultimate tool of indecision. Those sporks," and she's glancing at Cassidy again. "Watercress," before offering a list of other edible vegetation to pull out of the water, "none of which eat other things, such as insects. And No Power on this planet or any other would get me to eat a bug, I don't care how hungry we are, I'm not eating a bug. Of any kind." Back to Leu, "I'm not hiding from life, I simply prefer the nice, quiet, clean room of my lab or, even better, a quiet and nicely ventilated surgical suite, a sterile field to work in, complex surgical cases to resolve," clearly, what's not to like. "Well, then why not head out now, leave word for any other late-arrivals to come out to the marked point on the map and call it good. The day is young."

Reed just looks at the Doc as she begins her list of good things to eat out of the water. When she finishes he says flatly "Yes Sir." He takes a deep breath, not daring to say what was really on his mind. She is, after all, an Officer. "I can go any time, I have the weapon," he pats the rifle that is slung over his shoulder "As well as ammo. I can always get us a transport as well." He turns to Lleu "If you would like me to, Sargent."

Kalum makes his way into the Marine Encampment carrying carrying a dead deer over his shoulder. He is wearing his green bdu's, bodyarmor, and helmet. His rifle is slung across his back. It is obvious the Petty Officer went hunting, and didn't want to go out unprepared for the Direwolves that haunt the wilderness surrounding Sheridan. He sees the gathering of Marines and the CMO, and starts over in their direction. "Doctor Nadir… You'll catch cold down here on the ground… Why would you dare come someplace so dangerous?" Kalum asks lightly, a wry smile playing across his lips.

Lleufer muses with amusement, "Pe-ple eat bugz all the time 'n do nnot knnow it, Doc. Spi-ders in your sl-eep 'n all that." Surely she knows that is true, even on a ship. And no amount of washing of plants keeps all the bugs out of the mess. "Pro-ba-bly roa-ches in your dai-ly soup 'n you do nnot nno-tice, Doc." He winks at her with his one good eyelid, giving her a hard time in good humor. The Sergeant considers, "I nneed to scr-ounge ffish-ing gear 'n ffind O-con-nell."

With that, the Marine Sergeant turns to go and see to the gear and inform Brina if he can find her. Lleufer won't be long, even at his slow walking pace with the cane. Surely a few other Marines can help him out.

Reed turns as another comes up, he looks Kalum over and nods appreciative at the deer "Good hunting," he comments. Then chuckles a bit as the Sargent speaks of eating bugs, looks to the Doc and smiles, with a shrug "He does have a point, Sir."

Sam wearing the expression of 'This is not a topic of conversation, ever' while remarking: "I'm sure it's a valid point," translated to 'don't ever speak of it again'. "We'll meet back here once you have the gear that you need," before she eyes Kalum - and the dead deer over his shoulder - and doesn't exactly twitch. "I'm adequately dressed," she replies to Kalum, "thermal layers and everything. Spare gloves," never ever ever leave sickbay without gloves, then chuckles quietly. "Dangerous? Nonsense. I'm not a marine. Wolves don't attack anything other than marines. I'm not tasty."

"Doctor, I suspect you don't understand the mentality of predators very well…" Kalum says with a laugh, hefting the deer up into a more comfortable position. The poor animals tongue dangles from its mouth, and its dark eyes stare right at Samtara — accusingly. The Pararescue Jumper's BDUs are stained with blood, and his gloveless hands are red — as the animal has already been field dressed. "Also, did I hear right… You're going to eat an insect?"

Sam's jaw sets slightly, lips pressing together in a straight line, exhaling in fact as the dear is hefted into another position, tongue dangling - protruding - from it's slack-jawed mouth, lolling in fact to the side and already starting to swell as the tissue begins to necrotize. The dark eyes, sightless though they may now be, are disconcerting all the same. "I don't really believe that I have a focus in that area," she says, somewhat distracted, and her eyes flick downward to take note of Kalum's hands and she gives a not subtle twitch at the sight of his hands so messy. "You didn't glove before you field dressed?" aghast. "And not in this life time, no."

Reed looks at the hands that the Doc points out, grins "Great, red hands with your blue, Sir. Very fashionable." He thinks for a time "We are planning a fishing, trip," he starts to Kalum. "Uh, sorry, Petty Officer, I didn't catch your name. Corporal Reed Cassidy." He holds out his hand to shake. Surely that would drive the Doc nuts.

"Why not, Doctor? I've eaten bugs during survival training, and when I've been out in the field. Some of them are really pretty chewy versus crunchy like you'd think. On Tauron, there was this type of Grasshopper… As big as your hand… We used to run them through with our knives, and cook them over a fire in camp." Kalum pauses for a moment, and sighs softly. "Those were the days." Kalum glances down at his hand, and shakes his head. "Hunting and killing is an intimate and messy buisness. I don't wear gloves for this to remind myself of that. Sometimes its good to have to scrub hard to wash away what you've done." He then turns towards the Marine. "Petty Officer Kalum, Cassidy. It's a pleasure." He then offers Reed a bloody handshake.

Brina arrives from the Barracks.

Making a choked sound that is a few degrees away from literally gagging as that bloody handshake is exchanged, Sam curls one hand briefly in front of her mouth and exhales a sound that is almost a cough but not quite. She eyes Kalum and then Cassidy and back again, "I see. I'm of the opinion that life is bloody enough as it is and to reduce the number of blood borne contaminants and pathogens it's best to glove so as to lower the risk of spreading a contaminants from one closed system to another, that being from the animal slung over your back to the hand of the Corporal and from there to who knows where else, it's only logical to wear gloves. But you're right," she shares a baring of her teeth that isn't quite a smile, "I'm not cut out to be a marine."

Reed looks to the Doctor as Kalum speaks of eating bugs, nodding all the while. "And some are really tasty too." He takes back his hand, now blood covered by Kalum's and wipes it on his pants, still leaving a lot of red on his hand. "Good to meet you, Petty Officer," then he pauses "We were going fishing as soon as the Sargent gets back from getting some gear, I also need to get something more substantial that just this," he tugs at his heavy coat and fatigues "if it's as dangerous as what I have been told beyond the wire." He listens to the Doc, a smirk "Sir, stick with us, we will make you one, yet."

"Doc, if you're so fraking worried about germs and shit…" Brina arrived to catch part of that from Samtara and is quick to respond, "then 1) you are so in the wrong profession, being a doctor, 2), maybe you should live in a bubble and 3) you definitely might want to rethink hanging out with Marines, eh?" By the third point she can't help but to grin a little while giving those assembled a quick wave.

"As uncomfortable as it is? I suggest wearing your body armor, with the ceramic plates in, and putting on your helmet. The Direwolves are vicious, and while they'll probably leave a big group of folks alone… I haven't been through all sorts of shit in this war to be killed by big fluffy puppy with bad teeth." The Pararescue Jumper says wryly. "Do you know where you're going? I'm going to have to drop this off to the boys on Kitchen Patrol, and let them do with it what they will… But then I may come back out to join you."

Lleufer comes back out a bit later and obviously either told Brina about the venture, or she happened out fortunately on her own timing. Ynyr has on a heavier coat and though he carries no gear himself, another Marine assists. Fishing poles, borrow tackle boxes, even a pack with extra blankets, canteen, and suchlike as they might want if their vehicle got bogged down over night. When they arrive, that fella starts handing it out to whomever will accept carrying some of it. "Not enough fishing poles to go around but you all can cut and rig up some once you are out there." The fella gives Brina a smile because she's pretty good look'n then he takes his leave to head back. Lleufer thanks him, then looks to the others, "Trans-port a-rran-ged?" He tries to speak with extra care when he realises there are others gathered now.

"Ahh, protein," Sam remarks, dry tone of voice, "and no, I'm not going to believe that there are some tasty bugs. As I said, I'm not that hungry," watching as Reed wipes his hand on his fatigues, "I'm pretty sure I don't want to be," listening as Kalum suggests the heavier armor. "I don't, exactly, no. But. . Hmm. I was going to suggest that Leu would recall," she frowns a little then meets Brina's grin with a chuckle. "1 - I'm in the right profession. 2 - I'm ready to take up the bubble idea any time I can figure out the logistics of it. 3 - I like marines, you guys tend to give me the most interesting surgical cases," and there's Leu returning. "goodness." Eyeing the accompanying marine-beast-of-burden, "Do you think we have enough gear?"

Reed nods to Kalum "I'll make sure I get some before I head out." He can't help but laugh as Brina lays it out for the Doc. "I'll be right back," he tells everyone in general. He turns on a heel and heads to the barracks to get his gear, passing the Sargent as he does, and the poor private that is loaded down with all the fishing equipment. "Be right back, Sargent."

"Well, either route… Fishing or not… I've got to ditch this deer." Kalum says smoothly, and then looks to Lleufer. "Whats the fishing hole you're going to hit? When I get done handing this off, I'll come out and join you." He shift the deer again, but the eyes continue to stare at Samtara.

Brie's listening to Samtara even as she helps take some of the gear that's been brought over, the guy accompanying Lleufer given a smile that is then given to the Sergeant himself. "I'll get this all situated." There's more than enough for anyone else wanting to help to take, of course. Brina's not greedy, after all. "Hey, Lleufer. How are you feeling today?" Pause. "Hope everyone's doing well." Like the others, she's already dressed up nice and warm, her time away from Aquaria having unacclimated her for cold. Even as she starts to chat she's getting stuff put away all proper like.

Ynyr gives Reed a nod in passing, then Kalum he studies, not knowing that man. Or does he? Hard to say since he got shot in the head, things muddled sometimes. Especially concerning Santos Ridge. Lleu's attention then goes to Sam and Brina with a hint of a half smile from the side of his face that still works, "Ssome ex-tra ffor the tru-ck. Coul-d get co-ld." His words are getting easier to follow. Lleu's put on warmer clothes himself and likely got the Private to grab them extra food for the pack.

"We'll mark the map accordingly," Sam says to Kalum with a measured nod, "then we'll be equipped with radios and can call out our position when you're ready to join us," she suggests while helping herself to some of the gear. "I should bring a larger field kit," mused as she considers the ultra-mini kit that she's carrying at the moment. "Something about taking a small field kit with me while heading out of the fence with a handful of marines seems like tempting fate."

Kalum nods his head here ever so slightly. "Wonderful. Well, I'll hunt you guys down out there." The Petty Officer says smoothly, and then makes his way off to drop off the deer.

Returning from the barracks area, now fully decked out in combat gear including his pack which is slung over one shoulder while over the other is the rifle, Reed makes his way back to where the other's stand. Of course his pants still show a now dull red hand print. The pack is dumped off in the vehicle "So, we ready?" He asks, pushing his helmet back on his head a bit. He moves to stand next to the Doc, head held high, he gives her glances, says nothing.

As almost always, Brina bumps her shoulder against Lleufer's arm carefully, the younger woman's version of a fistbump or something that she makes with with the Sarge and him alone while the others continue to gather what they think they might need. "I didn't realize how badly I am for cold now," she laments. "I can't stay warm and it's only autumn…." Guess she'll be putting off the skinny dipping until summer arrives.

Sam taps one foot against the ground, eyeing the vehicle, the gear, then nods, "Yeah, lets just swing by the medical tent and I'll grab a larger supply of gear to bring with us. Better safe than sorry," she decides and nods toward the vehicle. "Everyone in. I'll ride shot gun until we pick up the extra gear."

Lleufer did come to stand by his fellow MP and as she's careful not to knock him off his balance, her soft bump makes him smile. He lowers his baritone while the others are talking, "Do nnot ma-ke me pinsh you, O-con-nell." ch's are still a bitch for him to sound out. "Mmorre lay-ers 'n keep mmov-ing." A bit cold today for fishing and having the sun out, earlier in the day, would up their odds of catching anything. All the same, Ynyr is not eager to miss an opportunity for an outting. He starts following the others to where the vehicle is to be picked up so they can all get piled in. It'll be warm in there. He looks Reed over, "G-ood on you, Cor-por-al. Kitt-ed out pro-per-ly." Lleu opens a door for Brina without really thinking about it. Those Aerilons are old fashioned.

Sam pauses long enough to remark: "The first one who suggests using fishing line to suture with and a fishing hook as a needle will be the first person on my list to try that surgical technique on." THEN she climbs into the vehicle.

Reed still smirks as he gives the Doc glances. Then when the Sargent speaks to him "Always ready, Sarge." He says before looking to Brina "So I am guessing no to the skinny dipping?" As they move to the vehicle, he looks "Who's driving?" He waits for the Doc to get into the vehicle and closes her door with a solid thud, tapping on the window jamb, "You can do that Sir? See, learn something new every day." About to turn away, he looks back to her "Oh, buckle up, Sir."

Brina grins at Lleufer. "You can try, Seregeant SmartAss. But I'll make you work for it." Even as she says that she's shaking her can at him, the playful way in which she interacts with him not unlike the way she did the other night when he got her with the towel. Now that they're getting ready to go she helps Lleufer get into the vehicle, if it's needed and then she climbs in, too. "No, no skinny dipping. Don't want the poor doctor have to treat me for hypothermia while we're supposed to be having fun." See, Samtara? Your former patient is ever-so-thoughtful, no?

Ynyr gets in without help as it happens and tries to prod Brina with the tip of his cane like a cranky, dirty old man, just for fun. "You get ffissh gut-ting du-ty, Mis-sy." Once all is settled, Lleu straps in and waits for them to arrive to the site they had used previously when the weather had been so much more pleasant. Still, it looks like the clouds are breaking up and it may have sunshine for the rest of the afternoon.

You head toward Wilderness Checkpoint

Wilderness Checkpoint Piraeus

Wed Oct 26 15:55:29 2005 AWD #293 — Sat Oct 26 15:55:29 2013


As the road moves past the landing pad it comes to a set of above-ground sandbagged bunkers. One of them has an additional platform high overhead with a ladder going up to complete a makeshift guard tower, a large searchlight and thermal goggles visible on track mounts. Down at ground level there is a stop sign and a guard to check people and their vehicles in and out, though the reason is not just security. All traffic denotes time out and their expected time back. Those who run late will wish they had not. Beyond the bunkered gate, the roads run north and south, each one having its own spurs that head off into the mountains.

The chill of autumn lingers in the air, not quite forming ice crystals with each breath, not quiet - as of yet - but that promises to be true come morning. Or, equally likely, before the sun sets. But the afternoon does promise to be warmer than the morning, the sky clearing, sunlight filtering through the whisps of clouds and warming the air. A stop at the medical tent allowed Sam to hop out and fetch a larger kit of medical supplies to take along, bringing back a larger backpack, and wearing a heavier coat and probably carrying more gloves than she was to begin with, before the vehicle heads out once more. Whether it's a coin toss or drawn straws or something of the sort, Cassidy ends up driving and Sam ends up having to hold the weapon that he was toting around to begin with. Not that Sam did more than aim the business end of the firearm at the floor, not at her feet OR his, and settles in after fastening the belt in place. A map is handed over before they clear the fence, most likely spots to hunt are marked, places where settlements are planned and the like are also indicated, coordinates related and confirmed, radios checked, etcetera. "So aside from being able to catch fish, and the Sergeant there knows how to hunt deer, anyone else have experience in this area?"

The vehicle jostles along, Reed keeping his eyes on the road, the gauges and the radio that is between the driver and the passenger. Gloved hands, though not Doctor type gloves, work the wheel. He is humming some tune, but it would be hard to tell exactly what it might be. At least he hasn't broken out singing…yet. He glances over to the doc then looks back to Lleu and Brina "Everyone comfy?" he asks right before the ATMUV bounces through a fairly large pot hole. Could it have been missed? When the Doc asks about hunting his brows crease and he glances over to her "Uh, you point that," he indicates the weapon "with the end that has the hole in it at the thing and you pull that little leaver thingy?"

Brina looks at Lleufer and wrinkles her nose at him, stopping shy of actually sticking her tongue out at him. But right now, it really isn't time for her to be silly while they're driving and she behaves herself. Banter's kept light, though, and it is easy to tell how she's feeling, her good mood put out on full display. "I've never done anything like that. Sarge will have to show me how to clean fish," that said in regards to Lleufer putting her on fish gutting duty. "I was more like a fish in water than I was inclined to fish or anything like that."

"I can hunnt any-thing, e-ven men. But nnot un-til I'm clear-ed ffor ffire-armz a-gain." Lleufer offers and which Dr Nadir knows, at least the second part. His brow on the right side goes up at what Reed suggests, "Hmmm … mmorre to hunt-ing than sshoot-ing. Lleast p-art of it." Brina's comment makes him double check that yes, Lleu has his Ka-bar knife.

Behind the safety of her rank pins, "Smart ass," Sam remarks to Reed as he hits a pot hole, on purpose, to prove his driving skills and field test the shocks, her teeth clacking together smartly as the vehicle bounces through it. "I can clean fish, I'm rather handy with a knife, surgery often requires the use of," a brief smile accompanies her words that are aimed over her shoulder at Brina and Leu. "I'm pretty sure I could track a fresh pot of good coffee though the Orion, blind folded, but it's usually not planning to attack once I find it."

If Reed heard the comment of his rear-end intellect he doesn't comment on it, just smirks. After a time of silence he softly, barely above the sound of the engine and the creek of suspension parts "My father used to take us hunting all the time. I wasn't much for fishing, seemed boring," there is a pause as he takes a really tight turn "to me. But the hunting, I've done it a bit." He looks over his shoulder to Lleu "No offense, Sarge," his eyes return to the road. "That's right, Brina, you are the suffer type. Something I have never done. Maybe one of these days you could teach me." But to the Doc "Good with a knife, well we know who gets to clean all the catches."

"Delusional," Sam says, laughing outright, this is AFTER getting a good hold on the chicken strap as Reed guides the vehicle through a really tight turn that threatens her equilibrium in a topsy-turvy manner. "That's the cardinal rule of fishing. Clean your own catch, Corporal, or don't fish at all. And," she turns toward Brina, "never, ever, clean the fish that a man has caught. If you do you betray every woman who's ever been presented with a string of fish by a grimy looking male who's brought home his mighty catch and thinks now he can have a beer and put his feet up on the table."

"Beerr." Damn it, why'd the doc have to mention beer? Lleu grimaces as the pitching of the car topples him over on top of Brina and he's got to put a hand out to drag himself back up, "Nnote to sellf; Donn't let Rree-d dri-ve. He'll hhit the IED's." The last part he says with especial care as they bounce around. "Arre we thhere yet?" Lleu asks in a whiny child's tone of voice intentionally.

"I doubt we'll wind up anywhere with waves and stuff but if we manage it I'll try to get a board and show you, Cassidy." Granted, Brina's pretty rusty since it's been a few years, but maybe she'll still has what it takes to show someone else how to do it. Looking at Samtara and then Lleu, she can not help but to smile warmly. "How about it, guys? Think you two might be interested in lessons from a former competitive s…. eeep!" The squeak given is when Lleufer winds up falling on her and she hurries to help him get seated upright. "We should save that for when we're in private, Lleufer," she teases with a wink.

Lleufer gives Brina a mock stern look, "Thatz Sear-gea-nt to you." But he winks and hopefully the others don't notice it.

"But Sarge," Reed says as he now divides his attention between the road and those in the back "If you aim for the holes you will miss the IEDs." He beams at his logic. "You see, they don't put them in the holes, or the holes are where one's have already gone off." And sure enough there is another jostle as another hole is driven through. "That sounds great, Brina. I look forward to it." His chatter continues as they drive on. Hearing the comment from both Bri and Lleu when he lands on her. "That will cost you, Bri, me making the Sarge land on you."

"Ac-tua-lly, eas-ier to hi-de them in the holez." But, Lleufer didn't mean it as a serious comment so he lets that go. Gah, jostled by another one. "Doc, he'z go-ing to give me brai-n trau-ma." Jostling him around probably isn't a good idea, even if Ynyr is joking. Something said makes him quiet suddenly, staring at nothing in particular as Lleu suddenly rememberings burying mines with Kostas at Santos.

Cheekiness begets more cheekiness and Brina playfully sticks out her tongue, that then followed up with a waggle of her brows. That is the last she does as she begins to behave again, not wanting to risk something being said or done as a joke taken the wrong way and have it cause problems for them both. Lleufer's hand is given a pat and Reed is given a smile. "So how much longer till we get there?"

Sam clears her throat, quite calmly, and eyes Cassidy: "I might throw up on you," in fair warning, it's really fair especially since she isn't actually planning to do precisely that in a matter of seconds. "But we're not being shot at, at the moment, are we? A bit slower so that I'm not required to give the sergeant a craniotomy to relieve pressure as his brain starts to bleed," very dry tone of voice here.

One more turn down a small dirt road and the squeal of brakes as he gently brings the vehicle to a stop "And here we are," he announces. He looks over to the Doc "Sir, wouldn't that be spreading body fluids indiscriminately and thus spreading any contagion that would be detrimental to a certain Marine's health, Sir?" The engine is turned off and silence fills the vehicle. Far off the screech of some bird is heard "Now if the map is right," he takes it up and looks "The lake should be right through those trees."

Ynyr is drawn back from his flashback memory and smiles a little at Reed's good humored reply to the Doctor. He opens the door on his side once they are parked and gets out with his cane. Lleu draws in a slow, deep breath - the scent of pines are strong here, pine needles thick underfoot. Carefully he squats down to scoop up a handful and bring them up to his face to smell. They don't smell the same as back on Aerilon but the past year or so, Piraeus has become homey. Lleu lets them fall through his fingers before he puts his hand out to the vehicle to help him stand back up. He can carry a little of the lighter gear, or shoulder a pack, as long as he keeps a hand free for the cane.

The earthy scents here are still pretty alien to Brina who grew up where what one smelled salt air, algae and wet sand more than anything like loam and damp leaves. It's strong and a little off-putting at first but she gets used to it quickly. More than her share of stuff's hauled out and set down somewhere close by, her expression thoughtful. "This is very nice."

Once the vehicle rocks to a stop, with another complaining groan of springs and metal doing what it does, Sam eyes Cassidy again: "For you, Corporal, I believe the exception could be made. After all, exceptions are why there are rules in the first place," before she unlatches the belt, settles her backpack on her shoulders, opens the door, dimounts the vehicle, and steps down into the pine needles that are thick underfoot. She swings the door shut with just enough decisive force to latch it in place before checking over her gear, that is - medical supplies plus anything else that needed carrying. "Of course the map is correct," confident isn't she in the cartography skills of the resident map makers. "It smells," not a insult, merely a pause in speaking as she reaches down to pick up a handful of needles to roll through her fingers, "fantastic. Why can't the ship smell this good," rhetorical question of course.

It's still chilly, especially if the wind comes in from over the lake. But the sun is shining down through the pines. Lleufer picks up a few things he can manage and starts for the water, looking for places that might attract fish. A tree fallen down into the lake, or a stream mouth. Some places the brush is thick near the water and others, it's very clear underneath the pines where they stand close and tall.

"Yes Sir," Reed says flatly. "That is what I am, the exception to the rule, Sir." He gets out of the vehicle, takes a deep breath and smiles. "Not that different from home," he says as he watches Lleu sniff the needles. Then to Brina he grins "Not exactly the same as the beach, is it?" He makes a motion to the others "Go ahead, I will bring the gear down, get the Sarge set up, a hook in the water, and leave the rest to me." His weapon is slung over one shoulder after checking that there is a round in the chamber and the safety is on, his pack and a few other items are dragged out the back.

Brina smiles. "It's nothing like the beach at all." Lleufer is watched and then she follows, still assuming the role of his guardian while he's got further recovery to go through. Of course the bushes get bumped into while she works her way down to where he's gotten off to, her voice lifting as she gets further away from where they are going to make camp. "Of course, if we did have areas like this we probably would have been too poor to go camping anyhow." First she's spoken of her family in a good long time. Lleufer and a few others have heard her make mention of her family's financial situation, of course, but that was a couple months ago.

"Mmmhmm," is all Sam has to say to Reed's rule exception status. "Virgon?" she wonders at the corporal, having recalled enough of his jacket and chart to pull that bit of data to the surface. "Hmm, I never had the chance to travel there. University then residency, research and so on," is all that she chimes into this conversation as she opens a flat little tin that contains some sort of herb fragrant insect repellent compound and applies it while eyeing the direction in which Reed has indicated. "A lake wouldn't have waves strong enough, typically, to surf in, correct?" she wonders of Brina next, offering the tin.

Lleufer turns his head back as Brina moves to follow him. "Donn't need mmoney to go camp-ing. Tarp 'n rope if there mmight be rain, kni-fe, blan-ket…" Or in Lleu's case, none of the above but the knife unless it's cold. He gets a pole and one of the tackle boxes, then waves Brina over closer. He keeps his voice very low, "Noisse scarez ffissh. Ssha-dows move, doez too. Lakez a goo-d place to try a sp-inner." All this practice really has helped his talking. Ynyr selects a shiny thing that looks like a small fish with a little spoon thing twirl around and flash through the water. It has a nice couple of hooks on it he's careful handling as he secures it to the line. He goes quiet, pointing out the large tree that's well out in the water and making sure he's clear overhead and right behind, tries a good, fairly long cast out into the lake. A small boat would up their odds of finding good places. Lleu whispers, "Ffissh rise as the wa-ter warms, st-ay low wwhen it's cold."

Gear gathered. weighted down, Reed makes his way behind the others. "Yes Sir, Virgon." Is all Reed says about his old homeworld. "It's a shame, Sir, that you didn't have the chance. Won't be able to now." His jaw tightens a bit as he shifts one of the packs. Even as he moves through the trees, Reed is scanning about them, his eyes never moving as he follows. He can't help but chuckle when the Doc asks about the waves on a lake, he says nothing allowing Brina to take that one. But he can't help himself "Don't get out much, Sir?"

Brina answers Samtara, "Not that I've experienced, no," before she gets hushed by the Sarge. A wave is given to the doctor and Reed to let them know where they'll be before hunkering down, watching Lleufer make with the magic. The small item he is about to use is eyed curious, those hooks in particular, but she's also listening as Lleufer makes with his first lesson on fishing. "It sounds like there's a lot to keep in mind…"

"There isn't much call for training in the wild, Corporal, when studying to be a surgeon. Skill labs are hard to come by, at least, in the beginning. A rotation or two in emergency services, another in the field as an officer in mock war games to learn triage protocol, but no," Sam says quietly, offering Reed a rather frank look in return. "I can't cook, hunt, track, shoot game, dress it or anything else useful. But I'm a damned good surgeon and a top notch doctor. The competition for slots on the original mission of the Orion was fierce," rather, that is, cut throat, "I didn't draw this lot by chance."

He can hear them talking over there. Ynyr, who very litterally owes his life to Samtara's skills, looks over. Lleu slowly winds the rod to pull the lure through the water and then hands it to Brina, "Sslow and stea-dy." He wants her to try it, drawing the spinner through the water. It's less about catching anything than simply getting out and sharing new skills and company with friends. Food was packed if they don't catch any fish.

"Yes sir. I can imagine that war games can be really tough." Reed sets the packs down back under the bows of one of the larger pines, swings his rifle to the front letting it hanging on the sling while his right hand rests on it. "I am sure that it was very though, Sir, the competition that is." He looks over to where Bri and Lleu have already gotten the lure into the water and smiles "It will do him good to get out like this." He notes before turning and surveying the area. "So Sir, what do you do for fun? I mean, everything you said sounds, well not very exciting. Weren't you bored to tears? Sir. No wild parties, sneaking out with a boyfriend, that kind of thing? Sir."

The rod is taken and Brina tries her hardest but at first the coordination needed isn't there and the progress is slower than she would like. Wrinkling her nose, she tries very hard to keep at it and is eventually successful. Brightening, she darts a look at Lleufer, seeking his approval. "That's it, right? That's how to do it?" The little spinner lure is dancing through the water, causing the light to reflect off of what is shiny.

Lleufer returns his attention to Brina reeling in the lure, "Keep it off of the bot-tomm." He speaks carefully but hardly more than a whisper, voice quite low. Then he points, "Try a cas-t. Out by the sub-mmerge-d tree, but nnot too dee-p in-to it." He demonstrates how to release the line with her thumb and now to pitch her wrist once the lure is up and ready.

The cool autumn day gives way to a clear sunny afternoon that, while still not warm is not /as/ cold as it was to begin with. Before they'd left Sheridan the MP's at the gate were appraised of their ending destination os that Officer Kalum could join them after he'd secured the dead deer that he'd had dangling over his shoulders like a sad stuffed animal escaped from a childrens movie. The military vehicle (thing) that Reed drove out here is resting in the sunlight, cooling off - that is, the engine cooling off, not the people that were IN the vehicle. Brina and Lleu have already made it to the edge of the river and Leu is teaching Brina how to cast into the water. Reed has just asked Sam a particularly amusing series of questions. Words that included 'fun' and 'parties' and such drawing a brief, if perplexed, look from the doctor in exchange. "My definition of fun, Corporal, and yours, is going to be radically different. I like a good challenge to sink my teeth into. Challenging surgical cases that have to be won with skill, ingenuity and the ability to think so far outside the box that the box isn't even in the same room. That's fun. Sneaking out? Nonsense," she chuckles quietly, "why ever would I need to do that?"

Mahasti is quiet, waving at someone in the distance. She's carrying a cooler, her own fishing poll. She waves at the group assembled, "Sorry I'm late." she offers loudly, moving to set the cooler down by Sam "Don't you dare drink all my ciders." she points at Sam with a grin. She looks over at Lleufer "Is he having fun?" she asks, curiously, sort of pulling up her pants a little.

Wait. Is she supposed to stay crouched and try to cast or should she stand and then cast and then crouch down again? Brina's a bit perplexed by it but eventually figures it out and stands. The pole is whipped forward several times and then her thumb is removed from the line but instead of sending the lure and line forward the former gets hooked onto the right leg of her pants. "I don't think I did that right," she grumbles, blushing fercely. Mahasti is heard and given a wave from over her shoulder but right now she's too busy trying to free herself to do more than that. "shiiiiiiiit. Sorry, Sarge."

"Yes Sir, totally different, Sir." Reed answers as he continues to watch the area. He has seen the arrival of yet another since she approached. He stands off the side, fully kitted out and weapon hanging in front of him. "Sir," he says to the new arrival before he smirks a bit. One one of his surveys he spots the tug on Brina's pants leg and the hook that is snagged there. He grins and shakes his head.

Lleufer tries not to laugh but really, it's funny! So he laughs softly. Who really cares if the scare away the fish, really? Her up and down little duck dance is kind of amusing in itself, too. Carefully he leans on his cane to squat down, "Do nnot mmove." And with care he gets her unhooked. Lleu looks back up at her, "Sssharp. Be care-ful." He gets back to his feet and looks over as he hears a new arrival's voice. He raises his right hand to give a wave to Mahasti, then steps around behind Brina. Lleu leaves his cane to lean against a tree and slightly to the Lance Corporal's left side, he puts his hands over hers, "Lli-ke this." First he takes up the rest of the line's slack, then with a careful glance behind to make certain no one walked up too close, he will direct her hands to cast the lure - if Brina relaxes enough to let him try.

"Ahh, excellent," Sam remarks as Mahasti arrives, with cooler and fishing pole, "capital, in fact. Would I do that?" another semi-rhetorical questions, regarding Mahasti's ciders of course, before she turns toward Lleufer and Brina, nodding. "So far so good," she says, en sotto voice, to Mahi. "I believe he is. And the fresh air and exercise is good for him. Plus the activity itself calls on not just his current skill set but muscle and tactile memory, it's good all around," still said quietly before she remembers social norms. "Right. I don't believe that I had the chance, did I? Dr Nasreen this is Corporal Cassidy," she makes the introductions.

Mahasti spots Brina's problem and covers her mouth with a chuckle "You alright there buddy?" she asks towards Reed, stretching out "Sticking Walker with the psych patient was the right decision." she offers with a giggle, her high pitched voice and well rested face likely making her look younger than she is. "I'm Mahasti, its nice to meet you." she offers to the corporal but not extending a hand. "I brought a small radio and some cds of music I know he likes." she offers, cheerfully.

<FS3> Brina rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Reed rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Mahasti rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness -2: Success.

Reed turns to face the Doctor "Sir, it's good to meet you, Doctor Nasreen." Then he smiles that half smile of his "Mahasti," He gives Sam a glance "The Doctor," he tells Mahasti, "was just telling me of her wild and crazy days while at school. Very interesting and a very fun filled time by the sounds of it." He has spotted the signs that not only humans come to the lake but animals of the wild. It probably is why he is so on guard. On one of his turns he pauses, head tilted to the side as he peers into the shadows of a stand of trees. With a calm voice "Um, if I could have you all kindly move back to where the Sarge and Brina are at." he says as he brings his weapon up to a more ready state, the soft click of the safety being taken off might be caught by those closest to him or those familiar with the sound.

Mahasti hesitates for a moment "Uh whats that?" she asks, pointing at some of the trees, sharp eyes sort of paranoidly twitching a smidgeon. "I really hope that isn't wolf fur." she mumbles with a frown "Oh Samtara? Her idea of crazy is skipping the hand sanitizer." she teases, smiling warmly.

She's not really above laughing at herself and Brina joins in. When he slips over to help her she takes to chuckling instead of belly laughing and he's able to give her aid when it comes to casting although she finds herself slightly distracted. Fur? Is that what that stuff on the bark is? "Lleu…?" She angles her head and drops her voice, trying to indicate to him what she sees at the same she goes almost totally slient. He's the woodsy type out of them and he might know what's up, this happening on the heels of Reed trying to gather the others and herd them closer.

Lleufer is a little distracted too, as it happens, but not with fur bits rubbed on trees. He's standing up against Brina's back and shoulder with his arms on either side of her to help her cast the rod. Aware of that too close proximity, he lets go and Ynyr steps back to reach for his cane, "Bet-ter. Reel it inn 'n do it a-gain." He doesn't know what caught her eye as he's turned his head to see what the others are doing. /That/ he notices as they are picking things up and coming in their direction.

"Says he, again, with that tone of voice that implies that he's just a few moments away from laughing at me," Sam remarks, in a rather dry tone of voice, quietly to Mahasti. "That's the thing I like about Marines. They have this unique sense of humor, that I will never quite understand," and she's bending down to take a look at the contents of the cooler that Mahasti brought along with. "Ohh, soda," said in a tone of delight, "almost as good as coffee but in these convenient cans," she remarks with a smile up at Mahasti before the look on Reed's face makes her go quiet - and still - however briefly. "Why?" as though interrogating marines when they're pointing weapons at things has ever been a terribly good idea. "Wolf fur? now look, I'm not a marine, I'm not on the menu," she says, rather indignant, "and i never skip the hand sanitizer. Who does that? and why?" aghast at the notion, and not - unfortunately - quietly aghast as she pops the tab on one of the soda cans.

Human hearing being what it is, the sound of the can opening was not quiet but not a shot in a closed room. Except that the bear-like animal, drowsy though it may have been as it's been doing it's level best to eat itself into it's winter weight and thus a bit slower moving than it was even one moon ago. But, being a bear like creature, it's hearing is more than reasonably acute and the sound of the tab bing popped was indeed akin to throwing a rock at the bear-like animal. It lifts it's large head, large nostrils flaring, one dark brown furred ear twitching left, his head lifting again as he catches the scent that drifts to him: humans, yes, the scent that the bear-like animal doesn't know - weapons, the engine cooling still with that quiet ticking sound. The bear-like creature gives another rumbling Whifff of sound, sniffing at the air, and starts rumbling toward that which has piqued it's curiosity.

<FS3> Samtara rolls Reaction: Good Success.
<FS3> Mahasti rolls Reaction: Success.
<FS3> Brina rolls Reaction: Failure.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Reaction: Good Success.
<FS3> Reed rolls Reaction: Good Success.

"Sir," Reeds voice is calm but stern "I don't tell you what to do in the operating room so do as I say now. Move slowly to where the Sargent is. That is not a request, Sir." He never takes his eyes off the creature that he has spotted "Lance Corporal, if you have a weapon now would be a good time." He brings the weapon up to his shoulder and begins to take one cautious step back after the other. Each foot step carefully placed, the barrel of his weapon never waivers.

As the fur covered bear thing begins to move, Reed's steps move a tad faster. His days in the woods have taught him not to run. He has the bear sighted as he continues to move back. "Lance Corporal? Get the Docs and the Sarge to safety," he never takes his eyes off the creature.

The sound of a very large animal startles poor Brina who wheels to face it, her eyes wide. The MP tries to put herself between it and the Sarge but she forgets one important little detail: she still has the fishing pole in her hand. And it's going right for the back of Lleufer's head. Frak.

Mahasti 's attention is caught as she grabs her cooler and starts towards Lleufer, her weight moving at a good pace. At least she can handle her gear.

Lleufer turns whether because he heard it, or smells it, or was looking to watch Reed and saw what his fellow Marine was looking towards. Whatever the case, he isn't looking at Brina when she jumps, startled. The metal reel on her poll whacks him in the back of the head - not hard enough to cause any harm but it is surprising! His instinct is to duck the lure swinging around so it doesn't hook into his face or catch an eye but it also means Brina's body bumping into him already off balance sends Ynyr stepping back … and off the edge of the bank. Suddenly Lleu disappears.

"Ursus Piraeus," Sam says in a quiet voice, both wonder and awe in her voice mixed with fascination and a health measure of wariness. "I've never seen one this close," even as she's rising and - very importantly - hands the cooler to Mahasti just as Mahasti reaches for it. "It should be hibernating already," very important data there but she does move back as instructed, unintentionally making more noise that she ought to. Twigs are stepped on, pine needles disturbed, that and she didn't shut UP the way she ought to have at the first sign of the bear-like creature.

The sound of all the feet stirring the pine needles, movement, the bear sniffing at the air with great wheezing whiffs of noise, drawing in these new and unexpected scents. The bear continues forward, lumbering at though slow and or dim witted, though by the size of the creature he is no youngling nor something who's ever lost a territorial fight. The great scars on his hide, his fur silvered in those places, are evidence of battles won - and hard won at that. That huge dark nose keeps sniffing until he rises to stand on his hind legs, towering in the air at such a height to cast shadow before him, the angle just right to block out the sun, teeth yellowed by age are visible as he sniffs, tastes the air, the first of the grumbling growls given.

"… shit!" Brina is quick to drop the fishing rod and jump in after the poor Sarge, her reaction time a lot better now than it was when she knocked him in in the first place. The water is cold and for a moment she gasps, the air stolen from her lungs but then she recovers and dives under the surface. The water's a bit murky since the bottom's gotten stirred up but she happens to bump into him with an outstretched hand. He's grabbed under his arms and pulled towards the surface and then the shore line with what's realistically only a few seconds having passed.

"Oh Frak," escapes Reed after a quick glance back to the other's and the sight of the Sarge going over the edge of the bank. It takes a moment, his lips pulled tight. "This is stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid" he says mostly to himself. Another "Frak" is said and he jerks the weapon from his shoulder, holds it up high along with his other hand and with a booming voice "Bear! Hey bear!," he begins waving his arms and moving sideways, away from the other's. "Here, bear. Over here bear," he calls out again moving even faster but not at a run yet. Once he has, he hopes, moved far enough away from the others, trying to draw the bear to him, he brings his rifle back to his shoulder and takes aim.

The splash of water, the single word spoken, causes the bear to swivel it's attention again, sniffing at the air with those great whiffs of sound, breath drawing in, tasting the air, ears swiveling to and fro, sounds bouncing off of the water. Water, after all, makes sounds echo oddly. Brina pulls Leu from the water, the wind knocked out of him and, mercifully so, no water entering his lungs as a result.

Sam is moving back, one careful step at a time, with Mahasti at her side, until she sees the bear rise to it's hind feet, giant feet at that, it's belly just as thick with fur as the rest of him, rumbling that growl of sound out as it continues to move forward at a steady pace, having left the smaller shrugs and undergrowth aside, a moment of indecision as it swivels it's attention from the Lake, Brina and Leu to the now-shouting human (Reed) along with Sam and Mahasti. The bear makes that growl of sound again, slow to anger, slow to make it's decision, the bear lowers it's massive head, sniffs at the air again, and levels one of it's giant eyes upon the noisy human and gives a deeper base rumble of a growl, yelllowed teeth bared now as it drops down to all four again and rumbles, one claw tipped foot after another landing heavily upon the ground, pine needles sliding and stirring in it's wake. If it was attention that Reed was attempting to gain, he's certainly done so.

Reed still continues to move towards the ATMUV, away from the lake and the others. He takes carefully placed steps backwards, the rifle still aimed at the bear. "Frak," he mutters a gain. It's going to take lucky shots to bring a beast such as the one turning his way down. In his head he has drawn a line, a distance line between he and the bear where once the creature crosses he will begin shooting. Hopefully he will be around the ATMUV and can use that as some protection. "Frak," he mutters over the stock of his rifle.

Even underwater it is easy to see that Lleufer isn't breathing which really puts the spurs to Brina's ass and soon they're breaking the surface of the water. Then it's a mad dash to the bank. She doesn't try to pull him out of the water, though, not when there's a bear roaming around, making a general pest of itself. Looking at the man in her arms, Brie does the only thing she can think to do and starts mouth-to mouth once he's repositioned in her arms. Thankfully the military mandates CPR and first aid courses and Brina had her refresher not that long ago, meaning he shouldn't be too too much at risk of something going wrong.

"Why don't we just get back in the vehicle?" Sam demands, quietly, but she asks it all the same, tugging at Mahasti as they both have cleared the far end of the vehicle and are now between the river - where Brina & Leu are - and the vehicle behind which Reed is standing, rifle drawn. She hears the splash and sees Brina hauling Leu out of the water and with a quiet voiced conversation sends Mahasti down the river bank toward the two that are now water logged. Divide and conquer might work on a battle field but in this instance it sends Mahasti toward Brina and Leu and has her remaining near the vehicle and, thus, nearer to Reed than either direction. This is precisely when the bear growls again, even angrier than it was before and starts lumbering forward at a faster pace, dark eyes unblinking as he he's set his sights upon these smaller things in his woods and lets out a growling roar in a tone deep enough to make the pine needles dance on the forest floor, leaves to shake free from the nearby trees, rising briefly to it's hind legs again before slamming it's full weight down upon the ground again.

Reed spots Sam by the vehicle and lets out another "Frak, Doctor, get in the vehicle, now!" His steps hasten even more as the bear has picked up speed, the weapon still not leaving the bear. When it raises and slams down on the ground he feels the vibrations through his boots. "Not good," he mutters. "Go away, bear, shoo, run!" Hey, it's worth a try, no?

Lleufer suddenly jerks in Brina's arms, not unconscious, just having had the air knocked out of him. Man's startled, the water very cold and something having a hold of him. What happened? Ynyr thrashes in his startlement and then realizes it's … Brina in the water with him. She was kissing him? Lleu can feel the muddy bottom and damn it's soo cold, "Frrak!" He gets that out clearly enough. He looks at her and tries to get his feet under him, "Whhat the hell?!"

Brina presses her palm to Lleufer's mouth for a second and shakes her head, her teeth chattering already and her lips taking on a bluish coloring. "Shhh. The bear." It isn't until she's sure that Lleufer will be quiet that she removes her hand from his face. "Y-you might n-not think this no-ow," she chatters out while trying to get him to the bank without either of them making too much noise, "b-ut I-I think this might have s-saved us both."

Brina adds under her breath, "Th-at's a-ass-umming the h-hypo-th-ermia won't kill us."

Great minds. Or something. With Mahasti going in one direction - toward the lake front - Brina & Leu taking a cold water dip to avoid becoming bear bait, it's Sam and Reed playing charades with the Bear near the vehicle that they'd driven this far. So when Reed agrees with Sam's suggestion - get in the vehicle - she moves to do precisely that. A few steps forward and she has hold of the door latch and gives it a good, rather determined, yank. Only to have a physics moments of immovable object does not meet irresistible force. IE: The doors are locked.

"Of course," said ever so calmly. She braces one hand on the door frame and eyes the vehicle, the interior that is, trying not to eye the ever and rapidly approaching bulk of the bear and is relieved to spot the key's. In the ignition. Perhaps she wasn't supposed to lock the doors. Call it habit. "Um, Corporal, do you have another set of keys?" wondered in a voice that strives for mild and misses it rather well.

Lleufer stays quiet but he gives her a negative movement of his head to the hyperthemia. Water's cold but the air and sunshine isn't that bad - assuming they can get to the vehicle or build a fire soon. Stuck in the water on the other hand wouldn't be good. Soon as they get up on the shore, Lleu puts a hand to Brina and glances to see if she's wearing her sidearm. As for himself? Ynyr draws his Ka-bar knife and starts to move up very carefully to try and climb the bank to get a look.

The bear has crossed his line, to close now, so Reed is about to fire. Then the Doc's question comes to him "Keys, what? Just get in the vehicle Sir!" The question has thrown him off a bit and so he has moved on around the vehicle and pulls the trigger. A three round burst rings out, each one aimed at center mass as he always aims for.

<FS3> Reed rolls Firearms: Good Success.

"J-ust promise m-me that you won't h-ate me for this, S-sssarge." Brina's not wearing her side arm, no, which is a good thing, yes? Means the gun won't be wet. Just where is it? In her pack of stuff which is by where the bear is, or at least is heading towards. Looking to see how steep the bank is, Brina does the only thing she can do right now, that being trying to help Lleufer up. With her hands, on his ass, one on either cheek so she can push. And no, there's no attempt to grope his backside!

Wet wouldn't hurt a modern firearm in the least so it wouldn't matter. Whoa, where is she putting her hands?! Lleufer glances back, surprised, then takes the boost up. The rifleshot cracks out, a trio meaning it was a burst. With the knife in his teeth, Lleu uses both hands to pull himself up until he can see what the heck is going on. Gods, don't let that bear maul any of them and especially not either of the Docs! OK, there's the bear, still alive … and presumably Reed is around the other side of the vehicle, and there's Dr. Nadir. Why the hell don't they get into it? When Ynyr sees the bear isn't very close, he slides back down the bank and sheathes his knife. He leans in close to Brina to tell her what he saw, a whisper.

From where Leu and Brina are the sight of the bear is really quite impressive, which is to say - several tons of angry bear that just got shot by a marine who only pissed it off. Yes, it's been shot. But now? Well, now it's angry and hurt and lets mention the pissed off part again. Once more it rises to it's hind legs, this time with it's jaw open to let out a bellow of a roar that does more than shake pine needles and rattle leaves off of trees, it also sends forth a nasty wash of bear breath to sear the air with. This being the weapon of choice before the bear is close enough to make a swipe at Reed, though it's only a handful of bear-lengths away from being able to do precisely that. Again, it slams it's weight forward, paws landing on the ground, needles thrown aside, dirt kicking up, dust hanging heavily in the air.

"Keys. You know. Those things that open doors. Start engines. Keys," Sam says, rather urgently, and ducks her head down, using the frame of the vehicle as a shield behind which to duck as Reed fires at the bear. And angering it. When the bear rises again she can see it's barely a yard or two away, at best, and she turns rather calmly to Reed. "I'd really like another set of keys right about now," see, calm as ever.

<FS3> Reed rolls Firearms: Success.

The next round that Reed fires is incredibly well placed, it hits the center of the body mass of the bear, the bullet digging a channel inward and sliding along the thick fur, hide and muscle tissue over which pound after pound of winter weight of fat is stored. And . . further pissing it off. The bear is near enough now that it is reaches out and rakes one massive paw against the side of the vehicle, swiping it's nails down along the side with a rending screech akin to nails on a chalkboard. Sam does not swear, she really doesn't, but she claps one hand over her left ear, turning away from the sound and in a gesture of absolutely futile spite she hers the can of soda at the bear with her other. Her aim isn't bad, not that it does any good, but she can (apparently) hit the broad side of a bear with a missile. Yay. Soda fizz everywhere.

Reed shakes his head, takes another quick shot, the rounds hit but now where he wanted. More wounds, not the head shot he was wanting. But that's not unexpected, the bear is moving fast, he is dodging around the vehicle. The vehicle shakes as the bear's paw strikes it, he dances away from it, still with the weapon held so he can shoot quickly. "Keys? Why the frak do you need keys?" Then it dawns on him "You locked it, didn't you?" It takes a moment "Under, get under the vehicle, Sir." Reed dances around the vehicle, trying to keep it between he and those claws.

Once Lleufer is up she peeks up but otherwise stays put, not daring to move too much. Good thing too as soon he's rejoining her and painting a picture of what's going on beyond where she can see from her position. Frowning, she whispers back, asking if he thinks one of them can get to her pack which should be somewhere away from where Sam and Reed are. She then waits for him to give his answer before saying anymore.

"Enough," Reed lets out, stands firm, takes careful aim at the head of the bear. A quick series of three shots ring out once again, the rifle is held as one is very comfortable with it. If he misses this time, the bear will have a clear shot at him.

Reed spends 1 luck points on To kill a bear..
<FS3> Reed rolls Firearms: Great Success.

"Well of course i locked it, it's what's normally done with a vehicle is parked and everyone gets out," is Sam's immediate, logical, rebuttal. "How was I supposed to know the keys," and then there's the bear rending at the other side of the vehicle with another swipe of those massive angry looking hurt inducing claws. The sound so loud, so grating, that she covers her ears again, this time with both hands free, her eyes practically watering from the sound of the nails against metal until she's shuddering. She sees Reed's mouth moving, there's probably a good set of instructions there too, but she reads 'down' well enough and his expression well enough so she drops to the forest floor and, with the weight of the medical backpack aiding in this forward momentum, rolls and scoots to make her way under the vehicle. Under, unfortunately, gives her ground level view of the claws of the bear and, as it's stomping and making that ear-aching roar again and again. Enraged.

The quick series of shots that ring out in the trees around the lake are equally loud, the roar of the bear vying with the sound of the rifle rounds before that dreadful moment of silence. Bear vs Marine. The bear rears to it's hind legs once more, the angle of not one but two of those shots being that head shot that Reed has been trying for. The bear sways, the weight of it's body tugging it back then forward. Slowly. Forward. Crashing into the sight and top of the vehicle, making it groan and shudder under it's weight.

Sam hears the sound of metal groaning and does a abrupt reverse course, scrambling out from beneath the vehicle just as the weight of the bear begins to crumple the top of it, making the vehicle sag - noticeably sag - toward the forest floor.

Lleufer listens, gives Brina a nod and once he has instructions on where her pack is, he motions for her to help him up the bank a second time. Soon as he's up and they have a plan, Lleu lowers a hand to help her up as well, staying fairly quiet. He's still not top of his game but Ynyr is a woodsman and manages to start moving towards the bag Brina had indicated right when the shots ring out again, loud and close. The bag is still a little distance and a sidearm isn't going to be nearly as good as a rifle… and there's Dr. Nadir getting underneath the vehicle, thank the Gods. And then the huge bear topples and Sam is rolling out the other side. Ynyr can feel the thud through the ground when the bear hits.

The Lance Corporal crawls along, such a good little minion, quietly slipping along on her belly. Best not to think of what she might be getting on herself. Some of it stinks very badly. Like… not good at all kind of nasty badly. The bear crumbles and she gets onto her feet, crouched down slightly. "You stay put, Sarge." And that's when she risks actually running towards the stack of gear; speed being necessary here, it's best that she tries to do this instead of Lleufer who is not steady enough to run quick. Braving any possible asschewing from Lleufer as well as the bear itself, she darts a bit to one side at an angle then will try to cut back, run past the gear, get her bag on the fly and make it back to where he is.

Reed keeps his weapon trained on the bear, though a sigh, loud enough for all to hear, is let out. Along with a "Frak." If it moves, even the slightest twitch, he is going to shoot again. "Is everyone alright? Sound off!" He doesn't take his eyes off the beast as he waits to hear from everyone.

Using her gloved hands, that's right people, she has gloves on! to brush at the dirt, dust, and the usual forest-detrius off of her jacket, the knees of her trousers and the rest as she eyes the bear that is sagging ever so slowly more against the vehicle with each passing second. The weight of the bear continuing to lean against the vehicle until she can hear the most quiet of groans from the metal frame.

"No shouting," she says in a tone of voice that is rather mild for all that her hands are shaking pretty good. Mahasti had the presence of mind to do as she was told, what with all the bear roaring and shooting, and had stayed down out of sight while the game of Bear vs Marine was in motion and only now, wisely, does she return.

Lleufer doesn't say a thing when Brina runs past him. He stops where he is, double checking he hasn't lost his knife. Ynyr's leg isn't up for a lot and she judged right by that assumption. The Sergeant waits, watchful, judging Reed seems to have it under control so far. "Y-nyr, here!" he calls out as requested. At least he can frak'n say his own last name now. Brina can sing out for herself when she gets a breath to do so. Lower, Lleu says, "Goo-d job."

The run past has Brina looking at the felled bear and by the time she returns to Lleu she has tears running down her face. Killing enemy skinjobs and walking tin cans is one thing but having to put down an animal that's merely doing what is instinctive and trying to protect its territory? Yeah. Sniffling, she rubs her hand under her nose and then her face, smearing dirt and gunk on her cheeks. "I'm alright," she calls out. Lleufer's praise has her smiling at that and she leans over to give him a quick hug, nothing said about all of what just happened.

After a deep breath Reed clicks the safety on, lowers the weapon and scratches the top of his head "I wonder if I can get that up to the ship?" He calls out again "All clear." He studies the bear "Yep, how can I get it on the ship," not really a question but more of a wonder to himself. He turns to the Doc "Sir, you ok?" He asks as he goes to the driver's door, pulls the handle to open the door and take out the key. He holds it up "This what you are looking for, Sir?" He gives a look over to the Lance Corporal and the Sarge, seeing them all wet "I think we need to get you two back and get dried off and the sooner rather than later."

"How were you going to get it off of the vehicle first?" Sam wonders in exchange, eyeing the bear for a few moments before watching as Reed opens his door, extracts the keys, proves that the doors open just fine when unlocked, and exhales a near sigh of sound. "Yes, Corporal, that's precisely what I was looking for. So. The order of the day is to remove the vehicle from the weight of the bear, get the bear back to the ship in packages that are manageable, and have everyone dried off. So much for fishing, though Corporal Cassidy caught a bear."

Lleufer comes on up when it appears that the bear is dead, but stays back a little in case of surprises. "Thatz a big frak-ker." He looks at the vehicle which doesn't look to be in good shape, and the huge weight of the bear, "Call in. Tell'm to br-ing a winch." Lleu says it carefully, "Need to but-cher it. Get the meat back that wway." Yeah he's wet and cold. Shiver a little. He turns to look for the pack with the blankets because he and Brina need to get out of their wet clothes and get warm. She's going to love that, huddling up with him.

Already stripping down, Brina's quickly chucking off her wet uniform and everything. This isn't nudity for the sake of getting naked but rather for the sake of necessity and she figures Reed, Lleufer and Samtara has seen enough of people sans clothing to not be offended anyhow. "Hurry up with the blankets," she half-giggles half-whines. Hasn't dawned on her that they might be going back to camp or whatever… but heck. She'll be covered up so no one who isn't here won't be getting an eyeful of anything.

"Lets build a fire then," Sam suggests, "the least we can do is keep warm while we wait, maybe the smoke will ward off anything else that's rumbling around in these woods." She rubs one gloved hand lightly against her left shoulder, "Every time I leave the ship," she says quietly, "I'm starting to think I'm bad luck, if luck were a real thing and not just a flight of fancy." She scuffs one foot against the pine needles, "This makes decent tinder, doesn't it?" asked of Reed as Brina is doing the wise thing, shucking off wet clothing.

Lleufer may or may not be able to recall a lot about Santos Ridge, but he remembers being very, very cold for a long time. It's not nearly that cold here, thankfully. Still, it's a memory more firmly regained, if only a fragment as he paws through the blankets to pull them out. He tosses one to Brina, then pauses. Lleu remembers something and stares at the pine needles before he says low, "A man, lay-ing sshot in the gut. Marine ssniper. Cold, very cold. I tri-ed to ssee he was kep-t warm." It suddenly bothers him. Ynyr looks up to Brina, "Did he live?" Lleu hasn't removed his wet clothes yet, starting to shiver but the answer to his question suddenly seems a lot more important to him.

Reed calls it in and then leaves the vehicle, he notes the drowned rats and shakes his head "Looks like we will be here for a while, so a fire is in order." He gives the doc a glance before he goes about collecting wood for said fire. "Here you go, Sarge, Lance Corporal. Be getting you warm in no time." He turns with dried fallen wood and begins to get a blaze going fairly quickly "You ok, Sirs?" He asks the two doctors as he does.

The blanket is taken and wrapped about her, providing a great measure of warmth almost immediately once Brina's got it drawn around her shoulders. Takes her a moment before she nods. "Yeah. He survived, Sarge. In fact, you saw him that night in the rec room. Um… uh, thanks. For the blanket." Samtara and Reed are given a smile as well, then, before she shuffles closer to the Sergeant. "So is what they say true…" and her voice grows quiet, a whisper that ends just before Reed addresses them. "Thanks. Appreciate it."

Brina whispers: … about how how cold people better share body heat when cuddled up together without clothes on?

All right then. That's all he wanted to know, is if the man had lived. Jax, that's who it was. It makes sense now. Lleu gives Brina a nod and with several more blankets out he wraps a second one around her. He shrugs out of his dripping wet coat and starts to strip himself down because yeah, it won't do to stay in wet things. He sits down to get his boots off and shuck off his pants too before he scoots back to make Brina share the two blankets with him. "Ffrak, I ha-te cold." Nevermind what he said about camping in it earlier. Lleu's reminded why he shouldn't care for it now. He drags the third blanket to wrap around their feet as Reed works on the fire.

"We are," Sam confirms with a nod as she and Mahasti also begin gathering fallen wood, working as a pair to bring as much fallen wood to where the fire is being built a good blaze. "I have ration meal bars with me," she offers to the group at large and eyes the sagging hulk of the bear. "I so looked forward to observing one of these things," she admits in a quieter voice. "Not quite like this, mind, but I'd wanted to see one, aside from photographs and descriptions of."

Looking up from the blaze Reed smiles that half smile of his to Lleu and Brina "There you go, get close, get warm." He stands and wipes his hands on one another before they are wiped on his pants. The smoke drifts straight up as there is no wind as the sun starts it's downward journey. Turning to the Doc he points "Get up close and personal, Sir. I don't think the bear will mind."

Okay. Despite this being one of the few things that'll keep them from catching their death of a cold it is just nice to have the human contact and soon she's leaning in against him, acting like it's just an everyday, normal kind of outing they are on now that the excitement's over. "A meal bar sounds good, Doc. Thanks." It's just a question as to whether or not she'll stay awake long enough to consume it. "Don't ever come to Aquaria," she whispers as she turns to rest her head against Lleufer's shoulder. Reed's encouragement gets her to chuckle. "If I get any closer to him I'll be on his lap, Cassidy."

Sam withdraws several meal ration bars from the backpack that she's carrying and passes those out to anyone wanting what she considers to be a decent meal, wrapped up nice and neat, in a handy dandy to-go package that, when sealed properly, is also germ free. Yay. "You're positive it's dead, not just stunned or unconscious, waiting for the right moment?" she wonders, in a rather dry aside, before she shrugs off her backpack and paces forward to get a much better up-close look of the bear, staying a few feet back at first, of course. Until Reed confirms that the bear-rug-waiting-to-happen is actually a deceased bear not a unconscious bear.

Samtara's right that he's too thin, been hurt too many times in the past couple of months and hasn't the reserves to deal with the cold anymore. So Lleu leans into Brina in the blanket and puts am arm around her, trying to stop shivering. The fire is nice though and soon it'll be warm enough to feel it. For now he closes his eyes to rest. Maybe somebody thought to ask the second vehicle coming out to bring them dry clothes.

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