AWD #340: Goop Extraction Planning Session

Dr's Nadir & Thanos along with PO Alexios gather in Sickbay on the Orion to discuss the rate of decay of the Raider on the hangar deck and how best to go about extracting the goop that is rapidly rotting.

Goop Extraction Planning Session
Summary: Dr's Nadir & Thanos along with PO Alexios gather in Sickbay on the Orion to discuss the rate of decay of the Raider on the hangar deck and how best to go about extracting the goop that is rapidly rotting.
Date: 27 May 2016
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Diomedes Samtara Thanos 
Sickbay - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue.
Mon 12 December 2005

In a moment of what is arguably a lull between waves of walking wounded that typically result from combat action, the triage and treatment area of the sickbay is actually empty of wounded and only sparsely populated by medical personnel. A pair of nurses are handling supply and inventory, another is doing what looks like a weeks worth of charting, and only the newest arrivals are resting in the recovery ward. The door to the CMO's office is open, Sam alternately working at her desk or out in the main ward and back again, though currently she is performing surgery on their finicky coffee machine that keeps attempting to self destruct.

A splash of dingy grey amongst a sea of uniforms (though thank gods currently it's NOT trying to hide actual dirt or dust this time, Dr. Xanthe Thanos looks a little distracted even when she moves with purpose, as if there's a constant stream of thoughts running through her head as she maps things out. Not quite an absent-minded professor - she doesn't collide with any orderlies or any walls, at least not yet, - but there's something of that air about her as she finds her way to sickbay, a battered old portfolio tucked under one arm. She blinks a little, as if in surprise, as she enters the bay, and then cracks her neck a little and straightens her shoulders, moving twaords the CMO's office (where Sam is busy trying to resuccitate the coffee machine rather than a humanoid emergency patient) and knocking on the side of the open door. "Ah…Captain Nadir?"

Having 'Things that need doing' Diomedes walks into the Sickbay with purpose. He's dressed like one expects of a man from Deck- coveralls stained in old fluid with his name displayed proudly. Tattoos feature prominently on his body- even on his head, where a tattoo of laurels sits like a crown of old. "Hey, where's the Doc?" he asks of a nurse, "I gotta talk to her about some work." When the nurse nods towards Samtara's office he walks up- and waits as Thanos seems to be in line ahead of him.

Normally not prone to displays of menace to mechanical contraptions, cylons excluded of course, Sam is on the verge of locating a hammer to put the coffee maker out of it, or possibly her, misery when she hears the knocking on the door frame. "No it's not working yet," comes her rather disgruntled sounding reply before she turns and blinks a brief look of confusion that clears to a look that is briefly rather sheepish. "Sorry, ah, you weren't after a cup of coffee, I trust?" after all, pieces of the coffee maker are spread out along the table like . . well like mechanical detrius at this point. Her eyes skim past the grey clad woman to spot PO Alexios, "He's in charge of the Raider carcass," she notes in a sort of abstract tone of voice before she dusts her hands off, emerging from her office. "I'm Dr. Nadir, can I help you both?"

"Xanthe Thanos," Thanos introduces herself, turning a smile towards the approaching Diomedes. "Terribly sorry, I've been meaning to get in touch with you personally immediately after the briefing materials were sent over, but there's been a few delays." The voice is ivory tower educated, but warm, undeniably Caprican. "Is this a good time? My business can definitely wait," she says, deferentially, perhaps towards the technician as well.

<FS3> Diomedes rolls Repair: Success.

Dio looks to the desk, seeing the coffee maker in pieces, he gives a shake of his head. "Trying to get you and Engineering together to help me with that disgusting thing." he states as he boldly steps in, tugging a chair towards the desk and pulling one of many tools he seems to always wear from a pocket of his cover-alls. He begins, without permission or asking, to put the coffee maker back together with a certain alacrity that comes from natural mechanical inclination. "Let me fix that while we figure out this schedule. SHouldn't take more than a few minutes." he offers. His hands are tattooed completely black- it makes it look like he's wearing gloves. His voice is all Minosian, without any sort of higher education. Rough and tumble- indeed, he looks like a street thug. "You should really just give me a call if you need your coffee maker fixed. Won't do to have our docs without coffee." he mentions.

"Ah, you're Dr. Thanos," Sam remarks as she extends one hand toward Thanos in greeting, sounding surprised to have Thanos here before she'd had a chance to hunt Thanos down herself. This said as Dio takes over the job of making the coffee maker actually back into a contraption that makes coffee. For a moment Sam looks baffled, "How do you even begin to know what's wrong with it in the first place to start putting it back together and actually make it work again?" A quiet 'ahh' of sound follows her own question before she moves to the side so that there's room for everyone in her office, "The dissection of the Raider, before it decomposes into gellatenous goo onto the hangar deck, you mean?"

Thanos's handshake is firm but not aggressive. She too watches the technician put things back together again, with no small hint of admiration, and some extra thought too. At least she doesn't stroke her chin and go "hmmmm" but there's that sort of look in her eyes, but she holds her peace at the sound of the other business. There's a sympathetic shake of the head at the danger of one's subject decomposing before full investigation can be done, though, with a quite sincere, "Oh dear."

"If it were up to me, I'd burn the damn thing and see what I could make out from the ashes." Dio replies, "As for the coffee maker- I could ask you the same thing about the human body." he notes, as he looks over the pieces. "Anyways, these military issued coffee makers all have the same defect- the heating coil will melt its connector if its left on without anything to heat. Probably got really busy in here and someone forgot to refill the thing." he says, as he pulls a paperclip out from his pocket and fiddles with the piece of metal- folding it into a rectangle with a pair of pliers that also comes out of his coveralls. He installs the impromptu connector, without much fuss and begins to close the coffee maker up. "There you go, that should do you." he says, with a nod. "Anyways, yes- I don't want it to stink up my deck any longer than required, and I really want to get a look at the mechanical systems. Together, we should be able to figure out how the organic and mechanical systems interface, I hope."

"Staged quarantine handling procedures for new arrivals, I believe that was the gist of the proposal, if I recall correctly, and suggestions on how to handle the in processing of new arrivals to the fleet?" Sam wonders in a thoughtful aside to Thanos while watching Diomedes work with rapt fascination. "Half the time it's all I can do to get the bloody box open without breaking the contents OF the box. Why is it that easy open packaging never ever opens easy, I think that's a deliberate lie on the behalf of the makers of the packages," these words are grumbled out. "PO Alexios, allow me to introduce you to Dr. Thanos, she's a scientist, I'm not sure if dissecting a Raider would be in her bailiwick, but she's in possession of a terribly keen mind," back to studying Dio as he puts the coffee maker back together. "Probably.. most likely.. well yes. I'm sure it's my fault. And it is terribly rancid smelling, er, or it will be and very soon. Ideally we'd want to extract all of the soft tissue from the inside of the raider itself so that the tissue itself can be dissected in detail before you dismantle the Raider down to it's composite nuts and bolts. Does it have actual nuts and bolts or was it somehow constructed in a seamless end result of manufacturing?"

"It's been ever so long since I assisted on a necropsy, to be honest with you both," Thanos says cheerfully to Samtara and Diomedes. "My speciatlies lie more in xenobiology rather than medicine I'm afraid. If you need assistance I would be happy to lend a hand. How fascinating." Oh lords, poor Dio. "I had a somewhat different proposal for medical screening for personnel coming and going from Piraeus," she admits to Sam. "It can probably be incorporated into routine procedure. Perhaps even a breath analysis. I wanted to get your thoughts and feedback on a few of mine. There's something about one of the findings there that probably is a red herring but it's niggling at me a bit, you understand."

"Well, this tin can is filled with all sorts of parts that could only be considered 'Xeno'." Dio replies, as he looks between the two well-spoken women. He looks like a thug, but he seems to be following the conversation without too much issue. "Even if they are, presumably, engineered in a similar fashion to the skinjobs. As for Piraeus, there's a lot of wacked out shit down there. A lot of weird things going on." Dio says, shaking his head, "Still, that thing on my deck is a high priority- we might be able to figure out some sort of weakness to those raiders, if we get enough minds on it. IT really give us a boost."

"I agree, it's the actual definition of xenobiology right now that we need to be turning our efforts to learning more about. Do you think we could extract all of the soft tissue parts from within the Raider shell without having to tear the shell apart? Or, conversely, would slicing the Raider in half, length wise like a clam shell, make it easier to both extract the soft tissue AND allow for a slice by slice examination of the inner working of the Raider?" Sam wonders, idly reaching for a pen from one of her pockets and clicking the end of the pen while she speaks. "Also, and I can't help but be positive that this has already been discussed, but the material that the Raider is comprised of, is that the same material that the centurions are skinned in? If so, would it not be worth investigating what the melting temperature of the Raider's composite hull is and potentially rendering the material into shell casings that would aid the bullets the marines use in better penetration of the centurion armor while in the field?"

"Indeed. Definitely some wacked out shit." It's spoken quite seriously, not at all mocking. Apparently sometimes rough words are the most accurate. And now…oh sheeeee-it folks, Thanos' hand is going up to her chin, and indeed she is stroking her chin a bit as she thinks, something of a thoughtful frown darkening her brow. "I should think so, Dr. Nadir. Especially if it's had some time to soften up as it were. I would suggest that a full mapping take place. I can share with you the procedure for mapping found remains if you like. Of course, the process would be quicker than an archeological extraction. But then in your notes you could interlay the overall map with the slice by slice slides. Finding the unique xenobiochemical compounds, especially those crossreferenced with humanoid models, might yield very very interesting and useful information."

"Well, here's the thing- mechanically speaking, I want to keep it as intact as possible. I haven't dived deep into the thing yet, because I wanted to make sure everyone was there when we did it- I want eyes on this bug." Dio explains, "I can figure out most mechanical things, given enough time- but seein' as this thing is some sort of bio-mechanical mixture its way outside the norm. AS for the material- if we could figure out what it is, exactly, maybe- but we'd have to have a steady supply of the material. That would mean either A) We figured out how to make it ourselves, or B) We have a ready supply of raiders to turn into weapons. Another thing we need to figure out is life-support. Is this thing spaceborne? Is it fully sealed inside a contained environment, or is it surviving in a total vacuum? There are a lot of questions to answer." he says, agreeing as he moves those tattooed-black hands while he talks- animated.

"What equipment do we have that would allow us to map the interior of the Raider that would penetrate the hull of the Raider to allow for that sort of mapping to be successful?" Sam wonders, that touch of a frown lingering on her face as she moves through the room and snags a marker from the ledge along one of the white boards that line the walls, jotting down short hand questions and notes as both Thanos and Dio make excellent points and provide useful data to make bullet points out of. "The notion that the soft tissue or 'life form' that is contained within the Raider might have the same genetic origin as the skinned models is worth exploring and remarking upon. After all, if they have the same genetic markers or points of origin, then it suggests a theory of commonality," she is nodding slowly while making notes on the board and taps the tip of the marker on the board as she turns to nod thoughtfully at Dio. "Keeping it intact does mean that we won't be slicing it up and studying it, section by section. More of a challenge, but I like a challenge. I would still move that all of the soft tissue be extracted and as much of the tissue be cleaned away from the interior as possible with as many pictures and potential diagrams or drawings of the tissue, as it is so that we have reference points to work with, be accomplished immediately to avoid the potential of displacement of the decaying tissue that would, further potentially, cause mislabling of the connection points or necessary tissue interaction to make the thing work in the first place. We can learn more about how it actually functioned within the environment of the Raider once we have all of it extracted from the Raider itself."

"Nothing to allow penentration from the outside," Thanos shakes her head. "But something can be attached to surgical instruments surely that would allow for mapping and marking of all the strata, as the dissection continues. It is what we do as we uncover an archeological site. And yes, drawing for detail. I might also suggest that in addition to protective equipment, since we cannot be sure of biohazards of decomposition quite so easily when it comes to xenological remains, that the area be sealed as much as possible, if even temporary, with spectrometers and other equipment monitoring particle levels as time goes on. Even reactive compounds from the disturbance may be useful." She pauses thoughtfully. "If we were to collect samples from all the various areas, those could be preserved more easily and tested at length, while the rest of the connections are mapped out before it fully decomposes?" Oh yes, there's already a we in there.

"Well, honestly, we're going to have to see how it comes apart so we can see how it goes together. We're basically going to have to reverse engineer the bastard." Dio says, "My concerns are for the flight systems- how does it compare to what we have, and what we're doing. Its a little late for biological decontamination, though- its been sitting in Deck for a minute in the open air and we did open it up before we knew what we'd find." he says, "What I'm worried about is that we likely want both biological and non-biological components as intact as possible, and I'm almost certain I'm going to have to take a torch to it to cut it fully open." he takes a slow breath, "Look, the only medical things I know are how to care for fresh tattoos, and where to punch someone to win a fight." he admits, "Apart from that, the biological components are a complete mystery to me. I want to try and get as much of that goop out without damaging it so you two can do your work."

"Better late than not at all," Sam notes with a pensive expression on her face. "I'm not convinced that there would be some manner of potentially hazardous reaction should any of that decaying tissue come in contact with human tissue. Let alone something like an open wound, like a scratch, and cross contamination would begin. I have absolutely nothing in my medical supplies that would be first draft ideas on how to combat a potential infection of that sort. So, biohazard protocol is strongly recommended anyway," she makes more notes on the boards while nodding to Thanos. "The right equipment maneuvered through the interior of the Raider would give us more of a map to work with. Blast, wouldn't it have been something to capture one in it's 'alive' state while effectively rendering it incapable of being hazardous? Granted, that would beg the debate about inhumane treatment of possibly violating it's rights as a potentially sentient species even though it is a enemy combatant." She frowns suddenly, "Now there's a legal point to ponder. This is on par with violating the dead body of an enemy combatant and disregard of it's . . potential religious .." she struggles to find the correct terms, ".. observations? Er. Preferences? Hmm," yet another note on the board before she turns back again. "We need a butcher." Again that leap without the corresponding speaking points, "Sorry. That is. We need someone who is an actual expert at dressing and butchering animals to give advice on how to dissect something of this size. We do have hunters, actual game hunters, in our numbers. There's a marine sergeant, Ynyr, who has expressed some measure of expertise in this manner. I wouldn't be able to speak tot he security protocol of allowing a civilian in on this but it's worth exploring, having an expert on hand. Barring an expert," and now she gives a visible twitch, "we're going to have to climb in and extract it, intact as possible, ourselves. By hand."

"Well, it's a good sign that no one's come down with any strange illnesses!" Thanos says with a relieved smile to Dio. "Though once the detrius is disturbed…sometimes over time that can release other agents too as it reacts to the air. Still, good to know that it does not reactively explode to the mixture of oxygen required by humans or as a scuttling technique! I'd still advise caution as we handle it now, however. To prevent contamination on our end too, so that there's less interference with analysis. And being close in … " She shakes her head a little. "It's surprising sometimes, how profound effects can be once they start to stack up in close quarters. During an excavation once, the entire team inhaled some foreign pollen that once introduced to the blood via respiration apparently acted like a bremelanotide and inebriant far stronger than any refined compound. Things at base camp were rather a little awkward once we came to." Is that a blush? Thanos scratches at the back of her neck for a moment. "I'm certain there's little risk of that here, but filtration masks just the same I think." Maybe Dio knows what that is—but Sam probably definitely does. Apparently the away team got a super dose of intoxicating hyperaphrodisiac, thanks to the wonders of xenobotany. At the mention of butchering, Thanos perks up from her embarassment. "Does he now?" Thanos asks of Ynyr. "I've some skill myself, though my interest is more with curing things after butchering. But I've field dressed and prepared many a strange creature myself. Can't help help on a long remote dig, really, when you don't want to sacrifice equipment."

"Yeah, lets not forget that this thing has been spinning in space for a minute. I'm sure its shielded- but that level of cold would still likely kill nearly any disease that I've ever heard of. You two are the experts, though." Diomedes notes, "Its been exposed to atmosphere already- that's how we found out it has all that nasty meat inside." he notes, next. "From my side, I'm looking to see how advanced it is. We already know it has a pilot basically hard-wired into it. How does it work, though- does it have mechanical or electronic systems it manipulates somehow? Would it be possible for a human to pilot it?" he asks next, rhetorical questions, really. "We also need to get an Engineering consult- I mean, I don't design 'em. I just fix 'em."

Noting the blush on Thanos's face, Sam shares a half curve of a smile, amusement plain upon her own expression for a moment. "Nothing quite like the unexpected exposure to a compound that you did not expect to need protective gear against in the first place," said along with a mild nod before she makes a note on the board 'tissue did not explode when exposed to ambient ship board atmosphere', "I would imagine that it was non reactive in the event that exposure to ambient atmosphere occurred under ideal circumstances," and again that tip of the marker is tapped against the board before she turns and fixes a slightly wide eyed, almost appalled, look at Thanos. "You're volunteering then?" before she literally shakes the thought away and turns back to Dio. "We should consider looping one of the pilot types into this mix, to note. They may see some manner of logic in the design that we don't see, as we aren't pilots ourselves. And, to make the necessary side trek here, have we asked for assistance from any of the models in our numbers, either Tamsin or Knox?"

"Captain Tremaine was extremely helpful on Piraeus," Thanos muses out loud. "If she cannot, then I'm certain she could recommend someone very suitable." There is A Look. cast at Sam at the quip and light nod, but then it brightens in to a cheeky grin, for a brief moment, before mellowing into something more usually collegial. "If there's someone with better technique, and likely there is," she says, "I'd still love to assist as far as xenobiology, and in whatever hands on way possible. As much as I enjoy lab analysis as well, my trade is in my hands. But I'm used to a little more…dessicated materials, shall we say?" She looks thoughtful. "As they're entwined, yes. Though it may be best to find someone with very little preconceived notions or theories to spot the patterns as well. Confirmation bias is very deceptive." There's a little pang of something there, for a moment, before it's brushed away. But at Nadir's last question, she looks to Dio curiously.

"I don't work with skinjobs." Dio says, "If you want to bring one of them in on it, make sure its when I'm not around." he states with a shake of his head. "They can't be trusted." he says next. "I wouldn't let them around anything sensitive, if it were up to me." Dio is famous for that particular hate. He even attacked one of those Skinjobs who happened to be a Pilot. "The way I see it, if they knew something, and could be trusted- they'd have told us everything we need to know already." he remarks. "Another pilot, though, might be good. I'd suggest someone with a lot of experience with the birds- a trainer. Maybe the CAG would have some ideas. She'd be extra familiar with the systems she works with. As for the design, that's still more an Engineering thing. I can probably make sense of the how it flies- Pilots don't really know how those birds fly, just how to fly them- at least, in my experience."

"I have to admit, I'd much prefer a more dessicated sample myself, it usually means a great deal less in the way of lingering scent factors," Sam notes with a half breath of a laugh. "And finding someone devoid of preconceived notions or theories will be a challenge; by the time the Navy is done training pilots they're all pretty well channeled in mind set and mental acumen with regard to how 'things are done' even if they fly right in the face of those selfsame things on a whim." She shares a measured nod with Dio next, "It does beg the question why they haven't volunteered intel on this manner already, as the Raider has been on the deck since the day it was hauled in. I have my own points of ponder to speculate over, but that really won't matter. So. We leave the intel aspects aside," turning to jot down 'ask CAG for volunteer/recommendation for expert' even as Dio's last words draw another of those half laughs from her. "Fly. Crash. Yes. Less crashing and more flying, in general, is the preferred method."

Thanos ponders what the other two have said, something relaxing in her expression, strangely. "That makes rather a lot of sense," she admits, when a little of the training is explained, and the putting things into boxes of "right" and "wrong" ways of going about things. "I'm certain a good team can be assembled," she says, with gentle confidence. "Though…sharing of information often falls to the wayside even in the best of circumstances, without a great effort to be collegial. This is the first time I've collaborated with the military, so I am not certain how easy or difficult communication is. But perhaps the information has not been yet shared because it hasn't been asked for. Or people are waiting to investigate on someone else's word? Can you contact the people you feel are most likely to have that information, Dr. Nadir, Petty Officer Alexios? However those threads of communication go, I'm positive that there will be reluctance to disclose for quite understandable reasons if I ask." There's a flash of a smile, unoffended at this.

"Exactly. If they knew something, and they was really loyal, they'd have said something." Dio notes, "If they don't say something, they can't be trusted." he says, on the topic of the skinjobs. "The specifics can be worked out later." he says, "I'll need to get back to Deck here and set things up." he says as he stands, "Let me know when you'll be around. I'll get in touch with Engineering and make we can take that tin-can apart. You let me know when you've got all the protective whatsits together, yeah?" he asks of Sam as he stands up.

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