AWD #148: Good Fortune
Good Fortune
Summary: In which medals and new brass are celebrated.
Date: 03/06/2013 (OOC Date)
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Checkpoint Charlie's — Piraeus
The first structure completed on Piraeus was a 'recreation center' that was thinly veiled as such. Checkpoint Charlie's is in every other way a blue collar bar with an unsurprising bent towards the military establishment. Camouflage netting hangs from the ceiling with some kind of dried vine tangled throughout. On the walls are pictures and mementos of times past on the planet they currently reside on. There are a few billiards tables smuggled out to Piraeus specifically for this location, along with card tables and an fully functional line of taps and kegs mounted to, perhaps unsurprisingly, a beat-up but taken-care-of oak bar. The matching stools and wood tables seem to indicate that the construction workers may have disassembled someone else's bar back on the Colonies. The story even goes that the name is taken from a former bar on Aerilon that happened to resemble, very closely, this particular establishment.
AWD #148

Ygraine leans on Phin as they walk in the door, admitting, "I know I can't drink too much, but damn if I ain't gonna get me a shot or two."

Phin has unzipped his flight suit and tied the arms around his middle, in lieu of fully changing before heading down to the surface. "I suspect you're going to be getting your drinks comped for awhile," he says. "But yeah. You should definitely celebrate. Hardware aside, it's good to see both you and Squire out of Sickbay." He exhales. "Damn, that was surreal."

Ygraine seems to be relieved to be sitting down once there's a table, and is unable to resist noting, "I never pay for drinks anyway." And then of course there's big eyes. "Get me a beer? Please?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Phin rolls his own blues at Ygraine, when she big-eyes him. But he does stride promptly over to order her a beer from the bar. And one for himself while he's at it. They're coming off the tap, and it's early yet, so it doesn't take long to get them. The pair of them have arrived not long ago.

"Thaaaaank you." Yggy bats her lashes as she accepts the beer, and kicks out Phin's chair for him. "Now sit your ass down and explain the proto-stache to me."

Kelsey strolls into the bar with her cane and immediately stretches as much as she can, taking in a loooong breath of air. "Ahhhhhhhhhh," she exhales. "Ohhh Charlie's. How I've missed you!" The bartender probably does not show as much affection. She gets a beer quickly, and a mixed drink (Thanks Petra!), and heads for the table of pilots.

It's early yet, so Charlie's hasn't become too crowded. Phin and Ygraine arrived not long ago down from the ship. Phin's just procured two beers from the bar, which he takes back to a table the ECO has staked out. He sits, shrugging at her question. "I was just thinking…we're about to head to Picon and my brother and I will probably both be sent down to the surface at some point, and it's not like all the troops on the ground and from the other battlegroups are used to us looking…identical. So. I just thought I might…differentiate a little bit." He turns his head at the sound of Kelsey's voice, raising a hand to wave her over. "Hey, Squire."

"That…makes sense." Ygraine still tries to tug it, though. Because it's there. She sips her beer and leans back. "That was kinda…I don't even know. Surreal?" she suggests to Phin. "Like, harder to believe than bein' in th'raptor gettin' shot at."

"Hey SIR," Squire rubs it in with a grin. She spins a chair around with her boot while she sips at the mixed drink. Plopping down, the beer is settled on the table and she props the mixer on the chairback she straddles from the seat. "I think the word you are looking for is mind-blowing. I'm glad they listened to my rec for you, Shakes. You earned it." She leans the glass over to cheers the ECO. Back to Phin, she stares at the 'stache. "Yanno my dad tried to grow one once and my mom told him that it looked like, from a distance, he'd been eating manure all day. Luckily yours does not look half that bad. …Congrats by the way. Promos and a medal. You're gonna be swimmin in the good times tonight." Big grin, cracked halo.

Usually Maia will use any excuse she can to dress up, but that's not the case tonight. She's still in her fatigues with her pins still tucked into the box in her pocket. Her and Grippa have made their way down, fashionably late it seems. Looking at the Viper, she grins as they walk in the door. "A medal AND a promotion. That's so amazing." Nudging him with her arm, "We're gonna drink, dance, get drunk and dance some more."

Phin can't help but laugh when Ygraine tries to tug his attempt at facial hair. There's not much to grab onto yet. It'll come, for better or worse. "It's for Picon," he tells Kelsey wryly. "And thanks. I think. You guys were the ones who did the real heavy-lifting on the SABER mission. Glad Command handed out the Valor decoration. I think that's the first one anyone on the battlestar's earned, yeah?" He strains to remember another, but it doesn't come to him. "All I could think about after were thinks I wish I'd changed about how I handled it." He fingers his bronze cluster, shrugging. "I'm glad Grips got it, at least. He was on against those Raiders at low-alt, and dodging those missiles in the canyons. It's just…yeah. Surreal. Still hasn't really sunk in." He turns his head at Maia and Agrippa's entrance, raising a hand to wave them over. "Hey, guys."

Fashionably late indeed, most likely because Agrippa was too busy admiring his new medal in the mirror that he lost track of time. At least until Maia appeared by the berthings and his locker to wake him up out of his daydreaming, a wishful thought when he joined the Academy turning into a reality. "I'm certainly game for all that, this ocassion is once in a lifetime. No CAP, no Alert Five coming up, I'm good to go tonight." He answers Centerfold as they step into Charlie's. Looking around, Agrippa sees the others already here celebrating and nods in that direction, "There they are. I'll grab us some drinks and meet you there." Waving a hand back to Phin, he calls back, "Yo!" With that said, he heads to the bar for some much needed alcohol.

Bennett arrives from the Living Complex.

"All I'm sayin' is, it may get a little difficult with the ladies." Ygraine teases, and then observes, "I'm thinkin' that they're gonna go easy on us for a bit before they take us into battle. Ya know. Let us shore up."

"I just hope they aren't the last," Squire tells Phin as she gets comfortable. "Because if I'm supposed to be an example to the rest of the crew, we're all in very serious doo-doo if that example is followed. Quick, everyone go pop out a kid at the most academically crucial point in your teenage years! Readyyyyy GO!" she laughs. "But hey, I saw the footage. Y'all were rockin. Can't think of anyone else I would rather have had up there running the Vipers." The other entrants get a wave and a lift of her drink. Her own medal is nowhere to be seen. Looking to Yggy, Kels smirks. "Gods I hope not. That's my home. Bitch has tried to kill me twice now. I don't think she has it in her. So I want to go back as soon as possible. I wanna kill that godsdamned Saber. I thought we were toast when we flew through those treetops. I blacked out through that pull-out. Don't remember losing the dradis dish or sensors at all. I come back, pewf, they're all gone."

Bennett is a little late to the party, but arrive she does— and in civvies, no less. Gone is the stiff military uniform; tonight she's broken out a little yellow and white sundress, straw hat and strappy sandals, as befits the warm weather down on Piraeus. She casts her eyes about once she steps inside, and quickly spots the small contingent of her wingmates over yonder. Smiling, she heads thataway.

With a goofy grin on her face, Maia looks up at Grippa and nods. "For sure. Just anything for me. Surprise me." With that, she heads over to the other Wingers. "Hey, it looks like a party over here. Can't even begin to express how happy I am for you guys." Hearing the talk of the Saber, she grrins, smoothly taking a chair. "If there's room, I want in on that mission. Damn you guys did good. All oglf you."

Phin lets out a "Heh" to Kelsey. "I suspect some of the Wing's done way worse, Wescott. Whatever. I figure, once you got your wings, even playing field, no matter where we come from. We're all flight officers." He drinks on his beer a bit, raising a fist to bump with Agrippa. "Yo, wingman." He leaves it at that, but he eyes the other Viper's bronze with a grin he can't quite manage yet for his own. "You did good, too, Centerfold. Got the brass to prove it now. About time." A "Hey, Captain" is offered to Bennett.

"Congratulatins." says Yggy to Maia with a smile, and then, "Butch!" Ygraine's smile brightens when she sees the Captain. "C'mon, take a load off."

Reaching the bar, Agrippa quickly flags downt he bartender and orders two drinks, first is his usual Captain and Cola, the other is a Sex on the Beach. The young pilot is certainly anxious to get back to the others, evident by the drumming of his fingers while the bartender mixes the drinks. When done, Punchdrunk nods his thanks and heads back to the gathering with drinks in hand, offering the Sex on the Beach to Maia before fist bumping Phin with his free hand before grinning that cocky grin, looking down at his own medal, "Looks good, doesn't it?" When Bennett arrives, Agrippa also gives her a wave, "Captain."

Bennett pulls up a chair and settles into it languidly. Her brilliant blue eyes are still lit up with a smile that teases dimples out of her cheeks. "Congratulations, I think, are in order," she murmurs softly. "I'd drink with you all, but.." But, it's fairly well established that she doesn't drink. "Miss." She gently catches the elbow of the passing 'tender. "A round for my friends, here. Whatever their hearts desire." She winks at Phin, and slides her arm, sisterly, around Ygraine's shoulders.

Kelsey sketches a salute to Bennett. "Hey, sir!" She grins over to Maia and Agrippa also. "Congrats to the both of you guys. Well-earned." She nods happily and looks back to Phin. "Yeah, I guess. Still. I hope people don't think I'm some kind of example. We did one insane thing. Sure it might pay off, but.. you know. The idea of people thinking I'm some kind of role model freaks me out. I know myself pretty well and yeah. Not so much."

Ygraine leans her head briefly on Bennett's shoulder. "Well, I ain't exactly a role model either, ya know." she points out to Kelsey with a grin.

"Thanks, 'Shake. See, always told you that you were the best ECO out there." Maia settles into her chair, wearing that same grin. "Thanks Dolly, that was some fancy flying on yours and Grippa's part too. That film was an edge of your seat flick." Speaking of, when Grippa joins, she accepts the drink with a wide smile. "Perfect, thank you, Alex." Gently he nudged Kels. "You're a damned good pilot. Stop freaking yourself out so bad." Soon as the captain walks in, Maia lifts her drink. "Hey, come celebrate."

Phin shrugs to Kelsey, grinning slight. "Yeah. Me neither. Still can't believe I got my ass into the Academy some days." To Maia, he admits, "It was kind of a rush." He drains more beer from his glass, saying to Bennett, "I could use another of these, Captain. Thanks." He'll work on finishing his first before his second is delivered.

"Thank you, Captain." Agrippa answers Bennett when she offers her congratulations to the group before turning to Kelsey and listening to her worries, "I don't think it was meant that literally, like to follow your footsteps to the exact step. But more on how when you two saw that something needed to be done, no matter how dangerous it was, you both stepped up. Stepped up and got us some solid intel." The compliments from Maia has Punchdrunk grinning wider, as if that was possible, "It was pretty good, yeah? Low level altitude dog-fighting, don't try it at home."

"I'm not so sure, Kelsey," Bennett opines, with a squeeze of Ygraine's shoulder before she releases her to hunt down a cigarette. "I don't think anyone sets out to be a role model. Not the real ones, anyway." Her eyes flick up to the young pilot, then back down again as she delicately tucks a smoke between her meticulously, subtly painted lips. "Besides, I think y'all have given the wing, and the rest of the crew, something much more important than an example of a bang-up job. You've given them hope. The odds were against you, and you persevered." Phin gets a smile, and she leans back briefly to relay something to the bartender.

Kelsey eyes Maia. "Maybe I will." Then she looks to Bennett. The Ensign looks thoughtful for a moment and seems a little less energetic. After a few moments a slow nod begins and she smiles. "Yeah, okay." She throws back her whole drink and downs it quickly. She is about to slam it down on the table- and then it goes gently. "Awesome. Time to forget about the freak-out. You're right, Cap. Daaaaang good point." She takes up her beer and chases the mixed drink with a quarter of it. "Holy shit they gave us medals of valor!" she laughs, blurting it as she looks to Ygraine. "I need to find me an ECO like Yiggles. A steady one. Who is as insane as I am."

"I imagine it was one giant rush filled with several oh shits." Maia teases both Phin and Agrippa. "Yeah.. No. You don't have to worry about me trying that move, Alex. Once I get that Viper, I'm doing nothing that crazy. Not until I at least get some experience under my belt." Lifting her glass, she takes a long drink of the Sex on the Beach. "Mmm.." When Kels relaxes and seems to be having more fun, she gives a thumbs up. "Hey Royal did great bringing in the Raptor for me when I went toe up. He's good." Nodding briefly to Bennett she grins. "Yeah, I agree. They've given us all hope."

Maia adds.. "Not to mention safer airspace."

Phin chuckles to Maia. "Something like that, yeah." He slouches in his chair, drinking slowly. Relaxing from the surreal-ness of promotion and medaling to enjoy the company. "Hey, did any of you guys recognize that new piece of brass?" He clarifies, "The Major in the dress grays who gave us some of our decorations. The one who left to talk with Lieutenant Colonel Petra after."

Bennett replaces her smoke between her lips, lights it, and eases back in her chair as she inhales a lungful of fumarella. Diviiiiine. She has to laugh at Kelsey's remark about her potential, insane, backseater. "You know," she tells Phin, "I can't say that I do. I am sure we'll be apprised of things soon enough, though." Given the revolving door of CAGs they've had, she looks understandably uncertain. As a softer aside to Maia, "Are you working toward dual certification?"

Enjoying his own drink, Agrippa is quiet for a moment, amused at Kelsey's antics as she tries to deal with the burden of having one of high honors decorated onto her. When the new Major is brought up, he shakes his head in response to Phin, "I can't recall having seen her or met her before, maybe she came over from one of the new Taskforces that jonied us?"

Ygraine snorts. "Ya think I'm kiddin', but once ya get in a viper, you're gonna forget all about bein' in a raptor." Then to Kelsey, "Sorry, Squire. I'm one of a kind, and thank goodness, or that'd make me a Cylon." Yes, we've reached that point.

Kelsey nods slowly to Maia. "True. Royal seems to know what he's doing." The beer is tilted a bit towards the new Lieutenant and she then sips it. "Yeah, I was going to ask about that Major. I figured it was just because I am still kinda new. Lady looks thin, too. Sack of bones, thin. I don't think she's apart of our task force, like Agrippa said." Shakes gets a laugh, though. "Oh Gods, I don't know if that thought terrifies or relieves me."

"You've gotta keep pulling some Raptor time, Centerfold," Phin says. "I kind of like knowing you're around to pull our asses out of space if the Raiders blow our little birds." He has no comment on the strange Major's figure. Though he does nod about her being from another task force. "Yeah. Probably. I haven't met any of the officers from, like, Blackjack and stuff. But I guess it'd make sense that we start mixing more, if we're going to be fighting together." He half-raises his glass again. Then stops, like something occurred to him. "Hey! We should toast!" Precisely what, he doesn't seem to know. Since he doesn't suggest one.

Bennett can't quite bring herself to smile at Ygraine's humour. She ashes her cigarette into someone's empty glass, and takes another pull from the smoke while Kelsey's speaking. "Little-known fact, Vashti: I originally tried for the viper pipeline, and couldn't cut it. And just as well, I think; give me a bus any day. She may not turn heads, but boy is she a workhorse." Phin's proclamation causes her to blink. "A toast. Of course." She considers for a moment, then suggests. "To Tyche's fortune?"

"I'll always be a Raptor first," Combining an answer for both Phin and Ygraine. "It's who I'll always be, a Raptor pilot. I won't be able to go just hop in a Viper, I'll have to get clearance from both Holtz and the CAG." Maia smiles at the question from Bennett, "Yes Sir. I'm working on cross qualification. I've been doing it a couple months now already, have about four more to go, little less than that." Reassuring Phin now. "I'll still be out there, you know there's way more work for Raptors than Vipers most of the time." At the mention of the toast, she lifts her glass, still having a bit in it, she swirls it around, stirring it some. "Never seen the Major before either.." But the blonde Raptorette doesn't linger on it. "So, what are we drinking to?";m

Ygraine doesn't buy it, and it's on her face. "To Tyche's fortune." she says regardless, lifting her glass in salute.

"Well once we start on Picon the Viper folks are gonna be pretty busy non-stop from what I hear. Gonna be craaaaaazy. This Chief I know heard from his girlfriend's bunkmate that her boyfriend says he's seen the plans. We've got more pilots than Vipers by a huge amount and when we take Crandall? Its gonna be nuts. Supposedly they have a lot of stuff down there in storage." The Boneyard. Watching the glasses raise, she nods. "Tyche's fortune."

"To Tyche's fortune," Phin puts in, raising his own glass. "May good Fortuna stick with us for awhile."

Inputting also, Maia lifts her glass. "To Tyche's fortune."

Bennett has procured herself a glass of — presumably — water, by this point. It's raised along with the rest, and though she locks eyes with Ygraine for a heartbeat, nothing is said. A good swallow is downed, and then she slides the glass away and makes to stand. "I've got to be getting back to Orion. Congratulations again to all of you. Well flown and well fought." Smiling, she retrieves her straw hat. "Have a lovely evening."

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