AWD #109: Gone Fishing
Gone Fishing
Summary: In which Phin and Ygraine get away to Piraeus, a river, and some fried fish.
Date: 25/04/2013 (OOC Date)
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Phin Ygraine 
The Great Beyond — Piraeus
AWD #109

Sometimes they luck out, and Ygraine and Phin's days off align, and heading down to Piraeus is in order. But instead of CC's, she takes him to a spot where she knows the fishing's good, with a few bottles of beer and basic fishing tools. A fire is made, in the event of wolves, and now Yggy's standing in the middle of the river, pants rolled up at the ankles. "C'mon," she says brightly. "We'll catch 'em! Maybe tickle 'em a little bit!"

Phin has been subdued of late. Since the loss of Ceres, if one is tracking these things, though it's not something he's shown any particular inclination to discuss. He was definitely eager to take a break from ship-based civilization when the occasion presented itself. He's sitting by the fire now, taking off his shoes and rolling up his jeans. "How'd you find this place?" he asks, getting up and striding toward the river, once he's prepped. "It's pretty. I kind of forget there are places down here other than the settlement."

"That's crazy." She is determinedly not talking about Ceres, and seems to know the right time to broach the idea that he can be okay. Hence, this fishing trip. "This planet is huge. We ain't even touched a bit of it. Let me tell ya, first set of tropical islands we get around to findin', I'm gettin' me a tan." Like she won't turn red as a lobster.

Phin baits his hook. Which he turns into an unnecessarily slow process and requires apparently deep concentration. And squinting, when he finally gets the worm positioned. Finally, he nods to himself, satisfied. "That…is…so…" he agrees, straightening and heading into the water. The feeling of his bare feet in the mud, and the current against his legs, makes him grin. He laughs when she mentions tanning. "You'll pick up some extra freckles, at least. Does sound nice, though. Get some sun, maybe try the waves…yeah. That I could do."

Ygraine wrinkles her nose. "Th'last thing I need is more freckles. I got a surplus, want some?" she offers and drops casts her line. It's a makeshift pole, but it seems to suit her just fine.

Phin chuckles. "I'll take a few off your hands. Put them on my nose. But I think you where them better than me." He also devotes some extra time to thinking about precisely where to cast. Like furrowing his brow is going to help him get a bead on where the fish might bite. His line's finally off, enough away from hers that he won't risk tangling. He does tip his face up, so it gets some sun, though his nose probably won't freckle. He tans pretty easy. "Gods, it's been way too long since we did this. Not too different from parts of the countryside on Leonis, if you squint."

"Yah." she agrees. "Part of why I like it here. Knew I could take you with me, and ya'd enjoy it, not complain about bugs n' dirt n'all." she grins over at him. "Brought some food just in case we don't catch, but I'd rather roast some fresh fish. This'll be good practice for ya when we get to doin' survival maneuvers finally."

"Who'd complain? Pretty day, good company, get some room breathe. Not going to knock life on the ship, but it makes you feel closed in sometimes, y'know? Don't even realize how much until you get out of it." Phin returns her grin, inhaling the fresh air deep. "It does make you wonder when you think about it, doesn't it? What else is on this planet, aside from maybe some choice beaches in another climate zone. You heard anything else about those…ruins, I guess. Not sure what else to call them. Those buildings that were here even though nobody in the military built them."

"Ain't like we can go in there. Rads too high." says Ygraine wistfully. "But yeah, I'm eager t'explore the planet. Not that we get a whole buncha time, but can ya imagine discoverin' somethin' new…and then gettin' t'name it." She beams. "Yggy's Rock. Yggy's Point. Yggy's Lake."

"Yggy's Creek?" Phin suggest with a chuckle. "This one might have a name but…I don't know it. That'll do. Kind of makes me want to go up to the hills, find McBride's Mountain Top or something." He hefts his pole a little, like he's trying to improve his angle in the water. It has not noticeable effect right away. "It's just weird that they're there at all. You got any ideas on what built them? Or what happened to who did. Though I guess if the rad levels are that high…" He trails off. The possibilities are kind of grim, to his mind.

"None." Ygraine confesses. "The thirteenth colony?" she suggests lightly. "A Kobol era survey team? I guess the possibilities are endless. Like exploring this world." She can't help but add slyly, "McBride's Shriekmunk."

Phin turns to Ygraine and puffs out his cheeks, like he's storing up air to shriek. But he just "Brrrphs" is out in a rush, and sticks his tongue out at her. "No frakking way. Those things are freaky. If I catch an awesome new fish species, that'll be my namesake." He relaxes his arm some, just letting his line drift. "Like the thirteenth tribe? Could be. That'd be mind-blowing, but it makes as much sense as anything else. Doesn't seem like it ended too well for them, whoever they were."

"No, not at all. But what people ain't thinkin' about? Is who bombed the hades outta them." She then adds, ever so casually, "I think you're gettin' a bite."

Phin's face gets more thoughtful, and frowny, as he considers that. The bombing question, at least. "All this has happened before…" he mutters. Though he can't get too deep into brooding over that idea, before he does notice something tugging on his line. "Whoa! Sweet!" The pole is makeshift and he can't really reel it, but he grasps it with both hands and tugs.

Ygraine lets out a laugh and counsels, "Easy, easy! If ya tug too hard you'll lose it! Once ya get it out, toss it t'th'bank and we'll have ourself a nice fish over th'fire!" She calls out encouragements, but doesn't step in to help unless he asks.

"OK! OK…" Phin eases up on the tugging, grinning broad. "I have totally got this!" Whatever's he's got yanks on the line. He doesn't lose it, but there's a lot of splashing and tensing. "Uh, Yggs? I might not have this. Little help?"

Ygraine grins. "Didn't want ya t'think I thought ya couldn't do it." she assures, and moves to head not to help him with the pole, but to the business end, reaching down and deftly snatching the slippery fish with her two hands. "Dinner!" she declares. "Ya remember how ta gut it?"

"I get by strictly with a little help from my friends," Phin chuckles, his smile widening once she gets the fish in hand. "Yeah. That I got." He sloshes his way to shore and back to the fire, digging around in his pack. He plucks out a folded pocket knife, Colonial Navy insignia on the handle. He just holds the thing for a moment, before opening it. "Y'know, Talkshow gave me this as a Saturnalia gift. What feels like a zillion years ago. This'll be first time I've had a chance to use the blade properly."

She kneels down next to him, eager to watch his expertise. She starts to say something, but thinks the better of it, offering instead, "We should get more of th'Wing down here, don'tcha think? I mean for rec, not just exercises."

Phin didn't have many woodsy skills before he started hanging out with Ygraine, but he does know how to clean a fish. He starts the process of scaling it, head to tail. He's particularly careful about the collar area of the thing. It's tasty, and he wants to get it clear of scales without hacking it. "Yeah. Yeah, that'd be nice. Just hang for the day, somewhere other than Charlie's. I mean, I don't mind the place but change of scenery kind of gets your head in different place, y'know?"

"Exactly. Part of the reason for th'party bein' on th'court, well, that and Kelz not bein' able t'go to Charlie's." Ygraine admits with a grin. "Good job, that. Y'know, I bet we pour a little beer through it and over it and it'll take on a real nice flavor."

"She still banned from that fight?" Phin sounds surprised by that. "Man. Really hasn't been that long, has it? When you just break it down in weeks and months." He can only dwell so much while working the fish, though. "Here we go…" He carefully slips his fingers into the thing once the scales are off and cut himself an opening, and pulls the unwanted innards out. And flicks some of them at Ygraine with a laugh, because he's mature like that.

"She is, yeah. Til she turns twenty-one, but I don't think that's very long t'wait, though." She laughs and bats at the scales, fishing one out of her hair. "How're things in Viper Land?"

Phin flicks a few more, before settling back into the gutting. He shrugs. "Fine, I guess. Still flying. Same maneuvers, different day, y'know? Storm's keeping things steady. Trying to help him, as I can. Not sure how much that is but…" He shrugs. "Anyway. I just try and stay focused on the job. Not like there's a shortage of stuff to keep you busy, even if a lot of it's routine." He's a fan of routine, so it's not a complaint. "The new CAG seems OK, as new CAGs go. What little I've seen of the guy. What do you think of him? Being an ECO and all?" Like she has special countermeasure insight.

"Seems alright." is Yggy's conclusion. "Wants t'get th'job done and that's th'base qulification, ain't it? Don't get too bored. Remember what happens when ya get bored and interestin' shit starts happenin'?"

Phin winks. "I'll keep myself out of trouble. I think I got it." The fish, that is. He deftly cuts out the gills, to finish cleaning the thing. "I wonder if this thing does have a name?" He squints at it, then shrugs. "At least it didn't shriek. And, yeah. Seems competent, seems like a good combat leader. Better deal than a lot of what we could end up with. I kind of feel for him, weird as that sounds. Can't be an easy time to come in over us."

"We're some rough squadrons, but we are th'best." Yggy says cheerily. "And I'm pretty sure his name is Lunch."

"Awesome species, Lunch," Phin concludes. He puts the cleaned fish aside in a handy bucket, then heads back to the river bank. To wash his hands. They're pretty gross, after that. "How's life in Raptorville lately? Or just Yggyville?"

"Not bad, not bad." Yggy says. "Things are quiet, and Ally's been sorted out, thank the gods. Holtz is spendin' a lot of time with her, and I don't wanna get in th'middle of that."

"Where's she sorted? Storm Junior, I mean," Phin asks, dipping his arms into the water down to the elbows. "And quiet's not bad. Better than the alternatives, most days. Anyway, the kid seems to like you. Give it some time, you'll, like, a whole big sister thing going on." He flashes her a grin. Because, haha, your boyfriend's old.

"There is no good answer t'that." says Ygraine with a roll of her eyes. "She's stayin' with Kelsey's maw-maw. Did ya know she's a former CAG? That's pretty frakkin' cool. Anyway. She can take th'type of shit a smart ass Tauron genetic offspring of Storm can dish out."

"Kelsey's grams? That's good of her to do it, and at least Storm knows she's with decent people when he can't look after her. Was she?" Phin looks a little surprised, but not hugely so. "CAG, I mean. That is pretty cool. And I guess it squares with why Squire wanted to fly so bad. Damn strange. Folks family just showing up practically out of the air like that. Can't feel like it's anything bad but…just strange."

"Everybody's been sayin' that." Yggy points out. "Everybody thinks it's strange. But no one can really figure out why so many survived. I don't know anyone who's got answers. Any ideas?"

"Might as well call it a miracle," Phin says, and he isn't entirely dismissive of the idea. "I mean, it is. In a way. Even if it's not literally. As for how specifically…don't know. Not sure it's something I want to think about too hard, when I start thinking about it. It'd have to mean somebody with the Cylons had, like, a list or something. Of people like Storm, and that deckie who found her sister and…everyone who had somebody they thought they lost step off those Raptors." He didn't uncover any lost relatives himself, which he's maybe sadder about than he'd like to let on. He clears his throat. "And that they'd have had to set some really weird stuff up. Like, that Rutlii girl was talking about how she'd gone on vacation from Virgon to Picon with her college friends before the attacks. That's bizarre, and it gets more bizarre if you think about how somebody might've tried to plan for it."

"I keep searchin' amongst th'survivors, but still ain't heard nothin'." Yggy admits. "If one or any of 'em were here, I'd know by now." She's pretty meh about her brothers, too.

"Yeah," Phin says low, turning his head up from the river to look at her. "Anyway. Still billions of people left out there we can't see to right now. Maybe it's not so strange, given that. Anyway. Something to be grateful for, and if I think too much about it beyond that, makes my brain hurt." Which he's not going to let himself do too much right now, at least. Now that he's mostly de-gutted, he heads back toward the fire. "We should fry that sucker."

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