MD #209: Golf51 Recon
MD #209: Golf51 Recon
Summary: Ben, Casey & Sam follow up on a lead that Lukes provided and found - heard - a great many things that they weren't expecting.
Date: Fri 03/Nov/2017 (OOC Date)
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Ben Casey Samtara 
Recon Raptor
Unnamed planet currently being referred to as Golf51
Mon 21/May/2049 (IC Date)

Ben adjust his belt that holds his newly issued weapoin in it's hoster. Odd feeling when you haven't worn one in a while. He boards his ship and settles into the cockpit chair. The command is given and Ben now becomes mission commander for this flight. One jump in, redirection and the second is taken. A slow mannuver and the third jump is done. The forth is plotted and exicuted. Ben leans back to the passangers, "Last jump coming up, any final words or requests?"

<FS3> Casey rolls ECM: Good Success.

"Take us in nice and quiet like, if you would," Sam asks from where she's been seated since the beginning of this mission. The gear she's brought with is secured and the surgeon herself is as secured in the seat as tight as the safety harness will allow without restricting blood flow: some habit's just don't die.
"Last jump plotted," Casey reports to Ben. "FTL is spoooooooled." She draws out the word so she doesn't have to say spooling at all. Then she clackety clacks, getting DRADIS ready before the jump and any other sensors she needs online. Nothing that should sing out their position when they arrive though beyond DRADIS. "Jumping in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Jump-" And like that, they blip out of that space.

Ben grins and says in a light tone, "Nice and quiet it is Doc. Any other way we get shot down. Getting shot down is bad." He nods, double checking the final jump coordance. He looks out through the darkness of space at what little distant beauty he can see, he pulls a deep breath, "Hold on to something." It's not the jump that bothers him, it's the sudden stop behind a moving moon. He hits it. Jump.

The Raptor is looking at the distant star and at this range they can just make out some of the planets. There's a lot of interference coming from a distant source, but it seems to be too far away to be human sourced. There's only so much Radio Frequency power that can come from artificial sources. Its not a terrible concern, but they are likely operating with all the active gear turned off to keep their signature down. With the final jump ready and executed, the Raptor flashes and reappears, staring at a massive, black object in front of them: the dark side of the moon. According to their clocks, they've got about four minutes, forty-five seconds until the next projected comms window with the ground team — of unknown origin. So far everything looks quiet and from behind the moon, there's very little interference. Everything goes blissfully silent on the passive sensors. If they nudge their nose around just a bit, they can catch the edge of the glowing blue and green ball. If Casey double-checks, yep Lukes did her homework correctly, their projected jump point is out there in the middle of nowhere and exposed. Three minutes. And the clock keeps running down. The short jump into the system didn't suck up much charge, so getting recharged is only going to take the few minutes remaining.

"Getting shot down, shot up, shot full of holes or anything.. Yes, in general. Lets not," Sam agrees in a low voice as she hooks one hand into the safety harness and tips her head back for a moment to watch through the front of the raptor as the last jump is executed. The sudden burst of light and the massive dark object that obscures their immediate surround has the surgeon letting out a slow breath of relief. Staring at the dark side of the moon not embedded IN the surface of same? absolute win.

Ben looks to the end of the edge of the moon where he has to stick his nose out to make the signal connect. He looks then to Casey, "You got this right? I'm only getting us just past this rock for this. First sign of trouble, we're backing up to hide." In his mind, that is the right choise, but a deep dread sinks in that he's going to have to fly in as fast as he can for an attempted pick up. He pulls a deep breath, looking at the time piece clicking the second away. He squints a bit, "Lazer language learning bites by the way." He blinks a few more times.

"Well sir I think maybe we should wait till the FTL is spooled up again?…wait, are we backing up to hide or jumping out?" Casey blinks to the pilot. It's their first time flying together. ~I don't know, I think it's pretty cool.~ Casey says in Erfriki with a chuckle. "Well FTL is hot. Ready to jump to last coordinates. Jumping in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, jump!"

<FS3> Casey rolls ECM: Good Success.

Casey might find that -speaking- Erfriki actually feels quite natural on the tongue. Like it flows. It isn't like speaking Arpay that sounds more glutteral. This flows nicely like a poem in words. When they all try it out, they might find the same. Its quite pleasant.

And then the jump. Casey plunks them about five hundred meters off target, but that could be due to interference or any one of ten thousand factors outside her control. As they settle into position, they are looking down at the planet from a very, very high orbit. Not as high as a moon, but about three-quarters of that distance. They truly are out in the open at this point. But they are provided with a beautiful view. The sun is at their four o'clock, casting some small shadows from the mountain ranges. Looking up to the clock, though, they watch the communication window hit 00:00:00 and then start counting up by the second. Three. Four. Then Casey's ECO gear light up with an encrypted microwave incoming. The indicators on the panel run down at green as the voice comes through.

They don't catch all of the words, but they can hear enough.

That's very, very close to Erfriki.

"<two words>, this is Blue One. How <word>, over?"

"Intriguing," Sam's voice is a quiet murmur of sound as she leans forward to listen to the sound that's piped through the Raptor's speakers.

Ben catches his breath and keeps it steady. This is it. Do or die, or run away like last time. He almost forgot about that last time with the alien ship taking prisoners. That really did bother him that they left them. He's on a new mission. He's got to keep his head. Jump point arrival. Really in the open is right. "Start the cameras. I'm adjusting course a bit, nice jump sight. Get what you can, check the radio band frequency. We should be getting something." The craft eases up slightly to readjust for the distance. He wants to hold his breath in hopes that will help them not to get spotted or shot at. So open.

Casey immediately starts spooling up the FTL again. It will be ready when it's ready is her motto. "We're about 500 meters off target," and she provides Ben with a bearing. She flicks on the recording equipment so when they intercept, they'll have some record of it beyond the black box. "Should be getting -there it is." She shuts up and lets the broadcast come in. "Wow…wowowowow. I thought maybe she was mistaken…These people have Arpay tech." Casey doesn't elaborate. "Frak. We've got two capital ships, big puppies. We're going to be detected in about two minutes." She checks the FTL. "Microwave transmission is coming from some ridge in the mountains east of the city, facility, whatever that is. We've got two minutes till those big ships know we're here sir." Still, she fires up the cameras and starts rolling footage, plus waits for better stills, snapping off a few right away. "Cameras are rolling sir."

The voice returns, sounding more insistent. "<two words>, this is Blue One. How <word>, over?"

"I'm not any sort of expert, but can they track us through a jump if we have to jump away?" Sam wonders as she leans forward still, relying on the safety harness to do it's job while she listens to what Ben & Casey are saying and, equally important, to what's coming over the com. "If we initiate contact protocol, how do we identify ourselves, com signal wise?"

"A little late to be asking that sir, but no…um, I thought that's your domain? I mean you're the one who knows how to be all diplomatic? But maybe, as friends? Colonials?" Casey wonders back with as polite a tone as possible. She doesn't take her eyes off her sensors and her cameras, eyes darting from one to another.

Ben eases the ship in the right direction. He glances back slightly, "They'll only get our first jump, to their first moon. I'll jet us behind before we jump again and foul thier trackers. Question is, are we going in?" He says to ease her mind. He knows they'll be find running away, but that isn't the situation at the moment. He's ready to go down for reteaval if it's advised, "If we're going to get them, now's the time. Use Orian, they should know about us. This is their hope for pick up. Just make it quick." He checks the time, "Micron seven left. Be quick and assuring."

MORE insistent: "<two words>, this is Blue One. How <word>, over?" But the mic is left open. It sounds like the radio operator is talking to someone. "-pack it up." is heard, then one last call: "<two words>, this is Blue One. We are packing in. <word>. Blue One, <two words>." It sounds final. Casey's ECO panel shows a red light with signal fade.

Sam exhales a breath, scrubs the heels of both hands against her fatigue trousers then shares a nod with Ben before she turns to Casey, "Patch me through," she says and takes another breath as she waits for Casey to do the ECO magic then speaks in a clear, concise and carefully enunciated tone of voice, "Blue One, this is Dr. Stone of the Arpay Diplomatic Corp, reading you loud and clear on this frequency, Over."

Sam exhales a breath, scrubs the heels of both hands against her fatigue trousers then shares a nod with Ben before she turns to Casey, "Patch me through," she says and takes another breath as she waits for Casey to do the ECO magic then speaks in a clear, concise and carefully enunciated tone of voice, "Blue One, this is Dr. Stone of the Colonial fleet and Arpay Diplomatic Corp, reading you loud and clear on this frequency, Over."

"Signal is fading, but still there. Patching now-" Casey says with that signature unperturbed-ness. "You're hot. Go." She hands off to Sam. "Thanks for keeping an eye on the clock sir," Casey asides to Ben. She checks the FTL. "If we're going to go in, we go in now sir. Maybe jump out, but it'd be hot for sure. We don't know if those cap ships have jump capable bombers. Surely they have alert fighters."

Ben signs ever so slightly, "Their packing up. They expect us to come get them." Under his breath, "Frak." He looks to Casey, "You have a lock on their signal? You know where they are?" He knows the mission directive. Landing is only if it's clear. He sighs again. "Fourty five seconds."

"No…they don't expect us to come get them. They just think we're an unknown so they are closing off their signal so they can move and become undetectable again. They already broadcasted their signal and I said they were on the ridge on the mountains east of the city thing." Casey sounds a little frustrated, losing some of that calm. "I wish I had brought gum."

The signal on Casey's ECO panel holds at fade. And holds. Then goes back to green. It sits there for about ten seconds before a different voice comes back on, this one sounds more authoritative. "Signal lost to <long word>. This is Blue One. Did we hear <word>? Diplomatic Corps? Having trouble <word> you. Why are you speaking like that? <word> or we are closing down. You <word> ten seconds, over."

Ben looks back to Sam. It's up to her now. He's ready to clear this planet, but it all depends on this broadcast.

"Do what ever you need to, to maintain signal," Samtara says in a low voice, speaking to Ben and Casey as she listens intently to the reply they get back over the com. "Blue One, I say again, this is Dr. Stone of the Colonial Fleet and Arpay Diplomatic Corps. I served my first tour on Bominaire," she is careful with the pronunciation there, "and several other locations," which she does not immediately disclose. "Forgive the language barrier, any mispronunciations are my own. We are not Skath, we are not Cylons, we are not loyalists or machines. We are reading you on this frequency, can we be of assistance, over?"

There's an extended pause on the frequency. More than ten seconds. Fifteen. Twenty. But the lights stay in the green. The voice finally comes back, "Where is <two words>, over?" Those are the same two words that were used when trying to call out originally. It sounds like Bolow Nee-en? Nei-en? Nine? The Erfriki supposedly in this sector spoke a dialect. But the Arpay Razar recording is thousands of years old. But the ship they were trying to contact was destroyed five days ago by the 'Haters', an unofficial term clearly. The voice then comes back, hesitating, as if trying to speak the language that the Raptor crew knows… "The Arpay are.. Dead. There is no Diplomatic Corps. Who are you, Doctor Stone?" There's limited patience on his end, not knowing how to proceed, either. "Why are you.. above. This. Planet?"

Ben softly says in a confused tone, "Arpay are dead?" He looks to Casey, "Aren't they the ones we're to contact?" He quirks a brow as he turns back to Sam to see where this goes. Time is running out. To Casey, "How far away are the battle cruisers?"

Bracing one hand against the seat as she continues to lean forward, Sam shares a look with Casey and Ben as she listens to the words after the extended pause, signaling to silence their end for a moment. "We don't know that they are all dead or that they aren't, but even if the whole of the people are, they still aren't dead, because Becks is alive. One may not be all, but one is more than zero," she says in a soft voice before she signals to the com again and speaks toward it. "The Apray were not just a people, there were an idea. They were a promise. They were a vow. They were hope. Hope does not die, even when the last of the Arpay takes their last breath, they will live on," Sam's words are again that clear and carrying but now imbued with the sense of determination that puts emphasis to each spoken word. "Blue one, we are here because we picked up your signal and we share a common language and hopefully common goals. We're above this planet because we do not believe you to be in a particularly friendly neighborhood. So I say again, may we be of assistance somehow, over?"

Casey rolls her eyes, but the only think that might notice are the screens in front of her and they aren't sentient. "No…Arpay /are/ dead sir. We're trying to contact these unknown people….wait, how would they know the Arpay are dead unless they were in contact with them regularly?" They have Arpay tech, but this seems to yield a new realization in Casey. Then she snaps out, "Those big ships know where we are by now. Probably about two minutes till we know about response…course, by then-routing cams to auxilliary screens, standby," she alerts the crew on local comms. Beep boop bop on the instruments.

"Now is not the time to wax poetic sir," Casey adds back to Sam as way of warning that they are running out of time.

The recon package on the Raptor is up and running and has been focusing in. With every passive sensor up and running, its all pointed down. On the screens in the Raptor, the cameras are showing a facility about the size of a medium-sized city. At the center is a large, armored series of block buildings. But the more the camera pans around, the more they can see something regimented about it. The whole place looks very carefully designed. There are walls all over the place as if to control movement. …And around the exterior is a very large, about one mile wide, cleared area. It runs like a fence around the whole place. A dirt circle. Is that.. a prison?
While Sam expounds on the Arpay, the signal stays open. When she finishes, the radio sits silent for a very long stretch. Twenty five seconds later, a voice comes back. Again, he's straining to speak her language, "Uh. <Word>." More seconds. "Do you know who- what this planet is, over?"

Samtara stares at the screen while the image is cycling up and getting clearer, a small frown forming on her face as she studies the screen. "Blue One, we're a very long way and long time from our Colonies. And there aren't any good .. maps out here with names for planets that we can easily read, Over."

Ben looks at the feed as it the images come in. He quirks a brow and looks to Casey, "Set our jump out of here but don't start it yet. I want to hear a little more, but those ships may make us jump on the fly, so stay frosty." He looks to Sam a brief moment before looking back to the feed. "Everyone strap in just in case." He's getting antsy.

The voice does come back quickly, "If you're not Bolow Nee-in, then you probably have no fucking idea what I'm getting at. You are offering assistance?" The mic clicks off, then back on. "If we are talking, I am <word> you know our position. The prison to our <word>, do you see the central area with <word> buildings, over?>

Another secret-eyeroll as Casey listens to the communication back and forth between Sam and the unknowns. "I wish I had never gotten zapped," she mutters into her helmet. It's pretty easy to see her expression on her face though. Some kind of attitude thing is going on. "Frosty?" she replies on local comms. "Affirmative sir." Hiker just keeps watching the sensors.

<FS3> Ben rolls Alertness: Great Success.

"Blue One, affirmative," Sam replies and continues to frown at the image as she speaks. "Visual of prison and area indicated is confirmed. Over."

The voice comes back strong, "Doctor Stone, of the Arpay Diplomatic Corps, if you want to lend us assistance? BOMB THAT." He doesn't say Over. No, he continues, "Central buildings! That city is a prison for our people! They are slaves. Be careful! This is a <word> facility! Repeat, <WORD> facility, over!"

Ben waits one more broadcast. He mutters aloud, "A prison on a planet of unfriendlies." He turns to Casey, "Turn a camera to those battle cruisers, I want a shot of them before we jump." He turns to Sam, "And we are jumping now." Looking at Casey, "Take a picture and jump us out of here." Glancing back to Sam, "We're done." Looking at the sensors, "Let's go home."

Sam leans forward to rest one hand on Ben's arm. "Just wait," she says in that quiet - urgent - tone of voice. "We can't come all the way out here and then just leave them like this without a word. Be ready to jump, yes, but we have to keep this line open as long as we can."

<FS3> Casey rolls 3: Success.

"Sir we don't know if they are cruisers. They are just big…And those are out of range of the cams. Just…ugh, can everyone stop talking for a second please unless you're transmitting?" Casey tries to concentrate. In quick succession, she calculates range to intercept. "Alert fighters, I'm prioritizing the prison. Sorry sir. 4 minutes to intercept. Jumping in 5, 4,…" Ben has one last chance to stop the jump, but Casey's gloved finger is hovering above the button.

Ben frowns, looking at Sam, "Colonel, we got what we came for. Now high command can decide if we're sending in the troupes to liberate this place. But if you haven't noticed, we have big ships on our tail and they are only getting closer. If we don't jump now, we might be under fire. You out rank me, but not on this ship and not while I'm the pilot. We're jumping." He turns to Casey, "Now."

The voice comes back, "Doctor Stone, do you <word>?!"

"Blue One, we are not equipped for a bombing run at this time. We will contact you back on this frequency as soon as the window is open again. Hold On. Have hope. We will be back, Dr. Stone out," Sam says in a quick rush of words before the Raptor can jump away.

"3, 2, 1, jump!" Casey finishes the countdown even as Sam is still trying to transmit to the people on the ground. The button is hit and they are gone, leaving the unknown people to whatever fates await them.

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