Golf 51 Strike Plan



Transport - Six Predators attached to asteroid. Power down all systems but suit support. Fleet will then tow us through a worm hole directed at Golf-51. Bring a book and a snack, this will be a long ride.


Power up and detach from asteroid, make powered entry into atmo Golf-51. Descend to 200 feet AGL and take approach route GALIL to target.

NOTE: Route GALIL will require slightly more fuel than route TAVOR, as well as a small risk of detection when we hop the final ridge to get back on the main route (stealth rolls w/ bonus required, per DK.) Route TAVOR will require more difficulty piloting rolls.

ALSO NOTE: We will be making the attack during local planetary night hours, relying on the Predator Block 2's low altitude terrain following radar for the canyon flying and the integrated night vision / passive IR targeting system for targeting.


We will follow the river low-lands all the way to the target area. Attack in pairs. Second and trail pair will have one a/c with jamming pods, the other four will have missiles. Primary ordnance is 4 x concrete penetrating 2000lb bombs with 30 second delay fuse per a/c.


ECOs with missiles will focus on destroying SAM sites, then AAA sites, on approach. Lead pair of a/c hit targets 1 & 2. Second pair hits 3 & 4. Final pair, 5 & 6. Single pass and then egress.


Follow the river NE out of the target area. Once clear of the AA defenses, course 065 for 100 miles to the rendezvous point with the Rhino. Eject or land a/c at you discretion, but make sure it’s destroyed.


If you go down, do not expect a rescue mission. Chain of Command is me, Crone, Vogue, Cross, Billboard, Hiker, Diaz.

Extra Mission equipment: Suit O2 bottles and battery packs, go-pro headsets, thermite grenades (for destroying a/c)


(PUT YOUR COMMENTS AND SUGGESTS HERE PLEASE! Primary points of discussion: which approach route to take. Other suggestions for armament. Who will fly each pair of a/c and who is Casey riding with?)

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