MD #237: Golf-51 Rhino
Golf-51 Rhino
Summary: A Rhino with a small team stealthfuly lands on Golf-51 for rendezvous with local insurgents and to await pickup of Orion's Predator strike pilots.
Date: 01/12/2017 (OOC Date)
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Bennett Randy Lleufer 
LZ Field, Golf-51, Paladin System
Two foot tall lush grass meadow with trees all around the landing zone.
Mon Jun 18 19:12:00 2049

The six Predators and their asteroid went through the wormhole just ahead of the Rhino. Spat out the other side, lights were flickered to each other to signify send-off before the Rhino broke away. The small asteroid hurtles off into darkness while the Rhino team calculates their jumps. The first one takes them to just behind one of the moons. Since the second one will jump them into atmo and at low altitude, this takes time and precision. The ECO runs the numbers a few times, finding errors that would have killed them. Third time is the charm. So that one is rechecked three times and it comes up kosher.

If the Rhino goes down, there's no rescue coming anytime soon. Seven aircrews, Marines, and the Erfriki recon team will die. No pressure.

"Hold onto your butts. Three. Two. One."


The Rhino jumps in and its instantly streaming daylight through the porthole windows and canopy glass. Below them a few hundred feet, trees wave side to side and only a few snap their tips. They're flying over a broad, massive forest in low and rolling hills. There's broken clouds up at ten thousand feet moving quickly but down low, very calm winds. It takes a moment for the ECO to calibrate position.

"Jump successful…" he trails. "Come right to heading 038 for two miles. The clearing is in a small valley." And as Bennett brings the ship around to the right, they can make it out in the glaring sunlight. The clearing is maybe 150 or 200 meters long, running next to a swollen creek. Rain must have come through recently.

With her helmet in place and a tinted visor over her glittering golden eyes, there's been no further attempt on Bennett's part to disguise her arpay mods from view. Focused on the mission at hand, and what's ostensibly at stake, she maneuvers the rhino in carefully on the prescribed heading. "Heading oh-three-eight, roger," comes her silky-smooth voice over the wireless. "Running preliminary scans.. we should be down in a couple of minutes, if all goes well."

Randy is in the gunner seat in the lower manned turret. She's spent as much time as she could getting familiar with it again. Minor improvements have gone into these beasts over the years and she only gunned on top once in the last war. "Pretty view," she comments briefly over local ship-internal comms. For now she just keeps her eyes open and takes in the terrain.

Lleufer is manning one of the gun bubbles. He's in combat ground kit, or if he's required to wear a flight suit again, he's carrying or stowed his Marine kit so he'll have what he needs when they hit the ground. Ynyr too has his sensitive Arpay eyes covered with his shades and is listening in to the coms chatter. The view is spectacular and the Gunnery Sergeant takes it all in quietly, watchful and listening for orders or signs of enemies. Lleu checks the fit of his gloves and looks over the turret's readings.

Moving toward the LZ, the ECO pipes up, "Got a lot of active search and track radars southwest, probably around the prison. Impossible to tell how many, but its a lot." He pauses a moment. "Hater fighter dradis emitting, two of them, about 150 miles west. Too weak to get a read on us. Got some orbital search and track but we look clear. I think we're safe, sir." While he delivers the news, he's missing the view. They can see small animals jumping from tree to tree to escape the lumbering metal beast overhead. The canopy is pretty thick, though, and seeing the ground is difficult. "Atmosphere is breathable for us. A little high on oxygen, but fine. Trace gasses. No toxicity." Circling around the LZ, the location seems to be pretty. And quiet. The water flowing through the swollen creek is brown with mud and silt, though. Looking at the way the grass moves, it looks about two feet deep until it hits the ground. Plenty of room to land for Bennett, with around fifty meters each side of the creek.

"Copy that," Bennett replies evenly. The rhino's main thrusters come alive with a dull roar as she begins to angle them in for a landing, blowback flattening the tall grass and spraying mud into a fine mist. "Let me know if the hater DRADIS pings within one hundred miles. Gunny, ramp's down in one minute. Any word from the recon group? Do we have their projected coordinates?"

Lleufer begins to secure the turrett gun and preps to unstrap once the Major sets them down. He speaks into his com, "Acknowledged. The recon team will try to get to the LZ on time. We've brought food as they requested but I don't think anybody knows how many of them are coming in, do we?" Lleu adds, "Flynn, soon as the ramp opens up, we need to check the immediate perimeter but stay real close to the Rhino." Then he asks, "Major, you want us to toss a camoflage net over top of the Rhino to try to make it harder to spot from the air?"

"Sir, Flynn. You want me to stay on the turret for now or gear up for ground and man the back door gun?" Randy is dreaming of the food they brought and the beers that don't exist except on Mother. But then Lleufer's already giving her orders so she shuts the comms down and makes her way back to get kitted up in the main hold.

Bennett's focus goes into getting the massive bird down as gracefully as she can, without risking a CFIT or other such disaster. Once they're settled firmly on landing struts, she powers the rhino down to essential systems only, and keys her mic. "Affirmative, Gunny." She pops her own safety harness and reaches for her sidearm, just in the remote chance that things come to that. She's staying seated though, eyes on the canopy glass as the marines prepare for a perimeter check.

"Ten feet. Five feet. Two." The Rhino thumps its skids on the uneven ground and settles with a slight lean. "Touchdown." The ECO stays at his station. "Equalizing pressure… complete. We're on local air. Cracking the ramp thirty percent." Which will leave them enough room to see out when they get to the rear, and can lower it the rest of the way from the cargo cabin. "I'll stay here and watch the screens. Powering down the engines. We'll be on battery for a bit. I'll start up the core when we get closer to party time, sir." The ECO leans forward to his panel, doing his job.

When they get to the cargo cabin, they can still see the walls configured for stretcher transport. A few seats on the third wall. A small pallet of canned and microwavable meals is sitting on the floor. There's even coffee. The small galley in the living quarters upstairs has a coffee machine and small meal prep area for everything on the pallet. Outside? They can see the grass slowly stop waving as the engines power down. The whine of the air-breathing turbines subsides and the sound of the forest takes over. So far, everything sounds …normal? What sounds normal for this planet?

Lleufer unstraps and starts to head back, grabbing his rifle and snapping the clip to keep it secured to his body harness. He goes to have a careful look out through the partly opened ramp, "Let's get the net up over the bird to help hide it from the air, then go back up and man the higher turret. I can get things ready and keep watch down here. It may be a while before they show." The Gunny is a bit uneasy about these strangers they are supposed to meet up with. Not knowing how many to expect or how entirely friendly. And still have room for their pilots they are to pick up. Cautiously he lowers the ramp and steps on down to the edge of the grass, rifle in hand and having a good look around, listening.

Bennett stays put while the marines putter. Antsy as she may or may not be, it isn't her place to leave the cockpit - just in case they have to lift off on a moment's notice. She does, though, have an eye on things from her vantage point.

The camo tarp goes up over the Rhino after nothing is found in their perimeter. There's small animals like monkey-rodents that jump between the trees. Primal life that might one day be sentient. Everything appears to be quiet. From the ground, though, the Rhino seems impossible to miss. But there's nothing emitting and flying close so this seems just fine so far. Hours go by. Three. Four. Its into early afternoon and very little to do but wait until just after midnight — if things go to plan.

And then things aren't so serene, but only by a slight degree. Anyone lingering by the lowered rear ramp see's it. The treeline is about twenty meters away. Another twenty meters in there's suddenly a bright light flashing them. A signal mirror? They are close enough to shout but aren't? It flashes them for a couple seconds, then there's a pause of a few more, then they hear the voice in Erfriki. "You there." Its just loud enough to be heard. "Keep your weapons low to the waist or be set upon." …But the male voice isn't demanding they be dropped.

Lleufer has had himself and Randy taking turns on watch outside of the Rhino. Walk around, stick close, keep their eyes peeled. At the moment Randy is at the ramp with Bennett and the Gunnery Sergeant is out near the nose of the craft, walking a slow circle. Presumably the ECO is keeping an eye on the DRADIS instruments. Probably the two in the back see the flash of light even before Lleufer does, but he turns to look carefully at the trees. His initial response is to raise his rifle slightly and start heading back towards the ramp. He speaks low over the com in Colonial, "We have company on the ground, in the trees." Ynyr doesn't get very far before he stops at hearing the voice in Erfriki. No, not completely lowering his rifle but Lleu doesn't raise it up to take aim either. He keeps it slightly lowered and stands very still, watchful and listening.

"I see it too," Bennett intones calmly over the comm, pushing to her feet from the crate she'd pulled over as a perch for an impromptu game of triad. The cards, too, are set down carefully and she reaches for her sidearm. It's drawn, but kept lowered and pointed at the ground, as instructed. "State your name," she calls out, squinting slightly into the flashing light. There's a brief flick of her eyes Randy's way, and then back to the treeline.

Randy sips on some water quietly as she surveys her hand. Triad. That's the name of the game that has been occupying her when it hasn't been her turn to be on watch, but Bennett has been kicking her arse. She catches the flicker of a reflection out of the corner of her eye. Saved from another defeat by action. "Fold." It's only proper to lose to a Major. She reaches for her rifle and rises up, keeping it in the same position as Lleufer while she takes a few steps to get into a better position. She keeps her eyes on the surroundings while the others deal with the talking.

Further down the treeline there is a slight movement. A figure rises from the underbrush. It seems the mirror was a test to gauge the reaction from the Colonials. The camouflage works naturally with the environment, the shade being swallowed almost into darkness. The guy standing up has a rifle aimed to match how Lleufer has his, but the guy ends up having to lean against a tree as he looks right up at them. He has a clear line of fire right into the open rear end of the Rhino. However, nobody is firing yet and the guy with a bead on their flank is just mirroring the movements of the Rhino team.

Once the other guy is up and visible, the voice calls back. "I am Rozzer. Hold your fire." There's no movement at all to be seen that deep into the woods until a figure can be seen moving with the shadows, almost like he IS one. About five meters from the edge they can make out a better shape. He tromps to the edge, moving weakly. He looks to be in his early thirties and he has an intense beard halfway down his chest. There's leaves and ground detritus caught in it and the camo is covered in dirt. He wears a full-round bodyarmor set with a rifle and suppressor. The helmet he has on looks like anything a special warfare human would wear. The pack he wears looks like a radio set on the side of the big pack. "You are from Kobol?"

The Gunny stands still, watching the trees. He can hear Bennett's voice though Lleufer's not quite to the rear of the Rhino yet. "Yeah, our people are originally from Kobol." He is careful to speak in the older form of Erfriki they'd been razored for before the mission. Like reading some really old play for the theater from the past. Cautiously Lleu takes a few steps closer to the ramp of the Rhino. "You Blue One?" Still wearing his shades, Ynyr studies the fella's clothes and how the stranger looks like he's been living out in the bush a while.

'Rozzer' gets a long look from the older Ynyr, who maintains her grip on her sidearm but makes no move still to chamber a bullet or raise it above her waist. There is, though, a flicker of tension in the pilot's shoulders as the camo- and dirt-covered man tromps on over. "We've got food. Coffee, even. I am Bennett, and this is Lleu and Randy." Her careful Virgan lends itself well to the more antiquated Erfriki, which trips easily from her lips.

Randy looks to their flank. It's a part of her sweep. If she's fazed by them getting the sneak on them, she doesn't seem to show it, not now. Her eyes are brown from the contacts she's wearing, her ears covered both by helmet and prosthetics. She nods briefly when Bennett makes their introductions, refraining from letting her Aquarian accent confuse anyone more…in Erfriki.

"Yes. We are Blue One." 'Rozzer' keeps his eyes on them. His lips look very chapped and he looks thin, too. Thinner than someone like him should. He is staring at the people he can see, though. Any exposed skin. Clothing. Then his eyes go to the ship and looks it over while he listens to Bennett. "Look at this fucking thing. You're not Kedder, that is to be sure." The words are halting. He's having trouble speaking their language. But his gaze moves back to them and he slowly steps forward out of the treeline and leaves his hands on his rifle, hanging in front of him. "As I spoke, I am Rozzer." He glances to the other soldier. "That is Dobby." Looking back at them. "If you have food, we would like some. Please feed Dobby first. He is very weak. As am I. Do not eat this planet's …ani-mals." He words it like he isn't sure how to say it. "They are all, ah…" Rozzer makes a motion with grabbing for his neck and making a choking sound. Poisonous.

<FS3> Bennett rolls Alertness-3: Success.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness-3: Good Success.

<FS3> Randy rolls Alertness-3: Great Success.

"Kedder? Is that what you call those who control the prison?" A nod to the other man, "Rozzer and Dobby. There's only two of you out here?" Lleufer keeps eyeing those trees and around them as if he had been expecting more than just two of them. He's staying alert, not too trusting. "Flynn, we brought MRE's as well as canned goods, if you'd like to bring some out." The Gunny's going to keep his rifle handy, watch these guys, and the trees.

"Not fit for consumption," Bennett fills in carefully, eyes on Rozzer. "Understood." She's put in her blue contacts as of a few hours ago, once her helmet came off, and wrapped a patterened scarf around her head to hide her ears. Her eyes look much as they did before she underwent surgery to have them replaced many moons ago. There's a smile from the woman that creases the corners of those eyes softly. She takes a step back, then holsters her sidearm and moves off to collect up a few tins of chili, some slightly stale but still perfectly edible bread, and put on a pot of coffee. Better that Randy stay focused with the rifle. "You may put down your weapons, by the way. We are not going to hurt you."

"Aye," but then something happens. Randy's chestnut colored eyes flick towards Rozzer and she hesitates. It's noticeable that she doesn't immediately hop-to, at least to those used to working with her. "Right…" She moves and angles herself towards one of the crates that allows her to pass between the two other Colonials, whispering as she is angled away from Blue One. 'Rozzer. Neck. Wire.' That's all she whispers after a clearing of her throat soft enough for the Arpay ears to pick up as she joins Bennett in gathering some food. Randy looks a little confused at first when Bennett is also going for the food, but it lasts only a moment before she peels back to her prior position.

"Yes. You do not know the Kedder?" Rozzer seems a little concerned and weirded out by that idea. "Yes, they hold the prison. We have a word for that land, but yours will make sense to understand. Please keep words.. simple?" Yes, that's the right word. The guy does glance to Dobby,though, then back. "Only two of us. The others have died. No food or water. Water tablets ran out seven days past. Dobby!" He looks over and speaks quickly in words the Rhino team cannot follow. But Dobby seems to follow orders, lowering his rifle and walking out into the grass. His legs seem to blend with the blades of green as he moves, making him almost look like he's floating. Rather than walk over to provide security, he stands just behind Rozzer and looks into the woods. To Bennett, Rozzer nods. "I will cease with, ah, veils? We cannot fight. We are too weak. Do not take our weapons and we will just ask for a ride away from here." He watches Randy move, looking over her and Bennet's heads. After the Rhino crew hears Randy's words, they might pick up on what she said. They cannot quite see behind Rozzer's right ear, but they can see Dobby's quite easily. There's a wire running from his pack and into his neck, just beneath and behind his ear. There's an all-weather rubberized grommet holding it in place. "You are from Kobol. Captain Kobol's people. This is very, very old and rumored history to us. Three Captains left Erfrik. Two refused the evacuation order. One was Captain Kobol."

"Yes, Kobol was long ago." Lleufer remains standing and watchful as Bennett hands up the canned chili, bread, and gets some coffee making. Between him and Randy, they can keep a watch posted. Bennett's likely enough going to need to open those cans of chili, warm them up in bowls and set them out with utensils. No telling if these two know how to open a tin can anyway. "Three Captains left Erfriki… so, who are your people and how do the Kedder figure into this?"

Rozzer looks over his shoulder and says something to Dobby. The guy turns and heads towards the ramp and the promise of food. He can wait, but likely both have seen the outfit for stretches in the rear of the Rhino. "We are Erfriki. As was Captain Kobol. If the history is not rumor. We do not treat is as history. It is, ah, thought as.." he gestures a tumbling hand. "Brave Warrior Legend." Rozzer sidesteps a bit, slowly so Lleu can follow. Rozzer wants to be able to watch Dobby inside the Rhino. "The Erfriki left this galaxy a very long time in the past." His words are almost painfully slow, but he is keeping with it. "We founded a new home. We are many. Or were. We spread to two galaxies. Two generations ago we returned to this galaxy. The Skath are invading everywhere. We returned to execute a plan. We found the Kedder near where we settled our people." He looks skeptical. "You know nothing of this?" Weapon left to dangle in front of him, he uses a gloved hand to stroke his beard and clean the leaves and needles from it.

Very reasonable that Rozzer wants to shift position to keep an eye on Dobby as the first man goes to sit down and eat. Lleufer shifts with him so they can continue to speak and all see each other. The Gunny keeps his back to the Rhino so his peripheral vision includes the trees. "You are saying the Erfriki left the galaxy… but some stayed. My people didn't leave, so yours are the ones who went." Just making sure he's following this right. A slow nod, "We are aware of the Skath, but we have only become aware of them recently. You had a plan on how to deal with the Skath?" A negative movement of Lleu's head, "No, never heard of your people or the Kedder. The Kedder … are they humans, or something else?"

Rozzer listens, head tilted slightly forward to be sure he catches every word. There are slow nods of understanding with it. Only when Lleufer finishes does he look over the Marine's shoulder to watch Dobby eat. Nothing poisonous, it seems. The man eats with mild gusto. So Rozzer looks back Lleufer and speaks slowly. "Erfrik was invaded by the Skath. Three Arpay colony ships escaped. Two sent word they would stay and fight, over generations. Build an army. My people? The ones who left? We met Arpay at Rally Point and were evacuated." The words are sort of mispronounced but speaking slowly, Lleufer can make sense of them. This guy is probably commo and understands broken communications. "Many thousands of years, we live in preparation for war. The Skath invaded the galaxies that the Arpay and Erfriki protected. Ah,.. equal partners. Alli-yence?" Alliance. "But the Skath are too many. The artificials have made it more difficult. My people are trapped fighting Kedder, unable to execute the plan." Rozzer seems annoyed at how slow this is going, looking to the woods, then back to Lleu. "You are from Kobol. You are Erfriki. What is your goal?" he asks, sounding a little frustrated, and therefore demanding.

Lleufer glances towards the trees and then back to Rozzer, "You expecting others?" He is a little slow to speak, mulling over what has been said. Or how much he should say. "We know of the Arpay and Rally Point. The Skath destroyed it not long ago." He frowns, keeps his baritone low. "The Arpay told us they lost contact with the Erfriki … until they found us." Rozzer didn't answer his question, "The Kedder, they are artificials?" Lleufer draws a slow breath, "Our goals you will need to discuss with my Command. Know that we too were friends of the Arpay, and no friends of the Skath."

"No. As I said, the rest of the team has died. We could not stop to bury them, either." Which seems to anger Rozzer more than a little. "We had to get here. They died in volunteer to get myself and Dobby to this location. We ran out of food fifty hours ago." In retrospect, for what he says, that was probably a couple of damned heroic conversations. Godsdamn. The points about the Arpay and Rally Point are understood, though. He takes his time to set up what he will say, wording this carefully. "The Arpay never lost contact." That is very, very carefully said. "You were likely not told in order to protect us beyond evacuation. Few must have known in this galaxy." He rests his hands on the butt of his rifle, watching Dobby eat. "After the Skath killed Arpay here, the Arpay told us of the story here." He looks over Lleu's uniform, but not seeing any patches, he hazards a guess. "You are from Task Force Nomad? Orion? The Arpay told of a legend of Orion who defeated a machine race. That they were Erfriki by descent. This was after Arpay was captured." To the point of artificials, he shakes his head. "Nye nye. The artificials. Replicants. Those who are worshipped.. ah.. legend says you had some among your people. Slaves turned warriors. We trusted them in our home galaxy when they arrived. They returned with us. It has gone badly, opinions may differ."

Lleufer gives a slow nod, "The Arpay may well have done that to protect. But it was also they who … directed us to come this way, to seek more Erfriki here. But only after most of the Arpay were already gone." He frowns as he listens, looking grim. Not a lot of Lleu's face can be seen because he is wearing a helmet and eye covering. Still, a brow may be seen to rise at Rozzer guessing they are from the Orion. A quick glance to Bennett and Randy. "We fought the Cylons before we learned of the Skath." His gloved hands yet rest upon his rifle though now it is pointed straight down, the weight mostly born by his harness. "The model lines. The Skath call them Clerics. I know whom you mean." Ynyr licks his lips as he thinks about that, "Are you telling me that the Kedder are replicants?"

The heavily bearded man nods slowly. "Yes. This makes sense." He actually steps away from Lleufer and blades away, looking to the swollen creek. "We had not arrived until two generations ago. But I can see deep thought into this plan. I do not know the details." He keeps his eyes on the creek, seemingly lost in the myriad of his own mind for the moment. "Yes, we heard of the Cylons." The level of tension there is telling. They want the Cylons dead as well. "You have the replicants with you?" Mistrust is growing. He looks back to Lleu and keeps the next words carefully schooled. "The Kedder are human. Mostly. Not in how they act. They are calculating savages with no honor. They have no replicants, but the replicants wish to meet them. This is a political… item. For peace. The replicants are among my people. They are…" He sighs. "I wish to eat. I am very hungry. My I explain over food?"

"Yes, please eat. You may sit. There is coffee and good, clean water." Lleufer gestures to the ramp where Randy and Bennett are keeping an eye on things. Food is set out as well as cups, a carafe of coffee, and bottles of water. Ynyr can wait for Rozzer to pick out a few things. "We have no 'replicants' with us here, no. I want to know what the 'replicants' are to you, among your people. And what this is…" Lleu lifts a gloved hand to tap his own neck up behind the base of his ear, then points to the ports in Rozzer's and Dobby's necks. "You are wired."

Water. The man's lips are heavily chapped. Following Lleufer's lead, he moves into the Rhino and pulls up a chair by the food. The first thing he opens is a bottle of water and he tanks the whole thing in quick order. He stops there, though, and looks to bring a tray of microwaved meal to himself on the pallet/table. "The Replicants appeared to us three generations ago. They came as messengers of peace to us and warriors for our side, said to be from the Erfriki of this galaxy. YOUR people. They did fight, but had become more political if history is correct. I cannot be sure of that history anymore. Anything can be changed." Digital does that. Anything could be modified, and mistakes or atrocities deleted with a simple keystroke. "They came back to this galaxy with us. They have become advocates and begun to demand a great following." he stops there. There's more he wants to say but he's going to fill his face for a minute or so. Once he gets some food down he nods, a finger tapping his own wire. "Yes. Busybod. We have them put in with youth. You do not have hardware.." Rozzer gestures to Lleu's body. "you have no hardware? How do you fight?"

This all gets a blink, though his eyewear obscures his eyes. Lleufer squats down, keeping some of his attention on the surrounding landscape. The way Rozzer kept looking back to the trees has Ynyr watchful. Randy and Bennett both are in the Rhino with the ECO, all armed, and all alert to keep an eye on these two as well. "Three generations ago? Model line 'replicants' came from us? That … doesn't seem possible." Another frown and he shifts his jaw, mulling this over. Time dilutions though, that's a bitch. Ynyr'll leave that for Command to detangle. "They left this galaxy with you, but then returned with you." As if that didn't fit so well with his own knowledge of these replicants. Damned confusing. It leaves Lleufer real thoughtful until the 'busybod' thing is answered. "No, no hardware inside of me. We learn how to fight through training." Like /normal/ people, -hello-. Wait, no channeling Mallas.

Lleufer adds, "So, you don't know where the Kedder came from?"

Rozzer doesn't seem up for argument. "I am conveying what I know." He scarfs down some chili, avoiding the beans and going just for the meat, sauce, and bread. "If you are from Orion, you have been gone a very long time. Generations have been fighting and losing the war against the Skath. But we.." He taps a temple to his head. "We. There is rumor of a plan, which is why we returned." Rozzer continues eating before clarifying. "Nye. The replicants did not leave with us. They arrived." He stops eating and takes a moment with a napkin. "To you, I am sure I sound stupid. To me, you sound very stupid. I do not think you or I are stupid. So I give ye this: After Arpay was sacked, the replicants appeared. The replicants say that you sent them. At first we beleived them. Now? Many believe them. The warriors do not believe them." The last leaves him to grunt. "No hardware. You should get hardware. Speak twenty languages, know ten fighting styles. Personal busybod." Rozzer taps the skin right above where the line plugs in.

Lleufer doesn't look like a man who's eager to get 'wired' but then, he's already had a lot of strange things done to him he's not going to mention right now. "I appreciate your clarification. Yes, that makes more sense. It seems to me that we only just lost the Arpay, and as far as I know, we certainly did /not/ send the 'replicants' to you. But time in space is strange, and we have lost time in our jumps." His mouth thins, "I am worried now that these replicants you have may have been sent by someone else." Then Lleu's mouth twists in good humor, "We have other ways to learn languages quickly. I know several." The Gunnery Sergeant checks his chrono and stands back up, "You eat, rest. We have to wait for our pilots to come in from the strike."

The point about not sending the replicants actually does get him to stop eating. The fork. The bread. Both are put down and he looks at Lleufer. "Your people did not send them." The point repeated. "I did not suggest this, but you are stating it." He sits back in the chair and regards leufer. "That is dangerous to say to my people. That is a deeply held belief, that they are working in our interest. There are many, and shrinking, numbers who believe they mean us harm through… ah.. ways. Non-violent." The point about getting rest has him nod. "We will sleep and be awake later. There is a strike coming, hopefully. We will be ready. Thank you." He does go back ot eating, though, glacning to Dobby. They have things to discuss on their own.

After the scene closes, this happens:

Into the evening, Rozzer and Dobby leave the Rhino and go out into the field. The discussion starts easily enough but quickly gets verbally violent. They're shouting at each other after about five minutes. The discussion terminates when Rozzer pulls his sidearm and puts it to Dobby's forehead and fires. The man immediately surrenders all weapon and explains it as such, "Dobby is good friends with a replicant and does not believe what you are saying. He demanded that his friend meet your people right away. We argued about that not happening. He eventually threatened my family so I shot him." Rozzer has surrendered his firearms and will be cuffed if someone asks for it. Otherwise he is the sole survivor of the recon team and will sit quietly unless asked to do something.

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