Lieutenant Gloria "Dodona" Oates
gloria.jpg Oates, Gloria
Lieutenant Air Wing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position ECO
Age Sex
45 F
Hair Eyes
Black Brown

"Dream as if you'll live for ever.
Live as if you'll die today"

— James Dean


Squeezing in at a fraction over 5'4" Gloria is not the tallest person in the fleet, nor is she the most solidly built. That's not to say she's skinny mind, just sort of average. She has long black hair that ties back to keep it out of the way, two brown eyes, a nose, two ears and a mouth. When in short sleeves a trio of tattoos can also be seen; on her left bicep is the colonial flag of Sagittaron, on her right forearm is the symbol of Zeus, and between her shoulder blades is the naval and marine crests together.


Born in the medical wing at CFAB Argolis, Gloria has know very little other than the military way of life. Her mother was, and indeed still is, a senior Flight Control Technicial, while her father simply followed from posting to posting finding what jobs he could to help support the family. Both of her brothers have also enlisted, although they both decided on the marines.

As the family moved a lot her schooling was often patchy academically, but she studied hard and managed solid grades despite the difficulties. Having long before set her sights on a naval career, she decided at about the age of 12 that she was going to be an ECO. Everything she did from that point onwards was geared towards that aim, the books she read, the information she managed to gleam from her mothers, the people she spoke with on careers days, all chosen with that goal in mind. Leaving high school with the grades needed she applied, got through to basic aptitude testing, and was found to get chronically space sick in anything smaller than a Support Craft.

Heartbroken would be a good word to describe her reaction to that, and she spent a month or so coming to terms with it by hiding herself away with the plastic model ships she'd been making since childhood and finishing the recreation of the 5th Fleet she'd had ongoing for a while. It may have been the time in seclusion that gave her time to thing, it may have been the solvents in the glue, but when she did re-emerge she went straight back to the recruitment office and enlisted as a countermeasures technician. If it was the size of the ship that was the problem, she'd just have to find a bigger one.

She excelled in training, her childhood studies having given her a solid basis to build on, and soon enough she was off to her first ship as a fully fledged Crewman. A year on the Light Cruiser Seradontis saw her promoted to Specialist, then another year it was Petty Officer Third Class. Shortly there after though the ship was docked for a major refit, and all but a skeleton crew reassigned. Having a squeaky clean record and a reputation for being good at her job, she was hoping for a good berthing.

After the battle of Twin Rocks she volunteered for a transfer across to the Air Wing to help full the empty seats created by the heavy losses.

RP Hooks

  • Space Sick — Raptor pilots tend to try and avoid having to fly her, she makes a mess in the back of their birds.
  • Singer — She has a voice that isn't all that bad and has long ago mastered the noble art of Karaoke.
  • Military Brat — Deckies/Pilots might recognise the surname, her mother is a Flight Control Technician who's been around the fleet on various assignments over the years.

Service Record and Recent History

Year Rank Station Notes
2003-2004 Recruit CFAB Argolis Basic Training, Tech School
2004-2005 Crewman CLC Seradonits ECM Technician
2005-2006 Specialist CHC Subic Point ECM Technician
2006 PO3 BS Orion ECM Technician
2006- 2007 Ensign BS Orion ECO
2007- 2010 Lieutenant JG BS Orion ECO
2009- 2012 Lieutenant BS Orion ECO
2012- 2028 Civilian Instructor CAFB Spangdahlemn ECM and DRADIS lecturer
2028- Present Lieutenant BS Orion ECO


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