AWD #031: Give A Little More
Give A Little More
Summary: Cole meets some not so terribly friendly friendlies on Aerilon. (NPCs played by Iphigenia and Beckett)
Date: 06/Jan/2013 (OOC Date)
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Some where on Aerilon
Trees and bushes and such.
January 6, 2005

Aerilon is full of fields, corn and wheat and the like, but there are forests, copses of trees, all manner of places one can manage movement without having to be too much out in the open.

Livia's husband is dead, her infant daughter back at the hideaway she and some of the other locals have managed to fall back to. She's never left Aerilon, but that doesn't mean she can't move like someone trained in how get around without being seen. She's always been a pretty good hunter, and she's agreed to scout for the group, trying to keep an eye on Cylon movement. At the moment she's in a tree, her mare's leg braced against her ribs as she patiently watches a well tread path winding through this patch of forest before it breaks into a dirt road with crop fields on either side.

It's not the path or road that hosts movements, but rather just off to the side of the former. It's subtle at first, just the barest movement of branches in the underbrush. They rustle quietly but purposefully, too uniform to be the wind stirring them up. Two bushes are parted carefully and a boot emerges in the void. It's set upon the ground carefully, as one might when they are trying to sneak through the woods. Unfortunately, the weight of the man is put upon a weakened stick that snap loudly with the step.

Abraham, on the other hand was trained at one time. He served before the war, though not in this capacity. He flew-then he got married and joined the priesthood Now? Now he goes out on scouting missions and attacks as needed-which more and more has become the norm. His wife keeps the lights on back at the hideaway, and fixes what needs fixing. Where as Livia, is in a tree, Abe, stands off from the side of the road by a clump of bushes. Where as his companion is armed with a mare's leg-Abe has a hunting rifle- a high powered one that seems do the job, given the notches scored in the butt of the rifle. Lazily eyes slide from the road up towards where Livia has herself planted. One brow given up in quiet query. Likely, she shots something moving he'll ease on back into the bush to set up the ambush-or to cover her flank if it's tin.

Livia's attention is immediately drawn to the snap. A brow raises, and her dark eyes dart out to seek Abraham's. There's a couple of quiet hand signals. Go check it out? I'll cover you. The mare's leg is lifted from being braced against her ribcage to being braced on her shoulder, eyes searching, searching.

Unawares he's being watched, Ari emerges from the underbrush less like a scared deer and more like a determined fox slinking back towards its den. He pauses a moment, still within the fanned shade of the overgrowth, to tighten the sleeves of his flight suit which now serve as a belt to keep the half-shed article secure to his waist. There is an holstered Picon Five-seveN on his thigh, and his left arm is in a sling of what can only be described as a woman's paisley scarf. He carries little else.

There's a snort from Abe, before he is turning his head back in the direction of the snap. Silence for a moment, before he simply slides back through the brush and heads on towards the sound of the disturbance. Likely in an indirect way. Each Step is careful and practiced, as Abe skirts his way round to where Cole has decided to spill out. Once there he's coming to a stop, and he waits, watching for a moment. After all, you never just come out and say surprise-How's it going? Not here. Not now. With the rifle held in his hands, he raises it abit-training the gun on the back of Ari's head.

Safety is snapped.

"That's as far as you're goin' mate.." comes the accent of someone from Leonis, likely. "Keep your head straight, and arms out." Voice is easy and relaxed. "You twitch and you'll have a bore hole the size of Canceron through your skull-you copy?"

Livia doesn't reveal herself yet. She's letting Abraham, the one with more experience in this sort of thing, do the talking. She sits in her tree and keeps her gun aimed at Cole's heart.

Cole freezes cold at the voice, the sudden tension visible in his shoulders which telegraphs its way into a wince at his eyes. Slowly he starts to raise his right hand, but the left stays laying across his abdomen. "Crystal clear there, sir. I'm raising my right hand, but I'm injured. I can't raise the left. Let me step out into the light so you can see. I promise, no sudden movements."

"I'll abide that." the other voice calls back, as he doesn't step out into the light yet. "You turn slowly to face where you hear me." Abraham continues to command, while-both eyes, and the iron sights of the rifle are trained right there on Cole. "Once you are facing me, you will take off your side arm and set it down on the ground. You will not pull it from your holster-you do and I will kill you." Only once Cole would do this, would Abraham come out from the bush. His rifle raised. As for what he is wearing. It' seems to be a pair of old fatigues, and combat boots. A plain brown jacket, and a dark t-shirt. Those fighting the good fight aren't really in uniforms are they?

"Take a step away from your sidearm, brother." Eyes slide over the pilot for a moment, before he is looking back to Cole in the eyes. "Name, Rank and Serial?"

"Ain't seen any like him, yet." remarks a feminine voice from the trees. She's hard to see, but if Cole strains, he can make her out. Livia isn't particularly worried as she keeps her sights on him.

"All due respect, I'm not able to remove the holster without aid, so let's come back to that. Gun's going to have to stay where it is, but I'm putting my right hand on my head, and it'd be impossible to draw with my left, so let's go from there." Once Ari is in the sunlight, he stays stock still. "My name is Aristides Cole. I am a Captain in the Colonial Navy. Serial Seven Zero Seven Nine Five TWo Six Nine Two. I was shot down in a skirmish and I'm just trying to find the nearest Command Post. I mean you no harm or ill will, on that you have my word."

"Word means shit." Abraham says as the gun remains on him. As for needing aid, there's a whistle-obvious a signal for Livia to come out and help with this one. "With all due respect, 'Captain' I am not inclined to believe you right now. Not, till you don't have a gun in your hand." Or close to one. As for Livia's comment there's a faint shrug. "He might not be one, that we know. Th' post would know if he is more than I would." A sniff there before he is barely lowering the rifle. "If you were shot down, what Ship group did you come from? Wing?" one brow arches up for a second.

There's the faint sound of rustling trees and scrape against bark, and on an ordinary day, for an ordinary person, the sound would be easily dismissed as nature's normal noises. Soon enough, a tall, Amazonian woman with dark skin, hair tied back and dressed in militia cast-offs is advancing out of the brush, gun raised and pointed at Cole. "Want me to take his sidearm, Abe? He really does have his arm in a sling."

"You can call me Ari. If you knew enough to ask for my Name, Rand and Serial, you'd also be wise enough to know I can't speak to the rest. I understand your trepidation, given the current times, and you're right. My word means shit. It's actions that count, and so far as I can tell, neither one of us has been actuating anything but friendly like." Cole's eyes tick over to Livia, but he doesn't move anything more than his gaze. "I dislocated my left arm when I cut myself out of my parachute and took a tumble. I'm just a man trying to get home."

"Yes." Abe replies back without looking to Livia as that gun remain right back there. "You remember what happened around Fairfield. I am not taking chances on this. At all." And so he looks back to the other man. "It's more than that brother- I've got no gaurantee that you're not working with them" And there the other watches him for a second. "You can tell me what ship you're from." he adds there "Because, brother? We don't have any planes here to fly." The opposition really took that one out. "Otherwise, I'd likely be there instead of here with a gun on you, savvy?" Eyes narrow for a moment. "Once she has your side arm, I will lower my gun." Which likely means-he trusts his ability against a one armed man. "You can call me Abe.." a nod of his head to the side. "Or Bunny. Folks have called me that…" he adds briefly. "I can get you to folks who can get you home. But, for that to work-you need to accept my paranoia here."

Livia advances on Ari silently. The business end of the mare's leg is pointed up into the air, and she slides her hand over to his holster, carefully withdrawing the gun. Taking a few steps back, she inspects the sidearm, noting absently, "Latest military issue. Not that it's hard to get your hands on." She confirms the safety's on and holsters it in her waistband before bringing up her own gun again.

Cole doesn't move beyond widening his stance a bit to allow Livia ease of access to his sidearm. Much as he might hate to be bereft of it, it's better than a hole through is gut. He only gives her a small nod as she moves away. "I can't speak to what happened to you in Fairfield, but I can't reveal where I came from unless it's to a ranking officer in the Colonial Military. If that's the end of me, so be it. But just like you have to protect yours, I have to protect mine. Captain Aristides Cole, Seven Zero Seven Nine Five TWo Six Nine Two. You can come back, ma'am and check my dog tags if you want further identification."

"No you cannot, but what I can tell you, is that we have human collaborators working with the canners, so please understand. If I have to, I will shoot you here in this road." And then With a nod, he's looking to Livia. "I'll scout on a head. You stay with Ariston here.." He hands, before he is turning and heading on down the road. Likely to make sure everything is clear. "Liv-bind his eyes or something?" which means likely- Abe is going to lead him off to where they are located-but it allows Cole someone to talk to. Likely someone who isn't going to shoot him. "Catch him up, you hear me whistling-then you don't come that way." Simple there. Right? Cue Bunny, bounding off to scout the way.

"Got it." Livia says, and regards Cole a moment. "What do they feed you where you're from, bread and water?" Her remark on how skinny he is, but then, "I can bind your eyes now, or we can wait til Bunny calls, but either way, I think we both know I outweigh you, and I expect I can shoot you before you pull any fast-like-a-freak scrambles. We have an understanding?"

"Clear, ma'am. And with your permission, I'll even kneel to give you further comfort. And it'll make it easier to blindfold me, come the time." On closer inspection, Cole has a cut that's almost hidden by his hairline, a jagged thing that's literally been sewn closed with what must be a common needle and thread. "Liv, was it?" Unlike Bunny, Cole is better at picking up names. Probably because his life may depend on making nice with the natives. "Mind if I smoke?"

Livia's eyes dart away briefly, and then she motions with her head in a particular direction. "You can look." she says, and indeed, there's a stump some fifteen feet away. "Have a seat. No smoking, sorry, Skinny. Maybe when we get you where we're going, if you get that far."

"I'll take what kindness I can get." No smoking, but a seat. That'll do. Ari moves slowly in that direction, lowering his right hand to rest by his side, while his left stays firmly to his stomach. He eases onto the stump, the wrinkling at the corner of his eyes portraying the pain he must feel at being battered and bruised in the crash. "Thank you, ma'am."

"Livia. Ma'am makes me feel old before my time." The tall woman seems to have no problem remaining standing, her own weapon pointed at Cole. She's been on her ass for hours and could use the break. "How'd you dislocate your shoulder?"

"Falling from the tree. I'd like to say I land as gracefully as I do my bird, but I was off balance and that's how I broke my fall. I had to punch out in atmo, and well…that's why we're meeting like this. Let's just hope it's a happy coincidence and not a tragic one, hmm?" He asks of Livia, his eyes momentarily lowering to look at the barrel trained on him.

She considers a moment. "Can you pull your tags out with your good hand?" she inquires. "You could have just as easily have pulled 'em off a dead body, but I'm curious."

"Sure." Ari obliges, reaching beneath his shirt. He fumbles for a moment, separating what appears to be a leather thong with the ball chain that houses his hexagonal tags. He pulls the latter free, the pair of metal disks clinking together as his thumb runs around the loop to catch them and hold him up for her inspection.

Livia peers at them. "What's the P stand for?" she asks incidentally, stepping back again after inspecting the small pieces of metal.

There's a bit of a sheepish look to Ari, as the P. is something he normally drops as a middle name in favor of just his call sign. "Pescador. It literally means Fishermen where I'm originally from. Scorpia." No harm in telling her that, is it?

Livia's brows go up. "Pescador. Huh. Well. That might be true just because it's so damn weird sounding. Pescador." she sounds the word out like she's tasting it. "Did your momma want you beat up in the schoolyard, Skinny?" The question seems rhetorical. "Scorpia, huh. Get sick of sunny tropical beaches and decided to join CDF instead?" Her tone is wry.

Cole's nose twitches, the only sign that he took offense if any. "Pescador is my mother's maiden name. It's traditional in naming your offspring that it gets carried on that way. Although the term is often derogatory. And I was always too busy working to enjoy the beach much. Besides, salt water stings."

"Got any family left?" Livia's making conversation now, but really, what else are you going to talk about when you're pointing a gun at a man. She adds absently, "I'd pop your arm back in the socket for you, but it'll have to wait until Bunny's back. Maybe longer." There's a one shouldered shrug. "Sorry. I know it's having to be fierce painful."

"It's back in, just sore as hell. I was able to pop it back in by slamming it into the tree trunk like they show in the movies. What they don't show is the fella blacking out from pain right after." Cole offers her a smile, the first of today, that rests evenly across his lips.

Livia's eyes suddenly narrow in suspicion. "You didn't answer my question."

"Kind of touchy question, in and of itself, isn't it? I can't say for certain, if you want the honest answer. The rest I'll see in Elysium. And I'm going to have to keep skirting you about the personal stuff. I'm sorry for that, I am. But there are quite a few things I don't have the authorization to speak about freely. Are you hungry?" Ari asks, one brow making the mistake of ticking up with the query and aggravating his head wound.

Livia lifts a brow. "Won't eat anything you give. But you…" she trails off, reaching into her jacket. She pulls out something about the size of her hand, wrapped in plastic. Walking close again, she drops it in his lap. It's a sandwich.

Ari stares at the sandwich in his lap. "You're worried I might poison you? Then I should worry you might poison me. Plus is, if you wanted to kill me, you already would have. So if I'm going to die, at least I'll be full, right?" That smile sits a little off kilter on his lips now, his one good hand reverently peeling off the plastic wrap with small motions. Instead of taking a bite of the entire sandwich, however, he peels off the first layer of bread and starts to snack on that.

The bread smells and tastes fresh baked, and watching him consume it, she laughs heartily. "Oh, no wonder you so skinny, Skinny!" There's a cock of her head. "Picky eater, huh?"

"I've been living off canned sweet peas for days. I'm just savoring it." He says quietly, his eyes averted to his lap. Now that the initial adrenaline rush is wearing off, Ari is starting to look tired. "I'm not skinny, I'm a lean mean flying machine." He munches his way through the first piece of bread, and now meticulously peels the cheese off the slice of ham.

"What's wrong? Ham smell funny?" she asks, brow furrowing. "Should be fresh. Wasn't butchered but too long ago."

"I, um. Don't eat meat. Please don't take offense. Would you like it? Shame to let it go to waste." Even though Ari's stomach growls in protest, practically shouting that he should scarf that ham.

"You don't eat meat? Whatcha mean, you don't eat meat?" Livia looks at Cole like he's a lunatic, then nods, mollified. "S'awright. When we get to where we're going, we'll carve some lamb off the spit for you." She's making a joke, right?

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