Gunnery Sergeant Toma Gibson
toma5.jpg Gibson, Toma Oriana
Gunnery Sergeant Marines
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Military Police
Age Sex
36 F
Hair Eyes
Brown Brown


People from Tauron might remember the Ares Rams player from Antioch who reputedly was offered a contract with the Tauron Bulls towards the end of her freshman year at Hypathia University in 1988, even if after the initial flurry of speculation and articles nothing was ever heard about Toma Gibson as a professional Pyramid player.

Born in Antioch, oldest of six. Father was a miner, mother was a butcher. Toma enlisted in the Marine's before her 19th birthday and went straight into the Military Police and has served largely in that capacity throughout her career. Notable for her impressive physique, the HALO certified then staff sergeant was rotated in to a rifle platoon on Tauron during the Tauron Loyalist Movement and received a Distinguished Serviceman's Medal for preventing members of the Loyalist Movement from bombing a Marine outpost. Those who were present may be aware that one of the ringleaders killed during the incident was one Lee Gibson, one of the sergeant's younger siblings.

She was promoted to Gunnery Sergeant and rotated to Picon a year later, where she was at the beginning of the war, and if not for being in the midst of attaining her LALO certification likely would have been among the casualties on launch day. She has since served with the Picon resistance before rejoining with CFAB Crandall and has just been freshly rotated out to BSO.

Recent Events

Transferred to Battlestar Orion

Service Record & Medals

Year Rank Station Notes
Late 1988 Enlisted Marine Corps Tauron, CMF Theritas 9 week CMC boot camp plus 21 days Rifleman training, additional 50 days of MP basic training.
1989 Private 1/9th ALS Niflheimr Valley 20 weeks field combat MP exercises, orbit at Gemenon.
1990 PFC 3/7th FF Charles C. Offut Marine MP, patrol.
1991 LCPL Destroyer Impervious Marine MP, security hub alert team.
1993 Corporal Scorpia, CMF Klemens Investigative training, shipyard MP assignment.
1994 Corporal Gunstar Valkyrie Marine MP, Investigations.
1997 Corporal Scorpia, CMF Klemens Leadership training, HALO certification.
Late 1997 Sergeant Battlestar Athena Marine MP, Investigations.
2000 Staff Sergeant Battlestar Athena Marine MP, Instruction.
2001 Staff Sergeant Tauron, CMF Theritas Marine, Squad Leader.
2002 GySGT Picon, CMF Eos Marine MP, Platoon Sergeant.
2005 GySGT Picon, CMF Eos LALO certification, temporarily becomes part of the Picon Resistance Force with outbreak of war.
2005 GySGT Picon, CFAB Crandell Reunites with the CMC.
Late 2005 GySGT Battlestar Orion Transferred from CFAB Crandell to Battlestar Orion.

Recent Logs


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