AWD #080: Getting to Know You
Getting to Know You
Summary: Sera meets the newly cleared for duty, Ajax
Date: 27/03/2013 (OOC Date)
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Sera Ajax 
Enlisted Bunks
Housing a couple thousand naval personnel is never easy, but the fleet has managed for many decades. The enlisted barracks are divided up into sixty-bunk berthings and spread out across Deck Three. Each bunk has a small blue privacy curtain to keep out the light and prying eyes, but at least each individual has their own space. The drawers beneath each bunk and the lockers provide additional storage space. Between each stack of bunks is a single table that comprises a single section, each barracks holding five sections that are divided by thin bulkheads.

It's late. And it's been a long day. And Sera's exhausted. That much is obvious, by the way she has herself all bundled up in the loosest, lumpiest sweats possible, by the way she's slowly nodding in and out as she tries to read her book. And it's really no wonder she's tired, either. A day on the deck exhausting enough as it is, but she's got wounds on both arms, by the looks of it. Her left forearm is wrapped up in bandages. Her right hand bears bruises. It's a wonder she was able to work hard enough to be tired at all.

Given that it's late, it's likely the best time to show up. With some issued clothes piled in his arms is a newer addition to the Orion crew. He does get a few looks, but he seems to not entirely pay attention. Instead there's a shrug when someone asks a muted question, followed by a muted asshole as well. Still said big asshole is making a line for Bunk four and pausing as he looks down and sets his clothes on the blank mattress. Only then does he turn his head, looking amongst the general array of those assembled in bunks, or not.

"Anyone got this one?" meaning the bottom on Four. Ajax pauses, likely waiting for someone to answer before he claims it himself.

Her curtain was already cracked by a good six inches, to let in enough light to read by. At the sound of a voice directly under her bed, a space among the rows that'd been empty for months, she pulls it open a few inches further. She wears a drowsy expression, too weary to be baleful, though she makes a half-assed attempt at it. "No," she mumbles. Wonderful. Now she's going to have to listen to someone snore and fart and frak all night. And with that, she goes back to trying to read her book, which has already proved a failed effort tonight.

The No, has him looking back up to where it came from-and Ajax pauses, if only to bring his hand, and knock on the bunk again. Likely he will wait till Sera can arse herself to peer out, if not it will get another knock until she does. When she does, she will be met, by the six foot, bulk that is Ajax Medevedev. And just so she knows, he will be staring for a second, before he is scratching the back of his head. "You got ear plugs?" Yes, he has nothing here right now-so he will be asking for things, until you know shit's all sorted out. "I only ask, because-Doc said I still kinda scream at night. Likely, it's shit from Picon, I get nightmares. Not like waking you're gonna see me trying to kill some franker. Just aftershock shit. I got cleared in my evals. I wanted to warn you." Dead, frakking serious. "Since I am under you now, cool?"

That is an awful lot of words coming out of his mouth all at once, or so the slow blinking of her eyes seems to imply. "Wonderful," Sera mumbles, her voice as dry as a bone bleached in the desert sun. One hand reaches, the bruised one, reaches up to brush her bangs back from her face. It's a futile gesture. They simply fall back into place the moment she's finished. "Thank you for the warning." Is she being sarcastic? It's hard to tell — at least with that last bit.

Ajax watches her for a moment and then there's a smirk. "Just shitting you. I mean I talk, but they wouldn't have let me out if I was screaming." And there he offers his hand to her. "Ajax." This is him being somewhat neighborly. "You Frak your hand too much?" meaning the bruised one that was at her bangs.

"Petty Officer First Class Sera Jane Rutlii." Would she have been the last Queen of Virgon, she's so well mastered the 'we are not amused' expression. "It works well enough for now, an' will work even better in a few days. I'm sure I'll manage." Friendly little thing, isn't she? There's winters on Aquaria that have been warmer, surely.

Ajax gives Sera a look and he's shaking his head with a laugh. "Who are you under, Petty Officer First Class Sera Jane Rutlii" his accent is Sagitarran, but it's traces have been muddled from ship life. But, it's clear there. "Well good. But, what did you do to it?" apparently, chatty neighbor is indeed chatty tonight.

A black brow arches, disappearing under those damned bangs of hers. "I punched a locker. The one down the row, two bunks away." Well, that at least explains why there's a dent in the door. She tucks a finger into her book, saving her page, as she's apparently not going to be returning to it any time soon.

"Well." And he's looking back to the locker, and said dent. "I am glad it's not mine." He already got that assigned. And so he's looking back to her. "Where do you work, PO Rutlii? Or do you prefer the whole thing? Nicknames?" Ajax keeps his lean there. He's not climbing up and invading at least. Just making it impossible to read.

She sighs, slowly and laboriously, obviously exasperated. "On the deck, as one of the lead technicians for the AE(M) department." The more she speaks, the easier it is to pick up on her Trojan accent. It's thick, heavy, dry — like the leather of well-worn safety boots, just like the ones she has set at the foor of her locker.
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Ajax chuckles right there. "Well, it seems you are in luck, then PO Rutlii-because I am also with the Deck." which means he is likely under her in the AEM. Isn't that great? "Alright, I'll leave you alone. But still ear plug." a rapt of his knuckles there on the bunk side, before he's dropping down to see to his clothes and start making a bed he can sleep in.

"Then we can talk in the morning'. Goodnight," she says crisply, before yanking her curtain shut. It's soon followed by the sound of some shuffling of sheets and blankets and the soft sound of some muttering under her breath. Sera. She's really quite the charmer when she's tired, and grumpy, and hurt, and has Cylons on her ship.

"Or something." Ajax adds in a mutter before he is moving to lay down on his back and stare up at the bunk above him. He gives one kick with his boot, before he's peeling it off. "Night, PO One, Rutlii." he adds, before he's chuckling and placing his hands behind his head. Only then does that veneer slide off and his shoulders sag, just slightly. He looks down to his socks and then back up to stare at the ceiling for a while-see if a dreamless sleep is in order tonight.

Likely, it's not.

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