AWD #029: Getting Stitched
Getting Stitched
Summary: Those wounded on Piraeus after facing down direwolves are tended to on Orion.
Date: 04/02/2013
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Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area.
AWD #29

It always seems like trips to Piraeus brings back more wounded than the trips into outerspace do. Brought into medical are several new patients with various wounds. Zachary is on a stretcher, wolf rip marks on his leg, and shrapnel wounds to his foot, hand and head as he's moved towards a table and set aside for the more serious neck and head wounds on Ygraine and Afton. Siska is brought in a short time later with an abdomen wound.

Ygraine has neck wounds and wounds on both of her arms. Most of the wounds on everyone seem to be raking slashes, an animal attack of some kind.

Kalum arrives from the Fore Corridor.

"Did someone run a special on wolf assaults and neglect to inform the medical staff?" Dr. Nadir wonders in a mild tone of voice as she surveys the wounded that are now being sorted about the sickbay in order of severity of wounds. Charts are distributed, patients divided up, and Dr. Nadir is eyeing the options so as to determine which will get to go into surgery first. "All of you Wolf wounded are going to make The Book," is advised as she reaches Afton's bedside and carefully examines the .. "these are claw marks," she says, not asking, but stating them for what they are. She shakes her head and steps back so that the claw marks can be cleaned and moves on to Ygraine with her claw AND.. "Tooth marks, you got bit by a wolf?" she asks before next to the Major, "Claw marks and shrapnel? Where did you pick up the shrapnel, Major?" is wondered - somewhat rhetorical as she steps back again.

Ygraine is on her back on a bed, and that actually feels very nice. It's likely that Ygraine and Zachary are also exhibiting signs of dehydration and exposure.

Yes, especially them two. They had a minor depressurization, their Raptor blown out from under them and had to eject, so there's the numerous small wounds from that. "..we had a hell of a time at the Cylon ball, Doctor. I'll make sure you get the invite next time." Zachary mutters deliriously as he closes his eyes. "Tend to Shake and the Jumper, I can wait." In fact, the pedal of the Raptor shoved through his foot is dressed by Ygraine's shirt.

Kalum accompanies the wounded into the Sickbay, still dressed in his armor and BDU's — his rifle slung across his back. "Told you that I wouldn't be the top story in the book for long, Lieutenant." The Petty Officer says darkly, as he follows Afton in. "Where do you want me, Doctor?" The Pararescue Jumper asks then.

"He's got a head wound, sir." Aftont points out for as much as she has three marks from her head down to her cheek from the wolf. She winces. Bedded up as she is led in, she touches her head. "Frakking beast tore my stitches.." She gasps out, wincing. She frowns some and then bunches a hand to her cheek and knuckles it. They come away bloody and she settles back.

Fluids are pushed, allergy questions are asked - several times - and both Vashti and Sheperd are slated for treatment to address dehydration, exposure to the elements and what ever else they were bombarded with, along with aggressive rounds of antibiotic boosters scheduled for administration. "Alright, lets sort this out," she says in a low voice as she walks over to stand alongside Kalum for a moment, hands tucked into the pockets of her lap coat. "Kalum, clean and examine the Major's wounds, stitch what needs stitching, make sure there's no hair or teeth or anything else stuck in the wounds, rabies vaccines as well, for all of them." She eyes Afton with a look that is a bit stern, "I tend to object when perfectly good stitches are torn, Officer St. James, lets see about fixing those," she says, letting the next available attending handle Ygraine's wounds in the same vein - clean, assess, booster of meds, rabies vaccine, etc.

"Aye aye, Sir." Kalum says deeply, and then moves over towards the Major. There are a couple of loud and heavy thumps as the PJ slips out of his gear, and a nurse comes to collect the bulk of it — secreting it off to his locker. Kalum at this point moves quickly to sterilize, and throw on surgical gown over his BDU's. Swiftly, he has returned to the Major's side. He sees that the head wound is obviously the Major's worst wound, but fortunately his hair is fairly close cropped already — unlike Afton's. Kalum pulls out the clippers, and first trims the Major's hair around the wound shorter. Once that is done he starts cleaning the wound of any particulate matter — an uncomfortable work to say the least.

"Can you get a message down to the surface, let…" Zachary frowns as that wound on his forehead is uncoverd. "…Doctor Eden Sheperd at the horticulture center know what happened and that I'll be fine."

There is a faint clipped laugh from St James as she looks to Doctor Nadir. "But I do so love the care I get here in the sickbay…I would miss out. Besides, I am sure you can stitch me up prettier than Kalum, sir." She jests lightly but does not complain or refuse treatment. In fact her hands press to the bed and she blinks, the wounds being cleaned of blood at the moment. "Big thing down there, Doctor. I think it unwise to go camping. To inform you in case you were interested." The sound of the clippers makes her wince. "Sir, if you have need to cut my hair, you may as well shave it all off." She's not sure how far up the scalp those claw marks go.

"Not a problem, Major. I can send it, or as soon as you're in recovery we'll let you send it yourself, Sir." Kalum says in a smooth and quiet voice as he cleans the wound on the Pilots forehead. "All you need to worry about right now is big stitches or small, Sir…" Basically, do you want the scar or do you want to look pretty. Kalum then looks up to Samtara as she cares for Afton. "Shave it all, Sir. Don't want folks thinking she's got mange."

"If I understand anything about married life, he's hoping that someone else will tell Dr. Sheperd that he's wounded so that by the time she arrives she won't be inclined - potentially - to yell at him," Dr. Nadir suggests from where she's working on St. James, though Kalum's words make her chuckle. "Mange? Well, if she has mange, hopefully she gave it to the scurvy flea bag that bit her - I presume that she doesn't normally date scurvy flea bags, right?" she wonders in a mildly rhetorical tone of voice at Afton as she does, indeed, set aside the shears. "We're going to go for bald is beautiful, St. James, and maybe you can get some some of the brave Marines to belly up to the barbers chair and take the bald pledge with you," she suggests with another of those wry glimpses of a smile. "Kalum, is that a shirt wrapped around the major's foot?" she wonders.

"Doesn't matter.." Zachary murmurs, as he looks down towards his foot. "But considering you're probably going to have to put me under for that.." he says, and nods slowly towards Samtara. "What she said. It's good to have a bit of a buffer."

Phin arrives from the Fore Corridor.

"I'll be sure to send word to your wife then, Sir." Kalum says quietly as he pulls up a needle and syringe. "I'm going to take care of these small wounds first, Sir. You're right about us needing to knock you out for the foot, but I'd like to get you mostly patched up before we do. We can keep you under for less time. "Now you're going to feel a pinch, and then this wound on your head will go numb." With that said the pinch is swiftly forthcoming, and soon dozen more as the PJ slowly numbs the head wound.

"I do not have mange…just apparently a love for head wounds." Afton clips in a weary tone. "Darn thing was huge and heavy. Landed right on me after it was shot to shit." She winces a bit more and then glances up at Samtara and once more to Kalum. But those greens return to the Doctor and she smirks. "But it off, sir. I will grow it back. At least I am alive..right? Can't worry about hair length dead. And as for the marines, I was thinking of asking the Major, maybe even Kal here to show off some skin." A lively smirk plays upon her lips as she glances over towards the other PJ. "How deep are they, sir, feels like I am missing half my face."

Ygraine is really liking this comfy bed thing. Presumably, she's been bandaged at the neck and on both arms. Eventually, undoubtedly, stitches will be involved. She also keeps asking random nurses if they think guys find girls with scars sexy. She's either in shock or really bored.

Zachary is being tended to by Kalum, the DCAG laying back on a bed as his wounds are treated and he lets out a breath. "How's Milkshake? Damn thing tried to rip out her throat.." and then he's willed off for surgery to have that piece of metal yanked out of his foot. ow.

Dr. Nadir aims another nod at the Major, "That seems to be the most advisable strategy, Sir, but we'll keep her posted in flight," she offers as she turns back to Afton. "are you sure it isn't mange? I mean, with a love for head wounds a love for mange could be the next thing on the list," she suggests as she measures the wounds and relays the depth and dimension's to Afton. "On the other side of that coin, your hair continues to grow even after you're deceased. Granted, it's a short length of time and a portion ot the growth is actually a result of your tissue shrinking and retracting toward your skin, but it's measurable all the same." Useful data, right? "This is going to hurt," she says, not giving Afton much warning as she numbs the area around the wounds and sets to work doing the deep tissue cleaning required to really make sure nothing is stuck in the wound that'll lead to secondary infections. Or worse.

Phin slouches into Sickbay as unobtrusively as possible. Which is fairly unobtrusive, when he wants to be. He's been waiting somewhat obsessively on news of the SAR Raptor's return, so it being back is probably why he's here. He stops at the front desk and rather awkwardly asks after Ygraine. And the D-CAG, while he's at it. Are people dead? Nobody's dead, right?

Ygraine calls out, "I'm fine, Pie! I'm hoping for more drugs!" Ygraine is on a gurney. Aside from the bandages in various places, she seems a bit shocked, and as such a little drifty.

"Well if its on the list..whom I to refuse," jokes the PJ just before the Doctor warns her it will hurt. She curses below her breath as one of the claw marks on her face is pressed against and she bucks a little in the bed. Straining to keep herself down, Afton hisses out a breath and keeps her eyes shut. "Nice warning, sir. Plenty of time to baton down the hatches…" Her voice is pulled, strains against her throat and she finally breathes.

As Zach is sent on his way, Kalum makes his way over towards Ygraine now. "Lets have a look at these wounds, Sir." The red-head says in a quiet and professional voice as he stands at the ECO's side. "We'll see about the drugs in a moment." With that said he starts to carefully remove the bandages from Ygraine's arms so that he can take a look at the wounds.

Ygraine beams at Kalum. "Hi." she says, wincing a little bit as the slash marks on her arms are revealed. "Got me in the frakkin' neck, too. Can you believe I survived Cylons and a bailout and the woods only to get bit and clawed up by some frakkin' dogs? Also, oww."

"Could be worse, Ensign." Kalum says softly, carefully pulling away the bandages — attempting to minimize any discomfort the ECO feels. "They could have been robotic cylon wolves." A brief smile plays across the PJ's lips here, and then his lips purse together thoughtfully as he considers the wounds. "The wound to your left arm just needs a bandage. Nothing serious there, but I'm afraid it'll scar… Unfortunately, only enlisted men dig scars." He says lightly in good humor. The cleaning sprays are brought out then and applied judiciously to her left arm, and before long Kalum is bandaging it up.

"To much warning makes most people tense up," Nadir replies in a quiet voice, taking the time and the care to be as gentle as she can, meticulous but thorough, and not going out of her way make Afton have to do more of the pain sounds than necessary. "Have you guys considered some anti-wolf spray, maybe some lupine repellant?" is wondered to the room at large even as she looks up from Afton and aims a nod at the D-CAG before back to Afton. "If we smooth the edges of the cuts, make the stitches as small as possible, keep the wound well coated with antibiotics and a wound sealant, I think we can minimize the scarring. But I can't guarantee that. It's not going to impair your abilities as a PJ or anything else, but they are going to hurt like hell while they're being stitched, more while they're healing, and they're going to itch like mad."

"Well, you're kinda cute. It's not frat if I'm on top, yaknow." Ygraine is kidding, of course. Promise. "Does anyone know if Storm and Dolly made it back to Orion?"

"Good to know…" Afton says, straining a little where she lies. She misses the flirting at the moment and attempts a smile for Nadir but it pulls at the claw marks down her face. "Everyone's here, that is a good sign. Didn't leave anyone behind so you know, a few scars are worth it. Going to look real pretty once I am all healed up." She says and goes still again, or tries as Samtara digs at her face. She swallows, huffing out a breath as she presses herself into the bed. Slowly she exhales.

Phin is assured by some good-hearted Sickbay attendant that nobody died. A couple times, he is assured of this. He asks her if she's super sure, so it has to be re-emphasized. Even armed with that knowledge, he sags with visible relief when he hears some familiar voices from within the bay proper. "Cool." He lets a long breath. "Can I see her? Umm…them." He will edge in as far as he's allowed, though he tries to stay out of the way of working medics.

"I was not aware of that fact, Sir…" Kalum says with a laugh to Ygraine. "I'll be sure to double check with the JAG Office on that to make sure it doesn't breach the CUCMJ." The wound on her left arm is taken care of, but now the PJ moves to her right and pulls out the needle. "Going to numbe your arm, and sew this up, Sir. We'll try to keep you pretty so that some nice Marine Officer will take you to the ball. Unfortunately, just between us I think Petty Officer St. James is going to have to go stag." With that said the pricks in her Ygraine's arm begin as Kalum numbs the wound.

Zachary is carted off to the back. Ygraine's t-shirt is removed from his foot exposing the piece of metal shoved through it. He's going to be in surgery for a while as they figure out how to fix this one out.

"Everyone being here is the ideal outcome, I would imagine," Nadir remarks as she uses a pair of tiny shears to trim the edges of the claw mark until they're as neatly pared as possible. yes, that's right, trimming the edge of the skin before she'll begin to stitch it together. "Ideally we want to let enough of this remain open so that it has time to heal on it own without pulling oddly at your skin. But the deepest parts will need to be sutured," she explains in a lower voice. "This won't hurt so much as it will be more annoying than anything else. Once you get past the fact that I'm sewing your skin together and the admittedly creepy factor, it won't be as bad." She's selecting the smallest suture needle and sutures that will do the task at hand and sets to work, placing each precise stitch with care, taking the time to consider each one before she places it and moves on.

"Ooh, that tingles." Ygraine laughs a little, and hears a familiar voice. "Phinny?" she calls out, turning her head and showing off her faaabulous neck wound."

"DON'T…" Kalum says suddenly and firmly to Ygraine. "…MOVE your head, Sir." The PJ's pale eyes look into Ygraine's, and he seems deadly serious here. "That neck wound is deeper then the one in your arm. I'd hate to see you accidently tear open an artery. You probaly wont, but I'd prefer not to see you suddenly start bleeding out." Some gentle concern here and respect for rank is mixed into his voice here. At this point he takes out the 'needle and thread' and puts Ygraine's arm back together. The stitches aren't large, but they aren't small. There will be a little bit of a scar for the ECO to remember the wolf by.

"Yggs?" Phin perks, threading his way toward the gurney she's parked in. "Hey!" Just in time to hear the medic tell her not to move her head. "Uh. Sorry." It sounds vaguely apologetic. He grins at the sight of her, neck wound aside.

Ygraine straightens her head dutifully, eyes going a bit wide at the prospect of spurting, and not in a fun way. She instead makes a vague motion with the stationary hand that's not being worked on right now, but it's slashed up too. "Phinny, c'mere. I'm glad you came, it means you and Holtzy are alright."

Bridget steps into the sick bay and looks around. She looks solemn and tired, but ready for whatever's needed. Her long red hair is pulled into a long French braid, and she's wearing herr Corpsman uniform with PO2 markings.

Kalum carefully finishes sewing up Ygraine's arm here, and then wraps it up. Time for the final push here. "Sir, I want you to hold your head perfectly still here." At this point, the Petty Officer pulls the bandage off of the ECO's neck, and takes a real good look at the wound. "Gods," he murmurs softly, "half a centimeter aft and you would've probably bled out down on Piraeus, Sir." With that said he starts to gently clean the wound.

Ygraine's eyes go sidelong back to Kalum. "Man, you really know what to say to a girl." Her eyes dart back again, apparently Phin gets to be her teddy bear for the duration.

Stealing her breath, Afton waits for the stitches, "Right, sir. I trust in you. Just make sure that its nice and tight after. Don't want to come spilling out after all your hard work." She admits, swallowing. "So I am thinking, you know, maybe shave a pattern, make a statement?" She asks and can't help but smile just a little bit despite the raging pain along the side of her face. "I was thinking swirls, maybe the colonial emblem…something like that." She tries to grit her teeth and make light of it. "Its going to be odd, you know. Get up and go, no dealing with hair."

"Yeah, we're fine. Vipers didn't come back with a scratch, except those we inflicted on them from the asteroids." Phin says it wry though, again, he sounds a little apologetic about his un-scratched state. He pales some as Kalum discusses how close Ygraine came to bleeding out from the neck. He reaches out to take her hand, for holding purposes.

Bridget looks about. "Who needs an assist?" she asks. The joy of seeing lots of wounded; she seems unphased, at least. "Or a teddy bear, if I'm not needed elsewhere," the redhead adds, after a moment.

Ygraine curls the fingers of mobile arm around Phin's. She's smiling, but her grip is tight and perhaps a little shakey. She's keeping her head perfectly still, though.

"Excellent timing, Officer Samuels," Dr. Nadir remarks from where she's standing alongside the bed upon which Afton is being tended. "I don't think you can spell out 'Chewtoy' on your scalp," she adds in a quieter aside to Afton. "Swirls, maybe the emblem, but all of you ought to get some sort of 'Battled with Wolves' medal or ribbon." She finishes the last of the stitches and waves Bridget over. "I've done the stitches that need to be placed but the rest of the claw marks need to be cleaned one more time, dressed and bandaged for the time being. The Major needs surgery and a bit of metal extracted from his foot. He, for that matter, gets the upgraded 'lead foot' award, he's the only contender to qualify."

After a long time, Zachary is pulled out of surgery - hey, he didn't lose the foot, good job, Ygraine! He's wheeled along and put into the queue to be moved into recovery after a final checkout.

Bridget grins and steps over, with a smile. "Yes, Doctor." She nods to Afton. "Hey," she says with recognition, as she carefully begins to clean the wounds again, slow and meticulous.

The PJ may not be a doctor, but he is skilled. His hands don't shake here, and his breaths come out smooth and measured. His face is inches from Ygraine's now so that he can see the wound in her neck. Kalum finishes cleaning the wound, and draws forth the needle to begin suturing. "This is going to hurt, Ensign. I don't want to risk poking a needle around in your neck anymore then needed. Stay strong and we'll be done soon, sailor." With that said he carefully begins to knit her flesh back together. Plunge, tug, plunge, tug.

"Red." Afton greets Bridget before she glances to Nadir. "Thank you, sir." She says and reaches out to touch Samtara's arm. "Tireless for you it would seem. I think we are going to become fast friends if I keep up like this." She lets out a breath and releases to let her hand fall back to the bed. Her gaze focuses once again upon Bridget. "Well now you can't follow the braid if we hit ground again least not for a while." THe PJ jests.

"Totally doesn't look that bad," Phin says to Ygraine. Focusing on her eyes, rather than any part of her actually being stitched up, of course. "You're doing really awesome. Just…try to focus on something else. Close your eyes. Picture…like, something really beautiful. Like, a time when you were just totally happy. And just put yourself in that moment, and it totally won't hurt at all."

"Do y'remember the time when you were on the farm and the bull got out, and you decided to try and help my brothers get it back on the other side of the fence?" Apparently that serves as a happy memory.

Bridget grins at the PJ. "Well deserved break," she teases the blonde. "But seriously, I'm glad you got back okay. Scared us all for a bit, you and the Major." Zachary gets a glance and a nod before she looks back to Afton, cleaning each wound before dressing and bandaging each wound. There's a new sadness about Bridget's eyes, Afton might notice, or might not. Since they'd only really met the once.

Zachary finally gives in to the sedatives and dozes off into the land of unconsciousness where rainbows battle heroically against cotton candy and there are thunderstorms of love and glitter and.. just cut the damn metal out already, Sammy.

Nadir rests one hand on Afton's shoulder, "I seem to only make friends after I've done all manner of stitching, patching and repairs. Just," she gives a gentle squeeze of her hand on Afton's shoulder, "try to remember you aren't qualifying for a frequent flier card." SHe steps back then to move out of Bridget's way and strips off the gloves to head for the curtained off area where the Major is slipping into unconsciousness. This trip, apparently, is provided by Unicorn Air and Rainbow excursions, but there probably weren't pretzels, warm towels OR pillows offered no matter if he was flying first class or not. Gowned, masked, his wounds reviewed, "Alright, ladies and gentlemen, lets get to work," she says as she lays out the plan to extract the metal, clean the wound, repair any nerve and muscle damage, setting to work as she speaks. The small surgical assist team is comprised of seasoned veterans to her 'service' such as it is, and they work well together.

Plunge, tug, plunge, tug. "Lay me doon in the caul caul groon," Kalum murmurs to himself in an almost hum, as he focuses entirely on the ECO's neck. Some surgeons operate to music. Some pilots play rock and roll in the simulator. The PJ apparently hums in intense situations. "Whaur afore monie mair huv gaun." Plunge, tug, plunge, tug, snip. Then the Petty Officer is finished. Slowly, he wraps the ECO's neck in bandage and gause. "Alright, Ensign… Looks like we've got you patched up. Lets see what we can do about pain medicine."

"As you say, sir. Maybe we hit the mess after I am cleared. Much better then hitting ground again." She keeps coming back eaten up. Afton however smiles and nods at Bridget, weary and beneath the aid of drugs, she is relaxing more and more. "So tell me how you have been. How do they look eh? Aren't they charming?" She smiles faintly and then wets her lips. "Good to know we are worried about. But we always come back. Like that cat." She tries to ease that worry and that look she can't read from the corpsman's face.

Phin crooks his eyebrows at the singing medic. Seriously, dude? It does make the whole process less edgey to be adjacent to, though. If a guy's humming, he's probably not going to impale the ECO. Ygraine's choice of memories earn a wry chuckle. "You mean when I tripped in manure and made an ass out of myself?" Though he grins as he says. "That was fun, actually. Your family was always really nice to me. There you go. That wasn't too bad, huh?"

Bridget smiles at Afton. "I've been doing okay. Madi dying suddenly kinda screwed me up for a few days. Need to talk to the shrink, but I'm having a hard time finding time in our schedules." A shrug. "But the nightmares are a bit less, and that's important, right?" Ah, that kinda explains the look. Then she grins a bit at the next question. "Your scars are pretty awesome," she replies. "I admit to some jealousy. Maybe I should get into more missions, huh?" She's got a mischevious twinkle in her eyes.

"My mama thought you were so cute." Ygraine tells him with a grin. And then, oooh, pain medicine. "I think I may have to kick you out when they drug me up, because I'll probably just say anything when I'm loopy." Like she doesn't already speak her mind."

Kalum quietly backs away from Ygraine here, snapping his gloves off, and then walks over to one of the nurses. There is a brief discussion about pain medicine, and then the PJ glances back towards Phin and Ygraine. A smile plays briefly across his lips then, and he moves on to where he is needed next. The nurse in a few minutes drops by with some morpha pills for Ygraine to take at her pleasure.

"Definitely more missions. I bet you would look quite stunning with some claw marks down your back…seem to be plenty of wolves on Piraeus to offer that lately." She admits and smiles faintly. "I did not know Madeline all that well. I am sorry for you." She admits genuinely. Her eyes lift to the ceiling, tilting her head faintly but pausing as she remembers what is being done for the clawmarks. "But its good that you are here, healthy and whole. Seems I am managing to get a lifetimes worth of injuries in a few months."

Phin smirks. "I think I could take you now. Anyway. Morpha'll make you sleepy. Which is good. You can just zonk for awhile while you heal up. When you're ready to wake up, won't be so bad." Probably. He finally asks, "How's Major Sheperd? The nurse at the desk said…nobody was dead. So." That has to be good, right?

"He has a big piece of metal in his foot." Ygraine reports, her lashes fluttering as morpha is added to her IV.

Bridget offers Afton a smile and a gentle squeeze to a part of some arm that isn't injured. "Thank you," she murmurs. "I need the reminder sometimes, you know, that life goes on. I feel stupid, though; I'm dwelling so hard," she admits. "It's not interfering with work, obviously…" She grins as she dresses and bandages another woundone to go!"but I just… I want to forget. It'd be so much easier." Then she's cleaning the last, worst, wound carefully, taking her time, being as gentle as she can.

"Dwell as much as you want, I do…its a matter of how it effects you in your daily life." She explains. Afton hestiates at Bridget's last and her lips part. "I…I ..well don't forget. I am pretty sure Madi doesn't want you to hurt, but to be forgotten? I would hate that." She admits and smiles faintly. "Acceptance is what is needed…closure."

Bridget sighs and nods. "You're right, but I'm just… I don't want to forget /her/," she clarifies. "Just losing her. I don't know if that's any better." She leans in closer, cleaning the wound, then finishes up, dressing and bandaging. "There you go," she murmurs. "All bandaged up. You have had pain meds, yes?"

"Ouch," Phin mutters, as to the hunk of metal the major has in his foot, giving Ygraine's hand another squeeze as she morphas a bit. "Well. Beats having it other places, I guess. He'll be OK. You're both OK." He repeats it, like he's reminding himself of it. While she's still vaguely coherent he asks, "You want me to bring you anything? From the bunks, I mean. So you don't get totally bored while you're stuck here."

"Its okay, really. Take the time you need to find peace…no one is rushing you." Afton observes. The PJ lays once more on a medical bed, medded up and she laughs, "if I said no could I get more?" She asks and then grins a bit. "No, I am fine, thanks. Been given my first round."

Bridget nods, taking off her gloves and looking at her. "Can I bring you anything?" she asks, echoing Phin without really realizing it. "I have some stuff, books, you know. And maybe I could visit," she adds with a small smile.

Pausing, Afton considers. "I need a word sent to both Sergeant Cooper Knox and the Lieutenant Colonel Marcus Petra." She hesitates. "Just that I am injured once more. I was supposed to talk with the Colonel but that will have to wait and Cooper may wish to visit."

Bridget nods to Afton. "I can do that. Sergeant Knox and Lieutenant Colonel Petra." She makes a mental note. "I'll write to them. I don't really know them well enough to stop them in the halls and all." A tiny grin. "Anything else? A book, maybe?"

"Can you bring me some of my magazines?" Ygraine's voice is starting to get dreamy-sounding. "You're so sweet. Thanks." She lets out a sigh. "Time for some rack." she mumbles.

"No, no thanks hon. Just need some sleep." Afton smiles a bit more, her hand brushing at her face, the very tips of her claw marks that drag down from the top of her head to her cheek. "Just sleep right now. Thank you though. Maybe tomorrow."

Bridget smiles and nods, stepping away from Afton. "Sleep well," she murmurs over her shoulder. Then she's looking around, trying to decide who needs what.

"Yeah. I'll drop them by in the morning," Phin promises. And he will. He's reliable like that. "I'll even bring that dumb girl-porn book Redux gave you, if you've still got it. Yeah, Yggs. That's it. Rack out." He doesn't say anything more to distract her from unconsciousness, though he'll hang out until she's out.

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