AWD #059: Gettin JiGgy With It
Getting JiGgy With It
Summary: Milkshake gets her just desserts.
Date: 06/March/2013 (OOC Date)
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Ygraine Zachary 
CAG's Office - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
A nine foot by none foot office. Most of the floorspace is taken up by a desk and filing cabinets. (This area to be customized by CAG.) SOMEDAY!
AWD #59: 6 March 2005

Having sent out the summons, Zachary is sitting behind his desk, working on some files for the Ensign to arrive. Once she does and announces her presence, he'll gesture. "Have a seat, Milkshake. I'll try to make this brief."

"Sure thing, sir." Yggy sits down, brow furrowed as she studies Zach, trying to get an idea of what his mood seems to be.

"We don't always get along, Ygraine." Zachary just jumps right into it. "We have differences of opinion. And part of that I get is the reason that we're two different generations, despite he fact that we're related by marriage. However, there is one thing I do recognize." he continues, "And that's when someone works hard and busts her ass not to impress anyone, but because she wants to go above and beyond in her duties."

Ygraine opens her mouth like she's going to argue at the start of Zach's speech, but in a display of distinct lack-of-stupidity, she shuts it by the halfway point. "Thank you, sir." She keeps it simple.

A grin. He may have picked up on that change of expression. Rising from behind his desk. "And I have been sorely lacking in my own duties not to recognize it, Ygraine." Zachary moves around the desk, holding a box in his hands. "If you'll come to attention, please, Ensign?" he asks her.

Oh. Oh. There's a cinch briefly of her forehead like she can't decide if this is full of awesome sauce or an oh shit souffle. Probably somewhere in the middle. Dutifully she rises to her feet, putting herself at attention and lifting her chin, eyes straight forward. Zach can see her swallow, though.

"I realize that you probably would perfer to have Captain Holtz or JiG McBride do this, but as your Squadron Leader, CAG and the fact that outside of my wife, you may be the only relationship I have left, indulge me." Zachary requests, as he opens the box. Brand new pins sit inside. LTJG pins. "By special order zero six zero three zero five constellation, and approved by both Rear Admiral Louis Jameson and myself, Ensigsn Ygraine Vashti is hereby promoted to the rank of Liuetuant Junior Grade and is granted all rights and privlidges of this rank." he holds up the first pin to her shoulder. "May I?"

"Of course, sir." Yes, she is eyeing those pins like they're a brand spankin' new summer pony. A summer pony that might bite her.

Unclasping the first rank tab, he removes the Ensign pin and pushes the LTJG pin into place. And then he repeats the process with the other shoulder. Stepping back from her, Zachary is the first one to salute the newly minted JiG. "Congratulations, Milkshake. You have done more than enough to earn it."

Ygraine returns the salute promptly and crisply. "Thank you, sir." It is clearly going to take her a little bit to process this. A little bit of time, and possibly a lot of booze. She sort of darts her eyes down like she's trying to see hr own collar after he pins her, realizes what she's doing, and promptly looks sheepish.

Zachary laughs, and just looks amused. "I think Dolly had a very similar look, but I had just gave him the assignment that required that rank." Dropping the salute, he offers the hand for a shake. "Anything else you wanted to discuss, Lieutenant?"

"I feel like I should, but I don't." she admits. "I know we're gettin' ready for th'recon, so I've been brushin' up on my light codes and rackin' my brain for alternatives. Don't suppose we have means to color code our lights?"

"Talk to Deck or Squire, she might know of something that we can use." Zachary says with a shake of his head. "Otherwise, no, I know they're usually used for flash traffic only. Is there a way we can triangulate within the belt and make a commo zone that would be a bit clearer with drones?"

Ygraine admits, "I got no idea. But Squire might have some idea of what's doable, though we'll gotta go to Rutilii for the confirm and the approval of course. We keep moddin' the birds, probably makin' her pull her hair out."

"Let me deal with the Chief on that. He's given us some leeway." Zachary promises. "If that's it, I'll let you get back to it, Ygraine. Good job. I am proud of you, even if we don't agree on everything."

Ygraine tilts her head back. "I think we agree on the important things, sir." she says frankly. "The rest of it, well, I'm sure we can both live with. We're who we are and all."

"Agreed." Zachary chuckles. "Now go, you have a party to plan for your promotion. Let me know if we need to carve up a cow for some ribs." he winks. "Keep kickin' ass, Lieutant."

"Will do, sir." With the dismissal, she heads on out, grinning like a fiend.

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