AWD #614: Get Your Feet Wet
Get Your Feet Wet
Summary: Robin comes to brief the marines on the latest recce data.
Date: 25/02/2017
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Robin Amos Penta 
Battalion HQ - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The headquarters room is the primary command location for all Marines associated with the battlestar or accompanying fleet ships. The walls and desks are covered with maps, photos, and satellite imagery - as well as clocks indicating the current time in each colonial capital city. Secure phones are bolted to each bulkhead, and for added insurance, each desk possesses its own encrypted wireless unit with its own independent wiring. The small room is always manned by a wireless operator and a duty sergeant, at a minimum, though it tends to be a hive of activity during duty hours.
AWD #614

It's been even longer than long days for the CAG, stuffed up in her office planning and taking care of business. After stowing the report in her folder, Robin set out for a welcome stroll to stretch her legs, which ended with her at HQ. Walk over. The CAG picks up her pace as she heads to Amos' office, giving a knock on a frame, "Major. Got the flight recon on Aquaria, if you have a moment to go over them?"

Despite his promotion, and the fact that he now can't use the excuse of having to frequently pop to the training ranges, Amos is still in his greens rather than the marine greys. As Robin sticks her head through the hatch he glances up from some of his own work, then sets it aside to make room for whatever she might bring. "Of course, come on in, but give Ensign Penta a call as well would you? If it's recce information then he should see it too. Saves time of going over it with him later."

"Ah yes. Of course." Robin pulls away from the hatch. "Ensign Penta?" She doesn't believe she has met him before, but she certainly knows she doesn't know where his desk might be. "Please report to Major Ommanney's office." Then she slips back inside and takes a seat, waiting to see if that tactic panned out. She opens the folder over her lap and hands over copies of the report to Amos, placing it at the edge of his desk. There are two.

Penta steps in at this point. "Major, Colonel?"

Amos takes the offered report and scans it as he waits for Penta to appear. Once the younger marine arrives he waves him to the other seat and indicates the report. "Latest recce data from Aquaria. At first reading a mixed bag of results." Letting the Ensign have a read he turns back to Robin. "Anything else to add to it?"

Penta sits and reads. "No basestar is good, but….Lords, I think they may have managed to completely depopulate the planet."

Robin waits for Penta to settle in and for Amos to give him some context before diving in, turning the cover of the report. "Basically, Aquaria's a ghost town as far as the reports show. No basestars, no Raiders, no anti-air systems about, nothing to really show the Cylons have been there except we got some old tracks in the mud. We do have some footage of human remains but no joy on causes or time because of the distance. Something interesting though is the spaceport seems to have been wrecked at some point, but now it's been cleared since then. But yeah, it's pretty unclear what's happened. If there's anyone down there, they don't have anything that could reach us, or they're hunkered down somewhere."

Amos nods in agreement to Penta, that’s basically his read of it too. Listening to Robin he says nothing until she's done, just makes himself as comfortable as he can in his chair. "I suspect I can see where this is going Colonel," he replies with a faint smile. "Give me a timeline, and I'll get you a team and a plan for taking a closer look. Anyone you want along in particular, deck, engineering, etcetera?"

"Well our objective is to see if there's anyone in charge on our side, so that still stands. We could send one person from Deck to scope out anything for relatively immediate salvage, but we shouldn't need more than one." Robin nods in agreement with Amos. "We can run follow-up trips for alternative objectives once we know more about what is going on."

"Understood," Amos replies, jotting down a couple of quick notes on the bottom on his copy of the report. He seems to have nothing immediately to question the CAG about so instead he turns to Penta, "you fancy getting your feet wet on this one Ensign? Get your intel together, get me a squad list and plan to me in the next few days, and then you can go breathe some fresh air for a while."

Penta nods. "Yes sir."

"As soon as we can. We're racing against multiple clocks gentlemen, but I understand we're all working with constraints," Robin says of a timeline. "Ensign, Major. If there is nothing else…Oh, I'm glad to share that our prototype Raptor came back from the Arpay with a demo of their enhancements. More load, significantly more armor and lighter overall." Likely there is more than that, but those types of enhancements seem to be more important for Marines. "It still needs to go through our hoops, but the changes are likely to go through on the rest of our birds."

"More load? How much more of a load?" Penta asks, intrigued.

"I'll leave it in the Ensign's capable hands then," Amos notes, maybe missing his old job just a fraction as he delegates. The breakdown of raptor improvements is given a nod and then, given Penta is showing interest, he adds, "tell you what Ensign, why don't you accompany the Colonel to Wing Country and get me a rundown on all the changes and how they'll affect our operations."

Penta nods. "Yes sir." He stands, then.

"Our ECO who supervised the changes would be the best person to talk to. My mind is swimming with details of Scorpia right now." Robin nods, "But if you come with me I'll get him chased down for you." Tucking her folder under her arm, she nods to Amos. She doesn't wait for the Ensign. If he's going to come, he'll come, or ask her to wait up right? Her brain doesn't even get that far. She's already slipping out the hatch…constantly 'on-mission.'

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