AWD #243: Get Your Affairs in Order
Get Your Affairs in Order
Summary: Maia files her last will and testament with the JAG
Date: 06/September/2013 (OOC Date)
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Rhonwen Maia 
JAG Office
Except when the gun batteries are firing, the offices aboard the Orion tend to be a quiet area where clerks can get their work done as needed. However, there are several closed-door offices, with small windows, lining the walls in addition to unclaimed cubicles that run down the center of the long room. However, this is not just a place for clerks. Anyone who has paperwork that they need to do and would prefer to do it someplace quiet can come here at all hours of the day or night to accomplish what they require space and peace to complete.
AWD #243

Friday.. The week was passing so very fast and Sunday is almost here. Loaded with a folder and wearing fatigues, Maia finds her way to the office of the JAG. Outside the door, she hesitates, takes a deep breath and realizes the implications of what she is about to do. Since it's after breakfast and before lunch, she figures her friend will be in. Knocking on the door with three raps, she waits.

"Enter!" Comes Rhonwen's response from within. The office itself is clean and neat there is the fait strains of classical music that seem to float in the air and can barely be heard. Rhonwen herself is seated in front of a desk. Her silver hair has been pulled back into a neat bun and she is dressed today in Duty Blues. On the desk there is a PDA or Electronic Notebook, pens and a good old fashioned yellow legal pad.

Stepping inside, Maia hears the music and smiles as she closes the door behind her. With a hesitance she'd never showed before, she makes her way to the chair in front of the desk. "Sir.. I've come in an official capacity." Snapping off a salute to her friend, she waits before seating herself.

"At ease, when people come to find me here they are usually looking to speak with me in that official capacity." Rhonwen say with a smile. Her tone is pleasant and she motions for Maia to take a seat. "What can we do for you today?" Her pale green eyes rest on the folder that Maia has tucked underneath her arm.

Dropping the salute, Maia has a seat and moves the folder to her lap. "I'm going to be doing a classified mission soon and I've been told to make sure my last will and testament are done and given to you so you could carry it out should something happen to me on the mission." It's not easy for her to say, but she does offer a smile.

"What mission are you going and do you have everything in that folder in case things do not go as planned?" Rhonwen asks her in a serious but gentle manner. "Do you have any verbal instructions to go with what you have gathered and written?"

Placing the folder on the desk to give it to her, Maia smiles. "It's not really an announced mission and I've been told not to say much about it, but it's highly dangerous. We had to sign release forms and it was volunteer only and we were told to make sure our will was on file with you." Clearing her throat, she finishes. "I want to leave.. almost everything to Alexander Agrippa." Her expression softens when she says the name. "If I don't come back, you can have all my makeup and fingernail polish." Her smile reminiscent of the past times they had spent together. "It always looked good on you." Another hesitation. "I'd also be honored if Agrippa would carry my coin too.."

"Are you going to be carrying your coin there to the mission?" Rhonwen asks her. "As for the makeup I would be honored but are you certain there is not another you would like to bestow that honor to. If not I hope you have it in writing." She looks at her with soft eyes that hold a hint of sadness but for right now she is all professional. Reaching out she takes the folder and starts to go through its contents while Maia is still there because she needs to make sure Maia has everything she wants there.

"I am not allowed to take anything with me that identifies me. No dog tags, no coin, no uniform with name or rank or anything." Maia says quietly. Inside the folder is the written directions as well as a few letters addressed to people. "I'm certain. We had such good times with the makeup and the polish. Bonded over pink polish and drinks. Also, Luc… Gabriel Raynor actually, my ex-husband, I want him to have my wedding ring from when we were married and the photos I have. It's all there though in the will."

"I will take care of this all and I will make certain that all of your wishes are seen to and all is handled properly." Rhonwen says this and the sadness that could be seen in her eyes creeps into her voice. "You know I would rather not have to handle this. Try and come home in one piece. Be safe and think before reacting and remember cover is your friend and there is no shame in ducking or retreating."

Hearing the sadness, Maia reaches out a hand to gently place it over Rhonwen's. "I'll come back, these are all just.. cautionary things. I'll be back and we can have another makeup and fingernail polish party now that I'm not so busy with cross qual. I have tons more time. I have you and Alex to come back for." After a small squeeze, she withdraws her hand and stands, a smile in place. "You're about the best friend I've ever had. Thanks for handling all this for me. I'll remember what you said and think before reacting and do what I can to be as safe as possible."

"Good and when you get back perhaps Virgil will make you decent drink." Rhonwen says as she squeezes her hand back before Maia withdraws her hand. "Glad to hear someone is listening to good advice." This is said in teasing tone. "I will see you soon, when do you leave?"

The comment about Virgil has her grin. "A decent drink sounds perfect. I look forward to it, we'll make it a double date, yeah?" Maia suddenly feels a little lighter with the weight of the will passed off to someone else. "I leave on Sunday. Day after tomorrow.. See you soon!" She begins making her way to the door.

"Take care, and I will see you soon." Rhonwen tells her as she leaves. She then moves to put the items away in a filing cabinate under Maia's name.

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