gemenon.png Gemenon
Ancient Name: Gemini
Population: 2.8 billion (Pre)
Patron God: Hera
Capitol: Oranu
Major Cities:
Oranu, Illumini
Kobol Colleges, Illumini Pantheon, Gramada Mountains, Spatiu Gol Plateau, Pustiu Desert
Pyramid Teams:
Gemenon Twins, Illumini Vipers

Current Status

Gemenon is a nuclear wasteland. There is a military-enforced quarantine around the planet and even entering the atmosphere is forbidden.

Pre-Leap Status

Gemenon was heavily nuked and is considered a total loss.
For more information, see: Colonial Conditions.

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Illumini and the Pantheon — Theo

Illumini is the second largest city in Gemenon, and one of the largest centers of religion in the entire Twelve Colonies.

Founded by religious fundamentalists guided by the ravings of an oracle, according to local legend the location was chosen by a brother and sister pair that served as High Priest and High Priestess of Apollo and Artemis. Calling on the Lords of Kobol, he blessed an arrow and she fired it into the air. And where it landed, they settled.

Illumini is located on a peninsula that rises out into an ocean known as the Sea of Tears. Named for the martyrs that have died and will die in the name of religion, the Sea of Tears is a very mild ocean comparable to the Pacific. The climate of Illumini is subtropical, with mild but wet winters and summers that tend towards hot and, often times, dry.

The ecology of Illumini is fragile and almost exclusively driven by fundamentalist religious tourism. As more than one person has half-joked, Illumini imports fanatics and exports priests.

(More to come, including a write-up on the Pantheon)

Kelebal City, Kelebal Desert — Khrysos

Kelebal Desert is a region containing a people whose particular brand of fundamentalism holds to a strict and conservative interpretation of scripture, coupled with a sort of hero-worship that acts as a conduit of worship to the Lords. Kelebal City is along the coastline, acting as both a port and cultural center for the Kelebalese. The Kelebalese practice a form of hero-worship that they feel brings them closer to knowing the will of the Lords of Kobol. Prominent figures mentioned in common scripture have their own depiction in Kebalese fundamentalism, as well as dozens more that are unique to the region. They are a form of "mortal saint" through which the Kebalese draw their inspiration.

Unfortunately, as it is with many fundamentalist groups, some of these heroes allow for religious-inspired behavior that is considered backwards or outdated by offworlders — and even some Gemenese. Pindaros, an ancient chronicler of the Kebalese hero stories, wrote: "…[A]nd it was Epherestos, whose wisdom over domestic matters was unquestioned, who spoke that it is the husband's right, responsibility, and honor to maintain his family in all ways…" This "holy rule" has been interpreted as allowing the patriarch of a family to exercise gradually more drastic methods of disciplinary action in order to control and order his household, including committing acts that would be considered domestic abuse in many Colonies' courtrooms.

Spatiu Gol Plateau — Hook

The Spatiu Gol Plateau stands at the Southern border of the Pustiu Desert, and is considered the last bit of nature before the stretch of desert. Part of the Black Hill Mountain range, the Plateau is home to two major cities: Oberon and Marathon. At the top of the Plateau, and into the rock face itself, the seminary Ares of the Hills, which is considered one of the more Orthodox schools on Gemenon, that is not connected to the Kobol Colleges. The Plateau, has one working apple Orchard along it's western tip, known as the Longbow Orchard-where as the rest of the surrounding land has been either developed for farms or used for mining. It is said that the poorest of the poor live out in the mountains and are of a devout and old Faith.

Ares, is the primary Lord worshiped in this region. This is in part to, in before the colonies, Gemenon's fighting men often were drafted from this region-and that between Marathon and Oberon, the Gemenese pushed out Leonisian invaders at the Battle of Grose Valley. The people themselves hold traditional Gemenese last names like Deaconos and Komenonos-though a Van Tare or Cooper can be found in the list of surnames. Left overs from the brief bit of Leonisian occupation in the area. Like many evangelical communities, the primary tongue is a mix of Old Gemenese and colonial standard slang-and the accents in this particular region reflect the colonial intermingling (Real World Equivalent: Australian to South African) Aside from Apples, some whiskies and crops the main export from the Spatiu Gol region are Priests, and marines.


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