AWD #182: Gathering Time!
Gathering Time!
Summary: Virgil bring people out for some gathering on Piraeus
Date: 07/07/2013 (OOC Date)
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Piraeus Wilderness
Trees, plants and open field
AWD #182

With the group of people heading on out they have managed to do it rather straightforward. With them now out in the woods with marine security around the perimeter. Moving them all forward. The one in lead, Virgil Everest, leading the group of people and having wound a spot near the edge of the forest that offers a lot of differet things, as well as a field with high grass and a bit of wild wheat and similar. Which could be useful to sow their own things. The people around to scatter and help one another to find herbs and berries and other necessary resources.

"Make sure to gather the things and put them into the right baskets, it will help in sorting things once we are back on Sheridan." Comes Virgil's voice. Letting people scatter a bit. "Careful not to stray too far."

Kingsbury heads over toward the tall grass, consulting information in his hands about various wildlife. He then begins to collect wild wheat, carefully.

Mahasti is not too far off herself, carefully tugging up her medic's bag on her shoulders, a thermos strapped to the side partially in a pocket. Honestly the medic looks like she's been up for days coasting on pure caffeine. "If you need medical help at any point, please yell for me!" she calls out, chipperly despite looking like death warmed over. She seems to be skimming the ground, taking her sweet time in hopes of finding something remarkable or good.

Rhonwen's silver hair has been pinned up underneath a cap that goes with her fatigues, on this part of the planet the weather is a better. She looks rested; her light green eyes are bright. Pausing she takes a deep lungful of air. She has her list in her pocket and moving at a good pace as she passes King gathering the wild wheat she offers him a grin. "Day to you."

She then calls out to the Doctor. "Will do but you look like you need a week of sleep."
She continues on her way to where Virgil is.

Kingsbury glances over to Mahasti. "Running on caffeine?" he says conversationally. "It's a fun trip." He's being mildly sarcastic. "I hate having to do that. You should have stayed home and slept," he adds, carefully picking more plants. He then smiles and nods to Rhonwen. "Rhonnie," he says cheerfully enough.

Melpomene has volunteered to help in the search in some down-town. Hey, it sure beats sitting in Charlie's listening to rowdy folks drink, or being cooped up inside the ship or anything. Also, this totally counts as exercise. Definitely. She won't be hitting the treadmill or anything today! Mostly, she's just strolling through the fields, picking flowers here and there; even if folks can't eat them, they sure look nice tucked behind her ear and worn for decoration! She does, however, have a little handful of berries, the leftovers from a bush she found a while ago and picked into a basket. Mostly.

Virgil chucklees a bit at the conversations, though nodding towards Mahasti as well, being not too far off. "Indeed. Be careful not to wear yourself out too badly." He offers. Nodding towards Melpomene as well, just making sure to keep an eye on people. They don't know what there is out here after all. Offering a grin to Kingsbury, "Well, at least we get to enjoy a field trip." He suggests, smiling to Rhonwen as she comes on over. With him moving to gather some roots. "Good to see ou looking well." He offers.

Mahasti coughs "I will sleep when I am ready. I've been watching over someone for almost two days and got enough sleep to function, I made it through residency and bootcamp, I'm fine." she offers, smiling at Rhonnie, blowing a kiss amusedly. "If I was on the ship I would have broken a promise to Virgil and I would just be nervously watching over a friend who is injured." she waves her hand "I'm a doctor, the worst that happens is I fall asleep under my desk clutching a disenfectant bottle again." she jests, "I'm looking for some nettle-like plants if possible." she pauses, plucking a long spikey piece with a purplish flower up "I have a chive-like plant over here." she comments, softly.

Kingsbury finishes picking the goods from the seeds, and then kneels to collect roots a few steps away. He keeps concerned eyes on Mahasti, though.

"Well, this certainly makes me wish I'd spent more time in biology class…or at least paid attention when I was there," Melpomene says aloud, to nobody in particular. "Nettles are those spikey ones that stick ya, right? Yeah, that makes sense. Nettle. Nettle someone. Spikey poking. Yep!" The tall grass just kinda swishes around Mel's boots and pants as she heads out from the middle of the grassy fields more toward the edge of the clearing, where leafier, vinier things grow.

Mahasti tucks the chives into a basket. Kingsbury is given a small smile "I'm Doctor Mahasti Nasreen, I'm fine, really. I'll feel much better once I've helped a few people and will feel the best when I can take my friend fresh food back on board with me since I just cleared him to eat solids this morning and he begged for chicken." she offers with a grin "If I wasn't safe to go, Samtara would not of let me leave the ship, she can and would probably have strapped me to a bed. I know if I thought she wasn't safe to go I'd do it to her." she offers, calmly with a grin, "Yes nettles are nasty - wear gloves to collect them please. They reduce swelling and can help a lot with recovering after surgery, also I need them for our makeshift maternity ward." she offers, serenly.

"James Kingsbury," he says to Mahasti with a smile. "Nice to meet you, Dr. Nasreen." Then he spots some nettles, and moves over. "Anyone got gloves?"

Virgil nods to Kingsbury and Melpomene, "Yup ideed nettles. And sure do, Kingsbury." Catching his name in passing. Rising from his spot to go get a pair of gloves for the man. Moving back over towards him before wandering a bit to search for more things. "They really did know where to go to find a bunch of stuff." Though that they haven't made many trips here has got to cause a bit of a nervous feeling as to why.

Mahasti takes off her bag, digging around in her bag to take out a light weight pair of work gloves she thought ahead to bring. She also has safety sealed nitrile gloves and anything she could need for an emergency. "Its nice to meet you." she shakes her head "tsk. didn't come prepared." she jokingly scolds. "If you need nitrile gloves let me know, I brought a box of them incase we find out someone has an allergy to something out here." she murmurs, putting on her gloves to assist with plucking the nettles, "Very useful plant, see, it helps with digestive problems, inflammation, and even works as an antihistimine. Amazing plant. I'm glad Sam reminded it of it." she offers, bumping the pilot gently as she laughs, putting the nettles in a sample bag. "I'll leave plenty for you too, Virgil." she chirps. Always talkative.

Rhonwen returns Kings smile with one of her own. "King it is lovely to see you out here. Did you finish whittling the old man sitting in the chair?" She asks him
She then look over at Virgil and she offers him the same warm smile. "It is amazing what sleep can do. Sleep a little food and sunlight. Just plant me in the ground and I might sprout." She teases him.
Her gaze goes to Melpomene next and she offers her a smile and nod of her head. Next she turns to look down over the doctor.

"Okay, gotcha, spikey ones that have a lot of good effects! We should find a pine tree and cut that badboy down; think of all /those/ nettles!" Melpomene seems to crack herself up just a little bit when she wonders aloud, giggling a bit and letting her nose scrunch up when she does. "What do the other useful things look like?" she asks Mahasti. "You said chivey things and what else?"

Kingsbury nods at Mahasti, starts to reply, but then is distracted by Rhonnie. "Yep! I got him finished. Making Phin a Viper now, actually. Almost done!" The man is known for his whittling. He gets stung despite the gloves he's been handed, wincing but saying nothing. "So what, the sting draws out the bad stuff?" he finally asks Mahasti.

Mahasti thinks for a moment "I'm not a botanist, I really only know what you can eat on Leonis." she offers, blushing a little "Delicate touch pilot, delicate touch, hold it like you would a small child's hand." she gestures "A pine tree has no nutritional value, I mean we could start a fire but green pine is crappy burning. Learned that on Picon. Ever watch a marine beat himself in the crotch because the fire popped?" she asks with a grin "No, its just full of vitamins and antioxidants. I have no idea why it works, but, it works!" she offers with amusement "Look for red stalked leefy plants. Like ah rhubarb. I'd love to find something like blueberries, or strawberries, or tomatoes or even dandelion greens." she offers, smiling.

Kingsbury nods at Mahasti, finishing up with the nettles and going to explore some. Dandelion greens!

Mahasti takes a moment, tapping Kingsbury's shoulder "Hey if I bust my ass don't laugh, help me up." she mumbles, tilting to kneel, wrapping her left hand around a bunch of leaves sticking up. "If I can't get one of these up, can you yank one?" she asks, her right hand presses to the ground, the small woman attempting to get the veggie out of the ground.

"That is wonderful King, that is wonderful. One of these days I should have you whittle me some book ends. Someday I will have a non-digital library." Rhonwen says with a grin.
Looking over at the Melpomene and she chuckles. "You know I read something somewhere once in a history book where they would brew tea out of pine. What type of pine I cannot say. But they did. I remember the person involved was not keen on it but they were desperate." She looks over at the Doctor. "Doctor is there anything medicinal that can be done with pine?"
Something catches her eyes and she pauses. "Virgil, what is this?" She bends down and starts to get ready to pull it up out of the ground.

Kingsbury nods at Mahasti, turning to watch her. Just in case. Then he glances up at Rhonwen with a warm smile. "You bet," he says with friendly affection in his voice.

Mahasti eyes Rhonwen "Mouthy jerk sedation.." she comments, offhandedly with a grin.

"What is it you've got there? Is that some kind of vegetable? Oh, or maybe it's a legume. That's also a possibility, right? Legume? I heard that word a few times when folks were talking about veggies." While the other folks muck around with whatever plant it is, Melpomene just kinda hovers, looking over their shoulders to see what they yank out.

Virgil does move towards the others as he hear that they found something. Gesturing for Melpomene and Kingsbury to help as well. "Go ahead, help pull." He offers. "Looks like potatoes. Didn't expect to find that here, to be honest." He says. Chuckling a bit to Melpomene as well. "If I am right then this could help us out a lot."

Mahasti ers "Legumes are beans." she pauses. She eyes Virgil "If these are potatoes, can you put some of the chives on them and fry them for me?" she asks to Virgil, looking excited." She is pulling, but she's really not the most robust of women! She gives a good strong pull. "Do you have a cart to haul these?" she asks.

Kingsbury reaches down, next to Mahasti, and grips below her hands. Then he works on tugging. "One… two… THREE!" He's stronger than she is, but he lets her take the credit should she wish.

Kingsbury seems to have it pretty much locked down, so Melpomene just kinda stands back and watches when the three of them start to yank on the presumed potatoes. "Does it help if you dig some of the dirt off the top first? To help pull them out easier? Hey…did anyone even bring a shovel? Maybe one of the marines has a folding shovel…" she trails off, craning her neck to look for the nearest marine.

Virgil chuckles and nods, "That I could." He offers and seems quite excited about potatoes. It does well to have them around to grow after. Moving to help with pulling some up as they grow in bunches.

As for a shovel there seems to be one on a marine nearby. Or he just heard her and went to get one. Either way one of them does gesture for Melpomene to come and get it.

Mahasti hoorahs at getting it out of the ground, taking it to hand to Virgil for examination - she knows when she's out of her league, afterall "What is it? Yam, Potato, parsnip, carrot?" she asks, sort of starring at the subteranian veggie.
Using the rock while they wait for the Marine with the shovel she continues to dig when she finds a spud she plops it on the ground. "All those history classes and reading had to come in handy for something." She looks to the others and she grins. "Do you think they would do well in the area around the complex?"

Melpomene gives a brisk little walk-jog thing to get over to the marine and retrieve the folding shovel. By the time she reaches the group, she's got the compact little spade shovel unfolded and locked into position. "Okay, where do I start digging?"

It does seem that they are a bit different. Seeing as some are normal potatoes while others are sweet potatoes.

Virgil blinks a bit and nods, "Seems like those are potatoes" He offers with a smile. Though then looking to the one he got, with help from Melpomene, "This seems a bit larger and looks like sweet potatoes actually." He admits and shakes his head a bit. "Gather as much as possible." He offers.

Rhonwen nods her head and does as she is bid. She gathers as many as she can find after she and a Marine start to use their shovels. Hands are now dirty and there is dirt underneath her finger nails. She has a smile on her face and the tip of her nose and her cheeks are getting red.

Mahasti requests a shovel politely "This is a good find AND I can soothe a craving." she offers, grinning lopsidedly. She is given the shovel soon enough, joining in the digging, her voice singing sweetly to some old Leonese song at least a decade old, Instead of putting them in a bag - she stacks them planning her moves.

As the gathering has been going on for some time and most of the potatoes and sweet potatoes, along with wheat and even some finding oat somewhere. Though there comes a loud howl that carries their distance all the way here. "Wolves!" Comes the call from marines. Who start to gather, not sure how many. "Get back. Time to leave!" Calls the marine in charge.

As he hears the howl Virgil's eyes widen. Looking around a bit and hearing the calls from the marines. "People, run back!" He offers. "Carry what we can and we should hurry back." Everyone helping one another to carry and push back.

When the cry of wolves goes out, Melpomene seems pretty eager to get back. She's not like, a marathon runner or anything, but when she takes off she gives a nice little stumble. One foot gets tangled up with the other, and before you know it, she's going down hard into the dirt there at the edge of that clearing. With a little oomph and grunt, she lets go of that folding shovel and takes a spill right down onto her front. Thankfully, her palms and chin take the bulk of the landing! When she stumbles back to her feet, her palms are a bit scratched up, and she's got a little cut on her chin. Otherwise, off to the races she goes!

Mahasti is not the fastest runner, She stuffs a potato in her pocket, grabbing her bag of nettles and the one of Chives. The tiny doctor gets a claw across the back of her knees, causing a good fall before the marines get to her, but once she's got support, she bolts like there is no tomorrow. Likely she'll feel it once she gets some rest.

Virgil does run decently, keeping a bit ahead. Though seeing those in need he does try to get the resources sent forwards before moving to help. First Melpomene as she takes a tumble. "Here. Come on, we got to hurry." He offers and helps her to head along. Looking over towards Mahasti as well as she get help from a marine. Seeing others getting a bit scratched and bit and whatnot. Though the marines are doing a good enough job at keeping them at bay.

This is the time why pyramid and other sports come in handy the Rhonwen though older can still move, when the hue and cry go out she tosses a bag of potatoes over her shoulder and she begins to sprint towards where the marines and the marines with the guns. She sweat starts to break out on her brow. She looks back at the others who are getting help so she keeps on running towards safety.

Melpomene manages to stay on her feet long enough to hump it back to wherever it is they're going. She stays with the herd, as it were, clinging to that shovel for dear life as she bolts along across the field with the marines out on the perimeter doing their job.

Mahasti jolts towards the safety lines likely eager to return to her sickbay and showers and food. She's not running too well due to the scraches and the fall but she is moving the best she can "Rhonnie! Make sure I get back home!" she grumbles towards her favorite JAG.

With the marines around there are no casualties luckily, other than some injured. So when finally everyone get to safety they manage to keep the wolves away from them. Gathering up and having those with medical skills or first aid skills make sure to check on the wounded. Being quick to get everyone to safety, and those needing it going to the sickbay. Other civilians getting to go back to Sheridan to relax and enjoy what they have gathered. Now being able to use more things in expanding the colony!

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