WD: Gathering Storm Clouds

CIC rumbles into life as the news carried by the refugee raptor sinks in. Jameson opens the Letter of Intent and the Nuke Keys are unlimbered.

Gathering Storm Cluds
Summary: CIC rumbles into life as the news carried by the refugee raptor sinks in. Jameson opens the Letter of Intent and the Nuke Keys are unlimbered.
Date: 05/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Combat Information Center — Deck 2
The Combat Information Center is the tactical heart of the Orion. This CIC is designed in a circular formation, the Admiral apparently a fan of the classical set-up. Dead center are a set of large monitors suspended from the ceiling with DRADIS readings as well as other vital shipboard information. Under this is a small map table outlining current plots and positions. The table has a built-in phone as well as smaller displays as to critical damage reports. Both port and starboard other watch stations are set at all times, in two rows of tiers like stadium seating, one above the other. Each station has a purpose — Helm, Weapons, Communications, Electronic Warfare, Damage Control, and further tactical monitoring. More displays and banks of computer monitors line the walls. This area is heavily guarded by Marines at all hours of the day and night.
IC Date

Wake is late, but hes been chasing rabbits. Still when condition one is set, the intel officer is quick in, with side arm, being secured to his hip. "What's The sitrep?" Because clearly-he has no clue. Thank Ensign Clarke for nabbing the Lieutenant.

[TAC1] Petra says, "CAP and Alert Vipers, this is Orion Actual. We are at Condition 1. There are a lot of things being said right now, but the Admiral is on his way to talk to our new arrivals and we will have a better picture soon. For right now, it is apparent that there has been an attack. We do not know how widespread it is or how serious it is, but we must be prepared for incoming. Keep your eyes peeled."

[Into the Wireless] Petra says, "CAP and Alert Vipers, this is Orion Actual. We are at Condition 1. There are a lot of things being said right now, but the Admiral is on his way to talk to our new arrivals and we will have a better picture soon. For right now, it is apparent that there has been an attack. We do not know how widespread it is or how serious it is, but we must be prepared for incoming. Keep your eyes peeled."

[TAC1] "Storm" Holtz says, "Actual, Storm. Copy that. I'm all eyes out here."

[TAC1] "Janitor" Cole says, "Actual, Janitor. Clear skies and five by fives."

[TAC1] "Dolly" Phin says, "Actual, Dolly. Copy. Understood, sir. Nothing yet. Eyes are peeled out here."

[TAC1] "Nags" Jess says, "Actual, Nags. Copy that. Nothing to see out here. Janitor, I'm coming around your three."

Petra hangs up the handset as Wake makes his way in, looking a little disheveled from running down to the hangar bat and back. He looks over when Wake walks in and takes a deep breath, "You know that threat? It happening. There's an ECO in Jameson's office right now that was talking about a Cylon attack on the colones. Said Caprica was hit massively. They grabbed a busload of survivors and ran."

[Intercom] Duke says, "This is the DCAG. All Personnel that doesn't fall right under Master Chief Rembrant is to clear the Deck. I repeat, everyone that doesn't fall under direct command of Master Chief Rembrant, clear the deck NOW."

"Demeter's tits.." Wake curses before he's making a motion for his head set. Likely taking the other signal officer's head set-so he can zone in. Eyes go straight to DRADIS. "Have we alerted the marines?" Of course it's condition 1-"As to possible sabotage." his voice drops there before he is glancing back to Petra. "How bad?" besides, you know massively. "And I'll keep eye on DRADIS." Hell if Petra's the Tacco, Wake'll come and serve 2 under him, till order is restored.

Petra hesitates for a moment, glancing back at the other action stations and nods his head to get Wake to step in closer. Waiting until he's at the table before almost whispering, "He said Gememnon is gone. Wiped out. Sounds like they hit all of the colonies at once. Massive, massive attack." He just lets that hang and stares at the Lt.'s face for a moment.

There is a dull look that comes across Wake's face. "Gemmenon is gone?" Like map erased? There's a glance around the CIC, before he is coming in, closer there. Quiet as he nods. "Well." he adds after a moment. "My folks live in the hills." which would mean mountains of Aerilon. "Likely they might live a month or so.." Assuming anything was left to take over. Scratching his neck- Wake merely nods, mutely for the time being. "Alright then.." And he stares back to Petra. "I'm gonna start fleshing out those plans I near got drug for."

Petra nods slightly, his own expression a little numb as he glances at DRADIS out of habit, then stares down at the table, "Whatever you need to do, do it. You've got my authorization. I don't know what the Admiral is going to order after he gets done talking to that ECO, but until then, I'm considering us at war and reacting accordingly."

"If they wiped out a godsdamned colony-Then I am not going to take any frakkin' chances of them finding us." Wake replies, before he's making a motiong for ensign clarke. "Go to my desk-nd grab that strip of paper from the safe.." A glance back, as he keeps things vieled as possible. A glance is given to Petra. "Signal codes.." he mutters before he's shifting to look back towards the communications tech. "We catch anything you relay it to us- even if it's a damned whale fart. I wanna hear it." And so he glances back towards Petra. "Once we know further, Do we want to round up our suspects?" his voice soft there. "In case of compromise?" And there is a beat. "Did you know that Sergeant Knox read the letter sir? And did you brief him on the contents?" A pause in the madness.

Petra shakes his head slowly at the rounding up request, "No. Let them be for now. Whoever it is was trying to warn us. I'll take a risk and say they aren't going to stab us in the back now after proving they were correct. As for Knox…Knox was warned there was a threat, he and Noble. I had to since the Marine COs weren't responding, and I could not afford to NOT have the Marines ready. As for the letter…it was open already, so I wouldnt be surprised if half of Deck had read it before it got to me."

Wake nods. "I think he knows more than he lets on.." But then he is letting the subject fall for the moment. A grimace is made-before he is nodding as Clarke returns. "Thank you." slip passed before hes looking to the Major. "All channels quiet."

Petra nods slowly at the statements, running through a few things in his head, then makes a decision, "Alright. Fleet agreed with our assessment when Jameson sent the letter back, and said they had been tracking signals for a while. They activated the six heavy battleships and moved them to an undisclosed location to call on if exactly something like this happened. They didn't catch us unaware. I just don't know how much it helped us yet."
Wake has partially disconnected.

Wake nods. "Thank the Gods" A pause as one hand muses with the headset. " Lets hope we only lost two or three.." Colonies of course

Ward has arrived.

Sebastian has arrived.

Petra and Wake are still manning CIC and Watch - Jameson will have talked to the ECO by now and sent off a Raptor team to investigate and been rather tight lipped about it, leaving pretty much everyone hanging on the babbling of the survivors until the Raptor returned. So probably no surprise that the crew was cleared to land with all due haste and told to report to CIC pronto. Petra's in the middle of shaking his head at Wake, "I'm hoping the battleships survived as well. If they got taken out as well…'we have problems' is an understatement."

Sebastian took only as long as it takes to upload the information onto disk and print out some of the stills. "Major." Sebastian leads the way in, his olive-tinged face slightly pale but calm, remote. Grim. "Lt. Sebastian Teague, Reporting from the Caprica Recon." He salutes, and pulls the readouts out, offering them to the JTACCO.

"We have a huge frakkin' problem, sir," Ward announces, appending the honorific almost as an afterthought, "There's nothin' there at all."

Ward's usual, refined aristocratic Virgon accent has gone and is replaced by a rough Merceyside one that he seems more at home with. No time to put on airs and graces now. He gestures over his shoulder, noticably wild-eyed. He's not firing off salutes or reporting for duty. He didn't sign up for a front row seat to the apocalypse.

"Just a big, floatin' cloud of scrap metal and corpses … and angry Cylons."

"Yup." That is Wake's understatement for year. However when the door opens and in comes an unknown Lieutenant. At least for him, he straightens, and moves to intercept the readout before passing the readout over towards Petra. "Thank you-" And there is Ward spewing out everything. His jaw tightens as he looks back to the young man. "Jig. Hold your damned tongue.." the Intelligence officer grits out. "Report, Don't gods damned call the skies down."
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Petra straightens up to return the salute, stepping forward to take the report from Sebastian and look at the first page while he and Ward talk. At the very last comment, he glances up from the paper and looks at Sebastian, then Ward, and is quiet for a long moment, letting Wake talk uninterrupted. When he speaks, his tone is low, perhaps enough to not carry to the other CIC officers behind them all, "Caprica had one of the largest fleet bases in orbit. Its ALL gone?"

"Steady." Sebastian murmurs to Ward, turning to give him a reassuring clasp on the arm before turning back to the TACCO and the Intel Officer. "I have full readouts of radiation levels in and around Caprica, as well as video and still confirmation of DRADIS readings. Two Basestars with full squadrons of raiders for support. Debris indicative of several ships, along with cadavers in space to confirm that the debris is Colonial Fleet. I managed to capture still photos of at least one corpse for identification." The more senior officer of the Flight Wing has a faint Canceroni accent, carefully suppressed. At Petra's question, Sebastian closes his eyes briefly. "All my DRADIS showed was Cylon, sir. We managed to avoid pursuit; I took micro-jumps back, with several pauses to scan for unknown transmissions to indicate trackers. We also made sure not to mention our home base in case they had any way to eavesdrop on the cabin."

[Intercom] Augie says, "Medical, DCO. Radiation found on Raptor. Minimal levels for exposure. Check yer patients, be ready to treat those with a rad dose, copy."

"Report he says," Ward cries to nobody in particular, laughing nigh-hysterically before turning back to Petra, "All of it."
As Sebastian talks he nods his head, shoulder shrugging violently to get the ECO's hand off of him and eyes momentarily alighting on Wake like the man is insane. He holds out a hand in front of himself, counting out on his fingers.

"Right, two basestars and squads of raiders. Nukes going off everywhere. Bodies floating around. Couple of the raiders almost blew the bloody canopy out shooting at us! If Caprica had one of the biggest fleets, then I'd hate to see how much they could frak up the other colonies!"

"Jig, did you hear what I said about screwing your godsdamned head down?" The Intelligence officer says, before he raises a brow back towards Sebastian- as the Lieutenant takes a hold of the things. There's a brief look to the Pilot. "You better get your pilot here under control, or I will escort him out to cool down." That color in Wake's face? Rage red, slowly coming back in style.

A glance up as the intercom bounces and he looks to Ward. "Like the godsdamned med bay." Because- well-radiation and shit.

Petra's face hardens as he listens to Sebastian - whatever he might be thinking, he's obviously shutting it out for the moment to take care of the Business At Hand, "Lt. Wake is ship Intelligence. Get him a copy of every last shred of anything you grabbed about the Cylons. Pictures, video, transmission signals, hell, the formations they flew in, so he can start churning on that right now. Fleet told us that Adar was bunkering down on Caprica, and it sounds like you gentlemen are telling me Caprica is lost, which means we need to be prepared for whatever is left of Colonial government to show up here. We might need to start running recons to the other colonies in short order, so be ready to go back out. BS-114 could possibly be the only functional fleet remaining, so we need to be prepared for that." He pauses for a moment and takes a deep breath, looking at Sebastian, then Ward again, reaching out to touch the back of his hand to Wake's shoulder, "Gentlemen. A lot of people are going to panic right now. We have a host of civilians with us here on P, and its likely we're going to get more survivors. We are it, gentlemen, that blue frakking line that keeps our shit together. I need good officers and I need us ALL to maintain it, even with the hell you two just witnessed. You both got this job because you were better than the rest. Don't lose your shit now. I NEED good Raptor crews. Are you on board with me?" He glances back and forth between the two, waiting for an answer.

"Lt. Ward." Sebastian's own composure cracks just a little, his tone trembling just slightly, before he shores it up, turning to Ward, expression calm and reassuring. "If you'd like to stand down, let me known and I can make the debrief myself. We just went through the ringer, and there's no dishonor in needing time to composure yourself. Otherwise, please try to keep under control."

He nods to Petra, and to Wake. "I uploaded everything onto disk. The bombardment.." He closes his eyes briefly. "It was continuing as we left." He pauses, and adds, "We are officers of the Colonial Fleet, sir." He says to Petra, softly, but with conviction. And he doesn't say anything else, as if that were answer enough. He does, however, adds, "Is there any more questions?" Glancing briefly at Wake to include him in the question

"I'm sorry, chief, Ward practically spits at Wake, Must have had a better view of Caprica frying from back here than we did in the Raptor. Arsehole!"

The pilot clenches a fist at his side, glaring at the Intel Officer like he may well strike him. But when Petra speaks, Ward takes a deep breath and holds his hands out before himself defensively. He shakes his head, giving himself a moment before speaking, "Right. I get it. I'm here."

"You better stand down, right now JiG, before I sit you down!" Wake barks back. Whatever composure there is coiled tight. Teeth bared for the time. "Get your ass to medical and tell them you need a rad scan. When you're done you can cool it in the ready room-until you are called on the line. One more peep and I'll see you cool your ass in the brig until you are needed. You understand me, Lieutenant?"

Thankfully Petra steps in and Wake glances back towards Ward. The man with the soft Aerilon drawl-he's relaxing a moment, and the color is receding. "You did good, Lieutenant." This said after a moment towards Sebastian. Of course, once he gets back down he is placing a hand to his face, before he allows a nod through. "Then it is likely that nothing is left." A sobering moment and it shows on the Intelligence Officer's face. Catching his breath, he's looking down for a second. There's a glance to the other officers in CIC. "If any of this news leaves his room before the Admiral announces it-I will see all of ya'll cooling it!" A bark there. "The Major is correct-We are the Thin Blue Line-and right now we need to hold that shit." A swallow there. "Hold it till we frakkin' break. Once the XO or CO breaks word-then we can talk about it. Till Then. You will man the godsdamned line." A glance back towards the Major. "Sir."

As if on cue, Jameson enters CIC, catching the tail end of the conversation. "Nothing leaves this room, that much is correct." He draws closer, shoes sounding on the deck as it looks like he's gotten himself in order since sending the recon raptor. He glances to the pilot and then to Sebastian as he turns about, giving a nod to Petra and Wake. "So, news is not good since you can't seem to keep your britches in check. How bad is it? Any life, chance of recovery or aid?" He asks them directly with a tap of his foot to the floor. If anyone has a level head in the room its the Admiral. He seems almost eerily casual about the conversation.

Petra nods once at Sebastian, then turns his head to look at Wake, waiting until the man is finished before addressing him, "Lieutenant. I need to know every last bit of information you can get from their tapes, as quickly as you can get it, because they might be showing up here and I will NOT be going into a shooting war blind. I want to be able to tell our Vipers and Raptors what to be shooting at and where a good weak point is, if at all possible, and if I need to, where to fire the nukes. On it?" With that said, he glares at Ward for a moment at the outburst, starting to address both men when Jameson steps in. Whatever he was going to say is erased by the Major straightening up and snapping, "Admiral on Deck!" though his hands stay engaged with the report, turning it over to offer to Jameson without another word, "We're in trouble, sir. Caprica confirmed lost. to listen to the refugee ECO, Gememnon is gone as well. Probably more than that."

The ECO salutes as Jameson enters, falling back on protocol to keep his own composure in check. He nods in agreement with Petra, not saying a word until he's spoken to.

And without a second thought, the Intel officer moves and straightens into a quick salute-which is held there until the Admiral dismisses, Only then would the hand drop. He is quiet and merely stares at the Old Man, before he is relaxing slightly and with a clearing of his throat. Wake reports in. "As is the Caprican Fleet. I would agree with the Major-that the other colonies are in likely similar fates.." a pause there. "All bands have been silent-which could constitute our distance-but it also means shit is wiped. Like the gods rolling their hands back over everything." Leave the Aerilon officer to use analogy. And there he looks back towards he Major. "Aye, Sir. I'll have that information on the double-I can work here for a quicker print out." He knows what to do. A glance is given back towards the ECO. Likely he'll want that data now. "Once I've had a look through, I can brief as we go." A raise of his brow. "Keep us on our toes?"

Ward opts not to speak at all, instead folding his arms across his chest and pursing his lips as he looks between Petra, Sebastian and Admiral Jameson. He's managed to regain control of his britches by the look of things, though he's still red-faced and quietly fuming. Wake's order doesn't send him running just yet, chain of command and all that. No, instead he looks to Sebastian and waits.

Taking the report, Jameson nods to Petra, for a moment he grunts, a cough leaving him as he looks over the report. "Gone is gone..is it still there? Or are we talking that the planet has been effectively nuked to nothing?" He grumbles and clears his throat again, mulling over what is on the report. He glances to the two tactical officers before addressing the two who saw first hand. "Caprica is still in one piece, that means it is not effectively gone. We go on the idea for now that it is under heavy attack and there might be survivors, along with the other colonies." He turns about, a hand lifting to rub at his chin. "I heard warnings of radiation, is it at levels that we need to be concerned about immediately. Our first concern is making certain that this ship stays clean."

The ECO salutes as Jameson enters, falling back on protocol to keep his own composure in check. He nods in agreement with Petra, and glances over at Ward, quirking an eyebrow at him, with a flicker of his eyes towards Wake and a ghost of a nod for him to leave. Sebastian will finish the debrief.

Petra keeps his voice down, "DCO is addressing the radiation issue right now, sir. I dont have more information on that yet. I mostly mean the fleet is gone. Destroyed or jumped away, as there is a sizable force in orbit around Caprica and it was still under bombardment when this crew left." He pauses there and takes a deep breath, "I was going to recommend we send scouts out to the other colonies, to get a confirmation of the extent of the attack." He glances at the other three officers standing close by, but waits on the Admiral.

Ward simply lifts a hand, signifying that he's going. He's not pleased about being told to beat it but if that's the way it's going to be, he's not going to argue. He doesn't announce that he's leaving nor ask permission to do so beyond what was already given through unspoken gestures. He walks right out of the CIC, kicking a bulkhead noisily with a grunt of frustration once he's around the corner and out of sight.

Ward has left.

"I'll call the DCO and let him know we need those levels, Ay-SAP." Wake follows on Petra's heels. As for Petra, he's nodding. "I'll have what information the Lieutenants have gotten us, decoded and looked at before yesterday, Sir." And with that he glances back to the Admiral. Of course he will wait before sliding into action-but it'll come soon enough.

Ward's departure is watched with dark, dark eyes unreadable. Sebastian shakes his head and remains at attention, however, waiting to either be dismissed or asked further questions.

A nod is given as the pilot slips off and Jameson half grumbles, "Yes, the fleet." A deep furrow forms in his brow and he taps his hand to the report before handing it back. "Lieutenant Wake, go get your reports." The Admiral considers the ECO, "In your own words, do you think Caprica lost?" Its a simple question, one of consideration as he studies Sebastian.

Sebastian's dark eyes are intent upon the Admiral. "To be frank, sir, Caprica's lost." Sebastian says calmly, softly, "When the Lieutenant gets word back on the radiation levels… Double it. They were bombarding when we left with those readings, with no obvious signs of letting up." He swallows, slightly. "Anything the radiation doesn't kill, sir, ground forces will. You fought in the Cylon War.." He closes his eyes briefly. "The First Cylon war, as we'll probably remember it. You know their strategy when it comes to pacifying occupied territory. We didn't program them with mercy, sir." Pause, and he adds apologetically, "But that is my personal opinion from what little I was able to analyze as I was collecting readings. It is not a thorough analysis and my tactical knowledge is limited strictly to small Section-sized engagements. And I admit… It was difficult out there." That last bit is said softly.

Faulkner has arrived.

"Tactical to Deck." Wake's voice rings out over the line. The intercom crackles slightly, and the Lieutenant looks up. "Tactical. I need you to put me on with the DCO officer in charge, or one of the NCO's looking over our raptor arrival." Silence again as the Lieutenant, places in the data stick, and flips one of the minters to life. "DCO, Tactical. We need to the levels of rad on that bird that just came in." a pause. "Uhuh. Thank you DCO. Tactical out." And the receiver is hung up. Turning back, it seems the Lieutenant is going to interrupt. "Admiral- DCO is saying that the bird's levels are too low to be a threat. Anything it had on it, has dropped. We're clean." And now, he's going back to the monitor he is fixated on, to get a handle for what is going on in the colonies.

Jameson eyes Sebastion with a quirked brow. "Son, you're bringing a whole lot of certainty in with your report and I wouldn't exactly call anything definitive at this time. We're all under a lot of stress." He looks between the assembled crowd. "No assumptions. Period. I want only facts being reported to me. Copy that?" He looks back and forth. "Who has the hard results from this?"

It isn't long after that question falls from Jameson's lip that the familiar sound of Faulkner's purposeful strides can be heard storming up the hallway. If that weren't enough to give her away? There's always that cry of "Make a hole!", complete with personnel practically diving to get the hell out of her way. When she's sporting her glasses and looking entirely unamused, it's general a dead giveaway that the XO is not in the mood for drinks and cards. There's a swish of papers and a soft 'smack' as a file is thrown down onto the glass in front of Jameson, complete with a single syllable. "Sir." Sir. Not Lou. That's not good.

Petra clears his throat, "Lt. Wake has the raw data they brought back, sir. I just asked him to start hacking at it and tell us what he could get out of it for us." And then SMACK, "And the Commander went below decks to kick someone's ass. Sir."

"Aye, Sir." Sebastian says to Jameson, and takes a discreet step to the side, making room for the XO without seeming to break from attention. He takes a deep breath, closing his eyes briefly to get a throttle on his nerves before they break.

Coming back with readouts, Wake moves for the center table. It's there he places down a few printed photos, Ensign Clarke, coming right on his heels to hand the Lieutenant another stack of glossy photos. "Admiral, Major." The lintel officer intones. "Here, we got the read out from the Raptor's DRADIS, and some still shots from their camera.." A glance is given over as each photo is laid out. The first being the DRADIS read: "Here, we've got visible signs of radiation, and the Cylon blips.." as indicated with his fingers. "Those are two basestars-the radiation scrambles some of the other signals.." And that's when the Lieutenant flips another photo

"But, with Raptor's camera, we have at several squadrons of Raiders, so likely both Basestar's full compliments right here." he sates before he is showing another photo lain out. "Here we have debris, and what is left of the fleet." And there's a glance "That's a body, Sirs." Wake goes on before he is looking back towards the Admiral. "Sir, As the video shows, the colony was under bombardment as they left-I can plug that through the monitor, for you to see. AS to where they are hitting, by the clouds, I'd say Outlying cities. I can't tell on the Capital. There's a shit ton of radiation though." the Lieutenant rambles out. "I'd need a longer look." And then the XO comes in. "Or a second opinion, Sir."
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Jameson turns his eyes at hearing Faulkner's voice. He watches her approach and the drop of the file onto the table. "Commander." The Admiral looks over to the photos, though, and listens to Wake discussing the intel. He eyes the photo of the radiation readings and quirks a brow. His mind is grinding over something before hetakes a long breath and turns to kneel at the base of the command table, pulling a lanyard from around his neck with half a dozen keys on it. "Continue discussing. Faulkner, I'm opening the Command Safe. I'll need your key as well."

Petra takes a deep breath, listening to Wake's assessment, glancing at the Commander before offering, "All we know are the pictures we have now and what the ECO from the shot up Raptor was saying. We're low on intel and we need to know what's going on with the other Colonies and if there's anything left of Fleet. We need more scouts, sirs, unless you have a specific point of contact to check with for Fleet command that I'm not aware of." Apparently addressing both the Commander and the Admiral

Faulkner adjusts her wire-rimmed glasses not with a frown, but with a carefully practiced expression of complete and utter indifference. Clinical indifference. Cold, calculating — the sort of expression the medical interns practice in mirrors. "That," she starts, tapping a nail on one of the photos Wake has produced. "Is not a nuclear cloud." There's a pause, during which she straightens her posture and slips her hand into the collar of her duty-blues, producing her matching key. She hands it to Jameson with a nod, but without a word, before turning back to their intelligence. "That, that, and that are nuclear clouds. Those," the Commander points again. "Are low-lying storm systems resulting from the Caprican beach climate. Barring anything being blocked from our cameras due to the weather patterns, it looks like Caprica City was left intact. Wipe the shit out of your britches and settle down."

Sebastian remains at attention, although he's listening to everything said and certainly memorizing what the bigwigs in CIC are up to. He doesn't interject anything.

"Commander." Wake shows a rare bit of gallows humor. "I shit myself fifteen minutes ago. I don't think I have much left." And with that he is peering over and nodding. "Fine day for a storm to ride in.." he murmurs before he is looking back to the XO. "Probably in order to pacify and occupy, I would guess." Wake adds. "Kill off the outside cities, to drive people either away and keep others from fleeing." also it offers up less resistance. " Though likely the Lieutenant's opinion is not needed on that front. And with that Wake looks back to Petra, before he is looking to the Admiral and XO-likely ready for the next step.

"Not yet, Major." Jameson inserts his key and turns it. Faulkner's hand off gets the same motion. The panel swings open and there's a combination safe behind it with 150 numbers on it. He gives it several spins while Faulkner speaks. Eventually the knob clicks and he turns the handle. Jameson removes a manilla envelope as well as a binder marked very plainly, yellow lettering against blue backing: 'Nuclear Procedures'. Both are shut back and he settles the contents on the table gently. The key is passed back to Faulkner and his own goes back around his neck. "Keep that handy, Commander." He lets off a breath and looks to Wake. "Cap City is intact, but the fleet is gone. Alright, gentlemen, I believe its safe for me to agree we're at war." He wets his lips, speaking slowly. He removes a pocketknife and opens it to slit the top of the envelope. "The government may still be intact. Our priority is to defend the Colonies, though. That's our job and those are our oaths." Those hard eyes look into each of the others on him for their own brief moment before a couple of papers are removed from the envelope and he begins reading.

Petra sucks on a canine for a moment and nods at Jameson's statement, "Ship is at Condition one and CAP and Alert Vipers are in the air and on high alert. We have the shot up raptor and its crew on board along with their bus full of refugees in Medical being tended to. DRADIS is currently clear and shows no non-friendly contacts. We're waiting for your orders, sir." He clasps his hands behind his back and straightens up a little, focusing his attention on Jameson.

Sebastian's breath catches, slightly, at Jameson's words but the ECO remains quiet, keeping that state of attention that makes eyes slide right off him.

Faulkner slips her lanyard back over her neck, leaving the key dangling free. For one moment, she closes her eyes and the eyelids begin fluttering rapidly - back and forth, back and forth, vivid memories no doubt springing to life in her mind. "I saw the Battle of Tauron, Lou," she advises him a low monotone. Her eyes snap open and she turns to look at the Admiral over the wall of paper bearing the Presidential orders. "We gave the Cylons hell in Olympia. They wouldn't want a ground war again — not after that. There's no reason to put Centurions on the ground when they could've turned Caprica to glass without even landing a bird on the surface to do it. Not unless they want the planet intact for strategic reasons. Not unless there's some value they're placing on either its infrastructure or it's population."

Jameson's expression darkens, the farther he reads. "Thank you, Major." The man sat backseat in a Predator for a lot of years. Apparently he has not lost the knack for multitasking. Faulkner is heard though and he nods slowly. "I agree, Commander." But that voice is rather dour and the man looks nearly red in the face. The man was probably not prepared for what he's reading. "This is horseshit," he mutters. "Faulkner, Adar is requesting us to hold." His eyes lock on her. Around the CIC people seem to be listening very closely.

Wake looks to the Admiral, "Depending on what they want. They sure knocked the hell out of us." Wake adds before falling silent for a moment. There is a glance to Petra. " I can figure which ships we lost over Caprica with some time sir. Statisically there have-" To be more out there, But with Horseshit out the Wake stops short. He does what hes good at, staring.

Petra purses his lips a little when Jameson mentions Adar requesting they hold. Now, the Major KNOWS how the Admiral feels about 'sit on your ass' orders, but now is not the time for a wise crack. Instead, he leans back a little to look at the tactical station and the junior officer standing at it, before straightening back up and waiting, hands still clasped behind his back. Okay, maybe a SMALL comment, "We can have the Vipers recalled and the FTLs spun up in 10 minutes, sir."

Wake nods there. "I could say Message was garbled, sir." thrown out. Another nod, solidarity and all that.

"Hold? To hold, sir?," Faulkner asks, her voice hardening with disbelief. "That sonuvabitch never once ser—," she cuts off, before her sudden flare of that infamous Tauron temper, which has turned her skin a dead-pale white, gets the best of her. "Have you seen the reports from the mail Raptor? A massive number of basestars jumpedin over Virgon and effectively cleaned the plate. Entire battlegroups just started blinking off their DRADIS." She's reaching across the glass, pulling out DRADIS readouts, logs, photos, slapping them down on tables one by one. "Eventually the anchorage's own transponders and DRADIS return dropped. The Seventh is gone. If these readouts are accurate, there are basestars chewing up the fleet as we speak, the Colonies are being shredded, and we're supposed to hold behind a cloud?"

The ECO bites down on his tongue, even if it's clear he's wanting to say something. Sebastian remains at rest.
Wake has partially disconnected.

Jameson looks at Wake and shakes his head, waggling the papers. "Letter of Last Intent, son. Adar speaks from several hundred light years." Faulkner's remarks get a sharp glance from him. "That's what this says. Park behind a cloud and play gopher. I dunno about you all but I know what I do to gophers on my ranch. I've got a lovely ranch rifle I use for pest control. I don't enjoy the idea of being a gopher." He purses his lips and looks down to the paper once more and lets off a heavy sigh, clenching the papers tightly in his hand. The other slowly reaches for the phone on the panel in front of him and he pauses there to force a calm over himself. Fingers hover over the buttons for a moment before he punches in for 1MC to address the ship.

Petra allows himself a faint smile for just a moment, but then its gone just as quickly. As Jameson looks to be about to address the ship, Petra backs up a step and unclasps his hands, nodding at the junior at Tactical with a murmured, "I've got it, Lt." But with that said, falls quiet again to wait to hear what the Admiral is going to explain.

Announcement: Dropkick shouts, "This happens right now ICly and is heard all over the ship: http://battlestarorion.wikidot.com/the-address"

Jameson finishes, hanging up the phone and drops the letters on the table. He looks between group gathered around. "Anyone got a lighter?"

Sebastian wordlessly reaches into his flight suit, pulling out a chrome covered lighter and tossing it towards Jameson.

[TAC1] "Janitor" Cole says, "You heard the Admiral. Wing, return to base. This is Janitor, heading in hot. I plan to make that jump."

[TAC1] "Nags" Jess says, "Janitor, Nags. Copy that. Returning to base."

Jameson catches the lighter in both hands. The Admiral holds it up with a nod. "Thanks." He flicks it open, sparks it, takes up the pair of pieces of paper and floats them over the flame. The flame licks at it for only a moment before it burns from the corner. "What a bunch of frakkin hippy crap." He floats the flaming paper down into a metal wastebasket and looks back to the small team. "Go time."

[TAC1] "Dolly" Phin says, "Shit…" Softly. Somebody turned his comms on a bit soon. Ahem. "Flight, Dolly. Copy. RTB."

[TAC1] "Storm" Holtz says, "Storm copies."

[TAC1] "Janitor" Cole says, "Flight, this is Janitor. I suggest requesting an emergency refuel and being shoved back in the Tubes and be ready to scramble."

[TAC1] "Storm" Holtz says, "Janitor, Storm. You won't hear any argument from me."

Petra listens to the address as he takes the headset from the Lt. and puts it on, listening for a moment to make sure the Vipers got the message. It takes a few moments, but he finally pipes up, "Alert craft are inbound sir. Tell me where you want us and we'll have the drives ready to go." The order's been given, so its time to go to work.

[TAC1] "Nags" Jess says, "Janitor, Nags. With you on that."

"If I have your permission, sir, I would like to report back to my squadron." Sebastian says quietly, pausing and holding a hand out for his lighter back. CO or not, he wants his chrome lighter back.

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