Ensign Koryn "Ditch" Garis

Garis was killed on AWD #44 in a Raptor crash after it was hit with multiple SAMs by 'friendly' forces on Picon. The log is available here: Bushwhacked

dinamey3.jpg Garis, Koryn
Ensign Navy
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Raptor Pilot
Age Sex
25 Female
Hair Eyes
Auburn Green


Armistace Day. That was the day that changed Koryn’s life. She had found something that pulled so strong, she was unable to deny it. The best Viper and Raptor teams were in competition and since her parents decided to watch them with some of their friends, Koryn went along and ran smack into her destiny. She studied how the pilots handled those craft, the best of the best was up there and they excelled at what they did.

It took two more years to pull it off, but she finally graduated and went into the Navy. From College, to Basic, to Officer training, to Flight Training.

Koryn came out on the other side in the top 25 of her class. That didn’t mean she was ready for much more than continual flying, learning and making sure she could handle situations when called. Another two years of Search & Rescue out of the Picon Naval yards helped her to finally get a position on a Battlestar. Whether by luck or fate, she rescued one of the Quorum’s grandson and was selected as one of the few to be put on the Battlestar Orion.

College: Leonis College

Radix Naval Base Located on Virgon Radix Naval Base
Fleet Academy Leonis Fleet Academy
Callsign "Ditch"

PUBLIC BG: Anyone who went through class on Leonis with Koryn would know the reasoning behind her callsign 'Ditch'. Said and done by her instructor, because she did a 'crash' combat landing on the nose of her first tryout of flying a Viper. A picture of it ended up on the local Leonis Officer site and went viral. Ensign Garis decided Raptors would be a better fit.

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