AWD #259: Game On
Game On
Summary: An important matter is settled between Toby and Jena before Brina arrives to help out with others.
Date: 22/Sep/2013
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Fitness Center - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
AWD #259

Since the game had just been put on pause for a brief while for healing and recuperating, Jena hadn't thought much more about it. Now that both are alive and well and fully healed it's go for launch and she's already there ahead of Toby, wearing her tank top and sweats with the Orion patch. Athletic shoes are on her feet. It's just past the midday meal and the room has a few people working out, or working off their lunch. As for Jena, she's bouncing a ball around on the court, tossing it to the goal now and again.

Toby appears to have left his own ball in the relative safety of his bunk for now, trusting Jena to provide on, or at least get one from the ship's collection. He too is in his sweats, although he appears to have left the hoodie with his ball for there's no sign of it as he steps into the fitness centre. Spotting Jena he gives her a brief nod in greeting then asks once he gets close enough for conversation, "you remember who's ball it was?" He vaguely recalls it being his, but he's not certain enough to just claim it stright off.

In answer, Jena rebounds the ball and turns with an easy smile gracing her lips. "I do, and it's yours." Tossing it to him in a floor bounce to give him time to catch it, she takes in his attire. Looks like both are good to go. Taking a more defensive stance now that they are both out on the court, she watches for any nuance of movement to try and guess which action he will take first.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Toby=body+pyramid Vs Jena=body+pyramid
< Toby: Great Success Jena: Failure
< Net Result: Toby wins - Crushing Victory

Toby smiles faintly as his memories are proved correct, or of course, Jena is taking pity on him. He suspects the former though and takes the ball with a relaxed catch. "Alright then, lets get this settled then shall we? Two-nil to you but still all to play for. Game on." He'd been keeping his pose relaxed, trying not to give her any hints and it's on the word 'game' that he moves, drating straight for her offside is a plain and simply 'I bet you can't stop me barrelling past you' manouver. Nothing complex to start it seems.

And he proves to be exactly on target. Nothing she can do to stop him as he drives down beside her and even when she tries to catch up, all she manages to do is step on her own untied shoelace and take a stumble. Grumbling, she hurriedly ties it and scurries after him. "Nicely done. Very nicely done." Yep, Jena is impressed.

Noting the lack of pursuit, Toby finishes the point cleanly then turns back towards his opponant. "You knew we were starting right?" he mocks gently, "or are you just trying to make me feel better about putting me in sickbay?" Eitherway, he bounce-passes the ball to her once he's retrieved it and takes up a defensive stance infront of her, ready for the next point.

Catching the ball, Jena bounces it, looking for an opening. He was larger than her so she had speed on her side, hopefully.. unless his drive was any indication. "I knew we were starting," she reassures and by the competitive look on her face, she definitely hadn't let him by. She feints a left then drills to the right in an attempt for a layup.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Jena=Body+Pyramid Vs Toby=Body+Pyramid
< Jena: Good Success Toby: Failure
< Net Result: Jena wins - Solid Victory

Remembering that Jena fainted in a couple of the points before the game was postponed, Toby figures that she knows that he knows she'll try it again, and thus she won't this time. Only she does, leaving him stranded and utterly unable to recover in time to get between her and the goal again. Well, frak. "Three-one," he mutters, already turning back to his start position.

Surprised when the move works, Jena rushes to the goal, tossing the ball through the hoop rather easily. Catching it on the rebound, she flashes Toby a smile as she bounces it back to him. "Looks like it promises to be a good game." Moving towards him now, she takes a defensive stance on the balls of her feet so she can bounce and move a little better and hopefully keep up with him.

"Looks like it promises to be a short one," Toby retorts, "at this rate it'll hardly have been worth the warm up." That doesn't seem to stop him though, as he catches the ball again, passing it from one hand to the other a couple of times before he decides on his next play. In the end it's much the same as his first, brute power seems to be working better for him than anything else had, but he does throw in a small faint to her left before switching and aiming down her right flank.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Toby=body+pyramid Vs Jena=body+pyramid
< Toby: Good Success Jena: Failure
< Net Result: Toby wins - Solid Victory

"Sure does, but I hope to win this one." Jena is definitely competitive though once more she's fooled and when he moves to go left, she commits.. too soon. As he powers down her right side, she's got nothing to do but trail him. When he scores, she holds out her hands for the ball and grins. "Well done again."

Toby collects the ball afterhis shot, then turns to face Jena. Keeping hold of it for a moment he gives her a faintly amused smile before stating "three-two, getting there, slowly but surely." Walking back to the middle of the court he bounces the ball back to her and turns to take up the defensive side once more, "so, how are you finding Orion compared to Picon then?"

"Catching up quick enough!" Catching the ball, Jena just drives to the right, pivots, goes left, feints a shot then takes the actual shot quickly after, hoping to put a little more distance between their scores.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Jena=Body+Pyramid Vs Toby=Body+Pyramid
< Jena: Great Success Toby: Good Success
< Net Result: Jena wins - Solid Victory

"Hopefully," Toby replies. Spotting the change of direction in plenty of time now he's watching more carefully for it he makes the change himself and does a fair job of keeping imself between the goal and Jena. The false shot gets him though and he commits to it fully in a move that would, undoubtly, have stopped the ball, had it been actually in the air at that particualr moment in time. Unable to correct he ends up playing ballboy and fetching the ball back one the point has been scored, taking the time to ponder his next move carefully, given it could theoretically be the winner for Jena if she can steal it from him.

Since the game is on the line now and it's could possibly be the winning move, Jena is more aggressive as she attempts for the steal, reaching for the ball but still trying to cover on defense if he tries to drive past her. She looks as if she's concentrating, studying him, the ball and looking for any chance at all that she can steal it from him.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Jena=Body+Pyramid Vs Toby=Body+Pyramid
< Jena: Failure Toby: Failure
< Net Result: Both Fail.

Toby takes his time, he'll not be rused on this play it seems as he bounces the ball from hand to hand while still safely out of Jena's range. Knowing she'll likely expect a drive he starts forward then turns to try and keep his body between the ball and her until he can get round and take a shot. Sadly, that's not exactly how it works and there's a terrible tangle of limbs. "THis is more like a proper game," he offers as he starts to pick himself up off the floor, "less of that shoot-score, shoot-score back and forth." Looking almost surprised as he finds he still has the ball in his hand he then offers, "shall we try that one again?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Toby=body+pyramid Vs Jena=body+pyramid
< Toby: Success Jena: Good Success
< Net Result: Jena wins - Marginal Victory

Her attempt to steal is met with another tangle, but this time, Jena doesn't bump heads with him. She does laugh though as she picks herself up from the floor and finds herself still without a ball in hand. It's still a tight game and she watches, intent on blocking any shot since her attempt to steal had been thwarted. She had to prevent the shot and rebound it so she could open the gap in the scores. "It's a good game," she allows, a woman of few words at the moment, concentrating on the game instead

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Jena=Body+Pyramid Vs Toby=Body+Pyramid
< Jena: Success Toby: Good Success
< Net Result: Toby wins - Marginal Victory

Toby takes a deep breath or two to steady himself, then eyes the field of play once more, unsure if that tumble just robbed him of a point or saved the match. Either way, there's nothing he can do about it now so he puts it from his mind, focusing instead on the goal behind Jena. He gives the shallowest of nods, t indicate that he's okay and resuming play, then makes another attempt at just powering past her, figuring she'll expect him to try and pull off the move that just failed.

It's no surprise that he powers past her, nor is it when he sinks the ball into the goal. Jena takes it good naturedly though and offers him a smile. "Looks like you're catching up." Taking the ball in her hands, she debates now what move to make. This time, she feints a drive left then picks up the ball for a jump shot from where she stands.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Jena=Body+Pyramid Vs Toby=Body+Pyramid
< Jena: Good Success Toby: Success
< Net Result: Jena wins - Marginal Victory

Toby slams the ball home then rolls his shoulders to keep them loose as he plays fetch. The ball is quickly tossed back to Jena and as she faints left he heads right, having seen this move many times before. Only of course, he hasn't and while he manages to correct enough to get his fingertips to the ball as it flies, it's not enough to deflect it's flight and prevent the winning score. Picking himself up from where he landed after the all of nothing leap he finds the ball has rolled to his feet sohe picks it up and bounces it back to Jena. "Nicely done," then jokingly, "first to seven wasn't it?"

Jena chuckles and catches the ball and bounces it back. "You know, I wouldn't mind that or even first to ten. I'm all about playing the game." Walking a little nearer, she has to smile. "You're not so bad for a Tauron, you know?" Course she's teasing him, expecting the same in return for her Caprica upbringing. "You know, you can call me Jena if you want. I guess we've never gotten beyond ranks so much. Or Cruz if you prefer last names."

Toby looks faintly puzzelled for a moment as the ball comes back to him, but catches it anyway, keeping it in one hand for now. "I was figuring I'd just stick with 'Oi you'" he states with fained flatness as she say's he can use her first name, "or maybe 'Oi whatsyourface'. Keep it simple." Bouncing the ball infront of himself a couple of times he shakes his head at the suggestion of carrying on, first to five it was and five has been reached, the change the rules now would seem childish. The remark about Taurans though just gets a nod of acknowledgement followed by a quick, "it's a shock for most colonials to realise we're actually people too I think."

Amused at the name he chooses to call her, Jena laughs. "Whatever works for you, Crewman." Chuckling softly, she walks nearer to him, watching him bounce the ball. "Maybe we could spar too?" Nodding towards the sparring mats. "Anytime you want." His counter remark about Taurans beings a rueful smile. "I think there are too many judgmental people. Anyone who chooses not to know you because of where you're from is missing out."

"Says the Caprican," Toby retorts seeming amused, "you lot are notorious for it, snobby frakers." He glances towards the sparring mats briefly, but doesn't seem to be massively in the mood and so gives a non-commital nod and a "sometime, maybe," which really means, 'sometime, but not now'. Moving to ditch the ball back in stores he glancs towads teh heavy punchbags as what he really feels like doing is switching off mentally for a while and just hitting away, but even he has the social skills to know that telling Jena to piss offso he can do so isn't on. Instead, once the ball is away in it's proper place he turns back to her and states, "you never answered my question before. How are you finding Orion over Picon?"

"So now who is judging the other because of where she happened to be born?" Jena retorts back, just as amused as he seems to be. Snobby even gets a bout of soft laughter. She watches him as he puts the ball away, standing near a stationary bicycle until he returns. "Orion is a lot more stifling and much less dangerous. I don't have to sleep with my boots on. It's a change for sure. How are things with you on Orion?" Following his gaze to the bag, she smiles. "Don't let me interrupt your regimen."

Toby shakes his head faintly as she suggests he starts punching anyway, then explains, "I become terribly anti-social when I do that. Shut the world out and all that. Maybe later." Rolling his shoulders again he nods to her response to the question. "Yeah, lot safer here I reckon. Assuming we don't get blown out of the skies by a basestar of course. Less ways out if shit goes tits up, but without most of the potential causes of said shit going tits up."

With another glance towards the bags, Jena smiles. "I could get on the other side of the bag and hold it. Make it a dual workout. I could take a turn and you could offer me pointers. I hear you're the kickass man when it comes to sparring." Her cheeks crease slightly and her eyes crinkle at the edges as she smiles. "Yeah, it feels so much safer here than Picon, but I'm used to being dropped into a danger zone and fighting my way out of it."

Toby has to shake his head again at that, although he does smile faintly at the compliment, "I come from the school of fighting that says hit hard and hit fast, put the fraker on the ground before he has a chance to get you. I get awya with it because I'm built like a brick outhouse and can punch like a freight train. If you're wanting to learn how to spar properly, much as I hate to say it, you most likely want to be talking to the marines." He even winces slightly as he say it cos, well, talking to marines… "There's a rumour going round that we'll be heading Piconwards soon," he then states, changing the subject, "possibly even the Orion itself although that's just speculation from what I've heard. Still, might be about to get hairy here too."

His advice is well taken and Jena nods solemnly, leaning against the stationary bike while she speaks to him. "I've heard much the same. Sounds like we're about to fight back and when the Marines go down ground pounding, I'll be right there with them. It's what I do. Actually, I'd like to get a little practice in on the firing range too soon. You game for anything like that? I've also been dying to see Piraeus, the undiscovered colony. I've seen what I can from the Observation Deck but I've not been down to it yet. You game sometime?" Why does she keep lumping them together like that? Seems he's her only friend so far here.

"A load of the raptors are being setup in ground support mode so yeah, sounds like the jarheads are about to go smack something big," Toby offers. That he knows first hand, having been involved in some of the actual work. "You'll probably get a more detailed briefing though, if you're going in with 'em." Deck not generally being deeply involved in marine briefings beyond making sure there are raptors to move them. "Firing range you definitely want to talk to the marines, that's their little special place from what I can tell, Piraeus though, if you want to see that, I recommend volunteering to help the surveyors. They always need extra hands and would likely welcome anyone who can add things like emergency medical treatment to their skill sets. You know, just in case." As for himself though, he can only shrug, "depends when things get busy and how busy they get. Could be tomorrow, could be a couple of weeks."

Jena takes the hint and just nods to him as he deflects each suggestion to someone else. "I'm sure I will when the time comes. I'm always ready to go at a moments notice." The response about the firearms makes her smile. "Sure, I'll find some random Marine and ask for directions and the time to shoot with them." As for Piraeus though, she can only nod. "Oh, volunteering is the only way to go down there? I thought there was a bar or something down there for people on their day off."

"Write a note on a piece of paper, wrap it round a rock and toss it into their berthings," Toby suggests, not entirely seriously, "any of them who can read it and come find you is probably intelligent enough to tell you which end of a gun is which." He gives a shrug at that, it's not a great secret that he doesn't get on well with marines in general, but he doesn't actually think they're that bad. Mostly. Then he shakes his head at teh Piraeus, "oh no, there's stuff to do round Sheridan, although most people just go to Charlies, or the lake. If you were wanting to go out into the wilderness though. Marines won't let you out on your own, and it's a good way to see interesting bits and get to know yor way around. Plus you get the nearest thing we have at the moment to expert guides."

"I think I'll go try that whole note flinging thing and see if I can't get a firearms partner at some time or another." Lips twitch in amusement at the very idea of doing such a thing to get the attention of a Marine to tag along with. "I know the ends of the gun, I can shoot fairly well. I just always like to improve myself." Standing from her previous leaning on the bike, Jena smiles. "I may put my fatigues on and head down to Piraeus to explore this Charlie's or the lake. I've had enough of the wilderness for the time being."

"You point the end with a hole at the bad guy yes?" Toby jokes, then shrugs again, "other place you might ask is see if the range marshall guy will put a notice up for you in there. Means you're likely to attract the attention of one who actuall uses the place that way." As Jena straights then he offers a word of warning, "if you're heading to Charlies just beware that one of Air WIng just got promoted and I think they're doing whatever stupid initiation rituals they have for him today so it's likely to be fully of drunken viper-jocks." That's surely enough reason to put anyone off isn't it?

Jena laughs. "Something like that, yes. The end that the bullet comes out of." His jest though was amusing and she relaxes a little further. The word about Charlie's has her brows lifting. "Sounds like a party.." But since she's definitely not the party type, she does agree. "I guess I should wait for another night. I can't drink more than one anyway no matter what day it is so I may just wait until tomorrow. Thanks for the heads-up. And the Pyramid game. I should go find food in the mess hall."

Brina comes in, looking slightly distracted and dressed for a workout. Dressed in a pair of those short nylon athletic shorts and her tanks, her newly acquired scars shown off in the form of pink, still-healing flesh upon either arm and leg. Voices heard, she pauses, just shy of reaching out for a towel, not sure if she'll be welcomed here or not.

"I'm sure it'll be something" Toby states, sounding very much like I could add 'that I will be avoiding like the plague' to the end of that sentance. Spotting Brina out of the corner of his eye though he motions over to her with a brief nod of his head, "there's one, you could ask her? She's an MP, Lance Corporal O'Conner, or O'Connell, something like that, if she's busy she'll likely know someone who isn't."

The sarcasm isn't lost on her and Jena laughs. "Yes, I was thinking the same thing." Glancing over to Brina when she walks in, Jena offers her a friendly smile. "Good evening, Lance Corporal. I'm PO2 Jena Cruz. The crewman here was just suggesting talking to you about finding someone to train with in the firing range. You know anyone with excellent firearms skills?"

A look is darted towards Toby who gets a slight smile. "Right on the second time. It's O'Connell." A hand is offered to Jena. "Brina. Nice to meet you." There's a pause then as she thinks. "I am still new here myself but I'm sure if you ask one of the Marines they'll get you pointed in the right direction." There is a slightly apologetic tone to her voice as well as the smile she adds to her response.

Toby nods an acknowledgement that he was sort of right with Brina's name then raises an eyebrow slightl as she too directs Jena to a marine. Looks like he wants to ask something there but given his recent record with MPs he figures that he'll leave it for now and play safe. Instead, he stiks his hands in the pockets of his sweats and asks, "you mind if I pick your brain on something quicky O'Connell? I know you're off duty and all but it's probably easier than having to hang around the hub and not get in everyone's way." Both for them and for him likely, especialy as he tends to avoid the hub whenever possible.

Jena takes the offered hand and shakes, "It's nice meeting you too, Brina, please call me Jena." Hearing that she was new here as well draws another smile. "Sounds good, thank you for the help, I'm sure I'll find something." As Toby requests a word with the MP, Jena reaches for her hoody. "I'll see you both around. I think I'm going to hit the mess hall for something to eat. See you later."

Brina nods. "See you around, Jena." Social time over, perhaps, she sits down on some nearby random piece of exercise equipment, making herself comfortable for now. "I'm good with answering any questions you got whenever, Toby." This not being an official-capacity kind of moment, she opts to call the technician by his first name in an attempt to keep things tension free.

Toby is happy to go with tension free, although he still can't remmeber Brina's first name, not for the life of him, so he just skips that stage. "It's a long shot, but I was wondering if Captain Llywarch had got round to raising charges against for the ex-CAG yet? She was investigating him for leaving thousands of people to die in various terrible ways and said she was about ready to issue a warrent but now she's off somewhere else and I can't find out who's taken over the case."

There's a pause and then she looks up, Brina cocking her head to the side a bit. "I haven't heard but that's probably because I'm still new," she points out. Her eyes linger on his, her expression thoughtful. "I know that you and Sergeant Yrnr don't see eye to eye but perhaps you can put aside your differences for a little while and talk to him about it?" Every idea, every word, every suggestion is carefully put forth, Brina walking on eggshells a little.

Toby nods as Brina reminds him again that she's new, then frowns a little at her later comments. "I have no particular issue with Ynyr," he states plainly, "and I hadn't realised he did with me." He considers that for a moment then adds, "if that's the case though, would the enquiry perhaps be better coming from you? I wouldn't want to risk jepordising this becuase of something so small and unrelated."

Brina shakes her head. "He has none with you, as far as I can tell. I just thought that you two had different points of view on a particularly vilolatile subject. I misworded, I am sorry." Rising, her eyes narrow as she regard Toby, her expression softening. "Seriously though. I think this might be a query best made by you."

"I am sure he and I would end up disagreeing on a great many topics if we ever actually sat down and had a long conversation," Toby admits with faintly grim overtones. "He does at least generally bother to turn his brain on though, and use it, which is more than I can say of a good few of your colleages that I've met over the years." Unconciously folding his arms over his chest as he says that he then adds a quick, "no offense of couse. I mean, I asked him and Dr Nadir about the dogs and now there's a plan in motion, so he's got to be doing something right at least."

Brina chuckles. "Sarge is seriously one of the smartest men I know, Toby. And I think you'd wind up feeling the same way if you were to skip over the touchy topics." A hand is lifted and she moves it slowly towards him, seeking to pat him on the shoulder but not doing it unless she's sure the attention won't get her punched. "Just try it, Toby. If it doesn't work out I'll ask."

Toby still has his hands safely in his pockets and looks to make no move as Brina approaches. The same can not be said however for his eyebrows, as one of them moves questioningly upwards until he's entirely sure of just what it is that she is doing. "If I see him," he offers, stil not convinced that it's better for him to do it but not apparently willing to push the point. Especially when she's already said she will if it doesn't work. He can't really think of anything else he needs to bring up so he states simply, "if you'll exuse me though. I should go hit the head, I should be on shift soon."

It didn't go over quite as badly as a fart in an EVA suit but Brina isn't exactly sure if it went as smoothly as she hoped it would. Thankfully he isn't throwing punches or getting snarky and snippy with her which is a huge step forward in her opinion. "Yeah. I'll see you around." She steps away, getting ready for her workout.

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