AWD #245: Fun With Gaping Chest Wounds
Fun With Gaping Chest Wounds
Summary: In which Phin's not dead…quite. Post-surgery in Sickbay after the Caprica bombing mission.
Date: 08/09/2013 (OOC Date)
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Sickbay — Deck 3 — Battlestar Orion
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue.
AWD #245


Damage Report for Phin

Severity Can

1. Light Physical Shrapnel to Right Hand - 2 days

2. Critical Physical Shrapnel to Chest - 14 days

3. Serious Physical Shrapnel to Right Arm - 9 days


The sickbay is as quiet as it ever gets post surgery. Everything is clean and in the process of being re-sanitized - too many boots through the bay. The petite doctor is carefully hooking up a fresh IV for Phin - good old fashioned saline to start up with. She removes her gloves, taking the chart to double check "Doctor Nadir, patient is A+ blood. I need your approval to donate." she calls towards Sam, shifting over to wash her arms all the way up to the elbows anal retentively. Her scrubs are still bloody and face fatigued. "The sonography course really paid off finding the shrapnel." she admits "Thank you for suggesting me for the course." she murmurs towards Sam, double checking some of the chart readings now.

Nadir cuts a sidelong look at Mahasti, taking in the fatigued look and for a moment her expression is rather speculative and a gleam in her eyes that is speculative before she nods. "I'll sign off on you donating as long as it means you take the next twenty four off shift entirely," a counter-offer made as she checks the chart and absently tucks the scrub cap in one pocket. "And I'm glad you wanted to take the course, the more skills and training you bring to the table the fewer staff members I have to have have in the mix."

"He can have mine." Ygraine came in with the paramedics. She stayed back during the initial trauma treatments, and she stayed through his surgery. There have been coffee breaks and pee breaks and some sleeping but otherwise she has pretty much been as much of a fixture as they'll allow. She lifts up in her seat, back going straight. "I'm a universal donor. Or you should have them send Bear here to donate; his twin brother is a perfect match."

Phin was a compliant patient. In that he was brought in unconscious after his adventures with Predator shrapnel, and has remained in that condition throughout. He remains cooperative now post-op, laying on a bed, still dead to the worlds. His breathing is at least less labored than it was when he was brought in, though he's still got an oxygen mask on to assist it. Gaping chest wounds are a bitch.

Mahasti makes face "If I take twenty four hours off I won't be able to manage or participate in hydrotherapy in the morning, which I look foreward to." she counters, ahh negotiation "His twin brother is a marine if memory serves. When was your last full bloodwork and broadspectrum screening done?" she asks towards Ygraine "Mine was done August nineth." she offers, eying Ygraine wearily "It isn't like he can't take multiple donors, he's down more than a single donor is safe to provide except in extreme emergencies." she offers, calmly, settling onto a chair to get the transfusion kit out of a stow compartment under the bed, setting it up for Sam carefully "Our stores of blood are a little low due to all of the transfusions last week." she comments to Sam, taking a moment to pause and stretch her shoulders.

Nadir glances from Mahasti to Ygraine and back around to Phin and back, that speculative gleam in her eyes remains in place, a logical-calculating gleam remaining also. "Dr. Nasreen will be first up to donate, we'll run a cycle for you, Lt. Vashti, and send for his brother if he's ship-side. If he's planet-side he can report to sick bay at his earliest convenience," she decides with a nod. "And morning then," she negotiates with Mahasti, "but the afternoon off."

"Bear could be here in five minutes." It's pretty obvious Ygraine's not happy with the CMO's decision. "My most recent bloodwork's on file, I been in here enough." But she makes no other protest, settling back down in the chair on Phin's left side so she can put her hand over his good one.

Phin is a natural righty, by his right arm was also a peppered with shrapnel and is presently bandaged. So his left will do. He responds to the pressure when Ygraine takes his hand, fingers curling a little around hers.

Mahasti smiles "Agreed. Pleasant negotiations." she gives Sam a quick gesture, moving to her desk to take the small, scuffed box of something. Vashti is looked at a little. She makes a slight face before smiling to Sam "Do you want the quick test swabs before we start, I'm sure a nurse could begin drawing the blood and between everyone around do the blood testing samples within ten minutes?" she suggests very softly, her box is opened and sat on a tray near one of the chairs to open "Er .." she takes a breath.

Kelsey arrives from the Fore Corridor.

"Ahh, excellent," Nadir remarks as she sees the movement of Phin's left hand it pleases her all the same. "Then we'll have three donors instead of two, and that's better all across the board," she adds as she signals one of the nurses forward to begin the prep work to draw blood.

Ygraine will keep an arm free for anyone wanting to imitate vampires, but she is not moving from her seat, and her one occupied hand stays in Phin's. It'll probably take orders to move her. Or a really hot marine. It's a toss up. "It's okay." she tells him as if he can hear her. "Bear's comin', Phinny. Ain't no way he wouldn't."

Mahasti is quiet, sitting still "I'm ready. You are welcome to my petit fours." she eyes Ygraine "He has a high infection risk, did you wash your hands?" she asks, voice soft as she waits for Sam or a nurse - whoever to stick her, whispering very softly with music on the edge of her voice. "I begin to sing of Asclepius, son of Apollo and healer of sicknesses. In the Dotian plain fair Coronis, daughter of King Phlegyas, bare him, a great joy to men, a soother of cruel pangs. And so hail to you, lord: in my song I make my prayer to thee!" keeping her voice to barely above a whisper.

Phin is out of surgery, though he hasn't been that way for long. He's still out, a combination of blood loss and the large amount of drugs that are keeping him comfortable. What with the gaping chest wound, and slightly less gaping wound to his right arm. He's laid up on a bed, his good left hand curled into Ygraine's. His breathing is assisted by a mask over his mouth, but it's not too labored other than that.

Kelsey, still in her flightsuit and covered in dried sweat, steps into sickbay and looks for Phin or Ygraine. Spotting them both, she heads that way and nods to her backseater. Looking to Sam, "How is he?"

Sam directs the drawing of blood from Mahasti to start with, the nurses moving around the room and setting up to test for Lt. Vashti even as Ensign Wescott arrives. "Ensign," she says in greeting before replying, "He's young, he's healthy, and he came through surgery like a champ. The next twelve to twenty four hours will determine the course of his recovery time and he'll need extensive physical therapy, so no rock climbing for a few weeks," which is a understatement of course. "But, stipulating that nothing unexpected occurs, his expected outcome is within standard norms."

Did she wash her hands. Ygraine eyes Mahasti and says calmly, "By all means, if ya want t'suggest t'the nurses that they'd allow me t'be this close t'him in the first place after surgery without sanatizin' I'm sure they'd appreciate th'assessment." To Kelsey, "I've seen him readin' up on Aurora lately. Would ya mind sometime makin' an offerin'? I'd go, but I don't wanna leave him." A pause. "I ain't sure about how he feels about Ares these days."

Mahasti smiles "I'll start working with him personally in two days discussing routes and stuff, I really think despite the severity he'll be fine in almost no time." she chirps towards the Ensign "Would you like to take off your flight suit, wash your hands, and have a cup of coffee or tea and one of the tea cakes Captain Siska sent up for me?" she offers, politely, despite getting her blood drawn. "Nurses don't have time to babysit visitors." she offers to Ygraine, honestly. She smiles to Kelsey, looking exhausted for a moment before looking up at Sam "You got all the paperwork I left on your desk, right?" she asks, chipperly "It was quite a stack, the charge nurse helped too. a lot. I hope if I ever get stuck in here again she's my nurse." she chatters off.

Phin groans. Which is a sign of semi-life, at least. His head rolls toward the sound of voices, though he doesn't quite drag himself back into consciousness yet.

"You mean the stack of paperwork that I wanted to set on fire?" Nadir wonders of Mahasti with a touch of a grin as she nods. "Yes. I was tempted to round bin file all of it as well but didn't. The fine print in requisition forms is a form of punishment, it has to be, because reading the fine print and following all the steps is more exacting than doing a coronary bypass - while blindfolded."

Kelsey listens to Sam but she keeps her eyes on Phin. "Damnit." The Ensign sighs. "Thanks. Hope he's back up and running for Picon. We're gong to need him." Hands rest on her tied sleeves and her gaze drifts to Ygraine. "Yeah, I'll do that after I get a shower. Definitely." Kels doesn't exactly spend a lot of time down in the Chapel, but this she seems to have no hesitation with. There's a shake of her head to Mahasti, but the exchange between her and Ygraine has her look a little cockeyed. She's about to say something when Phin groans. Attention: Right Back On Him.

Ygraine seems about to deliver a bit of backwoods Leonese wisdom herself when Phin groans, and likewise her attention is drawn like metal to a magnet. "Phin?" she asks gently, but doesn't seem to find an urgent need to make him wake up. Sleep is good. Sleep is healing.

Mahasti watches Sam closely "Since the last week was so busy, did I talk to you about possibly ah. Never mind its a private matter. I wanted to talk to you about it, so maybe when it gets quiet here we can." she offers, moving her free hand up to adjust her earrings, quietly. She takes a moment to tap the chair arm with her fingertips. Her fingers move to touch her forehead, quietly, whispering a prayer to Asclepius in a voice barely able to get a whisper out.

"Mmm…hey…" Phin murmurs, dragging himself toward the sound of voices in Sickbay. He blinks up, at Ygraine mostly, though his blue eyes have trouble focusing. He's on a lot of morpha. "Hey." It's unclear if he has any sense of where he is.

Kelsey watches Phin and grins. "Congrats. Your ECO can fly," she tells the Lieutenant quietly. "Welcome home." She looks over to Ygraine and nods. "Suicide Squad does it again."

"Hey." says Ygraine back, her smile becoming wider, more relieved. "We got it done, Phinny. Everyone even made it out alright, except ya were attractin' fire like ya do on Spring Break on Scorpia. We're back on Orion. Ya got hit up real bad."

Mahasti is quiet, waiting for the bag to fill before closing the tube, removing the needle and bandaging her own damn self. She eyes Phin "I'll bring you some books and stuff tomorrow, have a good one." she stands up, taking one of her petitefours with a napkin with her non blood-contacted hand to stuff the bitesized cake in her mouth. She checks her bandaid and watches Sam for a moment, taking her sweet time moving. She takes a second, stuffing it in before disposing of the napkin, moving to wash her hands again, loosening her scrub top at the waist "Permission to go off duty, Captain Nadir?" she asks, formally.

"It didn't feel like drowning…" Phin mutters. Whatever that means. His grip on the ECO's hand tightens a little. He doesn't have a huge amount of strength at the moment, but it's as tight as he can manage. He tries to focus more, eyes ticking in the vague direction of Kelsey. "Squire. Hey. Hi. How's…how is everybody? They make it back OK? I don't remember…I can't remember landing…" What with the being unconscious before the plane actually made it back to ground. He murmurs a vague "Thanks, Doc" to Mahasti.

Bennett arrives from the Fore Corridor.

Nadir finishes making the last of the notations in Phin's chart, speaks quietly with the nurse that'll be on duty for the rest of this shift as Mahasti is finishing donating blood, glancing at her colleague as she takes off the reading glasses she wears and slips them into the front pocket of her scrubs. "Of course," she replies, giving a measured nod before glancing around. "I have a few other patients to check on before the end of shift, everyone remember that visiting time is limited, he'll need more rest than not and will be a bit vague with the medicine that he's been given."

Mahasti smiles to Phin "Yeah, I'm always around for you guys. You always are so nice to me. One of the few reasons not to cut off my own damn fingers." she offers "Don't let them touch too much, your right arm took me hours to get all the shrapnel out of." she smiles "I can get you some fresh dvds too, we have headphones that are sanitized you can borrow." she offers, pulling off her scrub top to reveal a standard issue under tank. Her bloody scrub top is folded neatly and properly, ready for the wash apparently. "Thank you Captain Nadir." she offers. She moves to her desk digging into her things carefully, to take out two framed photos and tuck on top of her scrubs before heading off. One is a photo of someone getting punched in the face. The other is a group photograph of medical.

"Hey, you can remember names. You're almost back to full Viper Pilot power," Kelsey tells him with a grin. "Like the lady said, everyone made it home. Your ECO flew you back and even managed to land. Chalk another one up to the Lady Ghosts, amirite?" Even if it was a guy in his backseat. Kelsey nods to Sam as she makes her way out and shakes her head back at Phin. "You didn't have permission to get shot."

Bennett steps through the hatch into the ship's bustling sickbay, still in her blues, though likely coming off a duty shift between here and the extraction raptors' arrival. She seems somewhat hesitant about being here, but has the look in her eyes of a woman on a mission. "Excuse me," she addresses a passing nurse. "I am looking for Lieutenant Phin McBride. I think he would have been admitted a few hours ago.."

Ygraine is seated next to Phin. She's in an awkward sort of akimbo position; one hand is fitted into Phin's good left one, and her other is extended out so that her blood may likewise be taken. It's still in the middle of filling up. Ygraine has very seldom left Phin's side throughout. Breaks for coffee, pissing, and as for sleeping, well that was in the chair. "That's right." she affirms. "Old Man made the landin' and Storm got between ya and that last Fox. He's right as rain though, big tough Tauran." She chuckles. "Ya took some real bad hits but Doc Sam done ya up just fine. And ya got three different people donatin' blood. And Squire's gonna leave an offerin' for ya on Aurora's altar."

Mahasti is passing Bennett "On the bed. Wash up, he is an infection risk." she points Bennett in the correct direction instead of the nurse mumbling something in passing with an exhausted expression showing. "I just got done being surgical assist for him and will be providing his therapies to come." she mumbles at Bennett, heading out of the hatch unless stopped.

"I didn't get shot…my cockpit kind of…exploded…" Phin makes a "Heh" sound. "I guess the plane got shot…sorry…And yeah. Of course I remember your name. I mean, I know I was kind of a jerk after we frakked around but…I knew your name…" He's rambling about that when Bennett comes in. He's out of surgery and laid up in a bed that's probably due to be rolled back to the recovery ward sometime soon. His chest, and right arm, are heavily bandaged, and there's an oxygen mask over his face and an IV in his arm that's pumping blood into his system. He's alive, though.

Bennett looks up as a familiar voice pipes up with information, and casts a perplexed look Mahasti's way that seems caught somewhere between a smile and, well, discomfort. "Oh, I see," she answers. "Well, I suppose you ought to get some.. rest.." She trails off as the doctor heads for the hatch, and pivots on her heel to make for Phin's bed. "Hey you," she greets the viper jock with a trademark dazzling smile. Ygraine, she simply turns toward and.. watches, for a long while.

Mahasti is gone in no time.

Kelsey listens to Ygraine and nods. "Sure am. Gonna leave here in a few minutes and go get that done." As he continues, though, and mentions the Incident… Kelsey laughs. "Uh huh." She could have been embarassed, and maybe she is a little, but she laughs. "That poor gal you left there. Suuuure." She pats his leg affectionately. "Don't sweat it. Its not like we messed up out own Preds. Besides, we all got home. Before you know it, you'll be terrorizing other women." With Bennett's approach, Kelsey nods to her.

"Universal donor." Yggy explains to Bennett, seeming to discern the woman's regard as wondering what she's doing donating blood. "Bear will be comin' up soon for his part." But then her gaze goes back to Phin. "Don't ya know ya ain't allowed t'go anywhere?" she tells him. "Stick me with your coin just outta spite." she teases. "How we gonna share a command if you set up for buyin' th'farm?" Her tone is soft and teasing, and she still has yet to let go of his hand, even when she winces once they withdraw the needle draining her of blood. Kelsey is cast a thoroughly amused look at his ramblings.

"Butch…hey…" Phin does more trying, and mostly failing, to focus his eyes on the senior Raptor driver. He's on a lot of morpha. "We accomplished the mission. I guess." He doesn't sound too enthused about it, but it's hard to tell how much of that's just drugs and exhaustion. To Kelsey, he manages a slight nod. "Yep. We all got home…" Another nod, when Ygraine mentions his brother. That seems to hearten him. Though he frowns when she talks about his coin. "I don't know why you'd even want it if…" He trails off.

For once, Ygraine's reading Bennett all wrong. It's likely the donation of blood didn't even register immediately, given how her gaze drags away briefly to flicker over the needle and tubing, then back to the leggy blonde. Rather than make a spectacle out of it though, she merely steps in close and wraps one arm around Ygraine for a lingering squeeze. Something is murmured softly before she pulls away and turns back to Phin, and her fingertips make a quick swipe at her eyes. "You did. You accomplished your mission, and you all made it home. I am proud of you."

Kelsey winks at Ygraine with the look. Maybe she's right to reference that as happening to someone else. The talk of the coin has her look between them, though. Watching the rest of the interaction, she falls quiet but leaves her hand resting on Phin's leg. Hard to stop being a mom when those you care about get hurt.

"You'll get the debrief, Captain, but it was…crazy." Ygraine accepts the hug happily, laying her head briefly against Bennett's arm before she lets go and refocuses on Phin. "Well, I want ya, not your coin, but of course I'd carry it, just like you'd carry mine. We promised. I remember."

"Yeah, I remember…it's just…she seemed to regret so much when she looked at it…that's all it was just…stuff she wished she'd done different by him…" Phin closes his eyes for a beat. He's rambling again, and it takes some effort for him to stop. When his eyes blink back open, he focuses them - as best he can - back on Bennett. "Thanks…yeah, it was nuts…I got hit right away and it was just…I felt like everything exploded…" He shudders.

Bennett looks to Kelsey for a beat when Phin starts to ramble, as if she might hold the key to decipher his meaning. Glancing back to the younger viper pilot, she gives him a weary smile when he tries to meet her eyes. "It's all right." A kiss, of all things, is dropped to the top of his head. Chaste. "You're home now." Ygraine gets a brief look, and a nod for her words. Then she steps back and turns to go.

Kelsey watches the conversation between Yggy and Phin and looks back to Bennett. She has no idea. "You guys take care. I'll see you back in the berths, Yggles. I'm gonna make that offering and hit the showers." She gives anotehr smile to Phin before she follows Bennett out.

"i'm not - " she starts to say, and then, "If I ain't there tonight, I'll see ya in th'mornin'." she promises the pair. Because her ass is planted in that seat until Medical kicks her out. Turning back to Phin she murmurs, "Shhh. Ya don't gotta think about it no more. All ya gotta do is get better."

"Later, Kelsey…" Phin murmurs to the departing ensign. He's not really in a frame of mind to be surprised by the kiss. It just makes him smile. "Yeah…home…I'm really tired…" The last is sort of to Ygraine. Not that he's shooing her. His clasp of her hand stays as firm as he can manage, though his eyes do close again.

Ygraine not making it back to raptor berthings tonight likely doesn't surprise Bennett in the least. She turns to watch the pair, briefly, while holding the hatch for Kelsey, and then she's off. Conversation turns to how glorious breakfast in the mess is going to taste in the morning.

Ygraine watches him fall asleep, finally allowing some of the weariness to show on her face. She rises from her seat to bend over him, and her mouth presses against his cheek before she settles back down. Her arm might go numb but she won't care; save for when she has to take brief leave she will hold it all night long, even in her sleep if she's allowed.

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