AWD #001: Fuel Line Repair
Fuel Line Repair
Summary: In the destroyed hallway on Deck 4, Augie, Ekho and Torres work on repairing one of the fuel lines.
Date: 06/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Fore Corridor - Deck 4 - Battlestar Orion
The hallways are the standardized thoroughfares found on nearly every ship in the Colonial Fleet. Tall enough to accommodate heavy equipment, their half-diamond arches rise almost twelve feet off the decking. About a quarter of the overhead bulbs are Vitamin D lamps, smoothing out the harsh edges of standard-issue fluorescent bulbs. Wired phones are posted every hundred yards and in adjoining halls as well. Heavy bulkhead doors section off the ship into different areas, and each hatch is clearly labeled no matter how large or small.
06 January 2005


It takes a few hours after a vent to seal a room back up and get atmosphere back to standard so that damage control teams can be returned to it. The blast doors that sealed off the corridor that blew open with the Raider slammed into the side of the ship and exploded. As it comes open, the scene that greets Augustus is one he was familiar with from his time on Impervious. Already, he's starting to send in his team members. They don't move in a hurry. "Careful with the bodies, boys." Augie comments gently as he walks along, carrying a clipboard and a grease pencil. "I'll see what I can do about getting Last Rites set up fer those that need it."

It may be that Engineering is leading the way, Ekho won't argue that, but she's not gong to let the DC team do all of the work. Deck Four is hers too, and most of the people who fought and died here were people she worked with, in some capacity or another, day in and day out. And so, she's on morgue duty, such as it is, helping a few of the other more…hardened (most scientists, as a rule having rather quite a few pansy-like characteristics), to move the equipment coming in, tables, bodybags and the like. "Just tell us where you want us to start, El-Tee." Ekhos's voice is smooth and calm, her usual stoicism in the face of adversity seeming to serve her in good stead in this case.

"Be careful of the metal, Doc." Augie says. There's none of the usual banter or flirting he shared with the doctor in the past, instead he's focused on task. "First, we need to recover the bodies. Check them for tags, we're gonna have to process them through graves for proper internment." With that, he steps through the bulkhead. It's a mess. Even with the lines sealed there's the occassional hiss of air or gas. The fuel line has been cut off. "That fuel line is next. We need to get it back up and going."

"My team can get started working with yours on the bodies. I can lend a hand if you need it, with the line." She's not got the training a real engineer has, her own engineering being the more building, planning and blueprinting academic sort, but she's quick, follows orders and has a good grasp on the ship's fuel systems. "Don't worry about me though, El-Tee. I don't plan on skewering myself just yet." She moves away from the rolling cart, pulling one of the rolled up bags with her, "You want we should strip them of salvageable equipment now, or wait till medical looks them over?"

"Cause of death should be pretty simple, Doc." Augie says. "It was either the fire or the vaccuum exposure." he leans down next to the first body and pulls off the tags from around the heavily burnt head and pours some water from a bottle over the tags to clear away the soot. "Hauser, Conrad T. Staff Sergeant, Engineering." he reports before he moves to write it down. "These were some of my people, Doc. I want to take care of them before I move onto the line."

Ekho nods, taking a knee, giving Augie time to collect dog tags, before she starts to arrange the bag to collect the body. There should be something grisly about the scene, or morbid, but she handles the body as gently as if the young man were merely sleeping. She's no priestess and she's never shown herself to be particularly religious, but she treats the dead with obvious respect. "I'm not going anywhere, El-Tee." She's with the big man till the job is done.

"Thanks, Doc." Augie says, lifting his head to offer a smile to Ekho. With that, they start to move down the line to the next body. And again, the process is repeated. A removal of dogtags, "Rossi the Third, Thomas. Lance Corporal. Damage Control." He pauses at one of his own. He reaches into his pocket, pulls out a small coin and presses it against the chest of the body. " journey, Corporal." he offers as he looks towards Ekho. "Careful of the overhangs." he gestures to the lights that hang down and threaten to spark if electrcity is restored to the area.

Ekho doesn't say welcome. Because it's not necessary. What she does say says it all, "You'd do the same for me." And whether or not that actually IS true, she believes it is. The first of many bodies is stored away and she continues on to the next, following the same routine, setting up while Augie collects the tags, "Don't think I have to worry about that. I could crawl inside a duct without having to bend my knees." It's not humour, exactly, but there's enough weight on all of them. "This deck take the worst of the damage?"

"Yeah. Raider kamikazed us." Augie says as he rises. Down the line he continues. Lather, rinse, repeat. Soon, fourteen souls are accounted for. "We're missing two, Ekho." He uses her name for a change, and glances towards the vents, and closes his eyes for a moment. "Hell of a way to go. And no way to pay the ferryman." he grunts.

Ekho comes to her feet, looking back down the line. "We have any idea where they were last?" She rubs her hands on her coveralls, before she digs in her pockets for her heavy duty gloves. "Has anyone searched the cofferdam spaces between the bulkheads? or did we vent them?" She might as well call a spade a spade.

"Probably vented." Augie says, looking around again and flicking on his flashlight to take a better look at the destroyed fuel line. "Did you lose anyone in sciences?" he asks her finally, blue eyes casting a glance to the dark-eyed doctor.

"Thankfully no. We were working light, most of the department's been spending extra shifts on the civvie ships, equipment's better, and most of them that were onboard were out distributing supplies or down in stores getting them ready." Thank the Gods for small favours, "We were going back down to the planet. Hopefully without getting you another radiation tan. If we'd only had a few more hours, we might have had a chance to solve that mystery." She looks back at one of the team who is heading back from delivering the dead to their next step. "They're all in good hands now."

"We'll get another crack at it." Augie gives Ekho's hand a freindly touch and a small smile. "Soon as we get the shit up here dealt with." he eyes that damaged line. "This is gonna take a while. Sure yer up to keeping me company?"

Corridor Alpha of the Fore Corridor of the Orion is a wreck. She took a Cylon Raider suiciding into her side and exploding. The fire got too bad and had to be vented. And now, Augustus and Ekho are leading a small team for recover. Fourteen body bags are laid out on the floor outside the bulkhead, each one occupied. Two more bags remain neatly folded as the two are inside the wrecked ruins of the hall with flashlights, inspecting the Tyrlium lines.

The smile she returns, the touch as well, and a nod, "I know we will. But I sort of had our getaway planned." There is some small amount of humour, but it settles quickly enough. Her hands dig back into her pockets, after depositing the flashlight between her teeth, the left one coming out with a multitool, the other coming out with caffeinated gum, "If you've got more water, I think I can go the distance." Muffled, but still intelligible.

Torres has been working her ass off since the attacks and hasn't even so much as taken more than a break to use the head since Condition 1 was announced. She's got not one but two tool belts drawn about her waist, each pouch upon them filled with tools and whatever else she might need so she won't have to make any trips to her toolbox. A quiet cough is given to announce her presence while her gaze is held diverted, Senior Chief not wanting to look at the bagged corpses. "Where you need me?"

"I'm sure it'd been a hell of a getaway, Ekho, but you'd have to ask Ceres if it's okay to steal her guy." A wink at the Doctor, but his smile is actually fond for a moment. He starts to say more, but then Torres shows up and he looks towards her. "Our priority is the fuel line." he comments. "We were just about to start on it, Chief. Welcome to the party. Ya meet Doc Ekho yet? She likes checking people out for strange growths." And with that, he hands the doctor his own water bottle.

"Oh," Ekho offers, waving a hand dismissively, before she stuffs her booty back into her pockets, a pit of a 'pish posh' tone to her voice. "She'd have been invited to come too. There is only so much man I can handle. I am small, true, but I am not terribly mighty." Ekho looks over at the SCPO, offering a companionable nod and a, "Good to see you, Chief," before she bends her knees, popping back up and jumping up high enough to grab hold of what would have been the ladder up to the ceiling. She looks a bit like a monkey trying to keep from falling out of a tree, and it might have been easier to ask for a boost up, but she seems pretty determined to get into what is now a rather tight crawlspace without asking for help.

Torres's eyes harden a bit when she's addressed directly by Augie, still holding a bit of a grudge over what happened almost a week ago in the mess. "Right, sir. I'll go and check that out right now." Her expression softens when she turns to regard the other woman and a smile actually forms even if it doesn't stick. "Nice to meet you. Sorry it couldn't have been under better circumstances." All that said, she looks around once before she watches Ekho, letting her get into place before attempting to get up into the crawl space herself. And no, she does not offer to lend a helping hand, here. Doesn't want to accident offend by doing so.

For once, Ekho catches Augie off guard. He just looks at the woman like she was blessed by Aphrodite with a double vag, and shakes his head. "…I must have not gotten enough sleep." Which is true, he hasn't slept well since this all happened, and start to work on patching up the lines. Whatever Torres is upset about, it seems to just be off of Augie's back. Just like a bulldog. He barks when he needs, bites if he has to, but most of the time he just wants a good belly rub.

Perhaps thankfully, Ekho has no idea of the tension between the Chief and the DCO. And even if she did, she's too busy trying to avoid falling back to the deck to notice. But finally, thankfully, she manages to make it into the crawlspace. "Let me see if I can make a hole." She wiggles further into the crawlspace, leaving plenty of room for Torres behind her, before she scuttles forward to where the ladder looks to be jammed in place. "I should have brought my stomping boots." Bang! Bang! Torres can get a good look see now, as Ekho, all hundred pounds soaking wet of her, starts trying to kick the bent metal back into relative shape. "I got this." She'll do the heavy lifting. Leave the real repairs, for now, to the real engineers.

Torres is able to scramble up the ladder and into the crawlspace very easily despite not being as thin as Ekho is. She's gotten pretty agile after just about eighteen years of having to bend herself in all sorts of awkward positions while working and it's times like this where it really benefits her. "Lead the way," she murmurs after quickly reaching down to pull some of her pouches into another position, trying to keep them from getting hung up as she moves.

Spending a day with two married women in the destroyed bowels of a ship as bodies are carted off is about as up there on Augie's bucket list as is 'Visit the Top Guns Stripper Squadron Male Revue'. Augie watches the two women shimmy in. He's too big for the crawl space and makes his way along the line. "Alright, I need ya two to check for any leaks or cuts in the line. We're going to pull it together. I'll sauter from the outside, you handle it on the inside."

A few more useless bangs, and Ehko gives it up as a bad job. There's no hope of anything like a cutting torch, until the fuel line is secured, so she'll just have to deal with being trapped in a tight space with…well, Torres is alright, she'll manage. "Chief, you've got the sealant? I'll mark anywhere that's compromised and you patch it up?" Share the work, share the load.

"Sounds good to me," Torres replies, her voice a tinny echo thanks to the tight confines they find themselves in. She gets a small can of the goop used to fix leaks and what looks like a wooden tongue depresser from a pouch that is resting at her right hip, the latter meant to be used to smear the former on the line. "Hopefully this will be a quick fix," she utters although she does not believe it will be if her dry tone is any indication.

"The line is gonna be the easy part. Rest of this mess? With rotating teams, it's still going to take about five days by my best guess." Augustus comments as he sauters together the line that Torres seals. "We're just here for the fuel patch, then we can let other teams take over the heavy work." As he welds, he starts to hum a haunting little melody. It's not like anything he's probably known for and isn't really a hook to any song. Just five chords, over and over as he works.

Ekho proceeds along the line. Sciences can actually be useful, and she proves it, as she moves, quickly and surely, using an ultrasonic detector to test the line for damage as well as for any leaks, marking as she goes. No second guessing or looking over her shoulder. Teams trust each other to get the job done, "You working on something new for that pilot of yours, El-Tee?" Hard not to notice a fragment of a song that doesn't go anywhere.

Torres is more than fine with the idea of letting others take over once they're done here. She's a mechanic and structural repairs really is not her forte. At each mark she pauses and smears some of the sealant upon each tear, making sure it will stay intact once the lines are back in use. "So many," she mutters to herself although what she's talking about is left unsaid.

Snapped out of his humming, Augustus actually looks like he has no idea what Ekho is talking about. "Huh?" he asks her as he continues to work, sealing the outside of the line as Torres works on the inside of the line with Ekho. "Almost done ladies, and we can take a break."

Ekho is no singing fool, but she can manage a few notes, and she pauses, far enough ahead of Torres that she can stick her head down through one of the grates, looking at the DCO upside down. She hums the notes she was singing back to him, "You've been stuck on the same five notes since we started working on the line." But that's all she has time for, as she spies Torres almost about to run into her and her head disappears back into the crawlspace. "If the fridge in the labs is still working, cold pop for everyone."

"I don't drink soda but thanks for the off… oh man." Sniffling as if put off by something, whatever Torres was about to say interrupted when she finds yet another rip in need of repair. "Thankfully these aren't too severe, here. Shouldn't need to replace the line. Not right off, anyhow. But I would log the fact that it is a possibility just in case." No sense in springing nasty surprises on people if it is possible.

Augie frowns at those notes and ohs. "..ya ever get a song stuck in yer head? It's one of those." he brushes it off as he continues to work along the line, welder going. "Ya think I can write a song fer Ceres? Ha. I ain't that good at plucking the guitar, gal." A grin up into the tube. "This should be the last weld. How're we looking up there?"

"Well, I'm sure we've got instant coffee too." Engineers like coffee, or so she's heard. Whether instant really qualifies is another story. "I'm clear to my end," though she does need to squeeze herself into a tiny little ball, to leave Torress enough room to finish the last of the patches, "I know, you think, what does Ekho know about keeping a girl happy, but let me tell you this, El-Tee. Girls appreciate the effort. We don't actually expect things to be done perfectly all of the time." A beat, and she manages to stick not her head, but part of her face through a grate opening, "It's like…you know how girls always complain you never put the seat down? Unless we're blind, we don't actually care. We do possess the ability to put a seat down ourselves. We just do it to get your goat."

Torres grins although with how her head is angled down it probably won't be seen. "I prefer tea, to be truthful, sir. If you'd like I could bring some by sometime. See what you think." The query from Augie gets a hurriedly grunted 'it looks like shite, how about you come up and look for yourself' at the same time she gets the last few repairs made with. "Think that's it," she whispers to her fellow crawl-space crawler. "How about we get out of here, hmm? Frakking getting hot…"

"Ya know, I'm starting to realize why I went with no strings when it came to the gals until now." Augie smirks up at Ekho. "I ain't ever gotten this much advice and or shit from y'all before. Between you and Kelsey bird, I almost expect ya two to start planning a wedding next week." There's an amused shake of his head as he moves along the line. "If I could fit my big ass up there, I would, Torres." he comments back to the woman and goes to open the hatch to let the two out.

"I'm always open to trying new things, Chief. And we could fix you up a space real nice over in the labs." You can't blame her for poaching good talent, Augustus! Once she manages to mostly get herself unscrunched, she flashes the other woman a grin, "That's the best idea I've ever heard. But about that wedding…what do you think we've got for the week after next?" The world, as they say, has ended. "Look out below." Thankfully, she's much more nimble jumping down than jumping up. And Augie has enough sense not to risk an Aquarian landing on his head.

A lab? Is that even a good idea? Torres looks up so quickly after having forgotten where they are, that resulting in a solid *thunk* and an ouch. "Damn…" Laughing, she crawls out, stopping after she's down the ladder to rub the growing knot.

"I ain't in any rush to get down any aisle, lass." Augie tenses, just a little at that. Maybe a nerve was hit. While he has the welder out, he takes a small piece of metal and turns away from the others to work on something real quick. "You two go ahead, I need to take care of this, and I'll take a raincheck on that pop. Give it to one of the kids on board." Not much of a sugar fiend, at all.

"Depends entirely on the dress. You should have seen mine. Galen was running down the aisle. Well, it was actually a corridor, and he was heading out for a CSAR alert and the wedding was delayed almost 18 hours, but I'm not bitter!" She certainly doesn't sound it, "My point, is we don't have the luxury of time anymore, El-Tee. Don't waste even a minute with that girl." But then Augie's being all manly shy and wanders off to 'work'. "Well, Chief, it's just you and me. I'll help you finish up here, and then…" and for a moment she finally sounds as somber as no doubt she feels, "Better get our crew down to the morgue."

"You go ahead and go do whatever you need to do. I'll take care of the rest." Torres has never once had to do this and she's shaken but the woman's pretty hard bitten and not about to let how it's fazing her show. "I'll come by those labs of yours soon and make sure you are alright." And there is an unspoken offer of company.

"I look forward to it." The task of escorting the dead to the afterlife, or whatever the approximation is on Orion? Not so much. But she'll do it. Because it needs to be done. And because no one deserves to go alone. "Chief?" Ekho looks back, just for a moment, before she ducks into the freight elevator. "Don't stay down here a minute longer than you have to." And then she turns, pulling the door down closed behind her.

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