AWD #288: Freshening Up
Freshening Up
Summary: The battlestar's Head after the post-Picon return to Condition 3. Showers are indulged in. Wounds are cleaned. Terrible facial hair decisions are unmade.
Date: 21/10/2013 (OOC Date)
Related Logs: The 'Phin grows a terrible mustache character arc' - such as it was - that began here comes to an end.
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Head — Deck 2 — Battlestar Orion
The Head is the area on the Battlestar to find showers and bathrooms and this is one of many throughout the ship. Male and female crew members share the area equally as space is at a premium on fleet ships. There are half a dozen shower stalls and enclosed toilets as well as urinals along the wall. The room, an L shape dogleg, has the entrance open into the sink area. There are four sinks on the left and four on the right sitting back to back in the middle of the room.
IC Date

The battlestar has completed its jump back to the quieter corner of space that is orbit over Piraeus, and is back on Condition 3. For most of the crew, this is the first downtime they've had after weeks of sustained combat duty on Picon. A decent number have chosen to take advantage of this by indulging in extra-long showers, so the Head is seeing a steady amount of traffic at the moment. Phin McBride is in the middle of it, parked by one of the sinks. He's obviously fresh from the showers himself, though he's had time to pull a tank top and trousers on. Currently, he's splashing his face with cool water from the tap. And, judging by the shaving cream and razor on the counter by him, getting ready to shave.

Brina is still bandaged and sore but has been allowed out of medical to get washed up, just on the tail end of her latest stint in a bed in the sickbay. Dressed in a pair of old sweatpants and her tanks, the blonde shuffles in gingerly as she tries very hard not to move her upper body too much. Phin is seen and gravitated towards, the need for conversation that doesn't involve fluid input and output and all that other medical crap drawing her his way. "Hey…" Once close enough the bandages her tanktops cover might be noticeable, a thickness beneath the light-weight shirts that an attentive person may pick up on. "How's it going?"

Phin lifts his eyes from the sink to the mirror, once he's done splashing. One hand raises to scratch the five o'clock shadow on his chin and, with a smirk, tug at the fuller doofy mustache he's sporting on his upper lip. It somehow manages to make him look younger than even his boyish features might usually. "Oh. Hey." That to Brina, when she speaks to him. He turns his head toward her. "Well, seems like Command figures the invasion of Picon was a success, and I might actually get a full night's sleep. Not a bad day. You?"

A smile-slash-grimmace is given to him before Brina sets her kit on one of the nearest sinks while leaving one free to give them both a bit of personal space. "I am just looking forward to maybe not getting shot at for awhile," Brina answers with a bit more honesty to her tone and not enough of the humor she was striving for. A wash cloth is pulled from her shower bag and then a box with a bar of soap in it, all military-grade there. "I can't think of a time I haven't been hurt since I arrive here. It fraking sucks. Big time."

"That's a definite plus to Piraeus," Phin says wry as he lathers up his face. Including his upper lip. Maybe the mustache is going along with the rest of it. "Not much shooting. Home sweet home." The last part isn't wry, but sincere. He's glad to be back, such as it is. "Uh. Sorry. You got a name?" He adds, "I mean, obviously you do. Just can't remember if we've met or not. The last three weeks is kind of a blur of dogfights and stims and perpetual exhaustion."

Brina looks at Phin while the water is turned on and allowed to warm up. There's a faintly thoughtful expression as she takes Phin in before, after perhaps five seconds of silence, a shake of her head is given. "Don't think we have. I'm Lance Corporal Brina O'Connell. Nice to meet you." The tap finally starts to issue a bit of steam as well as hot water and that's her cue to get her washcloth wet and lathered.

Distantly, a shower cuts off and out steps Skyler Almaeda. The raptor pilot just barely has time to throw her towel about herself and grab her kit before the next in line pushes in behind her. "Don't jerk it too hard in there, O'Connell!" The dusky woman calls over her shoulder to the marine that took her place, rolling her eyes as she holds a towel awkwardly about her midsection and heads for the sinks, dropping everything haphazardly on the one opposite Phin with a faint clatter.

"Lance Corporal? You're with the Marines, then." Phin starts in on shaving his cheeks. Slowly. His hands are a little shaky, probably from the aforementioned exhaustion and stims. "I have…" A pause, and he corrects himself. "…had a brother in Charlie Company." As for himself, "Phin McBride. Uh, Lieutenant Phin McBride, full rank-wise. I fly with the Seven-Seven-Sevens." Viper squadron aboard ships, if one knows about such things. His eyes flit to one side when Skyler takes up the sink next to him, though he tries to keep his head more or less immobile.

Brina darts a look at the shouting only to realize it wasn't her that was being addressed and the sudden tightness that all brought to her body slowly fades. "Yeah, I am an MP. Usually, that is. With all the action we've been seeing we were mobilized and we hit dirt with the Dogs and everyone else." Skyler is watched as she starts to soap up, the sink bath more akin to a hospital sponge bath than anything really productive. "It's nice to meet you," she adds to Phin while the woman is watched with open curiosity. The way Phin talked about his brother in the past-tense is noticed but uncommented upon, for now.

"Gonna get rid of that caterpillar, Dolly?" Skyler glances to Phin in the mirrors, lopsided smirk baring her teeth. She lets the towel go, lifting it to her hair to scrub the excess water free. The way of live on a ship- you stop caring about baring nudity in places like the head. There's no way around it. "Or keeping it for some girls on Piraeus?"

"Every look at the ground on Picon I got was nuts," Phin says as he continues to rid his cheeks and chin of stubble. He's leaving the 'stache of shaving cream on his upper lip for last. "Glad you made it out of there. You had a chance to see Piraeus yet?" He adds, "I can't keep track of who's a fresh transfer from the Resistance on the planet, who's in from the other battlegroup, and who's not these days." Skyler gets a low, "Heh." A pause and he says, "Girls don't seem to like it much, actually. Figured it might be time for it to go." He probably notices Skyler's flashing, but he's used enough to how these things go in the Head that there's at least no obvious sign of gawking. Apart from a momentary pause to readjust the angle of his razor.

Brie's arms are washed first and then as much of her upper body as she can manage while great care is given to make sure her bandages don't get wet. Infection this late in the game would set her back a few days, at least, and that'd not be good. "I kind of like it myself," is said to them both as she looks at herself in the mirror. There's a pause before she looks at Dolly, using his reflection and hers to do so. "I've been there a couple times but I'd like to see more than the bar. Am thinking about getting some camping gear and heading off post for a few days. Not too far, of course. But enough to maybe make it feel like I'm alone or something." Leaning back now, she eyes Skyler, her head angling. "We haven't met either, right?"

"Most girls don't want their face rubbed raw while kissing," Skyler says with a twitch of lips in amusement. She seems satisfied with her hair, leaving it in a mussed and tangled mess to set to work on patting her skin dry. "Always best to be clean-shaven and fresh when you hit ground on leave anyway. Makes it look like you care." She pauses, bent over, and glances past Phin to Brina. There's a slight shake of head after a moment's consideration. "Not that I remember, unless I hauled you this way in my Raptor at some point."

"It was kind of a…good luck charm, for the Picon mission," Phin says. He doesn't sound like he's sure that's the right way to put what he's going for, but it's what he lands on. "We're winning, the way they tell it, so…time for a change." With that, and with the rest of his face done, he starts cleansing the caterpillar off his lip. To Brina, "Yeah, I suspect the bar's going to be popular. The countryside around the settlement's really gorgeous, though. I've been fishing in the river a couple times. You can get a decent catch. Nothing huge, but it's a real nice way to spend a leave day." Skyler's comment gets a very rueful laugh. "Yeah, I've gotten complaints. I'm hoping this'll finally make me suave." Touch of sarcasm there, but it's the self-deprecating sort.

Ygraine arrives from the Aft Corridor.

Brina gives Skyler a smile. "Some scruff is nice but I think I'm with you. Clean shaven is what I prefer as well, usually. I'm Lance Corporal O'Connell. Nice to meet you, sir." The washing gets focused upon her face and neck and throat and then she calls it all good and done and the rinsing off begins. "Is there a lake by there, by chance," Brie asks Phin. "I mean… a river's nice but you really can't go swimming in one unless it's very deep." Rivers and lakes are not the warmest bodies of water to enjoy time in but Brina either doesn't seem to realize that or she just does not give a frak one way or another.

"That's because," Skyler says, straightening and tossing the towel over the edge of the sink, "the bar is where it, figuratively, is at." A pause of thought: "Perhaps literally as well. Someday we'll know what 'it' is." She has clothes haphazardly folded with her kit and starts attiring herself. There's a nod to Brina's introduction. "Pleasure, O'Connell. I'm Lieutenant Jay-Gee Almaeda. Or Fox as my fellow…" a wry look at Phin, she follows up for his benefit: "bus drivers call me."

"There is, yeah," Phin says, of the lake. "Been swimming in it, but it's probably getting kind of cold for that now. Gods, it's almost winter again." He sounds half-amazed as he says it. The Head is fairly crowded. The turn-down to Condition 3 and return to Piraeus is a chance to unwind, which some of the crew are doing with long showers. Phin, Brina and Skyler are by the sinks, though. For his part, Phin looks freshly showered, but he's had time to dress in a tank top and trousers again. Now, he's shaving. His cheeks and chin are clean, and he looks like he's starting on his upper lip. To Skyler, "Hey, the jocks call you that, too. Don't leave us out, Fox. Vipers all have delicate little feelings."

Back from her CAP, Ygraine wants nothing more than to get in a shower and stop feeling gross from being in her flight suit forever and a day. She's unzipping it as she walks in, her bag of toiletries in the crook of her elbow as she yawns hugely. "Hey, y'all." she says wearily, trudging toward a locker. Nope, haven't noticed the lack of face caterpillar yet.

"Man, I'd still go swimming in it." Being from Aquaria, Brina's of an opinion that water can't really get any colder than what she used to surf in. Yggrain's watched and given a wave, yet another person she isn't sure she's met or not. With how everything's been as of late, faces have become as much of a blur for her as the days that have passed were. The small square of general issued terry cloth is rinsed and set aside so it can dry some before being stowed in her while she looks at the officers she's been speaking with. "The bar is nice. Don't get me wrong. I just don't think I really fit in there. Not that I am sure or not… Huh."

"The jocks are easier to take advantage of - sorry O'Connell - in Triad. You Vipers always seem to have something else to do when I show up to the table." Skyler grins as she wiggles her way into her slacks. They're buttoned and she gets the simple, black sports bra into place shortly after. "As for delicate little feelings… Frak, you're not kidding there." She's grinning, despite the banter. There's a nod through the mirror towards Ygraine and, as an aside to Brina: "Only way you don't fit in at a bar is if you don't drink."

"Yo, Yggs," Phin calls at the sound of Ygraine's voice. Though he doesn't take his eyes off the mirror. He doesn't want to nick the underside of his nose. "Fit in?" He sounds puzzled for a second. "Charlie's is pretty low-key. I mean, Sheridan's got more civilians than it did back when it was just a top-secret research outpost, but it's still a pretty small place, and the crowd is usually pretty heavy on Fleet personnel. And I'm up for Triad anytime. You can even shuffle, keep the game fair."

"What, which bar, Charlie's?" Ygraine snorts, "They try t'spiff up th'officers lounge a bit, but it's just a dive. What she said." Ygraine tilts her freckled chin toward Skyler as she peels her suit off. She peers around, notes Phin at the mirror and then, "Oh my gods Phinny, are you killin' th'caterpillar?"

Brina purses her lips before nodding. They all made good points and she can't disagree with what was said. "Maybe it's because I was still new when I went. Didn't know anyone save one or two people which was awkward as frak. Bet I'll feel better about hanging out there now that I have made more friends." Next phase of her cleaning up starts and a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste are grabbed next, the latter applied to the bristles of the former. The others are able to talk once she's done as she busily brushes her teeth.

"I'll keep that in mind, Phin. I could use some more supplies when I go on leave." Skyler grins towards the other pilot, using the mirrors to do so. It's just easier- especially when he has a blade so close to his face. Leaving her tanktop for last, she adjusts her dogtags — worn even while bathing, of course — and grabs the basic comb from her kit to start working through her hair. "I've never even been to this Charlie's, but in my experience… all bars frequented on leave are the same." She snorts slightly in Brina's direction. "Hells, girl. You go to a bar to /make/ friends!"

Phin has half his upper lip shaved and half not, just then. He has to pause at Ygraine's exclamation to allow himself a smirk. "Like Fox was saying earlier, chicks do not dig it," he replies wry. More seriously, "Like I said before, it was for Picon. Picon's done. Well, twenty-four-seven Picon's done, at least. Figured it was time for a change." Does he sound just a little melancholy about it? Maybe. At least he's gotten rid of too much of it to back-track at this point. A slight nod as Brina explains. "I think any bar is awkward if you go without anyone you know. Only fun's in who you're hanging with."

Ygraine lets out a snicker. "Like Fox was sayin'? Me and Butch been tellin' ya that forever." she nods to the aforementioned woman in thanks though, because clearly she and Bennett were not heeded. "Ya missed a little spot under ya nostil." she adds helpfully, popping a squat on the bench in front of the locker. To Brina, "Ain't any marines who'll drink with ya? There's gotta be. And we sure ain't picky."

The only enlisted here turns to regard Ygraine who is given a foamy smile from around the head of the toothbrush that gets kept in her mouth. "Oh. No, it wasn't that, sir. This was not long after I just arrived so didn't really know anyone save for Sergeant Ynyr. It was a bit over-whemling. I know a lot more people now. Marines, Navy… hell, even pilots. Bet I can find a lot of drinking buddies now." Brina faces forward so she can rinse her mouth out. "Man. I feel much better now." Pausing, she looks at Phin and Skyler. "Is it frat if we all go drinking together at some point?"

"Sorry," Skyler calls over to Ygraine, "guess he's got a thing for Raptor pilots." Smirk. She finishes combing through her hair and wiggles her way into her tank top. There's a shrug at both the other women. "We'll drink together, sure. I'm betting I'll be pretty much living there for a while. Damn, drinks I don't have to trick off someone in Triad? I'm dreaming about it already."

"You ladies have certainly done your part. I think the strongest review I got was when the CAG offered to loan me her leg razor to get rid of it," Phin says dryly. Then, back to shaving. A few more runs of his razor, and it's gone. He rinses the blade in the sink. "I still maintain it was lucky. Didn't get wounded on Picon once. You ladies should try it next major campaign." To Brina, he shrugs. "I don't even keep to the officer's lounge most of the time, truth be told. I don't think they're going to reprimand us for having a drink with an enlisted rating. Long as we don't…" He makes a sideways wavy hand gesture that doesn't really stand in for anything dirty particularly well, and kind of blushes. Skyler's comment gets a "Heh" and turns him a little redder.

"If that were true," Ygraine replies easily, "Bennett woulda had it off him sooner." Then, wryly she taps her chest, her pointing finger toward her throat. "Wasn't lucky for me, was it?" she teases, and adds for Brina, "Drinkin' ain't frat unless drinkin' leads t'somethin' a little more horizontal, if ya know what I mean. But don't worry," a glint forms in Ygraine's eye. "It ain't really frat if ya salute first." She's kidding, right? Opening her bath kit, the shampoo and conditioner she pulls out are not standard supply, but strawberry scented. Where'd she get that?

Brina laughs, mostly at how red poor Phin's face is getting but also in relief due to their answers. "Cool, cool. Never really know what counts as frat. Some don't want enlisted and officers hanging out, that from past experience on my old post. But if we're allowed to then I won't sweat it." The bathing is finally concluded and everything's put away but she doesn't seem inclined to leave even though she is all fresh and clean and in need of sleep.

"I'm not sure I can do the caterpillar justice," Skyler says with a bright laugh. "Might gain me the wrong kind of attention." She starts packing up her kit, satisfied with the state of her hair. "The officer's lounge is fine… until the wrong group of officers comes in and starts bullying us peons." Because that's really all she is… at least to those above her. Ygraine's words earn a snicker; bemused. "Drinks are nothing, O'Connell. Better us be friendly enough for a drink then bickering when the shit hits the fan."

"That's what I'm saying. You needed one of your own," Phin says to Ygraine, turning to offer her a slight half-smile. Then he runs the tap again, and splashes his face with warm water. With that, he's all shaved and clean, mustache gone down the drain forever. To Brina, "This was my first post, so I can't really compare. But I'm betting everywhere was more formal before…well, everything." End of the worlds and all that. "And Piraeus was isolated even before that."

Ygraine snorts lightly at Phin in response, and once again tucks two fingers in a small salute in Skyler's direction though corrects, "We ain't peons. And I ain't ever seen any of th'officers treatin' us so. Even th'Old Man will chat ya up just fine if we're not on High Alert and he happens t'be around. Speakin' of which, Phinny, he gave me the coords on a sweet fishin' spot back on P." Ygraine shucks out of her clothes and wraps herself in a towel, then starts unplaiting her braids.

Brina traps her lower lip between her teeth before she shakes her head and just laughs. After all the stress and bad stuff that happened it really does her some good to hear friendly banter. Stretching, she looks from face to face, her expression warm. "We will have to go drinking soon, then. I owe Captain Smythe a drink or two… hell, we might as well make a party of it, huh?"

"Well," Skyler says to Ygraine, packing up her kit as she does, "that's good. I've been on assignments where some would get in a foul state over it. Always reminded me of Academy. Upperclassmen ragging on the lower, because their upperclassmen did the same." She rolls her eyes, showing in the move what she thinks of that. "Oh, honey," she says towards Brina, the word only slightly insulting… but in a way that shows she's pleased to be helping the Lance Corporal out. "There will be so much partying. We're so sick of what we've been doing day in and out, it'll be fan-frakking-tastic to do what we want."

"You want to go?" Phin asks Ygraine, when she mentions fishing. Almost shyly, as if she might not, even if she's the one who mentioned it. "Supposedly we've all got some serious leave time coming soon." He picks up a towel, dabbing his face with it before draping it to hang behind his neck. "I figure there are going to be lots of parties coming up. But first, I am going to sleep for, like, two days straight."

"Don't be silly, of course I wanna go. I think our old spot is gettin' a bit picked over, anyway." Ygraine flashes a smile as she combs out her hair with her fingers, collecting her bath kit and heading for one of the stalls. To Brina, "I'm willin' t'bet there'll be a freeforall at Charlie's sooner ratherthan later."

Being called 'honey' gets Brina to blush but she also grins, albeit kind of crookedly, that then widening when they all mention how there should be a lot of partying to be found. "That sounds awesome. I am looking forward to it. Will be nice to cut loose a day or two before we have to settle back into work." The kit bag gets taken in hand and she looks at it and then the hatch. "I hate to crap out on everyone but think I should try to get some sleep."

"Later, Lance," Phin offers to the departing Marine. He also turns to head toward the exit, after he's packed up his shaving kit. Bunk is calling. Ygraine's reply about fishing gets a broad grin. "Cool."

And with her kit zipped up, Skyler seems about to head out as well. Like the others, she's enjoying being back on alpha shift with the majority. Able to sleep when the bunks are dark and see people more regularly. "We'll get drinks," she assures the others, heading on out herself.

Once she gets in the stall, Yggy leans out to drape her towel on the hook. Flashing him a smile, she can't help but add, "Ya look really good, Phinny." before she disappears back into the stall and the water starts.

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