AWD #081: Frak It, Let's Party
Frak It, Let's Party
Summary: Pinnings, divorces, declarations of love, Cylons in the fleet…frak it, let's party!
Date: 28/03/2013
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Pyramid Court - Piraeus
Pyramid courts are here for those who enjoy playing and watching the sport. Courts are separated for different games to be going on at the same time. A tiered seating area is placed on the left and right sides of the court. Lower benches are also in place around the court edge.
AWD #81

The sun is setting over the pyramid courts, and it's a lush spring day on Piraeus, soon to become a cool spring night. Someone's cobbled together a grill, and soeone's using a genny (as in a generator, not a marine) for some speakers and music. The hardtop of the pyramid court is subject to scattered groups of people, drinking and talking, but no one's dancing yet. There are scattered tubs with bottles and small kegs of various types of booze, people's contributions put on ice.

Holtz arrives from the Living Complex.

Phin is here for the party. In civvies that consist of jeans, his abused Argentum Bay Silverstars t-shirt, and a pair of trainer-style shoes. He's just gotten a bottle of beer from one of the ice buckets and is in the process of popping the cap.

Kelsey is there! She's borrow, from someone, a little black dress that fits her fairly well but was probably meant for a woman a few inches taller. Each strap over her shoulders has an Ensign pin in it, though. Oh that's right, she went there. She's already got herself a glass of something icy and brown. It might potentially be rum and soda. Spotting Phin, Kelsey walks on over and smiles up at him. "Hey handsome," she greets happily.

One of the groups bursts into song along with the current number blasting on the speakers. Amongst them is Ygraine, who while not electing for a dress, did go for jeans, boots, and a halter top, tied at the nape of her neck and midback. She's drinking from a mysterious green bottle, and yowling along with everyone else in determined good cheer. "They say I spend my money on women and wine/But I couldn't tell you where I spent last nightI'm really sorry about the shape I'm in/I just like my fun every now and then/I'm always working, slaving every day!/Gotta get away from that same old same old!//"

And yet another excuse to dress up, Maia takes any opportunity available. Tonight she's dressed a little over dressy casual, but she doesn't seem to mind. Arriving alone, because that's exactly how she planned it, she walks over towards the others, lifting a hand in greeting, already there's a smile on her face at the choice of music that's being played through the speakers. She slows her pace a little, just taking in the scene for a few before actually joining it.

Dressed in just very simple, yet comfortable clothing, Jason's made his way out for this little event. He's not really a party person, but he's working on getting himself drunk. Drinking from a bottle of some sorts, he's standing a little off to the side, looking around rather carefully for the moment. Listening to the music, with a bit of a shrug now.

Holtz' jacket has ensign's pins on it as well. And lieutenant's, both grades. And, well, every enlisted rank from recruit up to PO2, to go along with the myriad unit patches sewn onto the garment. He's wearing the jacket over a black, form-fitting t-shirt and a pair of loose-fitting jeans. He enters not long after the first knot of Orion crew arrives, looking relaxed if not quite as gleeful as some of the others. For the moment he doesn't go over to the collected drinks, having brought his flask from the ship, which he takes a slug of as his eyes survey the courts.

Phin opens his bottle and sips. That'll do. He turns his head when he's addressed as such, offering Kelsey an, "Uh, hey" in reply. He does return her smile when he sees the pins, though. "Congratulations, Ensign Wescott. So. How's it feel?" Though he can't help but semi-join in the singing at the end of the chorus, "Gotta get away from that same old same old!" Before taking another sip and actually waiting for Kelsey's reply.

Kelsey turns her head to watch Ygraine and she just grins like a madcat. She lifts her glass to wave to Shakes and she looks back to Phin. "Feels like a million cubes, Phin," she tells him. "I feel like a rockstar. Never, ever, in a billion years thought I'd ever get these. But I feel great!" She lifts her glass to clink to his beer. "How about you? Congrats to yourself on the grade-up!"

Looking at the others already getting into full party mode, Maia smiles to herself, glad to see the smiles, hear the laughter. Been too little of it lately. When she comes up level with Jason, she nudges his arm with hers. "Hey Superstar. How far gone are you so far?" The words are meant to be teasing and she does make her own drink which, when finished resembles something purple. Ah yeah, purple stuff. Potent and powerful.

As the song transitions, clearly someone's music is from a particular score of years. That does not dissuade even the younger folks present, and finally, an informal circle-square-amoeba of dancing starts to form. Ygraine swigs from her bottle and dance-shimmy-swagger-hips-don't-lie her way over to dance around Phin and Kelsey, "Hey, Ensiiiiiign!" she cheers sunnily as she does her little war dance around the pair.

Looking up as he spots Maia, Jason offers her a momentary grin. "Looking good as usual, I see," he offers, a bit lightly, before he shrugs a little bit. "How far? To hell and back, I suppose." It's said lightly enough, and he smiles, so he probably doesn't mean it seriously. "Just got a few drinks before I came out here," he adds, with a bit of a shrug. "How about you?"

Agrippa arrives from the Living Complex.

"Cheers," Phin says, toasting with her. He shrugs. "Still kind of settling into it. It doesn't really feel any different. Just a few fewer people I need to call 'sir.' Anyway, welcome to the Wing. Like, official-like." He offers a "Hey" to those he sees arriving. A wave to Maia and Holtz. Jason and his bottle get a look, but he just shrugs. He does a pivot to dance-swagger his shoulders briefly at Ygraine, as she approaches. "Yo, Yggs! This was a really good idea, whoever had it."

Kelsey laughs at the wardance and reaches to swing an arm around Ygraine. "Heyyyyyyy!" she calls back with a grin, swinging her drink around. "I would fly five hundred miles…" she sings back. To Phin, she nods and sips at her drink. "Thanks, sir! Its awesome. but you've got Yiggles to blame for this shindig. Totally her fault."

"Just beginning," Lifting her purple drink, Maia offers a silent toast before lifting it to her lips for a long swallow. Watching the others living it up she smirks. "I suddenly feel too old. Get drunk and have fun. Shake off whatever is buggin' you and party." Giving the Raptor pilot an encouraging grin. "That's what I'm going to do." Finishing off her first drink just for good measure, she makes another, dancing towards the others and catching Phin's wave. "Hey Dolly, looking good out there. Gratz again, Kels!" Glancing back to see if Jason was joining, she finally gets to the dancing crowd, joining in with her drink in hand. "Milkshake's idea. Totally. Isn't she great?"

When he sees Phin wave, Holtz offers a wave and little grin of his own as he changes course to join his wingman and the tiny knot of people around him. His first words, however, are to Kelsey. "Congratulations, Ensign," he offers to the ensign with a smile. "You look good in gold." A nod to the diamond-shaped pins on her shoulders. His smile widens just a touch as his eyes fall on Ygraine.

Adelphi arrives at the party with the sudden influx of people, looking somewhat ill-at-ease as she winds her way through the crowd. She walks with the same casual, lanky grace she usually manages, but now she squirms slightly, shoulders dropped and blue eyes darting over the crowd. She's wearing a dark blue sweater and black slacks, arms crossed below her chest. "Mmm. Looks like things are pretty busy. Do you think…" Dell trails off slowly, glancing left- at empty air. She shakes her head slowly and starts to walk a bit faster. "Dolly! You owe me another dance today!"

The next song is greeted with cheers, less for dancing, as a whole bunch of people start singing along. It's all the same, only the names will change/Everyday it seems we're wasting away/Another place where the faces are so cold/I'd drive all night just to get back home.

Ygraine spots Holtz, and even as she's singing along, makes her way over to him, giving him a grin and slipping her arm over his neck, "I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride, I'm wanted dead or aliiive!"

Sporting his new outfit, new as in Agrippa has not been seen wearing such an attire before as he had lost all of his personal effects on the Valkyrie on War Day, the Viper finally arrives at the promised event on the planet, ableit a little late. The most notable thing is perhaps what is designed onto his t-shirt, an interesting phrase.

"Thanks Centers!" Kelsey says back before pulling on her drink again. Yep, Kelsey has a mission tonight. But Holtz gets a special grin from the young officer. "Well hello, Kurt," she greets, glancing to Ygraine with her sneaky smile, then back. "Congratulations to yourself. I hear you've won a heart and soul. Forget kill counts, sir, that's an sweet bit of angling." Allll smiles. Kels doesn't seem like she couldn't be happier.

"Anytime, Kels. I'm really happy for you." Hearing another familiar voice, Maia glances over and notices Dell approaching. "Hiya, Dell." They're off duty, so she keeps it casual. "It's good to see you here. Welcome to the party in honor of Kelsey getting promoted to Ensign and.." Looking deliberately towards Ygrain and Holtz, she grins. "Those two finally confessing what most of the air wing already knew." Winking to the ECO half of the duo, taking another drink. She has full plans on enjoying herself tonight.

Phin grins at Maia. "Thanks, Centerfold. Right back at you. And yeah. This is quality, Yggs. People needed to get off the ship for the night. Air was getting stewed up there." He smirks some at Kelsey's comment to Ygraine and Holtz, though his grin is genuine. The sound of someone calling his callsign makes him turn his head to Dell. "Sergeant! Hey. Totally. Next song, you and me, we'll lay it down."

Jason nods a little as he hears Maia's words, drinking some of his own drink, looking a bit thoughtful as he watches the others. He smiles as he does, taking another sip as he does, moving a little further into the crowd for now, looking at the various others at the moment.

Nicodemus wanders from where the ships are parked, glancing around as he enters the courts. He makes his way straight to where the drinks are being served and gets one. He guzzles it, and then picks up a second, before turning to mingle.

Seeing that the party is already in full swing, Agrippa can't help but smile as he heads into the crowd, spotting quite a few familiar faces and that group is the one he is angling towards. One in particular at the moment actually and that would be the newly pinned Ensign Kelsey. Waving a greeting to the others as he passes by, he calls out as he approaches, "ENSIGN Westcott!" A rather loud voice used to get the girl's attention, "Congratulations and welcome to the club." The officer's club of course. She would notice the shirt that Punchdrunk is wearing says rather blatantly, 'Please tell your boobs to quit staring at my eyes.' Totally not his fault.

"I noticed and I don't even go near the Air Wing most of the time. There's a soft laugh from Dell and she looks around one last time, noting Ygraine, Holtz, and finally Kelsey in turn. By the last her faint smile has become a grin and she waves, then she continues her walk toward Phin, shrugging as she does so. "Looking like it's going to be a good night. Enjoy yourself, Maia. I'll- you know. Try not to rain on too many parades tonight. Even if it is my *job*."

"HEY! This party ain't just about me! This is about you too, Centers, and Yiggles!" Kelsey swings her drink in a wide arc, looking off around and swaying a bit with the music. With Agrippa's congrats, she curtsies. "Thanks Punchy! OOOooo! When I can get back into Charlie's I can totally visit that back room again and not get kicked out." But then she see's his shirt and sighs. "I'm sorry, Agrippa. They've got a mind of their own. No control over them."

"Yeah, yeah," Holtz says with a roll of the eyes at Maia. "Go ahead, Centerfold, get the 'told you so's out while you can." He grins at the other blonde Raptorette as he gives Ygraine's waist a little squeeze. And why not? She's a pleasant little armful. "Thanks, Wescott," he says a little more seriously to Kelsey, even if his accent still does make a hash of her name.

"Thanks, Dolly." Lifting her drink in another silent toast to the Viper pilot. "What?" Maia asks in mock surprise, "Don't go near the Air Wing most of the time? You have no idea what you're missing. Trust me on that." There's a brief chuckle and a shake of her head, "Oh no way, it's a party. You gotta save me a dance too, right?" Hearing Grippa, she watches his approach and is unable to contain the full out laughter at the words on his shirt. "I plan on it, Holtz, as often as I can tonight. I'm ecstatically happy for the two of you. Jump right in with both feet and never look back. It's a helluva ride."

"Hey, Dell!" With her hand that's not wrapped around Holtz (but still holding a bottle) she vaguely points in the marine's direction. "No party poopers! Or we'll eject you without your pants!" Because Ygraine is the fun police tonight, all jeans and boots and halter top revealing freckled skin. "Gods, Maia, we ain't gettin' married and makin' babies."

Laughing at Kelsey's response, Agrippa can only incline his head to the younger girl, "No problem, happens at parties like this all the time, all is forgiven." In his right hand is a paper back that holds something that is most likely a bottle. Reaching in, he pulls it out, revealing a nice bottle of tequila he managed to trade or barter for from somewhere, "So where should I stow this thing? I'm sure it'll help kick this party up a notch." He says with an all too innocent smile. Punchdrunk's eyes do look around and spots Maia, flashing her a grin and a wave, before pointing at his shirt.

"Fine, no party pooping. Promise." Dell lifts her hands as if to surrender, and hen she's laughing again softly, shaking her head as she does. Afterward, the staff sergeant is busy settling herself into place, burying her hands into her pockets and standing just outside of the large knots of people, watching everything around her with a small amount of fidgeting involved.

"Nope Shakes, but the practice making the babies is the helluva ride I was talking about." Maia grins, finishing off her drink and walks over to make another one. When Agrippa indicates his shirt, she rolls her eyes and laughs again. As the music plays and her drink diminishes in level, she fixes her fourth, this one she'll take a little slower, but she had a lot of catching up to do! Oh no! That won't do! Sashaying over, she hooks an arm through Dell's, "Come into my parlour, we have drinks. We have fun. We have dancing and laughter and smiles. We have drinks, did I mention?" Drawing her into the circle. "Come playyy with us."

Nicodemus meanders his way over to where Dell has settled. He parks himself alongside her, watching the crowd as she does. He takes a drink, glances her way, and then asks, "Not a partyer?"

Kelsey grins at Agrippa. "Hey, I appreciate the forgiveness. Poor girls just don't get out enough. Whatchagonnado?" she asks with a laugh. The new Ensign just sips her drink happily and watches the group, contented to the max.

"Frak it. Frak it! Kelz, Maia, we're gonna dance, but first I gotta do - " Ygraine's loud train of thought is interrupted by her own self as she kisses Holtz. Right there, in front of the gods and everyone. Whoo accordingly, people!

Holtz is looking off into the distance over Ygraine's blond curls, but he's jolted back to reality with a surprised "Mmf" as he's suddenly being kissed with no small amount of gusto. He responds decorously, returning the kiss with a firm and rather lecherous pinch of the woman's backside.

Never missing a party the ever dancing Luc is somewhere. Probably not in visible range as he most likely stumble to some new area and just realizing and making his return to the scene. Or he has just been busy just having fun somewhere. Either way he is arriving as he sees Yggy's kiss to Holtz, "Woo!" He calls out and most likely get some attention after the kiss. Especially as he pumps his fist up into the air. Heading for the others. "How are you lovly ladies doing?" Probably addressing everyone with it though.

Another grin is flashed at Kelsey at her retort, causing Agrippa to laugh again before his attention shifts to Holtz and Ygraine as they happily display their affection for each other, which has Punchdrunk cheering for the pair, "Woooooo!" Looks like it is his turn to let out the 'Woo'. He then heads over to where the other booze are chilling so he can shove his bottle of tequila into tub to help cool, it will most definitely be empty before the night is over.

"Nope, never really have been." Adelphi looks up from her contemplation of the crowd- and then further up, in order to get a clear look at Nicodemus as he steps into place next to her. She squints slightly, She is only just about to speak further when Maia snags her, pulling the staff sergeant toward the circle of people. She starts slightly, but it seems she's easily led. "Drinks? Do tell. I suppose I could be in for some… Fun. And drinks. Plenty of drinks." She's laughing softly then and shaking her head as she joins the party proper. "But I'm not goign to smile. It's not happening."

"Drinks," indicating the iced down bottles of many varieties, "All you can drink. And maybe we can encourage a little bit of a smile?" Then there it is. A kiss, smack dab there in the midst of the others just as Maia brings tries to urge Dell and Nico to the party. "WOOOOOO!" The other blonde Raptorette cheers on the ECO and Holtz, only encouraged by the pinch. "Attention Viper Pilots, when the hatch is blocked at bedtime tonight, just remember we have a few available beds in the Raptor side," giving them both a cheeky grin. Hearing Luc, she offers him a friendly smile. "Hey Crator." Lifting her drink, she takes a few more swallows. "Alright, ladies. Let's dance, yes?"

"Hey, I am here for the party," Phin says, for his part. He's in a decent mood at the moment. Or at least very much up for forgetting all things Cylon with friends and song and such. To Dell, "C'mon, music's decent now. Let's sway, Sarg."

Ygraine squeaks as her butt gets a feel copped on it, and once she's done kissing him, she tells Holtz, "I'm gonna go dance with the girls. Ya come along when ya got more liquid courage in you." Another quick kiss, and she heads over to Maia, echoing the cry of her fellow Raptorette, "WHOOOOOO!" It's like a pack signal or something. All the Whoo Girls, congregate here!"

Kelsey SIIIIGHS. "Twist my arm, gosh. Dancing. How terrible." She smirks to Ygraine and the kiss, too. "See, now that's a thing of beauty. Gotta love me some of that. Hey Yggy, get a Hoot inthere for me later, yeah?" she cackles. She finishes off her glass and sets it aside, looking around for an intended target, rubbing her hands together. No worries about breaking frat this time. Awwyeah.

Nicodemus smirks as he's dragged along. He looks around, a bit in wonder. It's his first party with this airwing, so he has just a little bit of hesitancy, not quite sure who's with who. So, he takes a big drink, and smiles widely as he watches everyone around him cavorting.

Shoes are kicked off now for full party mode as Maia grins at Dell, "Have fun!" she winks. Looking at the other two, she hip bumps Kels then Ygraine. "You gotta fight, for your right to party! Let's celebrate!"

"Sure thing, Phin. Sorry, Maia, I did promise the gentleman a dance. Back in a second." Dell is just picking up a bottle from the cooler when she turns toward Phin and move sto join him on the way to the dance floor. She reaches for his right hand with her left, laughing as she goes, and now Dell of all people is walking backward toward the floor.

"Sure." Holtz nods to Ygraine as she disentangles herself from his arms and moves off towards Maia, watching her leave. He himself is a much better singer than dancer, though, so he doesn't move to dance himself; instead, he simply takes another slug from his flask before moving towards the drinks, seeing what's there to get a refill of.

When the music picks up, hands go up, hips start to shake, and Ygraine seems quite invested in dancing with her fellow Raptorettes. She's still nursing that bottle, and she uses one hand to cup around her mouth and yells out, "Dance, you motherfrakkers! This is a party!"

Luc just continues over to the rest with a wide grin. Giving Nic a pat to his back, "Hey there Bats. How've you been?" He asks while grinning at all the others as well. Soon enough moving towards the group of women. "Well hey there. Seems I am getting back to full health right in time. And t feels like someone deserves a dance." Glancing to Kels. "So. Congratulations. And. Might I be able to make you dance? Ask these gals, I'm fun." He offers and grins at the other two with a wink.

Drinks are where they are at, and Agrippa remains at the booze station though his attention was momentarily distracted as the party girls do what they do best, party, his attention momentarily distracted by Maia as he finally gets a clear glimpse of the Raptorette. When his squadron leader approaches after untangling himself, Punchdrunk gives the bigger man a nod, "Bossman. What's your poison tonight? Was thinking of taking a shot in your honor, being able to find what not many are able to find, a diamond in the rough."

Nicodemus shrugs, grinning at Luc, "Same as everyone, I guess." He watches Luc head for the girls, and he follows. "I'm your wingman in space, Lucs. Not gonna do that here." He smiles at Kelsey, and jokes, "You got a sister?"

"You think I'm a gentleman?" Phin chuckles at Dell, taking one hand in his, and placing his other on her shoulder, and shimmying her toward the general dancing area. "Thanks. And thanks for coming. Feels really good to be off the ship right now, y'know? How're things in Marine country?"

Awwyeah, the music is jamming and Maia joins in, moving her hips with the beat. "To confessing love, getting a promotion and being newly single," lifting her drink to the other two ladies, "To being in the Air Wing and to friends like you two." Tipping her head back as she dances, she finishes off her drink and does the same battle cry. "WOOO!"

Kelsey looks to the hip bump, mildly faux-offended, and checks back. "You dare touch me? Do you see this hotness right here?" She touches fingertips to her Ensigny Bling. "Don't tussle the jewels!" she laughs. But as Luc approaches, she turns a big smile up at him. "Maaaaaybe!" she offers. To his wingman Nicodemus, she shakes her head. "Sorry buddy, one of a kind. And your buddy Crater just got the first dance." Little black dress and all. "Next time, shoot first." She winks and reaches to take Luc's arm. "Escort me! To the DANCIN!"

"I use the term loosely," Adelphi responds with about half a smile on her lips at this point. "Close enough, anyway?" She shakes her head slowly, settling comfortably into the dance. Dell relaxes immediately once she starts moving, her attention firmly on Phin. "Marine country's been pretty busy with the upped security. Staff Sergeant land seems to have become a foreign place of duty rosters and paperwork. Be glad your job is to pilot a viper. People don't expect you to give your oders in triplicate. That… might be rathe rawkward, come to think of it."

Agrippa's nod gets a response in kind from Holtz, as he looks from the drinks to the other pilot. "Ain't that demon's piss, and that's Athena's truth," he replies, smirking as he gestures at the bottle of tequila. "Hmmm… is that whiskey?" he asks a moment later, gesturing to a different bottle, filled with an amber-colored liquid. "Not my usual poison, but it'll do in a pinch." He raises his flask to Agrippa before draining the last of its contents. Gotta make room for the new stuff, after all. "And thanks."

Luc chuckles at Nic and shrugs. "I manage fine in both situation solo. I do it for you guys. Can't have you handling yourselves badly." He teases the youngling in return. Turning to Kelsey then. His own clothing being a nice maroon shirt with a bit looser pants. For dancing of course. Starting to lead Kelsey along and winking at Nic. "Better luck next time." He continues the tease before gesturing to Maia and Yggy. "Have fun." He tells all of them before looking back to Kels as they reach the dance floos. Starting with spinning her and trying to lead her behind his own back over to his other side. "Hey there."

Ygraine is partying. She is defiantly partying, because frak 'em, and she dances herself into a sweat, with the same sort of gusto that could be spoken of regarding some of the parties she went to during her time on Caprica. She dances with Maia, and around Maia, and then is all, "Ooh! Ooh! Show me that hip shakey thing ya do!"

Kelsey is led out, promptly spun, and she laughs. "Careful!" she warns with a grin. "This is only my second time… so be sure and show me everything." Her hair flows with it, placing a handto his forearm as she comes back. "Thanks for the welcome. This is awesome. I love parties. Barely been to any since, like, high school," the new officer laughs.

Phin laughs. "I do a good imitation sometimes, at least." He sways an arm to try and twirl Dell. "It's all smoke and mirrors. But don't tell anybody. Ugh. I'll bet. I been doing more paperwork than usual myself but…yeah. At least it's not strictly related to Viper flying. Not much to worry about except post-flight checklists. Not sure what doing our orders in triplicate would look like. Transcriptions of comm chatter and diagrams of flight moves, I guess."

Belly dancing. Well, Maia has had just enough to drink to accept the challenge head on. Placing her cup down beside her she does the whole routine, swaying her hips erotically in tiny circles as she is moving in a larger circle at the same time. She laughs though when she almost stumbles then decreases her pace so she can show Ygraine how to do it.

Tequila is definitely reserved for when the party wants to get crazy, at least in Agrippa's opinion and when the whiskey is pointed out, there is a slight wince from the younger pilot but he doesn't back down from the rougher stuff, "Whiskey it is." He grabs the bottle first and pulls the top off, the strong alcohol scent definitely wafting up in the air, something that Punchdrunk is familiar with. Waiting for Holtz to finish draining his flask, he would then offer to pour the whiskey before grabbing a glass for himself. At a party, he drinks anything, even liquor he doesn't usually prefer. "Everyone is having fun and letting loose… definitely a great idea." Agrippa says before his attention is once again momentarily distracted as Maia begins her hip shaking to great effect.

Nicodemus laughs as Luc and Kelsey head off, lifting his glass a bit to them with a grin. He laughs when Maia starts her dancing, and he moves to find a rock or box to sit on to watch.

Luc chuckles and nods. "Alright. I will be kind." He assures her. Pulling her closer to have an easier time with leading and keeping her close. Stepping and moving along with Kelsey. "Better?" He asks and keeps one hand on her hip and the other on her arm. Though it does slide back and forth a bit. Going to her side as well as he moves his own body to the beat. Even doing a bit of a silly side sliding.

"I was picturing three control panels and a lot of extra arms," Dell responds drily. She spins at phin's behest, laughing as well and then shifting in closer to Phin as the song changes. Now that she's in a conversation Dell proves to be a surprisingly nimble and capable dancer, given her obvious discomfort with partygoing. "I have a deskful of papers at all times. I have to be ordered to take a break most days. I'd rather be able to see my desk when I come in in the morning." Dell does mis a step finally- when she turns her head and starts to watch Maia's belly dancing. But only one, and it's barely a stumble and she's back to her much more sedate routine.

Kelsey watches the belly dancing from Maia and her eyes go wide. "Oh my GODS I have got to learn that. I wonder if she offers lessons. Dannnnng that's hot." Blinkblink. She looks back to Luc as then dance closer and she does her best to keep up with the sliding and she nods with a chuckles. "Oh this is great. Nono, no fear. Spin, toss, whatever. I'll adapt. Or fall on my butt. I'm okay with whatever. Very very little could kill my day. Started out great and has not quit. How about you? I hear you're a free man these days, Mister Crater."

His flask emptied, Holtz holds it out to Agrippa for filling. "No kiddin'. Needed to get away from all the bullshit up there," he mutters with a slight shake of the head. The captain sighs, lost in thought for a moment, but then he looks back, following Agrippa's gaze to Maia, and his expression turns sly. "Seems I ain't the only one who found somethin' they like, yeah?"

Belly dancing seems a lot less belly and a lot more hip! Milkshake is good with either, and she's half giggling as Maia teaches her some basics. Alas, all her booze is gone though, so when the dance is over, she goes looking for some more.

Nodding in agreement with what Holtz says, Agrippa is filling his cup and then securing the top of the whiskey bottle, shoving it back into the tub. "Yeah, tonight I don't want to think about what is happening topside, at all." Perhaps the young Viper pilot had heard the most recent announcement by the CAG before coming down, one he won't share as this is a fun party, not wanting to be the downer. As for his Squadron Leader's question, Punchdrunk can't help but grin as his gaze remains on Maia for the moment, "Gotta say, the Raptorettes sure know how to make themselves look good." In more ways than just moves.

Phin chuckles again at Dell, putting a hand on her hip as she song changes. He doesn't get overly handsy with her, but he's into dancing and isn't particularly distant. "Not sure there's room in a Viper for more control panels. They're kind of compact. It's funny to think about. Marines being overrun with paperwork. My brother said I was always the nerd of us. Kind of fills me with glee, the idea of him doing more paperwork than I have to bother with."

Nicodemus finishes his drink, wathches Ygraine and Maia dance for a few more moments, and then he quietly heads back towards his ship.

Luc glances over to Maia as well and chuckles. "Shake that, Cara!" Starting to chuckle as Kelsey says that she needs to learn it. "IT is quite the. Useful skill." He assures her with a grin. Which just widens as she agrees to anything. "Well then." Adding a wink before taking one of her hands. Spinning and dipping her before pulling her up and with her back to him. Glancing to see if Yggy will do the same before looking at Kels at her words. "That I am." Then turning her to face him again followed by falling down backwards to his hand and rocking his hips and bell and rolling them before continuing a backwards handstand and to his feet. Gesturing for Kels to wander to him. As Nic is about to head on back he does look disappointed. "Aww, that's too bad."

"Phin! PhinnyPhinnyPhinPhinneh!" Ygraine declares, having found herself another bottle. "We need to dance and make everyone's jaws drop. C'mon, let's quickstep to Hurricane!'

It's all in the hips! Maia finishes the dance before scooping up her own glass. Time for a refill too! Looking back at Luc, she eyebrow waggles, does another little hip shake before sauntering over to where the drinks are, she grins as she comes to Holtz and Agrippa, "Having fun yet?" Beginning the process of making another drink. "Holtz, I have to say, Shake is a ball of fun."

"I think that's my cue to step out. Talk you in a little bit, Lieutenant." Dell shifts her hands from Phin and then, just like that, she steps back toward the crowd and away from Phin. There's a glance toward Ygraine and a faint smile to follow all of this. "Take care of him, hmm?" Now she's retrieving her drink and finally opens it. Her eyes search through the crowd and eventually the sheer attention being paid to Maia seems to draw her once more. Well, Maia and Kelsey, at this point.

"Same," Holtz snorts to Agrippa with a nod of agreement. His expression is somber, even bitter for a moment, but it slowly fades as the music plays, the dancers dance, and the conversation turns. He smirks at the younger man's pronouncement about the Raptorettes. "Whoever invented the little black dress, I'd like to go back'n shake their hand," he agrees with a wry smile, and raises his flask to the other pilot. He laughs as Maia joins them. "She is, ain't she?"

"Yggy V!" Phin hollers at the repetition of his nick-name at the blonde ECO with a broad grin. Spinning Dell away, and pivoting himself into Ygraine. Reaching out to catch her hand. "Damn straight! Let's school these mofos!" Though he does reach out and try to snag her bottle for a swig, before he gets to it. He's almost properly partying. He does give Dell a quick wave. "Always a blast, Sarg."

"Well then!" Kelsey says as Luc confirms his new-found freedom. She seems about to say more when she's dipped, spun, and turn around with another laugh. Yep! Having the time of her life. But as he steps back and does his breakdance thang, Kels' eyes go wide and she claps twice. "Holy crap, that's awesome!!" she calls, swaying back over to him. Her body turns once more into a spin as she tries to come right back up to dance with him. "Great Gobs of Aphro, where did you learn that?!"

Agrippa laughs in agreement with Holtz's wish, "You shake his hand, I'll buy him a frakking drink. One of the wonders of the universe." The little black dress. When the two ladies finishes off their first round of dancing and approaches for drinks, Punchdrunk flashes a grin at Maia, being obvious when he looks over her outfit, "Now I feel under dressed tonight, Centerfold. So what's your choice of drink tonight? I brought the tequila, your favorite." The words said more in a teasing manner than anything else, perhaps having a little bit of inside information.

Okay, so here's the really bizarre thing - Ygraine and Phin, once she's gotten rid of her bottle, start to quickstep. An honest-to-gods, right out of an old black and white movie quickstep slash swingdance like the pair have been doing so for a long time. He even does the whole swing her into the air so she can kick out her legs thing. Seems like everyone's a dancing phreak tonight!

Luc chuckles at Kelsey with a shrug of his shoulders. "IT was a dare some time back. I kept at it a bit. When I could. Seems it is useful still." Watching as she sways back. "Can't say that you are looking bad either." Glancing towards the others and grinning. Even cheering some fore Yggy and Phin before looking to Kels. "Try and relax." He offers before trying a straight up lift and dropping her to his arms.

Maia doesn't exactly turn green at the mention of the tequila, but she does smirk and waggle a finger side to side, "Not for me yet, still too early." Her eyes hold mischief and she hip bumps the Viper pilot. "Underdressed? Compared to what? You look.." Sexy. "Great, Grippa. Nice shirt." Tequila may indeed make the clothes fall off, but she knows it, so she doesn't drink it. Once she finishes her drink, a mix of several things, it has that same lovely purple color and she lifts it, "Yeah, she's great. So, I'm going to just.." looking back, she sees the dancing of Phin and Milkshake. Then Luc breakdancing with Kels. Of course she has to cheer them on. "WOOOO!" It's the new battlecry.

Phin gets his freak on. Well, at least his dancing skills on. He's not being shy with Ygraine, but he doesn't get overly freaky. They've plainly done this before, several times, and they fall into a rhythm easily with it. He lets out a "Woo!" as he lifts her, so she can do that leg kick. And, once her feet've been back on the ground for a beat, goes right into trying to dip her. "Sweet party," he compliments her.

"Thanks!" Kels tells Luc with a smile. "I am just really really good at faking this stuff. I actually have no idea what I'm doing, yup!" She moves with him happily and follows his gaze over to Phin and Ygraine. "DOOOOOOOOOOD!" she breathes. "Lookit!" she laughs. "Go Shakes!! Doll-ay! Knock em dead!" Backto Luc, she grins. "Oh, you just want me to ragdoll it? My last boyfriend told me the same thing," she laughs, and then gets lifted and dropped, happily moving along all the same with it. "Dang, Crates! You keep this up, I'll be buying you drinks!"

That was the answer that Agrippa had expected when he asked and he only inclines his head in response, "It is a nice shirt, and I am /very/ thankful to the person who dropped it off at my bunk. My locker isn't totally quartermaster issued items now, which I am thankful for. Managed to do some trades for this pair of jeans, sneakers, and the tequila I brought." Yes, he is the source of the troublemaking liquor. At the hip bump, he offers one right back to Centerfold and winks, "Dance?" Extending the invitation.

Ygraine is dipped, and lets Phin swing her around with complete trust that he won't drop her like a rock. "Thanks." she laughs breathlessly. "I'm glad people were willin' t'come! I think maybe it'll help keep people from freakin' out, y'know?" That's as close as she'll come to discussing the subject.

"Well, it looks good. And you look good in general." Luc assures her with a grin on his face. "Awesome!" Comes his call to Phin and Yggy. Starting to laugh about ragdolling Kelsey. "Well. Only for a moment." As he catches her he does grin down at her and let her down to her feet. "That's sweet of you. Though what would I do for you then?"

Dell continues to stand quietly off to the side of events, sipping her drink and quietly edging her way through the crowds. She's back to standing iwth her arms folded over abdomen, though the addition of a drink necessitates that she occasionally move them. Quiet and inobtrusive has its own way of being noticeable, but it doesn't draw much attention from partygoers.

"Yeah looks like someone has good taste, huh?" Maia laughs, keeping her eyes on the dance out there, but notices Dell over alone again. "Hey, Dell, there's plenty to drink, help yourself all you want." Watching her a moment with a concerned expression before looking back at Agrippa when he asks her to dance. "I'd like that." Tipping back her drink, downing half of it before leaving it there and letting Agrippa lead her over towards the others. "So, got your party on this time?"

"Won't deny I needed it, speaking personal," Phin replies to Ygraine. He also is so not discussing current events. He totally does not drop her. He's trustworthy like that. He spins her one last time with the music as the dance winds down, grinning broad. And raising the palm not holding her hand, for high-fiving purposes.

Ygraine slaps the high five happily, and then with a grin, declares, "Gotta dash, Phinny." It's straight back to Holtz she goes. Holtz and the booze.

"Crater, you savage flirt," Kelsey tells him as she's brought down. "And thank you. Had to borrow the dress. But, you know, whatever. Maybe I'll be able to get my own one day." She turns around once more, slipping up to him once more. "Well obviously you'd have to do whatever I say. Like continue dancing. Or take me anywhere I ask. If I'm buying drinks, I get to own you. Isn't that how it works?"

Draining the rest of his whiskey, Agrippa nods his head at Centerfold, "Most definitely, no formal wear for me today so I don't have to be on my best behavior." Then with a hand at her lower back, Punchdrunk begins to leading the blonde Raptor pilot over towards where the others are dancing in the makeshift dancing area. Once there, he starts to get the feel for the beat of the up-tempo when he starts moving to the beat.

Phin laughs, giving Ygraine a lazy wave. And then melding back into the party. He probably could use another beer by this point. He won't linger long. He has business back on the ship he needs to take care of tonight that he wants to be semi-sober for. But he'll enjoy the good times a little longer before returning to…whatever is up on the ship for him.

Luc chuckles and shrugs. "Complaining?" He asks, as far as being a flirt goes. As for the drinks he nods. "WEll then, feel free to buy me a drink if you wish. I'm yours for now then." Glancing towards the others heading for the bar and he grins. "Seems we are the only ones with Stamina." Though it is then that Agrippa and Maia starts heading out. "Seems I'm wrong." He adds with a smirk while he has one hand on Kels' waist and the other a bit lower, on her hip, moving around with her.

Phin leaves, heading toward the Living Complex [LC].

And dance she does. As soon as she's back out there with him, Maia moves easily to the beat, one hand around the back of Grippa's neck as she moves her body against his in a sensual dance, a half smile on her face. Yeah she's had possibly a tiny bit too much to drink. When she looks over and sees Luc and Kels still going strong, she grins. "Congrats Luc, it's our party too, you know." Absolutely no malice in her voice either intended or unintended. "Free agents, right?" Looking at Kels then she winks, glad the new Ensign is having fun. Her attention is on them for only that brief time before she's looking back at Agrippa. "You're a great dancer, Punchy."

Holtz hasn't gone far from the booze. He seems mostly content to stand and watch the party for the moment while he works on getting drunk; while he looks a little preoccupied, it's not a look of stress or despair, anything like that. More like he's simply enjoying the fresh air and the opportunity to get away from the ship. Ygraine's approach does draw his attention, though.

"Don't worry, I've got one." Dell holds up the bottle in her left hand, then squints at it and frowns faintly. It must be empty as she replaces it with a fresh one and taes a long swg of this as well. Then it is back to fading her way through the crowd quietly, continuing her people watching as she works her way further from the more active portions of the party. "Get an extra dance in for me so I can watch, alright?" Then it's back to drinking.

"Hi!" Ygraine grins and attempts to liberate some of whatever Holtz in hand. "Ya should dance with me." she suggests. "And then ya should find someplace with grass instead of gravel, and then ya should dance with me." Brow waggle. Farmgirls, go figure.

"Pshaw! You think I get many people sayin things like that, Luc? The last two months people didn't know whether to salute or yell at me, let along tell me I look great," Kelsey laughs. "You're fantastic and a great compliment. Thank you." She smiles happily up at him as they dance, Kels apparently having no problem with hands as one is one his arm and the other on his shoulder. She moves with his lead, watching the others for a moment before tilting her head. "C'mon, moar booooze!" She waggles her brow and drags him off by the arm back towards the people at the side. "Where is the rum?"

With her hand arond her neck, Agrippa brings Maia closer to him with his hand at her lower back, remaining there for the time being as he appears to be behaving, perhaps not having enough to drink as of yet. THe sensual dance is more than welcomed as he moves to the beat and in rhythm with his dancing partner, a little bit of grinding added as well. His gaze is focused on Centerfold's, not being distracted from the others and when he hears her words about free agents, a grin of mischief appears, "Not for long maybe, though I'm sure you will have plenty of choices to choose from."

"Hey, you." Holtz mirrors Ygraine's grin. His flask still contains some of the whiskey Agrippa had poured for him. It's not the finest, most refined stuff by far, but it's certainly strong; a description that could fit Holtz himself just as well. "Done and done," he says with a wink at her suggestion. He'll take the flask back from her when she's done with it, draining it before heading out onto the court-turned-dance-floor.

When he behaves, Maia does the same, backs off a little keeping the distance polite… up until he grinds against her and she gives him a wicked little grin. "Uh huh, you think so Grippa? You've got more faith in me than I do then." While there is conversation, she still keeps up with the beat, moving her hips against his but not really going over the balance of publicly appropriate.

Luc smiles in return to KElsey as he nods. "Well good then. I mean, can't have you getting bored of me already." He teases. Though then he is getting pulled along and he laughs a bit at it. Just moving along willingly. "Somewhere close hopefully." He offers about the rum before looking to Dell. Pointing at her and then turns his hand to gesture her over. "I still need to dance with you as well. IF you are willing." Though he does look back to Kelsey. "If the ragdoll here is willing to wait one moment. Otherwise… I'll just dance with you both at once. After the drink of course." As for the earlier words from Maia, he does grin and nod. Though she did seem quite occupied so he didn't do too much about it. He does cheer them both with applauding though.

Kelsey finds the bottle from the cooler and pulls it up. She takes up a plastic cup and pours herself a good glug and then some soda on top. She turns back to Luc and then over to see Dell. The new Ensign gives an approving nod. "Okay. She's allowed. I shall buy you drinks afterward. But ONLY if she comes back here and tells me what a wonderful time she had dancing with you. Got it, bub?" Kels taps a finger once to his chest with a grin and looks around to the others, happily content.

Ygraine is behaving…moderately. The relative space between her body and Holtz's is extremely minimal to non-existent as the pair dance. If you call sort of swaying dancing.

The grinding continues until Agrippa backs off a little bit but it's to spin Maia one and a half times around so that when his hands return to the blonde's hips, her back is to him and he moves to the beat with her again, pressing up against her for a little dirty dancing, certainly popular when he hit the club scene back at Caprica City. Train hard, party harder, those were the days. Leaning in over her shoulders, he grins and shakes his head slightly, "You know you caught quite a few eyes back during Colonial Day and no doubt people will hear about how you, Shake, and Wescott were all dressed to the nines."

Neither is Holtz particularly concerned with keeping much space between them. It's not like they have anything left to hide from anyone after all. He pulls Ygraine in close, swaying in time with the music.

Ohhh Maia likes spinning around and when her spins her further than she thought, she feels his hands at her hips and realizes it was no accident at all. Bending her knees just slightly she dances with him at her back, tipping her head back to hear what he says. "I had a great time at Colonial Day, and look at them now," glancing towards Kels in her little black dress and Ygraine in her jeans and boots. "They're awesome. Better friends than I imagined I'd find here."

Luc grins and nods to Kelsey, "Of course. Everyone that has been with me always comes back happy." He offers with a wry smirk. Feeling the finger to his chest. With the top two buttons undone on his shirt by now she might even to it directly to his skin so he just grins at her. "Copy that." Eyes then going to Dell to see if she will agree as he reaches out a hand for her.

Kelsey rolls her eyes, laughing at Luc's words. "Oh LAWDS, SAVE me from this dashing bedroom monster." She taps her palm to his chest and pushes him off towards Dell. "GO! Pay attention to the lovely Marine. Don't leave her behind." Kelsey grins happily and sips at her drink, satisfied that she is doing the officerly thing and looking out for enlisted interests.

It appears that Agrippa has lost track of time or his surroundings as his attention continues to be focused on his dancing partner, the blonde Raptorette, still moving with the beat rather easily, especially with her being in rhythm with him. "Definitely good people on the Orion," Non-Cylons of course.

"Mmm?" Dell looks up from her drink and blinks twice now, her eyes coming to rest on Luc's face. He's several inches taller than her and it seems to take the woman a few seconds to register that he is speaking to her. "Well. Right." There's a sidelong glance at Kelsey and then Adelphi slowly shakes her head. Luc gets a bright smile and a nod, then she takes her hand and allows herself to be led out to the dancefloor. "Do a good job, Lieutenant. I grade harshly and there are drinks at state." Dell is speaking in her usual monotone, but the smile remains.

Ygraine whispers something in Holtz's ear. Whatever it is, it involves a big grin on her face and a tilt of her head toward the lush green some walk from the pyramid court.

Starting to laugh as well, at Kelsey's words, Luc just shakes his head. Amusement dancing in his eyes before getting pushed and he just drifts back and towards Dell. Taking her hand and leading her along. "Sounds good. Want me to take it easy or full out?" He asks with a wink to her. Either way, he starts with a slow spin and as he did with Kelsey he places a hand on her hip and the other taking her hand.

Whatever Ygraine said to Holtz, it seems to have the desired affect. He takes her hand as he walks off the court with her, his steps carrying him in the direction her head indicates, smirking and tossing an insouciant wave off to the other partygoers as he departs.

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