AWD #046: Foxes, Rabbits and Snakes
Foxes, Rabbits and Snakes
Summary: Captain Rozzen reports in to the CIC after the mission to Picon to inform Admiral Jameson of what the team learned. Zachary and Wake are also there and they start hashing out plans.
Date: 21/02/2013(OOC Date)
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Combat Information Center
The Combat Information Center is the tactical heart of the Orion. This CIC is designed in a circular formation, the Admiral apparently a fan of the classical set-up. Dead center are a set of large monitors suspended from the ceiling with DRADIS readings as well as other vital shipboard information. Under this is a small map table outlining current plots and positions. The table has a built-in phone as well as smaller displays as to critical damage reports. Both port and starboard other watch stations are set at all times, in two rows of tiers like stadium seating, one above the other. Each station has a purpose — Helm, Weapons, Communications, Electronic Warfare, Damage Control, and further tactical monitoring. More displays and banks of computer monitors line the walls. This area is heavily guarded by Marines at all hours of the day and night.
21 February 2005

Its into the late evening in CIC after most people have had dinner and taken their breaks for it. Jameson? He eats his dinner in CIC like a Boss. He's finished off a plate of what looks like a burger and fries and is working through a cup of coffee. He and Zachary are both standing at the tac table with a map of Picon spread out and talking over something. It looks like potential air defense targets or something.

"If we bring the Predators down along this path, we can keep them in the dark until we're right on top of them, sir." Zachary is explaining in a briefing to Jameson. "If the information we got from Bancroft is correct, this area.." he circles off the entire area where Petra made his approach, "Is the best place to marshal our ships and rally after a run. Maybe we can see about setting up refueling and rearm depots as well."

There's still dirt on her boots. The rap of Rozzen's thick soles mark her approach. She spares a tense smile for an officer at a console as she passes, but mainly it's the two men at the central pedestal that have her attention. There's a sort of settling, a vague nod of her chin, as she spots Zach but it is the CO she heads for. "Sir," she annouces she pulls up smartly to snap off a salute. With her she carries a folder that's a little too bulky for just paper.

Jameson sips at his mug. "Makes sense. Looks like a good area. These foothills would provide some nice terrain masking against Cylon air search DRADIS. We should see about getting some photorecon of the area. Really detailed stuff. Maybe look at putting down a survey team for it." The Admiral nods a few times and looks over to see the approaching woman. "Captain Rozzen. You look like you had fun. Spree run you through the same wringer she did to ol Shep, here?" he asks with a smirk, glancing to the Major.

Zachary makes a small face as the Major goes quiet for the moment, catching a glance at Rozzen's expression and he shelves his discussion for the moment. "That was a quick trip, all things considered. All the kids tell the Sister no?"

"Not quite the same wringer, sir." There's not much color in Rozzen's voice, just a little trace of rue. "We brought back three wounded," she reports in response to the Major's question. "And it is my understanding that the Lieutenant discussed civilian transport with Colonel Spree. However, there's a more pressing matter. Regarding Colonel Petra and the meeting with Commander Bancroft." Dark eyes land solemnly upon Jameson. "Our Raptor was shot down, Admiral. Apparently by the Commander's forces. They were reporting you and Commander Faulkner as casualties, sir." And on that note, she reaches into her folder to retrieve her copies of the recordings.

Jameson nods along until it comes to the Raptor getting shot down. His brow lifts and he takes up his mug of coffee. "Well, then." He takes a sip and puts it down. "Don't that beat-all. Son of a bitch shot down my people. Claiming we're dead." The man staves off a temper and glances to Zach, then back to the Captain. "Before I go making rash decisions, let's hear what else there is to this."

Zachary remains quiet for the moment, but the wheels are turning, and he moves to make a few notes on the math, marking where he knows the ANVIL base is, and glances to Rozzen. "…was there any correction made that the Admiral and XO were not killed to Bancroft?" he asks Rozzen as the DCAG considers the idea thoughtfully.

Rozzen rolls her lips under her teeth briefly as she watches the Admiral. As his attention comes back to her, she nods and takes a long breath. Dark eyes flicker towards Zach for his question. She starts there. "No sir. Colonel Spree cut the call to Fox shortly after. She had condtradicted their claim that the shot-down Raptor was one of theirs by saying she had a crew of officers with her who said otherwise. After reporting your deaths, sir," her gaze shifts back to Jameson, "Fox ordered that we be put under Commander Bancroft's demand. Colonl Spree assured me, vehemently," and at that an edge of her mouth twitches higher, "she will not be following his chain of command any longer. She doesn't have a lot of resources, but she said wants to help us as she can."

The Admiral nods slowly. "Well that was stupid." He lets off a breath. "The guy thinks we're dead, obviously has no proof of it, and tells his second in line that I'm dead. Then he tries to steal my command? My good Captain and Major, that is what we call a mutiny." The coffee mug is set carefully on the table. "And Spree wants to play ball with us. Sounds like she ain't interested in dealing with his bullshit. My bet is Spree knows the score and is playing the bigger picture. She probably knows she and Picon need us working as a team." He looks at Rozzen again. "How'd she take the news to all this? You think she might be trying to play us?"

Zachary doesn't say anything for a moment. He has a proposition, but he wants to hear what Rozzen has to say. "When I was down on Picon, she was more than willing to play ball with us." he says simply, but waits for verification before he continues.

Rozzen stretchs a grim smile for the Admiral's assesment of the situation. She sets the two recordings at the edge of the map table where she stands with the Admiral and Major over the map of Picon. "She was angry," the Captain starts in the slow cadence of recalled memory. "Not entirely surprised. Outraged. Resolved. There's always a risk," she's skeptical enough to have to admit. "But I don't think it extremely likely. I think she's an ally we want to have. She alluded to the fact that there may be people under the Commander's direct command who may even be won over if they're made aware of his actions. That's a recording of her talk with him where he speaks of our Raptor going down." She indicates with a fingertip. "The other is what the Colonel's people picked up from our people reporting SAM fire."

Silent, but that is what Wake does best at. He remains silent. One hand smooths over his shaved bald head, before he is looking back towards Captain Rozzen for a moment. "If there are people who can be won over under the Commander-then that's a good hole as any for us to place our fingers in to wiggle." The Lieutenant speaks back up, before he is coming in close to where the other intel officer stands. "I do find it interesting in him mentioning the Raptor, he could easily have denied that." Which is Thomas' opinion. "If what info we had from Spree to begin with he's got his fingers in so many pies, that a raptor going down could have been just a blip on his logistics, and a number marked down."

The Admiral grumps a noise. "Usually when you face a situation like that you're going to get some quick hindsight and things make sense. Anyone who has been an officer long enough has seem pithy shit like that. But this is pretty serious. We saw things like this in the first war but Naval Historians are urged to keep it under the rug because it ain't pretty." He looks down to the recordings, then, nods to Wake. "Could have. I suspect if he fessedto it, he had his reasons." Then he taps the recordings and listens first to the one of the shootdown and then the one of Spree and Bancroft.

The sound comes in with static. There is some normal comms chatter very much in the clear, the Raptor reporting that its outbound from the pickup. Routine traffic. Then, way in the distance, is a voice filled with desperation. Buried in the white noise of radio traffic, its there and barely audible except for the volume of the recording.

"Wescott, POWER ON AND CLIMB!" a female voice yells. There's a brief pause, then, "Raptor One-One-Six-Juliet we are taking SAM fire two minutes north of our jump-in point!" In the background is the sound of power in a Raptor being shoved up and the afterburners kicking on. "Repeat, we are underat-" The transmission garbles into what sounds like an explosion.

"Hey Fox, Sierra Juliet here. Hey, I sent a SAR bird up your direction to sector one-one-zero-charlie two nights back? We were waved out of the area due to hostile activity. I wanted to know what ever came of that situation, over."

The speakers crackle to life after a second. "We had a Raptor shot down by enemy agents down there. We're still trying to locate them but we think we know where they are at. We'll clean up our own mess, Jules, over."

"Really, Fox? Cuz that's a funny story. See, I've got this crew of officers that are saying their Raptor was shot down. Now, I told them that that's simply ridiculous because the only people in that area with mud-to-air gear are your own people. Well, turns out that they happened to inquire about the visit of their people to your command post. …A command post that's nowhere near there. Something about coordinating operations that I hadn't been informed about, over."

The silence lingers. And lingers. "Fox Mike?" Spree calls.

"Jameson and Faulkner are dead. We're trying to recover their bodies. They were shot down by enemy agents. Those officers in front of you now fall under my command jurisdiction. Have them report to me immediately, over."

"Fox, what the hell have you done?" The line goes dead.

There's a moment of thought, and then the DCAG speaks up. "He wants the command, and was willing to do all this to get it. Let's give it to him." Zachary offers as he gestures towards the map. "Right now, if we come out that you and Falkner aren't dead, Admiral, it'd cause a civil war down there between Brancroft's loyalists and Spree's command. But." he says. "As far as he knows - you're dead. So's Commander Faulkner. He may know the TACCO was on board. As far as he knows, that makes the CAG the person in charge of the Task Force." he says, "And since I have been down there before, he knows who I am."

"..therefore, I suggest this." he comments. "I take a Raptor down there. Make contact with Bancroft, accept his command. Bring him on board with whoever and bring him back up here. We get him on Orion, you can be up here, waiting to meet him face to face with the Marines, Wake and the MPs and then we can put his ass in the brig and give him in a nice little package to Spree.. secure her as the commander of all forces on Picon, and secure our alliance with her with the gift." the Major says with a shrug.

That grim tension in Moira's jaw is lingering as she listens to the Admiral speak of the last war, and throughout the replayed recordings. She listens with eyes downcast under a brush of lashes. "Apparently the Commander's command post is one hundred miles from the coordinates our team was directed to," Rozzen adds softly once it's over, but mostly she quiets to listen to the Major. There's a little curve filtering about her lips. "The one hitch I see is that Colonel Spree has already defied orders in not delivering us as requested." She folds her arms loosely and looks between the men. "Though certainly, any option that avoids a shootout with human forces would be preferable."

Silence there for a moment and he is looking back towards Zachary and then back towards the Admiral. "Permission to speak Sir?" The lieutenant waits for the go ahead. "I like the Major's plan, but we need to sweeten it. Despite just having the CAG come down. I think we need some radio chatter slipped, perhaps from us to someone below if we had officers down there confirming this. if anything it might be enough of a rabbit to get the Fox out of the hole and willing to come up." And there he looks back towards Zachary. "And likely he will bring a few of his loyal officers, and marines. He's built up his cell down there. Like shit he's going to lead this all to chance. Specially if he thinks we might paint them for killing you and Faulkner."

Wake is looking back towards the Admiral then. "We might also want to send some officers and marines to his command center to help ensure that Spree takes over without a civil war between cells. A coup like this-though deserved is gonna need to happen with surgical precision."

The Admiral listens to all this and reaches into his pocket. Out comes his bag of chew. Its that time of night. He hooks a finger in there and pulls out a wad to deposit in his lip. He first looks at Rozzen and nods. "Yeah, that was my thinking. You've already defied orders, you scared little rabbit. Running back to your safe battlestar to plead for your Major to save you." He smirks. "I'm in agreement there. Minimal bloodshed is the name of the game. As for these two criminals," Jameson sighs, looking over at them. "I think it sounds like a good plan, but Wake's got a point. There's going to need to be a counterforce in his post somehow and I doubt he's going to like that idea. The other problem is this: What if the little shit don't wanna leave his hidey-hole? Got a plan in case he decides he wants to stay? Something to lure him out?"

"Sir, if a battlestar won't lure him out? A Predator with a heavy bomb load will make sure he sure as frak stays there." Zachary says, expression grim. "We give him that option. He don't come out, we put on a little friendly fire of our own." This.. is a new side to the CAG. "Cut the head off the snake, and then help Spree clean up the mess. The arsehole wasted one of my Raptors, a pilot, an ECO, a trainee, and the TACCO. I'd love to make him a greasestain in his command post. In the meantime, while we're negotiating, we need to get Spree out there looking for our survivors, if there are any. It sounds like the Colonel and Wescott punched out. There's only two ejection sheets - Peacock and Ditch would have used them and made the others jump out of the back, I hold no illusions that I have two new coins in my collection of pilots that I will never be able to deliver coins to, sir."

"If he doesn't want to come out beyond luring him for a Battlestar-then we send people in as an officer exchange. Likely if he doesn't want to come out-he will send someone up here. Someone who will likely want to take care of Captain Rozzen." A glance given back towards Moira, and Thom nods once. "So I could easily go down there- if we're ready for his party we can shanghai em, just fine. If there is a code the Orion can send out that he'd likely look for. An all clear-that could be a signal to the party in the hole to do what needs to be done."

A glance back towards the CAG. "All due respect Major. bombing him won't do good. And there are people in there, likely not party to his shit. Good men and women who want to save their people and their colony. It'd be easier to get a mole and all in who will kill him if it needs to be done." A glance is given back towards Moira and the Lieutenant waits to see what she is thinking.

Another smile tightens upon Moira's lips without reaching her eyes as she looks to the Admiral. "Yes. But unless Colonel Spree makes up a good show that we fought our way out, it's her cotton tail hanging out there right now. Not to mention, there's still the issue of our team left in the Commander's backyard. The Colonel believed that it's not an area with particularly heavy Cylon groundforce, but she mentioned some oddity of construction occuring roughly twenty miles to the south of where our bird was shot down. While the Colonel may help us, I think we're going to need to send in our own crew to retrieve them. And that may alert the Commander, too." As for the plans, she gives a dissatisfied twist of her lips. "I dislike throwing resources at infighting while the Cylons are sitting in their Basestars overhead. We have other systems where our help could be used. If he wants command, we could also lift out who we can and leave him Picon. Without us, maybe he'll focus on fighting on the real enemy." It's more given as an option than a strong argument, but there's definately a curl of disgust in her voice for the whole affair.

Jameson spits into his mug, face grim. He looks over to Zach from the cup and shakes his head. "This sumbitch stakes out in his hide, you ain't going near that place with our precious air. We either get his people to take him out for us or I'm going to turn the O on her back and see how that dumbshit likes dealing with an orbital bombardment." He looks between the two men. The ranking man left in the whole of the known Navy is now the 400 pound gorilla and Bancroft tried to take his chair. He click his teeth and looks back to Rozzen, though. "Well, to be honest, we oughtta make recovery the first priority. If you were Bancroft, would you believe we just never bothered to verify that our people were dead? I wouldn't." The Admiral makes a face, still watching Rozzen. "You know, the Captain has a damned good point." He looks back to Wake and Zach. "If we just refuse to support him and throw the weight of the battlegroup behind Spree, it negates him."

"Until Bancroft makes a move to take down ANVIL or continues to snipe our birds out of the air. I'll go with whatever command suggests, sir, but we have enough issues with Cylons and basestars and we don't need to add a wildcard to the mix. We need Bancroft out of the way permamently - one way or another." Zachary points out as he considers the others. "He's already gone this far, how much more batshit crazy will he go if we ignore him?" he asks as he looks to the others. "We lure him out, if not, we take Wake's idea. That's my vote at least." the DCAG offers.

"In the meantime, I saw the numbers that Spree suggested evacuating. We can't get that many off easily. Especially since anything larger than a Raptor will get torn apart before it ever makes the surface." he says with a quiet sigh. "With your permission, sir?" he asks the Admiral, looking to be dismissed.

"It does." Wake agrees. "It also, however should be noted we put our weight behind Spree, it might encourage Bancroft to come up with some shit excuse to make a play for her and have her killed in favor of putting his own people there. If anything we know that Bancroft ain't a man to share Command or power-otherwise, why the frak do you shoot down a Raptor carrying Fleet personnel?" A glance to the Admiral. "I'd suggest we don't try to paint a bigger target on Spree than she already had by letting our officers go."

"It does seem unlikely," that Bancroft would believe no one would go after the downed Raptor. Moira curls a shadow of a wry smile to the CO. "But the man might not be quite right in the head. He did try to take you on, sir." She slides her eyes to Zachary to hear him out with a steady watch of eyes. "It would be more gratifying to go after him, and perhaps he's a snake at our back. But perhaps we ought to let him, and Colonel Spree, make the first moves. At least for the sake of damning him in the eyes of the Picons, if nothing else. Plus, if I were the Cylons? I would be thrilled to see us falling into factions and chipping away at each other. Classic strategy. Which is why I think we'd be better served to try and find a different option."

Jameson nods a few times, looking down at the map. He nods a few times. "Alright. We've got a couple sound ideas. I want them fleshed and on my desk by tomorrow evening. We've gotta move fast on this. I'll take the one I like. No offense to the loser, but practicality is going to win here." Eyes lift to move between them. "Dismissed."

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