MD #007: Four Little Bricks
Four Little Bricks
Summary: Randy tries to get the order for a ship wide search amended.
Date: 12/04/2017
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Penta Randy 
Battalion HQ
The headquarters room is the primary command location for all Marines associated with the battlestar or accompanying fleet ships. The walls and desks are covered with maps, photos, and satellite imagery - as well as clocks indicating the current time in each colonial capital city and Site Anvil. Along the back wall are large touchscreens with holographic capability, able to bring up fleet intelligence if the user has proper access. Secure phones are bolted to each bulkhead, and for added insurance, each desk possesses its own encrypted wireless unit with its own independent wiring. The small room is always manned by a wireless operator and a duty sergeant, at a minimum, though it tends to be a hive of activity during duty hours.

There's something to be said for a good night's sleep. It's 0800 and Penta is finally in his office after his usual morning routine (including PT and a shower)…After, at 0000 the night before, finally going to sleep. He's working on routine paperwork, the admin stuff that either needs his eyes or that he's taken off his subordinates so they can focus on things like the bombing investigation and the search for the missing G4. The hatch to his office is closed, and so he's taking a moment to think, staring at a picture on his desk of him, Amos, Sarah (Amos's wife), and their kids. During happier times. Did we also mention he spent last night working on the official condolence letter to Amos's family? That's been a thing, too.

Randy has been briefing and debriefing a rag tag assembled team of combat engineers every day and sending her updates directly to Major Penta and the new acting MoA, Ynyr. She just learned of some 'suspicious' activity on Deck 4, but after some quick questioning of one of the brand spanking new combat engineers, and a little quick dressing down for seeing what he thought was suspicious activity and then /sleeping on it/, Randy realizes it's nothing to escalate yet. Still, she had some time yesterday to calculate the rough rate of their searching against the square footage of the boat and it gave her a big enough headache that it /does/ need reporting up, so here she is. She knocks on the closed hatch and announces herself. "Lieutenant Flynn."

Penta speaks up, then, putting what he's working on back in the folder it came in. "Come on in!" he calls.

The hatch squeaks faintly when Randy opens the hatch enough to slip in. "I'll get that oiled for you sir." She secures the hatch behind her. "If you have a moment, I'd like to talk to you about the search for the missing bricks of G4." Her reports have been pragmatic and concise. Think only of a list of areas covered, a running percentage of areas of the ship cleared, the daily progress, and tomorrow's focus. "Sir I'm sure you've noticed progress is slow. I crunched the numbers yesterday and projected it's going to take us years to fully clear the ship the way we're going." She steps forward to show Penta her tablet. Even if she has a penchant for paper, it's not nearly as secure. On the tablet is a picture of Randy's calculations on paper. "Oh…no I transcribed it hold on." She flicks at the screen and it switches to the right application.

Penta looks at the tablet. "Gods damn it." Pause. "A bit of a lesson in basic bureaucracy they don't teach at your level, Lieutenant. I am responsible for everything that happens or does not happen regarding Marines on this ship. You know this, ironclad rule of being an officer. Here's the thing, though. If those G4 *ever* get used in an attack, *anywhere*, my career will come to an immediate end. The moment those G4 bricks went missing my career was at risk." Which might explains why he looks pissed. "I know we have no choice but to not continue the search. It's a waste of resources. But if we stop it…" He just lets that hang there.

"Sir, if that happened, I would testify at your court martial for negligence or whatever…assuming we'd both be alive for that to happen and assuming they wouldn't strip me of my EOD certification and rank." Randy offers a faint smile in commiseration. "Sir right now we're doing a prioritized search. If we get through the critical functional areas and high human value target areas which would be most damage…VIPs or just lots of crew, I suggest getting your peers on board to stand the search down or we could be bureaucratic about it and just scale back the manpower, knowing that we'll never effectively finish it anyways." By the look in her eyes, she doesn't seem happy about any of it, but she's keeping it professional.

Penta nods. "Fair. Once we're done with high-priority areas, I will unofficially ask Commander Petra to order me to stand down the search." He looks like he's just been told to chew on deck plating.

"I'll keep you posted, but I think I'm going to scale back on the daily reports for now unless something is found. I'll let you know when we hit big milestones and get you an ETA for the critical areas." Randy wraps up, letting the tablet screen go dark as she tucks it under her arm. "Major. Are you a cognac man?" She asks it with the same professional tone she had before. "I brought a bottle for…"

Penta smiles. "Save the cognac til we get a win, Lieutenant. Then, save me a glass."

"I will." Randy takes a hint that she might be dismissed and edges her way towards the hatch a step or two. "If anything happens to me, I'll make sure to pass that torch," she says with a little gallows humor. "If you'll excuse me, I'm really hungry." The odd little Lieutenant slips out and closes the hatch behind her to give Penta some privacy.

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