AWD #091: Foundlings
Summary: The Lucky Strikes have lost one Holtz, but gained another. As well as other Orion crew family members possibly, if improbably.
Date: 07/04/2013 (OOC Date)
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Viper Berths — Deck 2 — Battlestar Orion
The berthings for the Orion's Air Wing are the same as what one would find on any other Mercury-class Battlestar, though they are distinctly different from the rest of the bunks on the ship. These bunks are separated not into sections of sixty, but by squadron. That means that there is a little more room to move around with only twenty to twenty-five pilots in one bunkhouse. Some officers have brought a small rug to sit in front of their bunks, but the tables and chairs are standard military issue. At the rear is a small couch that was probably new when the ship left anchorage and seems to have been kept carefully clean. The crest of the Lucky Strikes has been painted onto the wall behind the couch, as well.
AWD #91

Coming in from the head, Tavin is still rifling the towel through his redhair, humming a little Pican diddy to himself as he glances towards the bunk the SL usually takes. Nope, no sign of his return yet. "Frak." he mutters, shaking his head as he makes his way to his own bunk to dig out his duty garb and get ready for another day of duty.

There's a ton of civilians on the battlestar right now. Amongst them are children. So it may or may not be a surprise when the privacy curtain from Holtz's berth slides open, and there's a groggy looking Ygraine, and still sacked out is the form of a nine year old girl with an uncanny resemblance to Holtz.

Phin is also returning to the berthings. He looks under-slept and over-worried, but he's probably the only one. He's also made a stop at the Head, but after that he apparently detoured to the Mess. He's carrying a tray back with him, loaded with breakfast fixings. "Hey," he says in a semi-hushed voice, setting the tray down on a convenient table. His eyes go to Ygraine, concern there evident. The presence of the little girl doesn't seem to surprise him at all, though. "How's Storm Junior?"

"Wow. It's been like one giant family reunion since last night," Tavin says casually as he starts to pull on his duty togs and grabs a wad of gum to shove between his cheek and gum to chaw on. "Am I the only one that a little weirded out that everyone seems to know someone in the group?"

"Keeping us from swearing like sailors and drinking like fish, undoubtedly." Such, it seems, is the limit of Calanthia's compassion for refugee children sleeping in pilot berthings. Calanthia herself is lying in her bunk, screen pulled open, in half-buttoned duty clothing scribbling something in a book.

"Have they? I need t'head down and see if I spot anyone familiar." Ygraine slides down off the berth ladder and carefully closes the privacy curtain so Ally can continue to sleep undisturbed. She snickers. "I wouldn't worry, Medusa. Ally's got a mouth like her dad." She lets out a yawn and a stretch. "Yeah, it's weird. I think it woulda been a trap. 'Cept it's weird that they'd have th'means for it, definitely." She walks over to Phin, gives him a hug from behind, and steals something of his tray to shove in her mouth. See what she did there?

"Me too," Phin says simply, about needing to check for familiar faces. Though he can't deny the influx of family is strange. "Can't possibly be random, as many of them as there were. Still, given all the bad weird, I'll take some good weird, even if whatever's behind it is probably just as creepy." He reaches out an arm to catch Ygraine around the middle and hug her back in kind. She can steal stuff from his tray with impunity all she likes. He is careful to set aside the coffee cup he got for himself, though. "Save some for the kid. I thought…I don't know. She might be hungry but not want to deal with the Mess right away."

The new voice grabs the ginger pilot's attention, as does the callsign. "Howdo, Medusa." Tavin calls out. "Throwback. New up here, figured I'd get the greetin out of the way." he glances over at Ygraine and grins. "Heard yer pilot scored a kill last night. Good on her." There's a grin given over to Phin. "I doubt they were being well fed down in that prison, so she'll probably appreciate any chow ya brought up."

"Does it make me a bad person if I haven't even checked whether anyone I know is down there?" Calanthia asks the room. She sets the book aside and swings out of the bunk enough to sit and look at everyone. She looks somewhat more rested than the others, but rather than getting involved in the big scrum, she's been pulling double CAPs to make up for it.

"Yeah, smart. Thanks." Yggy says gratefully to Phin. "Will ya come with me when I go, if ya ain't scheduled elsewhere?" She looks over at Cal, noting, "Don't think so. Maybe some people don't wanna know. Hope's scary." She looks over. "Ya go see if anyone's down there for ya, Throwback?"

"Unless one of my exes is down there, ain't noone I'll know." Tavin admits. "My brothers were like me, we were scattered across the fleet. I'm hoping one of them escaped on the Baker Bay when it jumped, since his cruiser bought it over Picon. The other two? Well.. who knows. One was in the fleet over Virgon, the other was a gunery sergeant at the air base on Tauron."

Phin shrugs to Calanthia. "Depends on what you figure you might find, I guess. Anyway, might find out more now that it's been some time. It was chaos last night on the hangar deck. Lots of folks probably haven't even been processed yet." To Ygraine, he nods. "Yeah. I'll tag along. I should ask for myself, anyway." Another shrug. "Such as it is. My brother's aboard already, didn't have much other family to speak of. But…got to see, right?"

"If anyone had reason to hope, it's folks from Aerilon, huh? I hear the planet's got a lot of survivors, doing what yokels do best. Hunting and killing. I figure if each family was like mine and the families we knew," Calanthia starts with a grin. "Well, you've practically got an armory down there. Shame about the reports of their air support being non-existent."

"I don't know what I'll do if any of my brothers are there. Or what if it's only one? Or what if it's none? I dunno." Ygraine says. "And I'm kinda all caught up in wantin' t'go back for Holtz. Like there ain't enough room in m'brain t'cope with much else right now. Is that wrong?"

"Sounds like your twitterpated, Ygraine. Not a damn thing wrong with that. Hope to be myself, someday." Tavin shrugs his shoulders as he finishes pulling on his flight suit, since he has the CAP for the afternoon. "CAG said he saw a chute. I know he's fine. Also. Why ain't he got a callsign?" he asks, as he grins. "Listened to him talk last night about how shooting Forges were like shooting deer."

"It's human. And I get what you mean," Phin says to Ygraine, after another gulp of coffee. "Feels like all we should be doing right now is planning to get Storm, even with everything else going on. The new CAG saw his shoot pop, Raptor pilot I talked to last night seemed like they had some idea of his location, so we know he made it down there." He says it like he's reminding himself of it. "Just a matter of figuring out how to deal with that Saber." As if that were so simple. To Calanthia, he nods. "Lots of survivors on Aerilon, from the recon reports. Just hard to sort out who they are, and where they are. Best chance to find your people right now's in that batch from the prison. I heard there are folks from every colony." Which strikes him as strange, but it's a strangeness he tries not to dwell on immediately.

"Twitterpated's for teenagers." Ygraine says wryly, and notes to Phin, "I want t'go volunteer for th'SAR mission, but I don't know if th'new guy will let me. I mighta gotten Zach to, he was always a sap."

"I'm okay with letting them sort themselves out for now. No sense in putting another worry on anyone's mind. If someone I know is down there, I'm certain they'll ask for me. Put the burden on them for a minute, while we keep fighting." Calanthia seems pretty sold on that, for now, and sets it aside in her mind.

"I think I'd feel better if we let them sort themselves out down on the P." Tavin admits as he seals up. "Anyway, got the CAP. See y'all later on today." he says as he heads for the hatch.

"Later," Phin offers to Tavin as the pilot departs. To Ygraine, he shrugs. "Not like you guys haven't kept it together during hot situations before. I guess we'll see, though." Whether he thinks that's a good idea is unclear, but it's certainly not one he's going to object to. "I haven't gotten much of a read on the new guy yet. He seemed solid during the op yesterday, though, so that's something."

"Later," calls Ygraine at the same time as Phin before she admits, "Yeah, he seems pretty solid. Won't know til I ask, and I sure as hell am gonna ask." She muses thoughtfully. "I'm wonderin' if he'd try and get t'Spree's folk, or if he'd just focus on makin' sure he didn't have a tail."

Calanthia pushes herself up off her bunk, runs a few fingers through her hair, and straightens out the crumpled clothes a bit. "I'm going to grab some chow," she declares. "Been a long yesterday, and it looks like I've got enough time to get a bite that I won't end up spewing inside the cockpit." She rolls out through the hatch, leaving that as her farewell.

"If he couldn't meet up with the Raptors bugging out the prison in time, that seems like the most logical place to go," Phin says with a little nod to the ECO. He snags a breakfast sausage off the tray and scarfs it. He's saving most of it for the kid, but he can't help but do a little grazing. "Back to Spree's people. I figure he'll get out of the Saber zone, at least. From what the Raptor guys said last night, that thing was part of why they couldn't just go back for him." He frowns. "Funny how whatever intel we got from the skinjobs didn't mention that thing."

"Maybe they didn't know?" Ygraine suggests. "Where th'heck is Ceres, anyway? I ain't seen her metal ass this whole time."

"Bailed," Phin answers Ygraine shortly, swallowing more coffee, not looking at her. It takes him a beat to say anything more. "That Raptor pilot I talked to last night said she ran from the prison, while they were loading up people. I guess between dealing with whatever resistance there was and getting everyone evacuated, they couldn't catch her. So she's on Picon. Who the frak knows beyond that, gods help us all." He tries to sound more angry than anything else, but there's an edge of disappointment he can't quite hide.

Ygraine's brows furrow. "Maybe she - " she pauses, silences again. No. Couldn't have, could she? "What are we gonna do with Ally in th'meantime?" she asks instead. "Ya think we can keep her here?"

Phin shrugs, about Ceres. Whatever he's thinking on that, he's reluctant to say it aloud. Maybe he's not even sure himself what to make of it. He follows Ygraine's eyes to the little girl. "I think we're going to, until somebody says we can't. With the way the shifts run there are people here all the time and…I don't know. Seems like she should be around her dad's stuff, until he gets back. I'm not keen to stick Storm's kid into processing alone while he's missing." He's emphatic about that, for all that it's in no way his decision.

Ygraine nods. "She's real smart. I think if we tell her we're gonna keep her around, but she's gotta be quiet and not draw attention t'herself, it'll be alright."

"Yeah. She seems to have it together. Knew enough to track down the Viper jocks on the hangar deck last night to ask about her dad, instead of just waiting to get herded somewhere by the MPs," Phin says. "I think the Strikes'll look out for her. We owe that to Storm." He cracks a smile, albeit a small one. "He's going to flip when he gets back and she's here on the ship."

Ygraine abruptly beams. "I know. I so wanna be there. Th'look on his face. I wish we had cameras."

Her beaming makes Phin's smile widen. "Maybe we can dig one up for it. Anyway. I'm going to try and focus on that, I think. Do what we can to sort out the rest. This is all seriously weird, these people, to this ship, but…I don't know. If it gets stuff done like putting the Major back with his kid, I'm having trouble being as creeped as I maybe should about it. Hard to see it as anything but a net positive, y'know?"

"Yeah." she says. "If it all goes south, at least we have the people we care about most with us. And we are gettin' these two back together." Her voice goes softer. "He can't muster out. I don't know what he's gonna do."

Phin blinks. That was something he plainly hadn't even considered. "I mean…they've got to make allowances, for guys like him. Storm can't be the only one who had a kid among the survivors. Maybe they'll build, like…a school or something? Down on Piraeus. A place where they'll be safe, since they can't stay on the battlestar. There've got to be people who're willing to look after them while they're parents are serving. I mean…it's like you said once. We've all got to be family to each other now."

"I hope so." Ygraine says. "Some kind of place where these kids can live, safe on Piraeus, and their parents can come see them. It's what we're gonna need. All these survivors, and a lot of 'em are adults, surely there'll be those willin' t'be caregivers."

"Yeah. I mean, that's what we all swore to do. Defend and protect the citizens of the Colonies. So…this is kind of what it's about, y'know? Everybody's lost so much. Been thinking they lost more than they did, until all this. I'd think Command'd try to accommodate people as much as possible. Not like this ship hasn't kind of needed a reminder of what we're fighting for lately, strained as morale's been since the whole…skinjob thing came out." Phin shrugs.

Ygraine snorts. "Yeah, that's kinda shot through the roof though, ain't it? And good thing." She takes a big breath. "Phinny. What if it's only one of 'em? Or two? What if none of 'em are down there?"

"Your brothers." It's not a question. Phin reaches out a hand to put on her shoulder. "If it's just one, or a couple, or none, than they could still be on Leonis. And we'll just find them there."

"Yeah." Yggy says, finishing off the bit of bread she'd stolen from the breakfast. "I guess we oughtta go look."

"Yeah," Phin agrees, taking a deep breath. Like he's psyching himself up. Who knows what he even wants to find, where his own family is concerned. "Guess we should." He tells another pilot to guard the tray so Holtz Junior can still get some breakfast.

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