AWD #091: For the Love of Humanity?
For the love of humanity?
Summary: A talk with Petra makes Nadir choke on coffee. Then talking with Tamsin makes Nadir's head hurt.
Date: 04/07/2013
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Ward Room ~ Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
The Ward Room's centerpiece is a finely crafted oak table built into a rectangle with sweeping curves towards each corner, matching chairs lining it like a ring. The far end of the room are the flags of each of the Twelve Colonies, the Colonial flag at the left end and the Fleet's flag at the right to flank. At the other end is a countertop built into the wall that has fresh coffee brewed in a pot, and another for ice water, when Command Staff is present.
Sun Apr 07 2005


So after the prisoners hit the deck yesturday, the Battlestar has been a little…oh, hell, lets face it: nuts. People who thought their relatives were so much atomic waste on Colonites that had been glassed suddenly find these people alive and well walking off of a Raptor. So in the middle of all that craziness, Doctor Nadir receives a simple message from Petra, asking her to come up to the Ward Room on Deck 2 as soon as she can possibly break away. No real explanation is offered.

Being shaken awake on three hours of sleep is not new to Nadir, being shaken awake on three hours of sleep and not because someone is bleeding out in her sickbay is also not a new experience but the lack of adrenaline rush required a moment of standing under cold water and a cup of coffee consumed as she'd traversed the ship. She raps her knuckles politely on the hatch before stepping into the Ward Room and, with the coffee cup in her free hand, salutes the LTC, "Sir, you sent for me?" sounding more awake than she has a right to sound.

Petra, for once, is NOT sitting in front of a stack of papers. There's just a mug of coffee in front of him…and that's it. Which should be an odd thing to begin with. He perks up a little at the knock and looks up, sitting up slowly, "As you were, Lieutenant. Thanks for coming up here. I know you're entire department has gone crazy since the Raptors started landing. Have a seat? Something has come up that I need to…warn you about."

"I've only been awake for a few minutes, sir, I'd better stay on my feet," Nadir replies with a ghost of a smile as she moves forward. "It's been hectic, we're still sorting out those who need real medical care from those who are malnourished, exhausted, filthy, etcetera. The major complain is going to be malnutrition and proper medical care. We'll do a comprehensive intake across the board as swiftly as we can process people through. It's just going to take a few days," a modest estimate but rather accurate at the same time. "Warn?" She echoes that one word, lifts the cup of coffee and takes a rather large drink from it before saying, "Dont' tell me you found another Cylon that you want to add to the list that I get to politely ask to come to sickbay so that I can add their genetic samples to the pool of data I'm working with."

Petra gives Samtara the ODDEST look at her last comment, but waits for her to sit. While she does that, he unbuttons the top of his vest and reaches in to draw out a single picture print out, sliding it across the table to her. The image is of Naomi (PC - +sheet2 Naomi for desc), "One of the people that came in on the rescue is here. Doctor Naomi Tamsin. She has a PhD in Biology and sounds like she specializes more in plants and animals than human physiology, but..I'm assigning her to you, specifically to help you develop some sort of test to detect whether someone is a Cylon skinjob. Because she is one." With that said, he leans back in his chair and folds his arms over his chest, waiting for the reaction.

Nadir half chokes on the mouth full of coffee, promptly aspirates part of it, chokes on the rest and snorts the remaining amount of coffee part way up her nose. The resulting coughing fit takes a few moments for her to get over, eyes watering, hands shaking and the cup of coffee hastily placed on the edge of the desk so as to avoid spilling it everywhere. "I spoke in jest," she wheezes out after a /long/ moment. "I feel, however, that you were not."

Petra raises one brow at the reaction, sitting up as if he might have been concerned she was going to need medical assistance of her own, until things calm down. Easing back into his chair, he nods slowly, "No, this isn't a joke. Believe me, I had a similar 'what the hell' reaction when she approached me this morning and requested asylum. Apparently she's been a professor at the University of Ketos, and helped fight off the invasion there with the students. When the Cylons discovered she had defected, the put her in the Prison Camp until they could take her back to a Basestar to be, what she called, boxed. Put away permanently."

Nadir lifts one hand and calmly pinches the bridge of her nose with thumb and forefinger and waits for the headache that has exploded in her skull to balance out it's inferno hammering behind her eyes. "I don't suppose this is a bad dream instead, sir? I've treated .. I have no idea, actually, how many patients since the Raptors landed yesterday. My own parents came in on one of those Raptors, so the surreal nature of yesterday and today is rather high. And I haven't had a lot of sleep, so please allow me a moment as the urge to laugh rather hysterically is alarmingly strong." She lifts her hand and passes it slowly over her face before sitting back. "Tabling the .. we're… just going to table that for a moment. Sir, are you familiar with the law of averages or statistical probability? I ask this because I want to bring something to your attention, if you have a moment to table the other topic?"

Petra murmurs, "I'm afraid it's not a dream, Doctor. I'm sorry to hit you with this, but…sure." He falls quiet again to listen, and nods slowly at the questions, "You're going to mention that isn't in awfully strange how so many of our relatives, even from Colonies that were supposedly glassed down to molten balls that nothing could have suvived on, all happened to be alive and in one prison camp? Its like someone had been planning it before the war even started, isnt it?"

"And that the statistical probability of those raptors - loaded beyond capacity - were able to lift off at all. When the higher likelihood was that they'd crash before making it off the deck, taking the entire air crew, the passengers and the air wing asset with it. It would've been a zero sum game, mathematically speaking, if they hadn't made it off the ground at all. Yet they did," Nadir replies, nodding her head slowly as she speaks. "You know the saying, sir? That if you find yourself in a fair fight, the game is rigged? I'm no fighter, my battles are done in a surgical theatre. But this seems to damned convenient for my way of thinking and I'm probably the most linear overly logical minded person you have on staff on a good day. So do our.. Cylon friends have any insight into this?"

Petra shakes his head slightly, "Not all of them made it off the ground - several made the jump FROM the ground - we have mud all over my landing bay as evidence of that. Well, the one that went into the camp went off after Holtz and has not been recovered, and Cooper hasnt volunteered anything, but he stated a long time ago that when he defected, he stopped communicating with the Collective, so if this IS a plan of theirs, he wouldn't know about it anyway." He takes a deep breath and lets it go slowly, "Its a detail that has not gone unnoticed. We DO have Intelligence Officers whose entire jobs are to run down things like this - but 'coincidences' like this are one of the reasons why we instated the quarantine to begin with. So far, you've found nothing wrong with anyone? No embedded trackers, no odd physical or genetic anomalies?"

Nadir lifts her eyes from the partial contemplation of the coffee cup perched on the edge of the table, "Cooper?" she asks of Petra, making the name into a question in and of itself. "Captain Ceres. Major Holtz. The One that is in Pieces in my morgue. Agent Catriona. And this.. Dr. Tamsin. Is that a count of six, sir?"

Petra mmms and runs through the list, "Major Holtz was shot down during this operation, and Ceres Garrido went after him, rather than returning on one of the rescue raptors." He runs through the list he is aware of, "The murderer we killed was called a 'One'. Catriona Boyd, I never heard a numerical designation of. Cooper Knox is a 'Six'. Ceres Garrido is a 'nine'. There is one more model we know about, that Knox' team killed three of, but we have not seen that one in the Fleet, and I do not know her number. Then lastly, now this one, Naomi, is apparently an 'Eleven'."

"Eleven?" Nadir says quietly, making -that- word into a question. "Eleven. Eleven distinct models with.. different features and.. what.. operating orders? I think I understand why one of my professors used to drink in the morning before classes," she adds, semi rhetorical tone of voice. "Alright. All data is vital. Even if it isn't processed immediately, it's all vital. And this Dr. Tamsin, she's a skinned Cylon, she wants to help create a protocol by which we can sort Human from Cylon. Granted the only test that I've run that gave any difference was a base line of nuclei indicators that indicates silicon instead of carbon.. but it's a start. And we have the body of the One model to autopsy as well, I imagine that she'd be a decent assist in that as well. She's a Biologist? That'll be helpful in more areas than this. Alright, she's been cleared to work with us on this, sir? Ceres and Knox speak for her?"

Petra says, "We havent gotten Ceres back to ask her, but she was escorting her out of the camp…if Ceres thought she was a threat, I hardly think she'd be helping the woman out. Knox and I interrogated her for a while this morning. He said she seems to be legit, but he can't guarantee it. So I'm assigning a Marine to her as her constant babysitter. He will be glued to her like white on rice and will check in every 15 minutes with SecHub to report her status and position. If she deviates even one iota from what she's supposed to be doing, she gets arrested and imprisoned, using lethal force if necessary. I've explained to her that this task, helping you develop a working test, is her chance to demonstrate she really is on our side. She wants to join CIDSR and work down on the planet as a geologist and life sciences researcher. She apparently has almost a hippy-ish want to experience new things, so the great outdoors must be like porn to her." He offers a wry, humorless smile at the last."

"I find the combination of the word 'porn' and 'cylon' together to be the most .. disturbing of mental images. Somehow it brings to mind cheap vids of machines being assembled and assaulting each other in some sort of robo-wars. I.. haven't had enough sleep, sir. Forgive me." Nadir reaches for her cup of coffee, wraps both hands around it like a life line and leans back once more. "If need be, I'm at liberty to bash her over the head with a microscope, sir?"

Petra murmurs, "She might thank you for the experience. I'm not kidding, Samtara. I get serious flower child vibes from this one, but she seems to know her subject, and if she can help? Then she can help. Just drop me a note from time to time and let me know how much help she's actually being. I, obviously, have not said anything to anyone about her yet. Outside of Cooper and a couple of MPs, you're really the first person I've mentioned it to."

Nadir is quiet for a moment, finishing the rest of the coffee in the cup before she speaks again. "Sir, I'm willing to take a great many things in stride. Skinned Cylon's. Defector Cylon's. Cylon's that ask for asylum. Cylon's that marry humans. Cylon's that… are happy hippies.. I have to draw the line somewhere. If she's a morning person who's chipper all damned day, I may be moved to violence," she warns before rising to her feet. "I'll keep you appraised, sir, and will see what her help yields. Is there anything else, sir?" asked in a hopeful tone of voice indicating that she'd really rather he say there isn't anything else.

Petra shakes his head slowly, "No, that's probably more than enough, Doctor. Thank you for all the work and the huge number of hours you've been committed to on our behalf." Slowly he rises to his feet, straightening and rebuttoning his vest as he does so.

"Sir, I'm reasonably sure that this is going to be the sum of my lifes work, when all is said and done. Being able to determine cylon from human will be the break through of.. well. Of a lifetime, mine or anyone elses. We do this, we figure this out, and it's going to make all the difference in the world. Everything else, anything else, that I do, is going to be a foot note in history. This?" Nadir straightens subtly, shoulders squaring, "This is the sort of challenge scientists fight for, claw their way over other scientists in their own field for, back stab and destroy each other over. You're thanking me? Sir." A dry chuckle. "Thank you, sir. It's worth every hour of sleep I don't get."

Petra listens for a moment, but when he speaks, its not to argue the point, "If you end up needing anything, even if you know we don't have it? Ask me anyway. I can warn the Marines and Air Wing before they go out on missions that we need to recover…whatever…if they run into it out in the field."

"Will do, sir. I did have one other thing but I'll put it on your board at a later date," Nadir replies, rising to her feet again and offering a salute. "With your leave, sir, I'll get back to work."

Petra nods once at her last comment and even returns the salute, "My door is figuratively open any time you want to talk, Doctor. Good luck." With that said, he takes another deep breath and stands there for a few moments to watch her go.

Sickbay ~ Deck 3 - Battlstar Orion
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area.
Sun Apr 07 2005

The sickbay is relatively quiet in the evening, with a few of the recently arrived civilians here for treatment of injuries, and several members of the crew with less severe injuries recovering in beds in this room so that the recovery room is free for more serious cases. One of those semi-ambulatory patients occupies a bed near the back. Someonen has raised the head of the bed so that Morgan can recline against a big pillow. He is wearing standard issue pajamas. Because he is off duty, and he has completed that one report that he needed to finish, he is now leafing through a magazine absently.

In another bed not too far from where Morgan is placed, Fischer is looking towards the door out to the corridor most of the time. He's keeping quiet for now, looking closer to being asleep than awake at the moment.

And then a young woman enters; accompanied by a marine. She's in an improbable little red dress, and now looks rather much like she's recovered from the Picon ex-fil, beaming brightly and a pair of dimples indenting her cheeks. As cheerful as she looks, the marine is looking at her like he rather can't believe what he's seeing. Or maybe he's just checking out her ass. "Excuse me," she declares, "I'm looking for Dr. Samtara?"

Morgan sighs, shakes his head, and drops the magazine on the bed. He looks toward the door when he hears the loud tap of civilian footwear on the deck. He studies the petite brunette in silence for a moment. Then he nods. "If you mean Dr. Nadir, ma'am," he answers, "she left not long ago for a meeting. She should be back. She rarely leaves here for long."

There's not much of a reaction as Fischer sees the people entering. No, not the people he hoped would enter. So for the moment his gaze just remains on the door, listening to what's being said.

"Oh, yes, of course. Dr. Nadir. That's who I meant." Naomi moves closer to Morgan, the marine who accompanied her eyeing her with a mix of wariness and oh-my-that-skirt-is-short. "You don't mind if I wait here, then?" she smiles at him. She then looks over at Fischer. "Hullo." she offers amicably.

On two hours of sleep, a cold shower, a cup of coffee that was nearly aspirated - partially snorted up her nose - coughed and nearly choked on, and fresh from a meeting, Dr. Nadir walks back into the Sickbay She takes one look around, nods a cordial greeting to all as she walks through the sickbay into the CMO office, pours herself another cup of coffee and carries it back out with her. A nod is aimed at the marine shadowing Dr. Tamsin, the coffee cup held in her left hand so that she may extend the right to Naomi. "Dr. Tamsin, I presume?" she asks

When the girl in the red dress approaches Morgan's bed, he inclines his head to her. "I suppose that you're free to wait where you wish, ma'am, as long as none of the staff objects," he answers. While he is speaking to her, his eyes wander past the woman toward the door. He nods and moves an index finger to point subtly in that direction. Then he adds, "You won't have a long wait. That's Dr. Nadir." He watches while the doctor marches on a steady course toward the CMO's office, and he smiles. "I'm sure that she'll be back soon," he assures.

Naomi beams right back at Morgan. Friendly people, yay! "You were on Picon during the ex-fil. Both of you, yes?" this to Fischer as well, and the there's Sam. "Dr. Nadir." Naomi strides forward to shake Samtara's hand. "Yes. I'm Dr. Tamsin. Though Lieutenant Colonel Petra should have informed you, I'm a biologist, not a medical doctor. Still, I'll help you as best I can. Do you have notes on your work so far that I can go over?"

"Hello." It's offered a bit quietly in return to Naomi as she greets him, before Fischer sees the newest arrival in sickbay. Going silent again he keeps his gaze on the doctor for a little while, before looking back towards the door now. Except for when he hears Naomi's question, and he turns in her direction again, nodding a little. "Yes."

"So I have been informed," Nadir replies after exchanging a brief hand-clasp with Naomi, the offered handshake being calm and brisk, accompanied by a moment of calm assessment of the biologist before she releases Naomi's hand with another nod. "A biologist we can use," she confirms, "I'm a surgeon myself, doing duty as a general practitioner at this point, the more hats the better right now. If I may?" she asks, gesturing with one hand around the room, "Lt. Morgan and Corporal Fischer, our resident marine wounded. We also have Sgt. Borde, she's currently resting in the recovery ward. Gentlemen, this is Dr. Naomi Tamsin, biologist, she's joining our medical and sciences support division effective immediately."

Petty Officer Kalum is making the rounds this evening, and checking on the various wonded men in the Sickbay. He's wearing his green duty uniform, and is pushing a cart filled with tools and bandages. His first stop is Lieutenant Morgan, and drifts up to the officers bed. "Evening, Lieutenant…" Kalum intones quietly. "How are you doing tonight? Are you having any pain, or experiencing any discomfort?" The Pararescue Jumper asks.

Morgan again inclines his head to the brunette. "Dr. Tamsin," he greets her cheerfully enough. "You're correct, also. I recall seeing you briefly on Picon. I think that you were the last to climb aboard your raptor." He sighs and shakes his head. "That was a precarious perch."

Naomi lifts a hand and wiggles in greeting, just smiling at everyone. "Thank you all for your efforts, gentlemen. We all appreciate the rescue very much." She gives Morgan a little pat on his shoulder as if in approval, and then notes to Sam, "I understand you've been taking tissue and blood samples from Cooper as part of your research?"

Fischer smiles a little now. "A pleasure to meet you, Dr. Tamsin. And we're all just glad we were able to help. Some of us more than others, I suppose." Looking between the others for a few moments now. "Some of us far more than others."

"Aye. Sgt.Knox and Captain Garrido have volunteered to participate as they are able. I also have the remains of Agent Boyd still, there hasn't been time to see her remains attended to with the dignity that she deserved," Nadir replies with another of those slow nods. "I also have the body of a model that's being identified only by it's designation, 'One', that has not been autopsied as of yet. Cause of death was easily determined at the scene, of course, multiple GSW's followed by decapitation en situ. There has not, also, been adequate time to properly survey his remains. My current thinking is that if we put together enough of a coherent database of genetic tissue and samples we can devise adequate parameters by which to establish a baseline protocol. The only test conduct so far that renders any viable data takes the testing all the way down to the nucelei level. This single test only indicates the building blocks as silicon instead of carbon. Aside from this one test, I have no reason no explanation as to why Ceres or Knox or Boyd or this 'One' is a Cylon, save for their declaration as such."

The Petty Officer nods his head ever so slightly here when it comes to Morgan's response, and pulls out a blood pressure cuff. "Fair enough. We'll skip the morpha, and I'll take your vitals for tonight. This way we wont have to wake you up in the middle of the night, sir." The PJ says simply, and slips the cuff around the Lieutenant's arm. Kalum hears Fischer speaking here, and his brow furrows briefly — the SpecOps soldier saying nothing for now.

"That's no small thing, Doctor. It's exactly what the Lieutenant Colonel asked for, really - is there an inherent problem with the test itself?" Naomi asks, stepping closer to Sam. "Does it take too long, require too much tissue? Require too much resource to be efficient? It sounds like you have most of the problem solved."

Morgan offers his arm. "I don't' mind the midnight wake-up if that makes the record more accurate, Kalum," he assures with a smile. "All of us have our jobs." He glances toward Dr. Nadir while she briefs the new scientist, but his attention quickly returns to the Pararescue specialist. He waits until he can feel his own pulse beneath the deflating cuff. "As you'll see from Sergeant Borne's condition, we could have used your help on the mission, P.O., but holding down the fort while we were gone was important work, too." Then he nods when the test is finished, and adds, "Thank you."

"One test is not sufficient to set the standard, Dr. Tamsin," Nadir replies quietly in turn. "One test could as easily be a wild card, could as easily be a false flag. To be sure there must be more than one reading, more than one source. what we need is a blind study to confirm the test results. You know as well as I that math never lies. No test is ever useless or pointless, and even a theory disproved is not a waste of time, data is never useless." She pauses then clears her throat, "It does take long, however, several days to process and I've only had the time to run it just the once, on the remains of Catriona Boyd. The rest haven't been properly tested. I need to draw blind samples from random crew as well to use as control."

As Samtara goes on and on about the importance of data and its purity, Naomi's smile grows bigger and bigger. "Oh, she says delightedly at the doctor, "I like you." Then she mms thoughtfully. "Well, then we'll probably need to look into the best trace elements to use in detection with silicate relays and go from there. Would you like to take my samples as part of your testing?" Behind her, her marine escort plucks up his radio and murmurs into it.

Noticing that reaction from Kalum, Fischer offers the man a bit of a smile. "Those of us who was lucky enough to find our loved ones amongst those that was brought back from there," he points out, glancing around again for a few moments now. "Which is why, despite any bullets that hit me yesterday, it was one of my happiest days ever. Because there was this lovely little girl that had waited all her life to meet her father. To finally be able to hold her in my arms." A brief shrug, as he waits momentarily, before he adds, "To be honest, I've never felt happier than that moment." There's a smile on his face now, as he glances towards the door again for a few moments, then back towards Kalum and Morgan.

"Yeah, well I think a good nights sleep is much better for your recovery then me writing down numbers on your chart. You're obviously healing, and not in any mortal danger for the moment." The PJ notes quietly, as he pumps up the blood pressure cuff, and starts taking the reading. Once Kalum concludes the reading he jots down a few notes, and slings his stethescope back around his neck. "Heart sounds fine. Blood pressure is normal, LT." The PJ starts around towards Fischer now. "How are you feeling this evening, Marine? What is your pain level? You experiencing any sort of discomfort?"

"That's one of the points that I need to address," Nadir says with another of those thoughtful nods. "I don't know enough about silicate relays let alone which trace elements would be useful in detection. I'm a surgeon, I'm a scientist, and I'm doing work as a general physician right now, doing anything - everything - that can be done, that needs be done. But I don't have the necessary skill set to know where to begin. That's where I need help, Dr. Tamsin, and any insight you have into this facet of the testing would be most welcome." She glances past Naomi to the Marine and back before saying: "That would be helpful, thank you. I'd like to ask you a question that I know is a stupid one but I can't seem to get an answer that makes any sense to me."

That smile from Fischer produces an echo on Morgan's face. "Indeed, it was a happy day for many people here," he confirms. "Everyone is eager write new chapters in their lives with the help of loved ones." When the PJ removes the cuff and delivers the good news, Morgan sighs. "I appreciate that consideration," he accepts, "and the rest." When Naomi reacts with obvious, almost excessive, enthusiasm to the surgeon's words, Morgan turns to look toward the pair. His eyebrows rise for a moment to signal that the reaction isn't what he would have expected from a scientist. Then he shakes his head and and looks idly at the magazine on his bed. He stops a passing nurse and hands the thin, glossy bit of light reading to her.

"It will be an exciting prospect. The chemistry involved isn't really within my range of expertise but I'm sure I'll be able to manage. I understand there's a research vessel in the fleet which might have the equipment necessary to examine samples on the atomic level, which should be very helpful and - oh, I'm sorry. You had a question?" Naomi smiles at Samtara, brows raised in inquiry.

"Me? No, discomfort," Fischer replies, smile still in place. "A little bit sore, but otherwise quite good, thank you." A brief pause as he looks over to Morgan, nodding a bit. "That's true. Especially when I didn't know I had that chance only a few months ago. Second thing I feel I've gotten a secind chance with lately." Looking back to Kalum, he adds, "So, a little soreness and pain is a small price to pay for those chances."

Nadir casts a brief sidelong glance around the room, nodding to Kalum, skimming her gaze over Fischer before landing on Morgan for a moment then back to Tamsin. "I did the initial autopsy on Lt. Boyd, and I ran every test I could think of because the initial reading was a murder. I found nothing in the initial autopsy that indicated that she was anything other than human. The second, more extensive, autopsy ran every test that I and the rest of my team in here could think to run and we only found one thing abnormal of all the test results. I can't tell you why Boyd is a Cylon. I can't tell you why Knox or Ceres is a Cylon. I only know that the body missing it's head in my morgue is a Cylon because Ceres and Knox say that he is one. So let me ask you this. How do you know that you're a Cylon? Why makes you a Cylon, and not a human?"

"Alright, well… I'm going to take your vitals here real quick, Marine." Kalum says quietly, and moves to place the blood pressure cuff on Fischer's arm. The PJ quickly takes his readings and writes them down. "So, what are the other things you feel you've got a second chance at lately?" Kalum asks then as he slings the stethescope around his neck again.

Naomi looks faintly confused. "Doctor, you've already answered your own question. You were able to find the silicate traces in Four's - I mean, Catriona's body. Are you asking me about our differences on a biological level, or on a psychological one?"

Morgan clears his throat from across the room. Although the doctor and scientists were trying to be quiet, voices carry in the relative stillness. "Dr. Tamsin?" he calls. "Perhaps I might be of assistance? I'm reasonably familiar with Dr. Nadir's work, although I don't claim her scientific expertise." He nods to the surgeon.

"Of course," Fischer replies to the part about the vitals. "Well, let's just say that there's been mistakes I've made in the past that I've gotten chances to deal with lately," he replies, a bit more quietly now. Glancing around the room again, pausing a little bit as he hears Morgan's words, but it doesn't last that long.

Something in Tamsin's reply has Nadir silent in return as she lifts her coffee cup and drinks again from the contents. This time, mercifully, devoid of the coughing, hacking, partial aspiration and eye watering antics required from the first one. When Morgan interjects into the conversation he is aimed a look of gratitude, while she sorts through a number of replies until one that is viable settles into place.

"Doctor?" Naomi asks in concern, stepping a touch closer. "Are you alright?"

The PJ nods his head ever so slightly here. "Now, what is this I hear about you calling yourself useless? What's up with that, Marine? I've never known a Jarhead to get that down on himself." Kalum says quietly, crossing his arms over his chest. "You seem pretty positive on how the mission went yesterday. What happened down there?"

Fischer blinks a bit as he hears Kalum's words, "What? Me calling myself useless? I don't think I've ever done that," he replies. "At least, I can't remember having done that at any point. I've never seen myself as useless. I mean, I could be more efficient, but that's what training is for, right?" As for the mission yesterday, he grins. "We got them out of there." Simple as that.

"Just sounded like you were a bit down on your performance yesterday, or did you mean someone else when you said some folks were more useful then others?" The PJ asks quietly, resting a hand down on the edge of the bed here. "You're right though… You got in and out. Completed the mission. Not much to complain about…"

When the Cylon asks about Sam, Morgan's mood and expression shift quickly. He whips back the covers on his bed, and swings his legs over the side without regard for the fact that he is a patient. He shoves his feet into slippers and hurries toward where the scientist and doctor stand. "Dr. Nadir?" He repeats, speaking quietly but with traces of concern. Then he looks to the scientist and tries to explain. "Sergeant Knox and Captain Garrido seem to be able to distinguish Cylons from humans," he begins. "I think that the doctor is wondering whether your people use some … sensory cue to determine that difference, or whether it is from prior acquaintance with the individual in question."

"I am, yes, my apologies," Nadir replies, lifting her free hand to press the heel of her hand against her forehead. "I've had two hours of sleep in the last forty-eight so I'm a little.. short on brain cells to slam together in a vain effort to spark coherent thought. If the only difference between you and me on the .. molecular level is one single test, then I fail to see how that one thing is sufficient enough to call it different. Except it's the one test, the only test, that makes - means - any difference at all. Carbon, instead of Silicon, and vise versa. that's the only difference." She nods at Morgan and he interjects, helping put words to what she was fumbling around. "Yes, that too, or, rather, that - exactly, as well."

"Ah, no that was just a misunderstanding," Fischer replies. "What I was saying was that some people were happier than others to be able to take part in such a mission," he explains. "Those of us that were there, and found people we've been looking for." A brief pause, before he looks around. "I should probably take this chance to catch up a bit extra on sleep, shouldn't I?"

Kalum nods his head here ever so slightly, and takes a few steps back from Fischer. "Aye aye, Marine… Get some rest." With that said, Kalum starts to move off to check on other patients.

Fischer nods as he hears Kalum's words, offering a bit of a smile. "Thanks." He then moves to lie down a bit more comfortably now, and soon thereafter drifts off to sleep.

There's a little sigh. "When we're together, we can tell each other apart, acknowledge individuals in a line." Naomi explains. "But when we're put into the field, often we're given directives - I can only identify a felow model by sight. So the only other models I can identify are ones I've already seen."

Morgan nods to Naomi. "So if you sase a … model that is unfamiliar to you, you can't identify him or her as Cylon based on some general cues as we do with each other?" he pursues. He nods to Sam and elaborates. "I call Dr. Nadir human because I've learned to recognize certain qualities as human, and I see those qualities in her. However, I would have said the same about you until she, and you, made that distinction about you."

"What then was your directive?" Nadir wonders quietly. "Carbon as is found in human life forms, every rock and tree, this ship, that coffee mug, the flowers that Fischer gives to his girl and the trays in the mess hall. To say the least of the food," added with a fine thread of humor, proving that she does indeed have a sense of humor, however badly installed it might be. "That one distinguishing facet cannot be the only determining factor. I'm willing to accept that it is. But if human life is a few molecules short of being synthetic dairy spreadable butter.. The margin of error seems like it ought to be more significant than that."

"If a model that is unfamiliar approaches me, and interacts with me, the percentage of my recognizing them is quite high." Naomi explains. Then to Nadir, "Are you asking about the directive for which my line was created, or my specific directive as an individual?"

Morgan looks at the scientist and then the doctor. His eyes linger on the latter for a moment to be sure that things are, indeed, fine with her. Looking back to Naomi, he explains, "I knew when the doctor was having difficulty because, to some small extent, I've become familiar with her recently. I suppose that it is the same for you. When we ask questions, please, don't take it as an affront. We want to understand." Then he nods and steps back from them. "I should return to me bed and rest," he adds to both of them.

"Yes," Nadir says quietly. "Both," her eyes search Naomi's face as she speaks, studying the other woman intently only then seeming to really notice that Morgan is out of bed. "What are you doing out of bed? You can't be out of bed, you can't be on your feet, there's no stitches holding your wound closed. Back to bed, now," she takes Morgan by the arm and leads him back to bed by as much tugging as walking with.

"Oh, no. Don't worry. New data is important, new experiences are a gift." Naomi says eagerly. "The purpose of the Eleven is to process experiences that are not already inclusive in the common parameters. We're explorers, experimenters. The first to try something new. My specific purpose was to monitor civilian response to the assault and then submit my findings for evaluation. I…elected to defect, and I've been granted political asylum."

Morgan pauses on hush way to the bed. He stops and turns to look toward the very human figure in the red dress. He nods and replies, "You won't be welcomed by all. I'm sure that you've heard that already. Still, for my part, wlcome to the Orion." Then he turns to go with Dr. Nadir back to his bed, fully aware that she will want to inspect his wound carefully and thoroughly for any damage before she will return to the discussion.

Only after seeing Morgan back to bed where he's supposed to be does Nadir walk back to where Naomi and her marine shadow are waiting. "Sorry about that. I should've had a better eye on him. He's correct, however. Captain Garrido, Ceres, hasn't been welcomed by her fellow pilots. Sgt. Knox has been better welcomed by his fellow marines, but part of that is the brotherhood that you'll observe between marines. No such thing as a ex-marine, by the way, they're marines until they die - and when they die, they're just marines who can no longer report to duty. But they're still marines." She tucks her hands into the front pockets of her lab coat, "You elected to defect. May I ask why?"

"I was an assistant professor on a college campus on Picon. I watched them hold off the centurions for weeks." Naomi says quietly. "I already loved you all a little. The way you fight, the way you care for each other. Even when you're ugly with each other…I decided I wanted to be with these people. I wanted to be a person. My own person."

"One of my favorite authors said this, of the human race," Nadir says thoughtfully in return. "By the data to date, there is only one animal in the Galaxy dangerous to man — man himself. So he must supply his own indispensable competition. He has no enemy to help him." She rocks slightly forward and back on the flat soles of her boots, "Except we did, didn't we? We created our own competition, we did this. Because we cannot learn, as a species, the one lesson that we needed to learn a few hundred generations ago. That if we aren't all free, then none of us are. A civilization that ignores it's on history has no past, and no future. We're ugly, Dr. Tamsin, we're ugly and mean and small and petty and filthy in many .. disgusting germ ridden ways. We make art and music and the most moving pieces of literature that change worlds, change lives. But we can't stop killing each other, I don't think we know how. Our first invention wasn't fire, it was murder. And you want to join us. We live and die in a mere.. blink of the universe. Remember that, we live and we die, and we are very.. very small in the grand scheme of things."

To be continued..

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