AWD #409: For Him to Answer
For Him to Answer
Summary: Dreyer gives a verbal accounting of Clara's arrest to Amos.
Date: 04/08/2016 (OOC Date)
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Amos Dreyer 
Battalion HQ
The headquarters room is the primary command location for all Marines associated with the battlestar or accompanying fleet ships. The walls and desks are covered with maps, photos, and satellite imagery - as well as clocks indicating the current time in each colonial capital city. Secure phones are bolted to each bulkhead, and for added insurance, each desk possesses its own encrypted wireless unit with its own independent wiring. The small room is always manned by a wireless operator and a duty sergeant, at a minimum, though it tends to be a hive of activity during duty hours.
Sun Feb 19 2006 (AWD #409)

It's been a long few days in the life of Orion's S3. He'd taken twelve hours after returning from Libran to rest and recooperate (mostly to sleep) and then it's been largely none-stop from there. He's just about caught up now though, on both the things he missed while planetside, and his paperwork generated since, and is taking a moment to sit down, relax, and take onboard a fresh mug of coffee. 0h, the simple joy of a moment to yourself before the next crisis gets dumped on your desk.

It hasn't been a happy few days for Dreyer. Not with a sparring match with Clara turning to an arrest and the uncomfortable conversation he had with Knox after. Difficult, to return to 'the usual' when everything feels so sideways. The man has a spot of time and finds his way over to Amos' desk. He comes to a step a couple feet away. "Sir?"

Amos raises an eye from his mug as it becomes apparent that someone requires his attention. Once Dreyer is clocked he eyes the level of coffee in said mug and half considers sending the Sergeant away until it's empty. Instead though he takes a deep breath, sets the mug down, and straightens in his chair. Ready for action. "Sergeant?"

Hands clasped behind his back, Dreyer looks… uncomfortable, to say the least. "I… thought perhaps you may have questions regarding my report. I admit, I did leave something out." He glances to a chair, but doesn't sit. "Knox spoke to his MP detail just before it all happened and was given a gun. I relieved him of it, but I didn't initially include it in my report because I didn't want to risk it causing other details to become lost. I've never lied on a report before," or lied by omission as in this case, "and I thought I should come clean."

S3, operations, this is so very much not his resposibility on paper, but sometimes the world does not work as it should. The hand that isn't still clasped round hi smug raches up in a vague attempt to rub the tiredness from his face and is then used to gesture vaguely towards the chair Dreyer just eyed. "Start from the beginning Sergeant, or at least, from where this gun first makes an appearance."

It takes a moment, but Dreyer finally settles into the chair. "I spoke with Knox later. He wasn't certain of what she is. A Three. He still isn't. But something in the gym made him believe so. She and I were just beginning to spar and next thing I knew, he had a gun in hand, shouted us away from one another, and his MP was setting off the alarm for a skinjob on ship." A non-approved one, at least. Anton leans foreward, forearms braced at knees and hands clasping between legs. "It took me a moment to suss things out. I relieved Knox of the gun and took over, as Mercier was instructed to get on the ground. I told him I'd prefer he be there to aid in restraining her." As only another skinjob can properly restrain one. "She asked for asylum and spoke of a child. He said it was only adopted and she did not disagree. I made note in my report that we should have it placed with a proper family on P." There's a small shake of his head. "He said… something to her. It wasn't in my report either as I filed it before asking him about it. It was whispered. I overheard some of it. About… remembering who she is. Being on the wrong side. And… I think about being humanity's children. When I asked him later, he said… she may not be wholly aware of being a Three. And that they are… Threes are Mercy. Which, per our intel report-" He tilts his head side to side. "It says a defect. Someone who is meant to exemplify Mercy would likely have no place in the One's plans."

Amos takes all that in in silence, his right hand still not leaving the side of his mug. "And do you later managed to assertain how Sergeant Knox had divested his escort of their weapon? By the sounds of what you have said it was not by force, bor unwillingly." There's a faint scowl forming which suggests that whichever MP was assigned to Knox's detail might be in for a rough conversation shortly. "I had wondered why the revelation game after the return from Libran, why he allowed us to take her with us if he knew, but I think perhaps that's a question for him to answer rather than you. "Any matters relating to her child are being handled by other departments, and I suspect Intel will be dealing with her debriefing, so as far as she herself is concerned I do not believe we have any angle to be working on. The shocking lack of disciplin and clear thinking displayed by some is my concern though, and I intend to do something about it. You, sergeant, can help by finding the MP assigned to Knox, and getting a statement from them regarding how he came to have their pistol. From that statement you will then produce a report for me detailing your recommendations as to if they should face a charge of reckless endangerment, or anything else you consider appropriate."

"To answer both of your questions… Knox himself was not sure. He still is not, not one hundred percent at least. I think… it was more a feeling, if that makes sense? When we spoke, he said all knowledge of the Threes was removed. That they should not exist, period, and if she is a Three… She is the only one of her line." Dreyer twists his hands, drawing a breath. "When he felt as certain as he did, he spoke to his MP. I am assuming they gave up their weapon as Knox was the only one present who would be able to manage a skinjob should she have become violent. Fortunately, she followed all instructions." The last bit, about speaking to the MP in question himself, has Anton looking a bit uncomfortable. Then again, he did take a sort of charge during the incident itself. Perhaps 'leadership' doesn't sit as awkwardly on his shoulders as he believes. "Yessir." There's a brief pause before he rises and his brow furrows. "Sir? There's one other thing. It doesn't relate to Mercier, but it may be important. Especially considering what we discovered on Libran."
You submit a new request.

"I'm still not sure how the escort would not having been able to handle shooting Mercier had she become a problem," Amos replies, "especially given Sergeant Knox's additional strength which he can not bring to bear while using a pistol. I shall however, look forward to you answering that in your report." The comments about Knox being unsure of his call get a slow nod and then as a final point is mentioned he says simply, "go ahead."

"I don't know either, sir. I'm sure Knox thought he was doing right at the time. He seemed… unsettled, at the very least. Something about this bothers him. But I will speak to the MP in question." Dreyer shifts a bit, sitting more upright. Not quite ready to go. "When… I spoke with Knox, he made a gesture-" Anton mimes it. Fist to chest. "I… haven't seen the ruins or the ghosts myself." Nor does he sound particularly inclined. "but I've read some of the reports. They greet us with that same salute. I… asked Knox about it. He explained it as just something he does. No… true source. As if it's a part of him. I told him the ghosts have made the same and… he would only say it makes sense and it seals something in his mind. He refused to explain further." The Sergeant looks uncomfortable now. "Between that and the Five's appearance… Sir. I don't think I trust those ghosts. Knox says we should pay close attention to what the ghosts say, but something about this makes me very uncomfortable. Especially considering Flynn's behavior since I got back."

"I haven't seen the 'ghosts' myself either," Amos admits as he considers that gesture. "I know sergeant Ynyr had some theories about them, but I suspect he's not going to be back to full duty for a while. It's really not my area and I can not advise you beyond that you should take your information to Major Grey. He's busy for a few days, but I've already informed him out the Five's appearance. Make an appointment to see him, let him know. He's the person collating this sort of information, and a day or three isn't going to do any more harm than might have already been done."

Make an appointment with the Number One Spook. Great. Dreyer looks rather displeased about that, but he doesn't reject it. There's just a brief, quick sort of not. "Aye, sir. It's… why I reported on Flynn's behavior, as well. The Major had released that statement a few months back to report in any… out-of-character behavior, especially as it relates to things such as gods. Before I was on that assignment, I don't think I'd ever heard her once mention anything regarding religion. Suddenly she's speaking at length about it and it all tracks back to whatever happened on Saturnalia. She speaks of that day either as one in awe, or in fear. Her moods have been… unstable. I never know when speaking to her if she's going to behave normally or suddenly go off. It's why I don't trust whatever those things are on Piraeus. I mean, I was posted there for a year before the war and no one saw any damn thing like that." Obviously, this frustrates Dreyer. "I don't think it's some Cylon trap, but I don't think it's anything good, either."

"Tell all of that to the Major as well," Amos replies, "even though I know you included it in the report. He asked us to be on the look out, so he's the one who knows if this is a false positive or something that needs handling." Weird potentially mind altering sharings of conciessness, yet, definitely not the S3s problem, let the boffins deal with that one. "Was there naything else?"

Dreyer gives a small shake of his head, moving to stand. "That's all, sir. I'll go check the schedule for that MP and see if I can catch him."

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