ALT #424: Focus
Summary: Amos introduces Phin to a new way to focus.
Date: 06/Mar/2014
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Amos Phin 
Firing Range - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
With ten different bays, the firing range can accommodate quite a few shooters with about two dozen spectators or trainees behind them. At 25 yards, the targets can be brought forward or pushed back up to the stops before the inclined plating designed to deflect rounds up. The lighting can be dimmed down to nothing for use with night vision or flashlights, also. A large sign overhead denotes the requirement of both eye and ear protection, as well as the prohibition of all ammunition except rubber or frangible. However, there are no firearms stored here. All firearms and ammunition must be checked out from the Marine Armory in the Security Hub.
AWD #424

Once more declared fully fit for duty, Amos is taking a break from digging through the mounds of information he's collected regarding the explosion on the Mallfut and letting his subconcious sort things while his concious relaxes. Taking one of the further lanes he has goggles and ear defenders, but since there's no one shooting firearms at the moment they're set to one side. He himself, he's shooting a basic looking recurve bow, no sights, weights, wheels, just the bow and the small collection of arrows sticking out of the quiver that sits on his hip. Draw, sight, loose. Rinse and repeat.

Phin doesn't look particularly relaxed as he enters the range. He signs in at the desk and gets some rubber practice ammo for his pistol, then heads back into the lanes to practice. Before actually slotting himself into one, though, he stops and stares at the Marine. With the bow. "Whoa."

Amos seems to have his attention firmly on his shooting, but a subtle cough from the marine at the enterance catches his attetention and he lowers the bow as soon as he's loosed the held arrow. A glance in that direction and he spots the pilot easily enough, resting the bow against the side of the land as he reaches for the PPE. It's only on his scond look to Phin that he notes the pilot's expression and flashes an amused grin before tilting his head slightly to the younger man, "good afternoon Lieutenant. Can I help you with anything?"

Phin watches the bow shot with a good deal of interest. When Amos turns to him, he returns the grin with a slightly sheepish one of his own. "Afternoon. I was just here to get in some target practice. Is that your bow?" Obviously it is. He chuckles. "I mean, your hunting one. That you were talking about at the Parentalia."

Amos slips his ear defenders round his neck as Phin talks, then shakes his head slowly. "Sadly no, I was told this was one of the ones used for the Games. A loaner only." He looks regretful at that but moves to pick up the bow again and offers it across for Phin to look at should he desire. "I can only assume that my bows were lost on War Day, but this suffices. I do not often get the opportunity to work with it. I probably shouldn't be now," he admits with a quick glance down range, "but it helps me focus sometimes."

Phin holsters his pistol and takes the bow, holding with awkwardly with both hands on the limb. "I've never shot one of these before," he admits. "Did a little hunting a few times when I was living on Leonis, but that was with a rifle." He lifts one finger to tentatively flick the string. "Focus, huh?"

Amos takes a moment to eye Phin's arm and shoulder build as the pilot admits to never having shot a bow before. Considering for a moment he states, "this might be a bit of a strong draw for you to start on, but if you're careful you can gie it a go if you'd like." The repetition of the word focus gets a nod in confirmation as he explains, "with target shooting at least, the aim is to shoot identical shots again and again. Concentrating on that sometimes brings other things into focus as well."

"I could use some focus," Phin admits. "Kind of looking to clear out my head, but I've never really gotten that from a gun." He shifts into the lane next to Amos', shifting the bow in his arms. He ends up holding it in the right direction, at least, so he'll be able to draw the string. The rest of his stance needs work. "Where'd you learn to do this? Back on…you're from Libran, right?"

Amos moves round so he can help Phin with his stance. "Libran, yes," he confirms as he demonstrates the side on stance noting how to check with the bow arm that he's at teh right angle to shoot at the target. "I first shot at primary school," he answers, as he moves round to make sure that the younger man's elbow is not over extending which would lead to painful bruises. "kept shooting regularly all the way through university, including various varsity matches. I didn't exaclty stop when I joined the corp, but I've had less time since, and other weapons to keep up to spec on."

"Nice…" Phin mutters, as he tries to practice drawing. Which plainly requires more muscle than he's anticipating, but he manages it. He lets it go with a sharp 'twing', the force of which surprises him. "Whoa. How much damage can you do with one of these things? I mean, I know it couldn't bring down a toaster or anything, but…"

"Draw with your back," Amos notes as Phin experiments, then, "make sure you keep the bow arm straight." He's just about happy with the form when the string is loosed, his reactions aren't bad but it's not in time to stop the dry fire. It's over in a second but in that time he's turned his back to the bow itself and placed his body as much as he can between it and the pilot. Counting silently to two he then slowly turns back to glance at the bow, sees it still in one piece then eyes Phin. "And never do that again," he cautions, relaxing his stance once more, "if you loose without an arrow then all the force goes into the limbs and the shockwaves can cause them to snap under the tension."

Phin winces at the force of it, then at Amos' admonition. "Oh. Sorry. Maybe you should…uh…take it back. Demonstrate a few times." He's more than a little gunshy from mishandling the thing, as he offers it back to the Marine. "I might not be in the best headspace to learn it, anyway."

Amos takes the bow back once it's offered, grabs a pair of safety googles and then proceeds to loose a couple of arrows towards the target to check that there isn't any damage to he bow. Seemingly satisfied he slips them off again and turns back, "no damage done I think. Would have been worse if it'd been a heavier poundage." The headspace comment gets a faintly raised eyebrow before he states, "I tend to find it helps with such things. It might be worth asking around in the Minoan's market, see if lighter limbs could be knocked up for you. I've offered to tach any of the marines who are interested and I don't see a reason not to extend that so long as it doesn't get in the way of your other duties."

"The CAG's got a bow," Phin says. Though he sounds less-than-eager to ask about borrowing it. "I'd like that, actually. The lessons, I mean. Need all the distractions you can get sometimes, y'know. Anyway, thanks."

"Her's, and the loaner she's using," Amos starts, "are both a heavier poundage than this one." A nod is given as his offer is accepted and then, before he can add anything else there's a fresh faced young Ensign in the door way for him. "Duty calls," he offers with resigned amusement, then moves to collect his gear and head back to the battalion HQ.

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