Fleet Conditions

During the 22 years covered by the Leap, the Colonial Defense Forces, with significant construction help from the Arpay, humanity was been able to rebuild the core of the Fleet via both drydock facilities at the colonies and construction facilities at Arpay. 11 new Battlestars were constructed, all based on the original Mercury Class design, with networking, weapons, drives, and system upgrades facilitated by Arpay technology. At the time of the First Cylon War, each Colony had sponsored their own Battlestar, and as the fleet was rebuilt, the decision was made to recreate that arrangement, including those colonies that had been lost or destroyed in the devastating sneak attack that began the Second War. Each Battlestar headed its own combat group. Click on the group name to expand the Group and see what ships make up each, as well as who the current Flag officer is and which colony the Battlestar was dedicated to the memory of.

Currently, Battlestar Group 114 (Orion) is the only battleground known to have survived the Skath attacks.

Ships Presumed Lost

Ships Out of Action

Ships Lost

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