AWD #241: Fit For Duty
Fit For Duty
Summary: Amos gets signed back on as fit for duty and Mahasti offers an unusual perscription.
Date: 04/Sep/2013
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Battlestar Orion — Deck 3 — Sickbay
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue.
AWD #241

Mahasti is sitting, at her desc, looking joyless and stiff, also like she hasn't slept for days. Paperwork is being done - basic stuff it seems but the simple stuff that keeps everything else flowing. The doctor has abnormally a mug of herbal smelling tea in one hand. If nothing else this strange change over is vaguely consistent - she normally has a hot beverage in hand. She shifts, checking a nearby file for some data.

Even if he weren't in his fatigues, there's no easy way to escape noticing that the man who's just stepped in through the hatch is a marine. It's in his posture, his haircut and his very bearing. When addressed by the nurse on reception duties he turns and states simply that he has an appointment with Dr Nadir, handing over a small piece of oficial looking paper that seems to confirm that. All seems to be going swimmingly so far, that is until the nurse informs him that said CMO is not currently available and asks him if he'd like to reschedule for tomorrow. That does not seem to go down particularly well as he explains, "I'm sorry corporal, but it needs to be today; within the next," he checks his watch, "five hours."

Mahasti eyes the duo "I'm available, if it is alright, sir, Corporal. Dr. Nadir got stuck dealing with an idiot teenager who decided to do something very dumb." she offers, giving the marine a looking over curiously. Of course she herself might be hard to place as a doctor, fingers take the light sweat suit jacket she had on over her scrubs for paperwork as she stands up, inviting the marine over. "I remember you. I was finishing out your chart, actually, Sir." she invites him to her exam table "What do you need done or signed up today?" she asks. "Dr. Nadir gets called away a lot, unfortunantly for exceptionally critical cases, but everyone does their jobs pretty seamlessly and she trusts us for the most part."

Amos makes no particular move as Mahasti first enters the conversation, but once her scrubs are revealed and she mentions words like 'charts' he seems to accept that she's a Doctor too and will suit his needs. A brief nod is given to the nurse and then he follows the Lt to the examination table, atlhough he makes no move as of yet to sit or lie on it. "I'm sure as CMO in a posting like this she is kept very busy," he offers of Sam, standing at something closely akin to an easy parade rest given he's her for official reasons. By way of explaination he offers, "there's a mission later, Dr Nadir was going to sign me off as fit to resume full duties before it left." Or not, but he's choosing to think on the positive side.

Mahasti makes a slight face "Well, hi. I'm Dr. Nasreen, its nice to meet you, Captain .. can you pronounce your name for me? I'm terrible with Libran names." she admits sheepishly, she looks over him. "May I ask why Dr. Nadir in particular was going to look at you?" she checks his chart "You are still on the precautionary antibiotics, anti inflammatory tablets and mild steroids yet to stimulate your tissues, yes?" she asks, clinically. The color of her scrubs and the sewn on rank ensignia mark her pretty easily as a LT and a DR. "Sorry for being a little oblivious but I only dealt with you while you were out cold." she admits again, getting a little cheerful sounding.

"A pleasure to meet you while on my feet then Doctor," Amos states with a polite smile, "and don't worry about the pronunciations. I am sure you couldn't make a worse hash of it than my drill sergeants did at Basic." A Pause, "it's OM-a-nee though, easier that it looks I'll wager." As for the question about Nadir he can only reply, "that's who the appointment was made with, I have not been informed of any reason beyond that," and as for the pills, on that socre he can only smile again, "I'm taking three, as perscribed. If that's what you say they are then I'll take your word for that."

Mahasti takes a moment to do something unusual and show him his chart. "I apologize for not talking to you about your medications then. Alright, its just a basic service physical, right? Do you have your end of the paperwork?" she asks, softly, watching him with a soft smile "You marines are brave people. I have a lot of respect for you guys." she is of course biased, though. She stretches her neck, finally setting down her tea, the chart set on a flat surface as she moves to wash her hands, carefully. "Come to think of it, I have nothing but nice things to say about ninety nine percent of the marines I've met." she offers. The one percent likely being just Knox and that one cheap bastard who kicked Agrippa in the knee with his steel toes at the game.

Amos casts his eyes briefly over the chart, admitting as he does so, "you cold have written it in Old High Virgon for all the sense it makes to me Doctor. You say take it, I will, makes things easier." Reaching into a leg pocket of his cargo pants he produces the paperwork requested and offers it across before grinning faintly at her words, "and I have a lot of respect for the work you and yours do in patching my lads and lasses up when they need putting back together. Although I'm sure you'll forgive me if I wish you a long and boring career."

Mahasti laughs a bit "We'll see what fate has in store for me. Hopefully what I would like, but, I am sort of like laundry hanging on the clothes line during a wind storm. I get knocked around and pray that the clothes pins hold." she offers, examining the form, seems standard. She takes an orange pen with big happy letters that read 'GET WELL SOON' with smiley faces and flowers. Cutesy bullshit, basically, soon enough signing off that he had visited as instructed, but under it, because Captain Nadir she does the extra small bit of paperwork to explain why she is doing it. For a doctor she has unusually tidy penmanship, instead of rushing she takes her time. "Alright hop up, I don't intend to lie." she pauses "If you want to see your X-rays from when you came in, I'll show them to you when you get back."

"Will they show anything interesting?" Amos asks converationally as he does as instructed, even going so far as to start to unbotton the shirt of his fatigues. He's been in long enough to know exactly what to expect it seems and it's only moments later that he's ready for Mahasti to do her worst. "Don't expect you to lie Lieutenant," he offers, "but I've been on exercise and feeling a hell of a lot worse than this. I'm not concerned."

Mahasti watches him "If you are a doctor, they do, and its always kind of neat to see your innards I think. Provided they are still in you. I am not a fan of seeing them outside of people without a good reason." she offers. "Alright, take your shirt o.. very good." she makes a clapping motion. She puts her hands over her hot tea mug for a moment, rubbing them together "Forgive the weirdness but I have very cold hands half the time. I don't want to go poking you with ice fingers." she offers, calmly. "Working through pain is the best medicine for some people, and honestly? Getting that blood flowing is good for you." she moves over to him "Man I have the weirdest job in all existence. I get to poke half naked people with ice hands." she pauses "Now, I hate to ruin your modelling career, sir, but you are going to have a chest scar, but, all the finest marines and doctors have weird scars, a majority of them on the chest." she jokes, cheerfully, testing this new captain fellow for a sense of humor.

"Then I'll pass," Amos replies as he finishes stripping to the waist, "I'm happy to take your word on such things." He nods at the explaination of the tea-hands before glancing down at his torso, "not another one?" There are a couple of scars there it seems, although the latest is by far the most noticabele, probably due to at least in part to it's freshness. "I guess I'll just have to stick with the Corp then won't I. Good job that when I signed my life away on that dotted line I meant it, it would appear. Thank you for not sparing my feelings though Lieutenant. It's good to hear such things straight."

Mahasti laughs "Eh mine's wrecked too. Nasty one on me. all angry and red." she admits, taking a moment to very gently begin touching his wound, she seems to be watching his face, and examining his stitches at the same time. How she does that is so weird. Her spindly fingers have the skill of a masseuse with her touch, able to put a feather light pressure over the area before ocassionally pressing down with more pressure - never enough to actually hurt the man.

Amos gives a faint nod at that, "hazards of the job I guess," then just focuses on keeping himself relaxed and letting Mahasti work. There are a few areas of tenderness as is only to be expected, but nothing that makes him flich or wince.

Mahasti is gentle with him, overall "Alright, you seem fine. Do me a favor when you go out tonight and wear a layer of bandaging around the injury just to give it a little extra protection. Your stitches are melt aways. We use primarily melt aways. Keep it simple - clean, if it gets itchier than you can stand get in here, if it starts really really hurting again? You have a date with sick bay." she waves her hand a little "Now, something I want to ask you and don't laugh - Do you honestly feel confident you are able to do your best and give your all on this mission?" she asks "You know your body better than I do, and I want to hear what you think."

"I can do that," Amos confirms at the suggestion of the bandages, then reaches to start pulling his t-shirt and vest back on over his head. Moving to stand on his own two feet again he tucks them into his trousers as he contiues to listen before picking up his shirt and slipping his arms into his sleaves. "If I didn't feel that way Lieutenant, I wouldn't be planning on putting my boots on the ground. It's not just me out there ans while I may not know your resident battalion personally, they're still marines, and as cliched as that sounds, that makes them my brothers and sisters. I'm not about to go risking their lives for personal glory, that's not what we're about."

Mahasti smiles "I feel that way about most people on board, to be honest." she signs off on the bottom neatly. "Yes, but you can usually tell when a patient is lying by what they say." she offers, grinning "A dirty test, I know, but, I know, if I feel its important and people might be severly injured, I will over look my injuries to care for others. I'm a bloody idiot, sir." she admits, touching her chest lightly "It isn't machismo on my end, its eternal worry and fussing." she considers him "Captain Siska is a real peach. I'm highly biased though. Staff Sergeant Winston Titus is a big, bad, mean old wall of muscle. He is however devoted to his job and very supportive and thoughtful towards the medics." she offers, thoughtfully. She takes off her gloves to toss them properly "Stone is great. Fischer I don't know well but give him room to breathe right now - he's mourning the mother of his child." she rubs her head a bit, thinking clearly "Lets see I just don't have a shareable opinion about Cooper Knox. I hope you'll forgive me for that." her tone gives away she has nothing offensive to say, but nothing especially gushing either.

Amos listens to Mahasti's run down of a few of the marines as he button shis shirt up and tucks it into his trousers as well. Eyeing her a moment a she mentions her own failings he states neutrally, "I'll do you a favour tonight with that padding Lieutenant, so you have to do me one in return, thats how it works. Soon as Dr Nadir gets back, go get some rest, we're putting boots into a very hot zone in a few hours and much as I hate to say it, chances are we'll need you at your best upon our return. Can you do that for me?" He gives a faint upnod at the mention of Knox though, enough to indicate that he knows the sergeant's origins but also to indicate that he has nothing particular to say on that matter for now either. Once fully dressed again he asks, "is there anything else you need me for Doctor?"

Mahasti takes the paperwork, making a copy before handing him the original, smiling "I can't sleep. I'll try but I'll not actually drift to seleep." she considers him "If you see Siska, and he's scheduled to go, tell him to come sit with me for twenty? I'd like to non professionally see him. Do that favor and I'll owe you." she gives a smile. "I can't let him go off like that without giving him a good luck gift." she offers with a shrug. "I think you are good medically, you know your tolerances." She takes out a minature first aid kit "Pain killers, strong ones, gauze, adhesives to attach the gauze, antiseptic bottle. Carry it in your gear if you can. If you have a flask, pack it with the strongest hard liquor you can find. A flask of strong whiskey will save a marine when prayers fall through." she doesn't specify if its for drinking or disinfecting injuries or starting fires. Her face gives away she is dead serious though.

Returning the papers to the pocket he'd initially retrieved them from, Amos replies easilly enough, "if I see him I'll pass that on." He eyes the kit offered, but takes it anyway, stating as he does so, "you know we carry this sort of thing anyway yes? Might even get a parajumper with us if there's any to spare." He pockets it regardless though, no harm in having more, before offering a quick smile, "cognac, for a mission like this I think. Whisky tends to go better in cooler climates." That said, and having received the all clear he offers a parting, "good day Lieutenant, and I trust you'll forgive me if I say I hope we do not meet again today." That done he turns on his heal and makes the the hatch again, heading back to get fully into the swing of mission prep.

Mahasti eyes Amos "I would not mind meeting you again today in all but two areas of the ship. I do not want to see you in the deck and I do not want to see you here." she offers a warm smile, watching him leave. "I realize you get your own, but, I packed that one this morning. There's also a suture kit in there, and I feel better when I know who assembled the first aid kit suppliments." she admits, watching him with a shrug. She returns to her desk, tidying it.

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