AWD #400: Fire vs Ice
Fire vs Ice
Summary: Heated discussion in the mess
Date: 26/07/16
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Mess Hall - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The Crew Mess on the battlestar is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
AWD #400

It's just about heading toward dinner time, and starting to get busy now that the foods out and hot and ready to be consumed. One of the latest additions to the crew, Buchanan, has already followed her nose and stomach, and has herself a tray piled high with as much food as she's allowed to have in one sitting. A fair amount for someone who looks like she'd probably blow away in a stiff breeze. The dark haired pilot has found herself an out of the way spot, her icy demeanour keeping most folks away, though there are one or two seated at her table, having a conversation between themselves while she sets to work on her food.

Having got in to dinner early and successfully avoided the queue, Toby had been enjoying a pretty standard discussion about how all officers are idiots when some new or visiting pilot decided to make his table her's. There's a spot of grumbling from his fellow enlisted, and a few mildly disgruntled looks, then the conversation moves to other topics. Pyramid, and who would have won the new defunct Colonial Series. "Frak you Marklew," is the knuckledraggers reply when someone suggests a Scorpian team would be clear winners, "Bulls all the way, and you frakking know it."

Working steadily through her pile of food, Buchanan only pays half an ear to the conversation happening just down from her. Apparently completely uncaring about the fact that she's put folks out as an officer amid the enlisted. When the subject of Pyramid comes up, her attention does spike, and after the last comment, offered by the Tauran, she actually pauses in her consumption of food to turn her full attention to the group. Cold brown eyes survey the gathering, focusing on each individual, finishing with the Tauran. "They might've won." The Scorpian pilot butts in, "Didn't follow much, but it seemed like they were having a good season." There's a pause while food is shoveled into her mouth and barely chewed before swallowing, "The Bulls I mean." Her accent is obviously Scorpian.

Toby has reached the stage now where he's only picking at the remains of his food, leaving plenty of time for explaining to the Scorpian just why they're wrong. He's winding up to do just that as the rug is somewhat pulled out from under him as she clarifies which team, she's referring to. "Best season in years," he 'corrects', "fraking Buccaneers didn't know what hit them. Wildcats would have been next." Flicking his eyes back to his colleague he adds, "and the Silverstars so don't you look so fraking smug."

Buchanan rolls her eyes and grunts something under her breath about men and sports. She turns her attention back to her food, still piling through the massive amount that's on her tray, and doesn't show any signs of stopping soon. Except to drink her coffee. She does keep a half ear on the conversation though, listening as it turns a little confrontational. A fork full of food pauses on its way to her mouth, "It's all a moot point now, since they're probably all dead and we'll never know." Well, evidently tact is not one of Buchanan's virtues, not that she seems to care overly much, underlining her statement with a shrug and shoving the fork into her mouth.

With the pilot turning back to her food, the gaggle of enlisted start to slowly return to their own conversation. Not the grumbling about officers part mind, just the pyramid. The comment about it being a moot point brings silence though, as a few faces turn to scowls. "Thanks for that explanation /sir/," Toby replies, his tone a mix of angry sarcasm, "I'm not sure any of us had realised that before."

There's a long silence from Buchanan as she chews on her food and swings her dark eyes to focus on Toby. She stares at him, unblinking, expression completely neutral. Swallowing, she shrugs again, "Just saying." Apparently unphased by the angry sarcasm, "No point in getting upset by it. I mean, if you want to argue about who's the better team you'd be better off arguing whether officers would be better than enlisted. Or MP's better than Intel, or whatever." Another shrug, the fork drops to her plate and she reaches for her coffee, taking a sip, her dark eyes never leaving the group on the end of her table.

Toby doesn't flinch from that unblinking look, instead he matches it, equally silently. He's not exactly daring the pilot to start something, but nor is he backing down. "No point getting upset?" he starts, in what for him is a remarkably calm voice, "I'm sorry that the deaths of millions of people upsets me. Guess we can't all be unfeeling monsters. No, wait, that's the toasters isn't it, /they're/ the unfeeling monsters. We're the one who give a fraking damn." Given that he's basically finished he pushes his chair back and makes to stand, giving his colleagues a faint nod as he does so.

Buchanan rolls her eyes again, "Well, that's why we're all here, isn't it?" She asks, tilting her head, still with that nuetral expression, "I'd rather you didn't compare me to one of them just based on the assumption that I'm apathetic toward the situation." For a brief moment her neutral facade cracks and her gaze fills with a soul-deep rage before she takes a deep breath, holding it for a moment before slowly releasing it. With the release her blank expression returns. "Assumption is the mother and father of all failures. It's better to exact revenge with a level head to inflict the maximum amount of damage, than be all angry and muck it up." Her lips twitch into a quick, extremely grim smile. Then, seeing as Toby's standing up to maybe leave, the pilot returns her attention to her food.

<FS3> Kapali rolls Dexterity: Failure.

Lightly tossing a matte black ball into the air as she moves through the mess hall, Kapali bobbles it repeatedly and keeps having to fetch it out from beneath chairs or tables or narrowly avoiding it landing in worst locations. She finally snags it and stuffs the exercise ball into the pocket of one of her jacket, the squished wodge of the exercise ball bulges from the pocket as she heads toward the chow line, pleased to see she hit the timing just right for a change.

When you have a bad leg, you have to time your meals… lest you hold up the line and become the target of oh so much kvetching. Thus, Skyler is in line before others wind up their shift and are able to make their way through the mess line. Handy thing about her particular gig in intel; there aren't always hard lines to when work starts or ends. The downside… work sometimes likes to wake you up in the middle of the 'night.' With a clipboard tucked under her arm and her hair pulled back in a sloppy ponytail, the LTJG works her way along the food line, procuring this or that. Once out of the line, she angles for coffee. Coffee, then a seat.

There's a little voice in the back of Toby's head that is quietly muttering that he should just walk away, but his heart is practically yelling at him to stay right where he fraking well is. Since he's standing he leans forward a little so he can rest his hands on the table, but doesn't go so far as to lean into Buchanan's personal space. "We're here," he replies, attempting to stop his teeth from gritting as he does so, "to kill every, single, last one of them. You might not feel a thing, but I saw my home, everything I'd ever known, and yes, the fraking pyramid team included, burn. Millions, Billions of souls that can not rest until we do our job. You might decide to play the ice queen, but for the rest of us? Save your fraking preaching, we're angry, and we'll stay that way until our dead are at rest."

"I didn't say don't be angry. Did I say that?" Buchanan asks, somewhat rhetorically, "Nope, I didn't. I don't believe so, anyway. I just choose to channel my anger in a more productive manner. You're not the only person who saw their family die, so once again, stop making assumptions." She waves a hand at him, meeting his angry countenance with her own blank expression, "And if you do want to keep hurling assumptions around, go hurl them at someone else, you're spoiling my dinner. And I like my dinner." After looking at him for a moment longer, she turns her attention to people coming into the mess.

The mess isn't full enough that Skyler doesn't notice Toby and Buchanan. The former she knows, the latter she doesn't. The woman frowns a measure, but doesn't exactly holler from across the hall. She can't even quite hear what's being said, but body language? Says plenty. Coffee in place, she balances the tray and her clipboard carefully and moves over to that very same table, setting her meal down at the nearest open seat. "Crewman," she offers, voice cool, to Toby. To Buchanan, there's a long glance in search of rank and- ah, "Ensign."

Casting a wary eye toward the conversation happening between Shackleton and a Ensign that Kapali can't immediately put a name to, the marine corporal follows the LTJG along the food line and snags a bowl of red jello to add to the mix of items on her tray and ambles, with another glance, toward the coffee urns. Snagging not one but two empty mugs to work with, she also dumps an unhealthy amount of sugar (it's labeled sugar and she treats it as such) before taking her turn at the urn. Curiosity killed the cat, so the saying goes, but satisfaction brought it back, and it's curiosity that has her angling in that direction as well, taking a nearby seat as well as though it's nothing new to hear a heated dialogue in the mess.

"Oh come on," Toby replies with an expression that clearly indicates his opinion that Buchanan's reply beggers belief. "You say getting angry mucks things up, sounds like you're saying 'don't be angry' to me." Straightening he gives Skyler a brief upnod to acknowledge her presence then continues to the ensign, "save the holier than thou for Temple /sir/, it doesn't wash elsewhere." And as for spoiling her dinner? Well, there's another little voice that quietly whispers that he should spit in it, but thankfully for all concerned, it doesn’t get beyond a mere thought.

Lleufer arrives and hasn't much been seen around the ship in a while. He's in off duty tanks and tags and has fading bruises on his face that are at least a week or more old. Healing scabs are around each of his wrists but no longer bandaged. The Sergeant gets into the chow line and winces at jello - SO NOT getting that. Had enough, tyvm. No, what he wants is anything that resembles a nice big steak fresh up from Piraeus, Picon, or anywhere else even if it had to be frozen and DFAC boiled to be reconstituted. He'll take it. And a side of vegies, some cheese pasta, and a cup of black coffee. He makes his way through the line slowly, letting people who are obviously still on duty go on ahead of him because their time is more limited.

The pilot sighs and shakes her head slightly, "I said acting in anger mucks things up. But you want to be all ragey and stuff, keep right on, don't let my holier than thou attitude stop you." She tosses the Crewman a mocking, humorless grin. She looks like she might say something more, but the arrival of a higher ranking officer at their table makes her pause. She turns her blank eyes to observe the latest arrival, and after a long moment, she straightens slightly and offers a mostly respectful nod to the LT. Buchanan then turns her attention back to the massive pile of food that still remains on her plate, and scoops up a forkful.

One of those who is on-duty, or at least dressed as such, is Skyler. In her blues, clipboard on hand. But, intel being as it is, she likely is rarely off-duty. One of the last times she was, Jameson opted to interrupt and drop work in her lap. Almost literally. The woman is angling — a touch awkwardly — into a seat as Toby continues, adjusting herself to be more comfortable thanks to the brace on her right leg. Fork is picked up and held, somewhat askew, as the jig looks between ensign and crewman. There's an arch of brow. "Are we having psychological or theological discussions with our lunch? Because I can't say I really fancy either." And maybe, just maybe, she's pushing a bit more of that Virgan accent into her words.

Peeling off the plastic film that covers the jiggly square of red jello, and armed with a spoon with which to cut into the jiggly red square of red tasting jello, Kapali is keeping a curious (read: wary) eye on the Ensign and Toby as she reaches for one of the mugs of coffee she's brought along with. She makes a small sound of amusement at the LTJG's remarks but the potential debate slash shouting mash slash current world affairs dialogue doesn't hold her attention when she spots the arrival of Leu to whom she dusts one hand against her shirt before waving, spoon still held in her other hand, to the marine sergeant.

It's fair to say that a Virgon accent isn't exactly a calming influence on Toby when he's riled, but in the grand scheme of things it only rates as a mild annoyance. Buchanan is just stared at for a moment as if he's trying to work out if she's truly as dumb or ignorant as she sounds then he just turns away from here and looks to Skyler, shaking his head slowly as he does so. "Well," he starts, his words dripping with sarcasm, "it simply wouldn't do to disturb an officer's lunch now would it. So if you'll excuse me, I'll leave the pair of you to it. Enjoy." And with that he picks up his tray and turns to leave.

Ynyr is keeping more or less to himself. He does give an upnod to a few of his fellow Marines but he's not saying anything. Man gets his tray in order and his coffee, then turns to find somewhere to take a seat. Kapali's wave he catches so Lleu heads over in her direction. If he catches sight of Toby moving to rise from another table … he's going to avoid going in that direction.

Buchanan doesn't even acknowledge Toby's departure. She focuses on her food, and working through it before it goes stone cold and congealed. The pilot methodically scoops the mess into her mouth, chews and swallows, like it's the only thing in her world at this moment in time. She ceases to acknowledge anyone around her, keeping her eyes firmly fixed on her tray. The inhalation of food is broken only by periodic reaches for the coffee which /has/ gone cold, but that doesn't seem to bother the Scorpian much.

Randy idly chews on the side of her lower lip as she enters and sneaks a look behind her. The rush, have to escape the rush! When she turns to look where she's going, the sparse amount of people puts a brief grin on her face. She promptly gets in line for some nosh and gets sandwiched between two big marines that both look like they could singly break her in half. "Down here," she says, deadpan as she wiggles her hand up above the counter. Once she has her tray loaded up, she turns to stroll by the Sky-Buch-Tob-ish table to sit with Kapali and sundry. "Hello." She uses her foot to hook the leg of her chair and pulls it back…twice. Then she flops down after depositing her tray.

"No, I suppose it would not." Skyler's not really in a mood to play peacekeeper. So if Toby opts to respond as he does? She'll just keep it going. There is an arch of brow as he picks up his tray and makes to leave. Oh, she may have only been back aboard for a couple weeks, but she's intel. She's been catching up on all the 'fun' while she was gone. Which includes incidents. Maybe she noted a certain marine's entrance. Maybe she just likes the rare opportunity to properly frak with someone. When your days are spent dealing with department heads and the like… The jig takes a long breath and finally sets down her fork to reach for the coffee instead. She needs that.

Eyeing Toby with frank curiosity, and absolutely NOT sticking her oar into this particular line of conversation, Kapali gives a wry grin as she waits while Ynyr takes a seat at the table that she's enjoying the jello, that's right, ENJOYING the jello. She edges a chair out so that Leu can take a seat once he's near enough to do so. She exhales a chuckle as randy flops into the next empty chair and eyes Randy's food-loot. "Did you get any coffee?" wondered as she tips a nod toward the untouched extra cup of coffee she'd carted with her mixed grab bag of food. A glance is aimed across the table then at Leu, "I see no jello on your plate, Sarge," in a tone of mock severity.

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