AWD #050: Fire in the Belly
Fire in the Belly
Summary: Augie drops in on Kelsey to see how she's doing after Picon.
Date: 25/02/2013 (OOC Date)
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Augie Kelsey 
Mess Hall - Battlestar Orion
Food. And Tables. And stuff.
AWD #50 - 25 February 2005

Kelsey is sitting at a table on her own for the moment, dressed in her tanks and green trousers. Scratches on her throat and chin, but the woman otherwise looks physically fine. She seems to have lost that bubbly attitude, though. Kels did some growing up. But she's also, apparently, got an appetite. One large plate in front of her appears to have been cleaned of eggs and bacon for the most part. Just crumbs left. She's already working through a grilled cheese sandwich, too. The coffee hasn't even been touched. Across from her is another tray at an empty seat with an egg salad sandwich and purple drink.

Coming into the messhall, Augie eyes the eggs and bacon hungrily, but sighs, forgoing them for a couple of hard boiled eggs and some fruit. As he indlulges in some toast at least, he exits the line and looks around the messhall. Noticing the nugget sitting with ghosts, apparently, he makes his way over towards her. "Hey, Kelsey-bird. Gonna introduce me to the invisible friends?" he asks her with a grin. "And is there an open seat at this table?"

Kelsey looks up to smirk at Augie. Just the look in her eyes is different. "Sir, that's Milkshake. But she had to run off real fast to catch someone who was leaving." She gestures to another open chair. "Go ahead. How's things with you, sir?" she asks before taking another bite of the sandwich.

Dropping his tray down, Augie drops into the empty seat and picks up one of the eggs and eyes it as he cracks it on the counter to start to peel it. "…pretty decent, I reckon. I ain't got much to complain about." he says as he looks towards her. "But then again, only action I've seen, I knew who the enemy was." he points out as that pink scar along his neck is a nice reminder of that. "…heard ya had a hell of a time, Champ. Wanna talk about it? If not, frak, I don't care - I just want to make the offer."

Kelsey shrugs, looking back down as Picon comes up. "Yeah, well, psychotic Marines tried to kill us. Made pretty much everyone the enemy." She finally reaches for the coffee and takes a sip. "I just did my job and followed orders. Stuck by Petra's side the whole time. I didn't want to lose him, sir." She sets the mug down and takes another bite of the sandwich, still looking at her lap.

"Heard ya brought back a friend." Augie pops the whole egg in his mouth, chews it a few times and swallows. "I'll be so frakking glad when I can eat good again." he comments, as he considers her. "So, y'all saved a damsel in distress, and followed the Colonel around and did what he said?" Augie chuckles for a moment. "Did he ask ya to bear his shield and sword as well?"

"Yeah, we brought back a Raptor Captain. We watched her eject. I saw her ECO go out the second seat, too, but the Colonel missed it. Too low and the angle was past the horizontal." Kelsey speaks quietly. "I think most of him was still in the seat when it cartwheeled into a grove of trees. I didn't tell her that, though." Kelsey takes smaller bites, nodding along with the last. "Yessir. He did. He asked me to put a bullet in him if it looked like he was going to be taken alive. He knows the position of Piraeus. I told him I would, sir." She swallows and looks back up as she reaches for her mug. "If that counts as a sword and shield, sir."

"Let me ask ya, Kels. And ya don't have to answer. If it'd gone worse. Gone south and y'all we're gonna be taken, woulda ya done it?" Augie asks her. "Would ya put that Five-seveN against his temple and pulled the trigger?" It may be a weird question to ask, but he asks it anyway.

Kelsey watches him over the mug and sips from it. The detail of it has her look down and the mug is left in place while she eats another bite, nearly done with the sandwich. There isn't a verbal answer one way or the other, but with how much it seems to bother her, the answer is very probably a 'Yes'. "He saved us all, though, sir. He did some crazy things down there to save our lives. He's real brave, el-tee. I'd go back and do it with him again, sir." But she isn't looking at Augie.

"Yer avoiding the question. If ya went back and did it again, would ya done it. Colonel asked ya to hold the sword while he impaled himself on it." Augie points it out as he picks up some fruit to snack on. "I ain't sayin he wasn't brave. Ya were just as brave - maybe more so. The Colonel is the knight, he's expected to be in the field of the battle. Yer still learning this mess, Kelsey-bird. And usually ya were support. Ya seen more of the shit than some Captains and above have seen here." he points out. "Not bad for a little mechanic momma turned Raptor squirelette."

Kelsey listens to all that and she finally looks across the table towards Augie. "I'd have certainly tried, sir," she whispers. Kels isn't exactly a Ruthless Killer. Something larger happened or was discussed. "I don't wanna talk about it here in the Mess, though, sir." Eyes move around the room at a low elevation and then back to her sandwich. "I wasn't any more brave than anyone else, sir. I crashed a Raptor. I cried on the ground. Twice." And she got off the Raptor with her hands still slick with blood. "And we lost two crew. Colonel Petra wanted to give me a medal." She sips at the coffee. "People do brave things for medals. They do good things. I'm just glad I'm not fired from the wing so far and that I didn't have to shoot my officer. Everything else else, well, I'd rather just forget about it and move past it."

"Let's try this from my perspective. Yer what. 20? 21 almost? Ya ain't old enough to be a Raptor pilot, yet someone took in the faith to push ya into the pipeline anyway. Next. Even before Picon, ya were flying in missions, right?" he asks her, Augie's heard rumors, just not one hundred percent sure. "Third - ya went on a mission that was supposed to be easy, but ya know what? There ain't no frakking such thing anymore. Yer boss should have known that, and taken better percautions than to stick ya in a Raptor with two Ensigns and a Colonel. And when things did go tits up, ya took control. Everyone on this boat is talkin about how yer the one that called the Eject order. Not the Colonel. Ya saved him once there already. Ya cried? Frak, Kelsey, everyone has. My own fiance cried the night she lost her ex-boyfriend. The shit happens. Ya sucked it up and ya carried on. Ya didn't crash that Raptor. That crazy ass Commander did. Ya saved a life and he in turn saved a life, so in essence, ya saved two lives. You may want to forget about it, but they sure as frak won't. Don't be afraid of that pat on the back, Squire. It ain't someone driving a knife into yer back. And if they are, then they're a selfish frakkin glory hound and ya let me know and I'll fix their little red wagon. Ya survived. Ya did Melissa proud, Kelsey. Don't ever forget that."

"I sat in a backseat once," Kelsey admits. "Two days before the shootdown." But her eyes fall and she looks back towards her lap. The coffee is ignored and so is the sandwich. Head bowed, she just sits there like a stone. Some people probably stare at the two wondering what was just said. Kelsey pays none of it any mind. She just sits there in silence, trying to deal with that.

"If I overstepped my bounds, frak, I'm sorry - but ya needed to hear it from someone. Ya didn't frak it up and ya did some good works." Augie says. "And frak whatever else anyone else may say." he comments, reaching over to tilt up her chin and look her in the eyes. "Ya did them right."

Kelsey lifts her face with the movement to her chin, but she still looks down. At least she isn't crying. "Yeah, well…" she whispers, tilting her head to the side and away. "I don't care what anyone else says. I got enough whispers about me in high school after it got out I was havin a baby." She pushes the tray away. "Just as long as I'm allowed to move on. You and the Colonel and other people think I did right, well fine. I won't argue. But don't tell me what I have to believe, sir. Please." Kelsey stares at the empty plates with a far off expression.

"This ain't Pi-can high school, lass." Augie says in irritation. "And we ain't a bunch of gossipy assholes lookin fer an excuse to point and laugh at ya behind yer back. But if yer lookin for a gods damned pity party, ya can keep my invitation in the trash." he snaps at her in mild irritation. "Ya either get that fight back in yer belly or ya don't. If you want to feel sorry fer yerself, then do it and get it out of the way, because tomorrow, yer gonna wake up and the same problems from yesterday will still be here." he says as he moves to stand up. "As fer me, I'm gonna go do some cardio. Ceres wants me in my greys for Colonial Day and I ain't worn those frakkers in years."

Kelsey hears all that and takes a long breath, slowly lifting her eyes to look at Augie. "Pity?" she says with venom. "You're right, sir. You'd best step away and go work on your cardio. More things I'd rather not say here in the mess that I suddenly feel like." She leans back forward, elbows resting in the table and reaches for her mug of coffee again and simmering in silence.

Augie gives a little snort, as he turns with his tray to put it away and head out. However, with his back to her, he allows himself a smile. There is still fire in the girl's belly. Good.

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