AWD #042: Fine Tuning
Fine Tuning
Summary: On the day of the Aerilon retrieval, Agrippa is getting in some last minute training on the sims when Rozzen checks in to take a gander at the programming Zander has been working on.
Date: 17/02/2013 (OOC Date)
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Flight Simulators
The Air Wing has access to flight simulators to train pilots off the ground in combat maneuvers and situations that are hard to replicate with regular dogfight practicing and this is their home. A rectangular room, the hatch opens up beside the bank of computers that control the simulations and what is seen by the individuals when training sessions are in progress. The sims are actual cockpits cut out of old frames and installed here to function exactly as the real thing, right down to oxygen plugs for suits. In front of each cockpit, complete with armored glass, are LCD screens that cover most of the front view to the front and above. There are two Vipers, two Predators, and one full-cabin Raptor available.
17 February 2005

There are still a couple of hours before the set mission and this would be the first operation that Agrippa will be participating with the pilots of the Orion. In fact, it will be the first operation he will be in against the Cylons if one does not count the futile defense over Caprica. The young Viper pilot had just run through a couple of simulations that took place over the planet that the mission will be taking place over, to familiarize himself some more, something he has been doing for the past few days as well. At the moment, he is reviewing the sim tape at one of main terminals, of how he did.

In swings the hatch, the sharp rap of boot heels further announcing Moira's arrival. After seeing the door closed behind her the woman moves purposefully into the room. The large practice frames may draw her attention at first, but it's the banks of computers that she is ultimately headed to. Therefore her gaze is quick to fall upon Agrippa. She takes in the pilot with a brief scan before edging a gaze towards the terminal he's watching. Her notebook sciffs to rest alongside the interface for the next monitor over. "Good afternoon, Ensign," she greets. "Getting in some last minute review before the mission today?"

When the sound of the hatch to the simulation room opens up, Agrippa reaches over and hits the pause button on the video playback so that the frame freezes on his Viper going through evasive maneuvers after being chased by a Cylon Raider. His gaze then quickly swings to the hatch to see who is the person that just entered the room though the clicking of heels is not something the Viper pilot is familiar with. At least not on the Battlestar. The woman that comes into view surprises the Ensign though he nods his head respectfully in return, "Good Afternoon, Sir. Yeah, wanted to make sure I am as familiar with the mission parameters as possible."

Rozzen flickers a practiced smile as she meets Agrippa's gaze. She leans her knuckles into the surface below her terminal and reaches with her other hand to punch in commands to start bringing up the screen she wants. Leaving the cursor blinking, she lets her gaze drift towards the still shot he's left on his monitor. "Probably not a bad idea," she comments absently. "Like cramming for a test before walking in the door," is perhaps a touch more wry. Dark eyes shift back to the pilot. "You were above.. Caprica, wasn't it?"

"Pretty much, just to have it fresh in my mind." Agrippa says with a nod of his head when Rozzen mentions cramming, "This is a test that I cannot flunk." He adds, as it would be at the cost of his life or worse, the life of his wingmen on this mission. When the subject changes to Caprica though, the Ensign arches a brow before nodding his head, "Yes sir. My previous assignment was on the Valkyrie, we were over Caprica when the Cylons hit."

"Indeed," Moira murmurs to that first addition, a little more sober weight in her quiet tone. His arched brow brings hints of a private smile twitching at the edges of her features. "The Valkyrie," she echos with a nod of her own. She looks away to tap-tap another command into her terminal, bringing up a coded interface. "My father used to serve on the Valkyrie." Without shifting her chin, her gaze slants back askance to Agrippa. "Perhaps you'll be good luck on this mission, hm? Send one stranded pilot to fetch another." It's meant as a cheering vote of confidence, though even her warm tones hold a sort of formal distance.

At the mention of him being good luck, Agrippa manages a grin as he speaks, "I hope so, Sir. I am certain that the Captain will be eager to be rescued and I certainly will do what I can do ensure that the mission is a great success." There is a glance to the terminal that Moira is working on but at his angle, he is unable to see what is being displayed, nor is he going to move to a more advantageous position.

It's not very exciting, anyway. Just the garble of code, line after line. Moira isn't even looking at it for the moment. She absently flips open her notebook instead, paging through sheets of equations. "I'm sure you will," she says with confidence in his reassurance. "You didn't run into any bugs in the simulation?" She wonders with a small incline of her head towards Agrippa's screen. "Lieutenant Sava has been working to update the Raider programs." Which perhaps is a start to an explanation for what she's poking at, even if he's not moving to nose around more at her screen.

Agrippa is certainly no programmer so he wouldn't recognize a bug unless it blatantly smacked him in the face during a practice session so he shakes his head, "No sir, not unless being blasted by a Raider or two counts as a bug." There is a pause before he asks, "Should I stop using the sims until the update is complete?" He didn't know that they sims were being worked on and is now slightly worried that he may have messed something up.

"Well, as much as we'd all like if that was a bug," Moira answers with rue twisting at one corner of her lips. Alas, probably a feature. To Agrippa's question she gives a little shake of her head. "I don't believe so, not unless Lieutenant Sava gives notice. I would expect that the currently loaded programs should work just fine. They just may not have all of the new data incorporated, such as it is." Her shoulder lifts a fraction. "I understand it's still a work in progress."

So the Cylon Raiders may actually be a lot harder in the upcoming mission, that's not good news but it is something that Agrippa makes a mental note of, to be more careful when they run into trouble on the mission today. "Understood, sir. If I do notice any problems when I use the sims in the future, I will be sure to file a report of it."

"Excellent," Moira says with another flickered smile. She turns back to her screen a moment to scan over the lines and enter a command that brings a new set of data up. From there her fingers move back down to her notebook and turn the page with a rustle of paper. "It's going to be very helpful, getting some more details on what the situation is like down on Aerilon. It sounds like the forces down there are going to be really grateful for the air support." Her eyes lift to find Agrippa again, another quiet smile crinkled at their edges.

Eventually, Agrippa turns back to the terminal that he was using and instead of pushing play again on the sim video, he is going through the process of saving what was recorded, so he can review it when he returns from the mission and compare the differences if there are any. "We'll provide as much support as we can, I am sure that it will not only be a strategic boost but also a morale boost as well. I just hope that we are able to do enough for them."

Rozzen hums a positive note. "Insightful." Her fingertips continue to float over her keys. "I hope so, too," she'll add her own wishes to his. "And as you say, at least seeing that they aren't alone and abandoned on the surface with those Basestars hanging overhead… Well. I'm sure you must know something of how that must feel."

"Indeed, sir, emotions can run a wide spectrum from despair to depression." Agrippa answers with a nod of his head as he pushes a couple of more buttons, creating the name of the file he is saving. Once that is done, he logs out of the terminal and turns his full attention to Moira, "To see friendly forces, even from afar, would certainly lift their spirits. And to be able to bring the fight to the Cylons would be a good change." Though the young Viper pilot does not have any illusions of them pushing the robotic invaders out, at least not yet. He saw what they were capable of, with front row seats.

When he logs out, Moira pauses in her own work in order to match his attention. Her fingers fall into an overlapping fold at the edge of her terminal as she turns a fuller look upon Agrippa. Dark eyes study his features as she listens. A slight smile slowly curves to her lips. "There's value in proving we still have fight, even to ourselves," she says by way of agreement. "I should let you go get prepped," is assumed since he's closed up his station.

Losing track of time due to the conversation with Rozzen, Agrippa quickly glances down at his watch when she mentioned that he should go get prepped and then almost curses, "Right, thank you sir." With a quick grin and a respectful nod of his head, the Viper pilot excuses himself before taking a rather quick exit.

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