AWD #311: Finding Our Legs
Finding Our Legs
Summary: Two new DH's have the first of many planning discussions.
Date: 28/04/2016 (OOC Date)
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Epiphany Fairfax 
CAG's Office
This nine by nine space is largely dominated by filing cabinets and a desk. A coffee maker is perched atop one cabinet, but the others are rather barren of decor or personal items. There are a pair of uncomfortable, molded plastic chairs facing the desk. The last vestige of open space is occupied by a lounge chair. It's one of those old, well-loved beasts that was likely pulled off of somewhere on Piraeus.
Sun Nov 13 2005 (AWD #313)

The office is still somewhat barren. It's not like Epiphany has a lot of belongings to occupy it with. She did, however, manage to find a lounge chair. Somewhere. The office is big enough to hold it, but not much else. Not with the desk, chairs, and filing cabinets. The desk has a number of folders, files, and binders spread out on it. There is a coffee maker settled atop one of the cabinets. The summons went out to the marine XO shortly after the simulator session and the hatch is left cracked.

Epiphany herself sits at the desk, in her blues. There's a thermos sitting nearby (within reach), but she's largely focused on a few sheets of paper spread out. Rows and columns of names and numbers.

Fairfax shows up, in his own blues. He's not used to receiving summonses from CAGs, and it shows in the slightly awkward way he knocks on the hatch before sticking his head through and checking "You needed me?"

"I did." Epiphany doesn't look up. She's comparing two sheets to each other, before making a few marks. "Figured we should be at least acquainted." Now, the woman does look up. At a glance, she may seem a bit young, but up close- the lines at the corners of her eyes and mouth make clear that she's got to be in her early thirties. So at least the Wing wasn't saddled with a kid to lead them. "Epiphany Arrington. They call me Goose." She slides the papers into a small stack, but still at hand. "I take it the Colonel's had a chat with you?"

"Probably a good idea, yes." Fairfax agrees, coming in a little further. He does, indeed, seem a little relieved to see she's close to his age. The majority of the pilots he's met have been younger types. "He did, yes. Apparently it's my Corps, at least for a short time My CO is going to be busy with other tasks for a bit." He's evidently still digesting the news, but then he's only been XO for a handful of days.

"Well, welcome to the party." It's not much of a party. It just looks like a lot of work. "I was informed today of my fortune in being given this here office." Which means she's been CAG for less than twenty-four hours. "So he told you about Ragnar, I'm assuming?" Epiphany has no need to dance around with pleasantries. "I'd like to know the names of who you plan to send. He mentioned a couple marines, maybe a Corpsman or an Engineer? I don't need them right now, but as soon as you have them."

"Yeah, fully briefed." Fairfax nods, standing uneasily. "I'll send them once I have them. It'll be faster now…I was told they needed volunteers, which…to be frank isn't how we do things. But when a spooky says jump…" A half-shrug. "But the Colonel said different. So we'll have names soon. What about you? Do you know who will be transporting my marines?"

"I don't yet. It partially depends on who you're sending. If there's an officer in the lot, it'll change who I put out there. Some pilots are well-suited to also handling things on the ground, others not so much." Epiphany doesn't seemed phased by this. It's like how some marines are jump-qual'd and some aren't. "If you know you won't have any officers in the lot, I'm fairly sure I know who I'll be sending. At least to operate as copilot and mission leader."

"Honestly, given how dangerous I got the impression from the spooks this mission is, I'd like to go myself." Fairfax admits, with a wry smile. "But I don't see them letting me get away with it." There's a pause. "What I want to know, and I don't know what your impression was from the briefing, is whether any trouble is more likely to be air or ground based. I feel like we should figure out whose speciality it's likely to be, and that person sends an officer/assigns the mission leader…make sense?"

"Based on what the Colonel told me, it's meant to be recon-only. They may not want you to take the time out for it. I'd almost go as the co-pilot, myself. It sounds like, provided they follow orders, there won't be much risk." Epiphany watches Fairfax, leaning back and tapping fingers on the arm of the chair. "However, we don't know for certain. Ragnar is hidden in such a way that the intel gained from recon is limited. There may be dangers from the air that we aren't aware of, but there may not. I'm inclined to say to pick a compliment that suits, officer or no, and I'll work with it. The Colonel implied that he does not expect any combat, that the marines are there just in case. It's the engineer and corpsman that, I think, are most important in this case."

"Damn spooks, making things sound so much worse than they really are." Fairfax grumbles, though he doesn't elaborate as to the spook's identity. There's a nod then. "Alright. I'll do that. I've got some EOD marines who are engineers, they'll do nicely." There's a pause, before he asks "So, if you don't mind me asking, what's your real name? Don't worry, I know I'm not allowed to use it." Perhaps he's trying to build common ground by demonstrating his knowledge of her world. Or maybe he's just genuinely curious.

"Not our place to question them. Maybe they got new intel." Epiphany doesn't care. It just makes her job a bit easier. The woman seems mollified, nodding and reaching for a pen to mark something off on a narrow sheet of paper off to the side. A todo list, likely. There's a glance back up to Fairfax and she snorts faintly. "People hear the rumours, but- Epiphany is my real name, Captain. I'm just not terribly fond of it. Family name. I went by Grey through most of school." Until she was bestowed with call signs, likely.

Fairfax grins slightly at that. "Fair enough. Silly question anyway." He moves on easily, even though it seems like that wasn't what he meant. "I imagine we'll be working together quite a bit, at least until Major Rand is done with whatever currently has him busy."

"Even then, it's very possible. I don't have a Deputy yet." She'll have to find someone. And the woman is new enough to the ship that picking that person is a pretty tall order. Who do you trust to be your second when you don't know anyone? Other than some Ensigns. There's a deep breath and she leans back. "If you have anyone in need of jump training, let me know. I'll lend some Raptor pilots over. I believe they have a field or two marked out for it already on Piraeus."

Fairfax nods. "Appreciate it." He replies. "We'll definitely have some. I want to get all my marines who don't have it, jump qual'd." A pause. "But it'll be a little yet. They have a bit of training to do before they're ready to jump from a bird."

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